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Friday, September 21, 2018

Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America

By Anna Von Reitz

Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America

1861 -- a bogus mercenary "conflict" begins on our shores, and the perps pass it off on us as a "Civil War" even though no war was ever declared by our Congress and no Peace Treaties ever signed.  It's a con and a set up for more fraud games.

1863 -- Lincoln declares the Northern Federal States of States bankrupt, but neglects to fully disclose and inform people about the actual identity and nature of these business entities. A false presumption gets started that our States are bankrupt, and that our assets are up for grabs, when in fact our States were never involved and not eligible for bankruptcy protection.

1865 - The Territorial "Rump" Congress sets up bogus quasi-civilian, quasi-military courts and ten new Southern military "districts" run by "District Court Judges" appointed by military commanders.  This is the beginning of the Slow Creep of the Talmudic Court System insinuating itself where it should never be. 

The overall  is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginable debts, went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, gave your address to their Creditors, then stepped back and let you bear the burden of paying their bills.  

1868 -
The British Territorial United States re-writes its own constitution and issues it as a Scottish-sponsored incorporation charter---all without disclosing this to the people of this country.  This Scottish commercial corporation merely doing business "as" The United States of America (Incorporated) takes over and usurps upon the lawful government using semantic deceits and fraud to accomplish its aims.

1907 - The first Scottish corporate "ringer" pretending to be the actual United States of America, goes bankrupt and the perps in the British Territorial version of the [Territorial] United States Congress (get the joke now?) arrange for their creditors to accept title to our land as surety for their debts.

This is the First Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincolns' bankruptcy in 1863---- and it causes the First World War.

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company went out and charged your credit to the utter limit, sought bankruptcy protection for itself, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all its loans---and left you to pay the bill.

1913 - their creditors, not ours, come to our shores and they start the Federal Reserve nightmare and begin devaluing our currency --- though we weren't involved in any of this stinking scheme. They start printing paper "notes" --- I.O.U's for future payment -- and exchanging these for American Silver Dollars without disclosure or consent.  They also charge interest for this "service" to us,  the targets of this fraud and Breach of Trust.

1925 - a Roman Catholic Church Delaware Corporation doing business as "the" United States of America (Inc.) is formed to take over where the Scottish fraudsters left off.

This one oversees the run up of the "Roaring Twenties" and the 1933 Stock Market Crash and the entire debacle of the Great Depression.

This is the Second Fraudulent Bankruptcy since Lincoln's Big Fix in 1863.

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company, racked up astronomical bills,  went bankrupt, forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans, then stepped back and let you take it in the shorts.  

1933- 1946: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his cronies offer the labor and private assets of their "States of States" and the "citizenry thereof" --- and via a blatant process of unlawful conversion, they conveniently presume that everyone in this country is a "United States Citizen"--- though then as now, the vast bulk of us never were.

The perps deliberately lie and act under color of law to ensnare as many Americans as possible to act as franchises of their venal, bankrupt corporations and the "US Trustees" assist them in the pillaging and plundering of innocent  Americans.

1953 - The bankruptcy of the First Scottish Shill Corp settles. The vermin in the Territorial Congress pretend that they can't locate all the people whose land should be returned to them free and clear.  Instead, they roll everything over into giant land trusts and "manage" the assets "for" the "absent owners". And they also charge the actual landlords for all this "service" the vermin are giving us without our knowledge or consent.

1999 - The bankruptcy of the Second Roman Catholic Church Shill Corp settles.

2008 - the MERS fraud comes home to roost and we all suffer The Big Short. And once again, the perpetrators trot out the American People as the ones responsible for their debts. 

Now, I won't bore you with the maddening proliferation of Shill Corporations and "derivatives" that took place following this, and all the "assets" that these crooks dreamed up and put on the books that simply don't exist, but the same people who think they can print money out of thin air also think that they can create new land and real estate assets simply by giving the same assets a new name and taxing all the various names ("titles") that they bestowed on the same property.  All sorts of crazy stuff goes on.  Karen Hudes, a Bar Attorney working for the World Bank---a foreigner absolutely forbidden and prohibited from holding any Office related to our Government --- claims that she represents us. We say, basically, "Like Hell she does."  Deutsch Bank gets stuck handling all the "derivatives"--- that is, bogus assets made of paper and lies.  Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of Canada get caught money-laundering slave labor and human trafficking for the Queen of the Damned and the Pope.... Prince Philip gets caught benefitting himself from insurance and bankruptcy fraud via "Life Force Value Annuities" to the tune of $950 trillion, give or take a few "T".... its all crime and craziness beyond imagining.

I don't know how Donald Trump is keeping an even keel. Lesser men would have run screaming into the bushes a long time before this.

2009: The Federal Reserve Board of Governors declares the Federal Reserve System TM bankrupt --- remember all those I.O.U.'s they printed?  All those prior to 2009 Federal Reserve Notes?  Oh, oops.  The vermin skipped town.  Welched on all those "Promises to Pay" us back for all the American Silver they received in supposedly "equitable" exchange for their BS.  

