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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

What Election?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is no election taking place in our jurisdiction this year.  

So what you are seeing is a private corporation's election of a CEO and Board Members, to operate their corporation for the next four years. 

The office up for grabs on November 3rd is "President of the United States of America", that is, "President" of the USA, Inc. 

They and their "citizenry" aren't competent to fill The Office of The President of The United States, which is the actual Public Office that we are going to be electing and filling from among our ranks.

As our Assemblies are just now formed and functioning and a great deal of work and re-education must take place both within our Assemblies and within the General Populace, we are functioning under our Head of State Office until we can organize a country-wide election. 

Everyone must understand that our actual government hasn't been in Session for 160 years, and can't just materialize and be fully functioning with the snap of a few fingers.  

We have enough structure in place and enough Americans declared and standing in their birthright status to run a State Assembly for each State and our unincorporated Federation of States is also up and running and representing our interests in international affairs, but prior to sponsoring country-wide elections, we need to get all our State Offices filled and each State Assembly needs to elect our Fiduciary Deputies to seats in our Congress.  

The Head of State Office within the Federation of States is competent to sign paperwork and to conduct necessary international business until we get everything organized and prepared to fill The Office of The President of The United States of America.   

Best guess is that it will take at least a couple years before we will all be up to speed and ready to take that action, which would then result in a new and apparent election cycle with the Public Elections taking place every four years but not in the same four year cycle as the District Government's regularly scheduled private corporation elections which are taking place right now.   

When fully restored and functional there will be an American President filling The Office of The President of The United States of America, and a President of the united States of America, too.

"The President of The United States of America" is the primary Executive Officer of our Federation of States.  "The President of the united States of America" is the proper Executive Officer of the "missing" American Federal Republic. 

Neither of these important Offices are being filled this November, but with love, luck, and determination, maybe next year or the year thereafter. 

Meantime, we are being treated to the usual circus sideshow of our Employees electing the "President" of their Territorial Corporation. 


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  1. Kirk Pendergast monitoring the swearing in of Supreme Court judge Barrett. Oath was sworn to corporate constitution.
    These rats are not going down easy as Patrick Henry said “unfortunately tyrants only understand one thing force”.

  2. Very good - I will share this with those who are being entertained by the Territorial Corporation Circus

  3. God helps those who help themselves,,,, ie you have to do what needs to be done,,,,or it will get done TO you.

    1. Actually, that isn't what the YHWH story says. His-Story say that YHWH helps those who can't help themselves. And further, it says He blesses those who realize their utter dependence on His will. Not to be confrontational, but that little saying, "God helps those who help themselves," is something of a irritant of mine. That is not to say that we aren't to be responsible and industrious stewards, only that our stewardship exists at His leisure, not ours. The choice is simple. His-story isn't a mystery. But My story is.

    2. GiantKillersOfAmerica- You are absolutely wrong and disillusioned that the Father help those who can't help themselves. Why should any help you if you can't help yourself, your nothing but dead weight to everyone else!

  4. You need a miltary force to force compliance. Where is it?

    Where is the mula to pay fort knox aint going to be handle over....try telling Biden he has wrong..cmon man!

    1. Gandhi didn't need to be smarter than the refrigerator

    2. James, yes we do hear your point. Gandhi sadly...

      a) Didn't accomplish what he wanted to do, in spite of a heart and soul of apparent great love for India and probably mankind

      b) Died trying

      Look this military is a sight to behold but there is one problem. It's owned by the other side, and it won't work for this side. The reality is everyone has to be smarter than the refrigerator but wow is that a big hill to climb.

    3. Bellerian1 that has been my concern as well. Interesting to note that Anna has never promoted, to my knowledge, any YouTube platform or anything of the sort. So her following will not suffer based on those corporation's subversiveness. Which is good, unless this is just another layer of the kill grid. No matter. I am going home to see The Almighty One(s)when it is my time and not a moment before I don't give a s%^t what they say. [sic].

    4. Bellerian1- Please provide the proof of your accusations of Anna under affidavit of penalty of perjury! We're waiting now!!!

