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Thursday, October 8, 2020

We Have the Proof -- And a Special Purpose Appeal

By Anna Von Reitz

I have just gotten off the phone with our banking officers.

We have the proof that our American Government operating in international jurisdiction, our States and People, are owed vast amounts of actual assets.

We have FDR on movie reels admitting that his Administration illegally and immorally confiscated 20,000 tons of privately held American gold. Six trillion he admits was used to fund the Federal Reserve Central Bank, and the rest was used to bankroll the World Bank and International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

These actual assets and the profit thereof are actually owed to the American People. Literally. Factually.

We also have proof that our money was used to make many, many purchases of land and soil including some that the General Public has never been made aware of.

For example, the land of the Philippine Islands was purchased in the wake of the Spanish American War with our money and in our names.

The Philippines became the offshore storage facility for American gold and other precious metals and in 1934, the Philippines was provided with an "independent government" so that this country and its government could function as a Trustee for all our gold and other assets cashiered there.

During the Second World War, Japanese General Yamashita discovered this situation and transported large quantities of our gold out of the Philippines, most of which has since been recovered. This has given rise to the idea that this was Japanese gold and the horde has been called "Yamashita's Gold" --- but that is not the truth, and even the Japanese Government admits it.

Not all of the gold stored in the Philippines and Indonesia is ours, but a very substantial portion of it is ours. It belongs to the American States and People and its repatriation is long overdue.

A similar situation is apparent in Europe, where large amounts of actual American assets have been deployed for generations to rebuild countries destroyed by wars for profit --- most if not all of them engineered by the British Crown.

Additionally, what has been presented as "US Debt" isn't our debt; it is in fact our National Credit, resulting from our unwitting position as the Priority Lenders and therefore Creditors of the Federal Subcontractors.

There are also many very large trusts that belong to the American States and People. These so-called "Legacy Trusts" have basically been stolen by bank trustees seeking to obliterate the liabilities of their banks by making the false claim that these "Special Deposits" which were kept on a separate ledger system were "Abandoned" --- "Depositor's Identity and Whereabouts Unknown".

This may be true in some instances, but is certainly not the case in many other cases, where the actual Heirs and/or Trustees have been denied access to the assets they deposited --- sometimes decades ago -- in interest bearing accounts of this kind.

Numerous kinds of trusts and such "Special Deposits" have been impacted by this self-interested graft on the part of the banks. The most famous example is that of the Chinese gold that was deposited by the Nationalist Chinese Government with the New York Fed in 1928, and Neil Keenan's long struggle to return it to the Chinese People.

Americans have suffered the same mistreatment.

Examples are the V.K. Durham Trust, a massive silver interest, that has been "blocked" and the actual Trustees arbitrarily denied access to the assets for decades, the Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust, which has been owed to seven western States and their People since the early 1800's, similarly commandeered, and the D'Avila Trust, a Spanish Family Trust that is several hundred years old and which has survived countless political administrations.

All these trusts and several thousand more, have been commandeered and cashiered away by dishonest banks.

You may not think that this affects you, but it does. If the banks are not operated honestly, there is no basis for a sound system of international and global trade.

The current "solution" being offered by the crooks responsible is to place one of their own Bank Trustees in charge of these Special Deposit Accounts to serve as a Gatekeeper entrusted to keep the actual owners and/or beneficiaries of the assets from having access to them.

This Comptroller position assures the crooks that they will remain in de facto control of the world's money supply and that nobody else will have anything to say about it.

Including you and including your lawful government.

It's time for this criminality to end and for the governments of the world to be put "on the spot" for it. They all have lawful and legal obligations to the Depositors and Beneficiaries who are being cheated.

Efforts to resolve this situation by peaceful negotiation have repeatedly failed. A combination of mindless fear and greed and an obsessive need to control and curtail the destiny of others, has led to a stalemate that is now several decades long.

Many, many innocent people have lived and died in poverty because of dishonest banks and the venal political cronies who have protected them in exchange for "a cut" or for kickbacks received in other ways.

It's time to give the banks a good dose of Ex-Lax and put an end to this.

Kim Goguen, the aforementioned Bank Trustee/Comptroller, and her CIA Cohorts at Langley have cobbled together this new transfer system called QFS, to serve as a substitute for the Rockefeller controlled and dominated Swift System. The Chinese have developed their own solution for themselves and the BRICS countries, known as CIBS.

Kim and the CIA operate on the idea that the ends justify the means and that they can get away with this and "buy everyone off" with the modern day equivalent of trinkets. It's up to all of us to be on our toes and convince them and the governments they are working with that this is not the case.

We deserve control of our own assets and a competent and honest accounting from the banks. The actual Depositors and Beneficiaries, whether governments or individuals, deserve access to their own Special Deposits. No arguments from the Hired Help who have thus far dishonestly and unjustly enriched themselves are appropriate.

There shouldn't even be an argument.

Imagine the situation --- you place some gold coins in a bank and the bank agrees to pay you interest as long as you keep the gold on deposit with them. They then fail to pay the interest promised and "block" your access to your assets. How is this different from any other crime of theft?

It isn't.

These issues, like so many others, have to be addressed. They can no longer be shoved under the rug and used to benefit bank cronies and politicians at the expense of depositors and those who are owed the benefit of these deposits.

Bear in mind that you are all involved in this, you are all depositors and you are all beneficiaries, and you all have a stake in it, too, far beyond "$1400 a month for four years". Such an "offer" is in fact insulting.

Please join your State Assembly and make your thoughts about this subject known. And please send your lawful American Government a donation today so that we have the funds and the manpower readily available to address these topics.

The PayPal account is:
The Snail Mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652

Time is of the essence and we are operating on fumes. This is your future as well as ours, your inheritance as much as ours, and should be your concern as much as ours. Please be as generous as you can.


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  3. Please provide the movie reel link and make it real

    I will wait

    1. You really think there's an easily accessible link now available? Glad you're prepared to wait. Patience is in deed a most honorable virtue. Let's Be & Do righteously for good of All together, while waiting. Love, peace, joy ... FreeMom7 :)


    2. Anna already posted a link in November or December 2019. You should help yourself and look for it.

    3. For those of us that conduct a lot of research and are just passing through, post the video referred to above. I am interested, but don't have time to dig around.

  4. Congressman Mcfadden exposed the FED in the most detail ever in 1933 and brought 32 criminal charges against them in 1933, which went unpunished to this day. Here is a 1 hour compilation of all the accusations:

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  5. Sounds like we need a military army in order to get what is owed to us? It never seems the real crooks go to jail while we get fined for running a red light???? When will it end? Trump 2020

    1. You got this right. To enforce justice on this scale you need worldwide intervention of a single military force.

  6. Must see the following video on "Barac Obama" "Barry Soetoro". Judge Joe Brown Drops Bombshells about Obams's Past. Bush's and OBama go WAY BACK.
    Cynthia McKinney PhD Retweeted
    Steve Pieczenik@StevePieczenik

    Here is the long version of the interview....

    Mind blowing clip from interview on ScoonTV...
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  8. Paul, stop deleting my comments. They are questions for others I know and have helped in the past. Pettiness is not a virtue.

    1. Hi patriot58 this is sherry elizabeth email me? I would like to chat.


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