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Monday, April 15, 2019

I'd Like to Help Donald Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

I believe that Donald Trump is making a very good faith effort to keep his promises to the American People, so yes, I would like to help him.

However, I am prevented from doing that, most especially, because of the ongoing misinterpretation of the Territorial 14th Amendment --- who it applies to and who it doesn't apply to.

At the end of the American Civil War, nine million people were disenfranchised. Those who suffered this directly were people living in the Confederate States --- actually, "States of States".

But, again, by process of deceit and mis-identification of our actual political status, the rats in DC have contrived to mis-identify us as "rebels" in a commercial mercenary "war" that actually ended 150 years ago, and to require us to accept their own brand of "United States Citizenship" --- and enfranchisement as chattels belonging to their corporation, as a condition of being able to vote in their elections.

Don't believe it? Read Section 2 of their 14th Amendment.

So, until President Trump recognizes the fact that a large segment of the American populace that was never subject to the 14th Amendment of the Territorial Constitution has been misidentified and improperly denied the right to vote in these elections-- we can't vote for him.

I know that many of my readers are supportive of President Trump and would vote for him, if doing so would not also entrap them and allow false legal presumptions to attach to them.

This, above and beyond all else, is why there is a vast "Silent Majority" in America that doesn't vote. This is also why the Territorial Government can never achieve a valid majority mandate for anything their "democracy" does.

As it is, though not strictly forbidden by any Public Policy of the Territorial Government, it isn't even certain that we can donate to the Trump Campaign or act as volunteers. These are matters that need to be cleared up once and for all.

I am hoping that the Re-election Committee and the President will be sufficiently motivated to get answers for the 55 million people who read my articles---- most of whom would help him drain the swamp, if they can do so without entrapment.


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  1. The 5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11

    1. But it's far worse than 9/11. DNA experts tell us that we're all descended from just 33 people, probably from a group of a couple of hundred or less. This time, they want to get everyone by putting it everywhere on Earth. All they want to survive are their servants (slaves) and technicians. We have to get a protest going as fast as possible! We're running out of time! It slices our DNA. It kills insects and plants. That's why they stored seeds and DNA samples of everything.

  2. Like everyone comes down to choice...!! Doesn't it make more sense to sacrifice your freedom when the right man comes along to actually help all the patriots out there struggling to fight injustice and corruption all by themselves ....thats how you get deaths like Leroy Finicim ....!!
    There comes a time in everyone's lives where you have to take risks in order to correct the sins of the past, instead of laying back so someone else can do it for you without any risk to yourselves....!!

    This election I felt it necessary to vote for Trump even if I had to sign their voter registration application, which I signed "without predudice"...!! This is either going to be our last President to finally unravel the "deep state" or nothing we do or record will help us in their global dictatorship.....!! He's needs our support, both financially and spiritually...!!
    He said at his inauguration that we don't need to worry about anything, he will take care of it all....Maybe now that he has the position and learned things we will never be privy to and the actual depth of the "deep state", he realizes he needs us to accomplish getting rid of the "swamp", because it's just to interconnected with people so intimately connected to it, that they will fight to the death to protect it....!!
    Last night on "coast to coast " am radio, there was a guy that wrote a book about the history of the last 200 years and talked about some of our forefathers in a negative light.....especially Lincoln...!! The book is called "The Breaking Point"...and should be public school reading of it mandatory....!!!

  3. in other words, appeal to "morals" and "truth" and "doing the right thing" and "the golden rule" is bound to hint that they are missing out on "votes".

    kind of depressing, but i suppose this is "the norm".

  4. Look at this - milking cows hooked up to 5G - just absolute insanity
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. Millions of people put Notices of TREASON and crimes on humanity against the CRIMINALS for entrapment and slavery just to name a few American National land jurisdiction recorded people opening the gate ever wonder WHY the lost books of the Bible were left out?? Its because it would expose the HIDDEN TRICKSTERS and the READER could decipher for themselves the message INSTEAD of WORD changing which directed the MASSES to a Clouded VERSION of the truth. Shame on people for OBSTRUCTING Anna for bringing the truth forward and may they start seeing CLEARLY and smell the COFFEE .


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