  5. I agree with and well comprehend most everything although its a rats nest to keep it all on the front burner of the mind, with too many definitions of the same words with different meanings and different origins but spelled the same. Its a SUPER problem. I dont know how you're going to get around it, but NOT voting at this point is suicide. Do you like riots and destruction of property and murders every night while cops stand down? You had better give some kind of recognition and accommodation with a recorded waiver or public notice, or declaration, something, while you're trying to start up a dormant government --- to do whatever is necessary and proper regarding voting. If you think there's no difference in Democrats and Republicans, that they're just different sides of the same coin, and you are voting for the corporation no matter who you vote for you are dead wrong this time and you aint seen nothing yet. Freud said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. The cigar is voting. You don't object to voting, just to who or what you think you're voting for (or against) under what name/NAME. You have a hornet's nest you didnt contemplate in 2014 when you thought there was no difference in parties. There wasnt then, but there is a real difference this time in Republicans led by a non politician (who isn't there yet but headed in the right direction) and Democrats led by the real Satanists (Sea Jurisdiction or whatever you called it) for the first time. Gonna stick to your guns and shoot yourself in the foot on principal or adapt to the situation? The ability to adapt is the key to survival. You only have a week to adapt. If you don't you're not going to live forever. You're going to leave it the next generation to try to figure it out, that's going to be even more ignorant than this one. They won't have a chance. Better pray on it.

    1. Voting? Voting? WTF?

      Obstruct The Vote

      Also, Anarchy means that you don't want bullies and tyrants to tell you what to do. What the people are doing on the streets has been given a negative spin by the media.

    2. Yes correct, Anarchy has been spun by the media to imply murder and mayhem when in fact as you suggested really means no master. No King, no monarch. It doesn't take much doing for media to easily spin anything by attaching the wrong association with what the word really means. Why should anybody be surprised their whole raison d'être is to play footsy with words. They think it makes them mental giants, they are no better than kids on a playground bullying one another.

    3. get ready for agenda 21 and biometric DNA authorized digital currency regard less of who is selected in tje fake election. You can vote but the choice has already been made. Trump and Biden are best buddies raping children and sippin adrenachrome. Anyone who thinks Trump is a savior hasnt been on earth since march when the tyrannical lockdowns began.Hes also pushing 5g and fast tracking jew vaccines. WAKE UP!

    4. Regarding your passionate pitch on voting in the Corporate Goverment election. Freud said, " sometimes a cigar is a cigar." Hmm If we value the first notable spy boy and his perclevities to obsession with his own mother, we might think the cigar quote quite deep.
      But let's cut to the readl deal Holyfield. The Election still utilizes the electoral college, does it not? Are you familiar how the electoral college works? We were led to believe that the people vote, and whichever candidate gets the majority of the votesin a district, that district is "won" for said candidate. And frrom diostricts to counties. frrom counties to states, and supposedly, the popular vote majoriey sways the States for a candidate, giving that candidate the States' total electoral points- and so on and so on, for all 50 states.
      There are approximately 580 people who are delegated, chosen to be "Electors" who meet certain criteria.
      Electors choose the outcome of this election. I am not an Elector. in the rare occasion of a draw, you think the popular votes comes into play, no. There is a vote amongst congress. ANd if THAT vote is also a tie, then there is one person who may cast the tie breaking vote, unless he / she abstains, then ... it gets muddled here, but I believe the fourth choice for electing your Corporate Leader, should the previous three hoopla riddled meaningless effort, the fourth choice, takes the most votes in the popular vote into consideration.
      Am I going to shoot myself in the foot? no. Are you going to learn what it takes to elect your leader by reading the rules thus governing?
      also... apparently.. no.
      oh, and to "anonymous" "jew vaccines"? uM... what is the origin of gentiles? Only 8 people walked off the boat...same 8 people who walked on.

    5. If Trump was as bad as you say, China has been trying to find something on him to bribe him like they have on Biden. So wake up and realize that a vote for Trump is a vote for freedom and a vote for Biden is a vote for communism.

    6. FFFF the cooperate Cough on Us, for hiding all the suffix's of their Corruptions, their deceptions, and millions of fraud's, stealing everything from us.

      The Crooks are the same team, it doesn't matter left or right, Republican or Democrat, they are the same team working to steal everything from us for their Masters in Europe.

      Republican used to be the bad guys in the past, look up the history of Prescott Bush. He was a Wall Street banker and a politician. He was one of the legal architect changing American law from Common law pleas to legislative courts system through these days. Things started from 1937 slowly, all the way to 1954.

      Proof of BAD Republican party: Check the posts in this blog:
      1) Sunday, January 3rd, 2010: the title is:
      ----- none dare call it conspiracy --- know your enemy! ---
      Senator Prescott Bush (Skull and Bones, 1917) the Bush family patriarch made the above statement in a 1966 interview. He said that political dictum has been explained to him by Claire boothe Luce, congresswoman, Ambassador. and wife of a Time'Life media magnate Henry Luce (Skull and Bones 1920).

      2) Friday, January 17, 2020. See Anna post at : 12th paragraph in this title --- American National alert and appeal.------- The Bush family was part of an " inter - Generational Cult of closet satanists." Traced from Prescott Bush.

      ONLY 3 to 7% will change.
      I can explain scientifically next time, have a good day.

  6. I understand many albeit not all of the the challenges facing the re-establishment of our actual government. The complexities are overwhelming and I can only convey my greatest appreciation and admiration for Anna and her family. It is easy to criticize. There are several strategic moves I could envision. However if people truly understood what this woman has done in such a short time with so few resources it is nothing short of a miracle. No matter how intelligent, gifted, dedicated, and connected a person may be, I cannot imagine anyone on this planet that could come near to what this woman has done without having the hand of God guiding and supporting her every move. Since I acknowledge that the hand of God is involved in every action that Anna takes I can perhaps wish to see certain things occur that might satisfy my desire for change, I can only thank our Father for the understanding that he is guiding Anna's every move and everything will occur at the time and in the order it needs to for ultimate non violent victory.

  7. Hey Anna why dont you swear him in as the real president of THE US?

    1. Trump has agreed with the Republic of the United States of America to help them bring in the real government after all the top dog criminals are arrested. He needs 4 more years to clean up the Swamp.

    2. Mary Magdalene- You can personally wait for Trump to drain the sewage but The Assembly will wait for no one to accomplish the objectives of our protector The Father in Heaven who in reality we all really serve in The Assembly if we know what's best for us. Waiting and depending on someone else for another four years or any amount of time would be catastrophic for original creation. Time is the essence, now or never!!! The bleeding will come to a stop very soon, very soon!!!

  8. So why are you always pushing Trump as some hero and now you admit they are all criminals?

  9. get ready for agenda 21 and biometric DNA authorized digital currency regard less of who is selected in tje fake election. You can vote but the choice has already been made. Trump and Biden are best buddies raping children and sippin adrenachrome. Anyone who thinks Trump is a savior hasnt been on earth since march when the tyrannical lockdowns began.Hes also pushing 5g and fast tracking jew vaccines. WAKE UP!

    1. Try learning the REAL history of WHY the Jews get blamed for things not of their doing. You can start with "The Fall of the Cabal, The Sequel" Keep your Anti-Semetic BS to yourself.

  10. Father's Kingdom come,Father's will be done on Earth as in Heaven. The Father's mission (Paradise on Earth, original state of creation) and command will be finished in the very near future from thousands of years of effort. The Assembly's mission will be finished very soon also from decades of effort!!! I will make sure of that very soon!!! Why? Because of my 30+ years of effort to come to this great conjunction!!! Plan your work, work your plan!!! Planning brings the future into the present and I have been planning for decades!!!
    Amen, so be it!!!

  11. "The greatest among you will be my servant"- Father in Heaven

  12. All those who don't get it needs to remove themselves from this forum. It's all nothing but distraction from those who are not willing to put their lives on the line, also known as cowards!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

  13. What happens to the corporate presudent when we elect our president?

  14. .
    In 2021 and beyond there will be challenges / changes to people’s beliefs that most will not be able to comprehend them.

    All that the people have been educated in will be found to be deceit - a falsehood; the subjects cover everything known / held dear to the people

    These new things will be a blessing to mankind, yet will be rejected by many.

    In the long run, earth will be again paradise.



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