Now tell me again, why is the "Federal Reserve" still in existence?  Why are the banks still in existence?  Why hasn't the "corporate veil" been stripped away like wet tissue paper in a high wind?

2013-16: The Municipal UNITED STATES, INC. and cohort Municipal "governmental services corporations"  enter involuntary bankruptcy liquidation.  

Again, the situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company ran up unimaginably huge bills, went bankrupt, and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans--- stepped back and left you to pay their debts. 

2017 - The Territorial version known as the USA, Inc. enters bankruptcy reorganization. 

[I hate to be monotonous, but this part of the story is monotonous, because the same thing has happened and been allowed to happen over and over and over again. This is nothing but an unimaginably huge national scale credit and identity theft swindle and it has been allowed to go on and on and on and on --- so hear it AGAIN in hopes that everyone reading this will know what went on here and have it memorized....]

The situation is similar to what would happen if your Lawn Maintenance Service Company deliberately ran up huge bills,  went bankrupt,  and forged your Name as Co-Signer of all their loans....yada, yada, yada. 

It's not bad enough that you've got one of these crime syndicates bilking you senseless, you've got two of these organized crime syndicates on your weary backs, doing the same thing, competing with each other and taking turns---and to add to the irony, you are their employers.

They are your employees. 

You are paying them to do this to you. 

Hello?  Good morning, America.  Wake up. If coffee won't do it, I recommend a string of fire crackers.

Remember the Scottish Shill Corp calling itself "The United States of America" (Incorporated) back in 1868? 

Well, the same parties responsible then just tried to set up a Municipal version called "THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the Bank of France set up its version "THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and pretty soon every joker in the western world will think they have some excuse to infringe on the Good Name of our lawful Government, and to practice more identity theft against us, and to try to rook us into assuming their debts. Again.

Can you all hear and see the words "Non-Assumpsit" plainly written here and elsewhere and recorded all over the world?

Can you hear the words, "Odious Debt Returned for Cause"? 

The score stands 0:0:0.  And you are surely beginning to see the pattern in very bright colors and high relief? 

They go to the banks and claim you are their "Surety" --- their "Co-Signer"---and the guilty as sin colluding banks let them do this.  As long as you don't wake up and say, "Not me, Pilgrim." -- they get away with this Gross Breach of Trust and this Gross Abuse of the Commercial Service Contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America ---- which all of the same vermin are supposed to be "defending" with their lives from enemies both foreign and domestic.

In the words of my cat, "Pffft-thut!"

Original Federal United States Government?  Moth-balled since the so-called "Civil War".

Municipal United States Government?  Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.

Territorial United States Government?  Incompetent as a result of bankruptcy.  

All three layers of "federal government" have sequentially failed and by Operation of Law, we are finally rid of them. Our Federation of States is the only lawful and sovereign Government left standing since September 9, 1776.  

The Delegation of Power returns to those who delegated it in the first place --- to The United States of America [Unincorporated] and to our States of the Union which were never involved in any of this venal, criminal, shameless nastiness, and to the People of this country, who never deserved to be made part of it, at all.

We have Acknowledged and Accepted the return of our Delegated Powers.

We also discovered absolute proof that the Queen abdicated her Christian Throne three days after her Coronation, pulled a giant fraud on the people of the United Kingdom, and occupied The Chair of the Estates instead.  She has been ruling in deceit and Color of Law since 1953 --- which renders everything that she and her Government have done ever since then legally and lawfully invalid, null and void, ab initio.  Including what they did to us. Including all the years that our land was held under corporate franchise "titles" and "managed" by "federal" agency subcontractors and buried in foreign land trusts. 

That's all profit and leases and fees and taxes and mortgages and insurances and stocks and bonds owed back to us, the actual owners of the assets.

We are claiming our land back and our labor back and all of our other assets.
We are going after the black-robed devils who have served their Courts of Baal on our shores and attacked our innocent people under Color of Law. 

Guess who was really at the bottom of the Big Short?   Lehman Brothers were just the surface scum.  Who was playing "JAWS" underneath surface? 

Wells Fargo Securities -- pretending to be just a nice, little ole "National Banking Association" or "NA"---- that just happened to be owned by the Office of U.S. Attorney General, writing unauthorized credit agreements for itself and using our land assets as the collateral.   

Make no mistake --- there is going to be a settlement of these issues.

The vermin in "Congress" should all be locked in their rooms and down on their knees praying that Donald Trump succeeds and stays the course. They should be doing everything they can to help him.  When he tells them to do something, they should say, "Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!" --- because if they don't, they are going to find out what democracy is really all about--- and its not a National Debate about High School drunkenness and groping three decades ago.  

Get your own affairs in Order, claim back your Good Name and estate, boot up your lawful land jurisdiction County and State Governments via organizing your local Jural Assemblies, and support the rest of us in our work, so that we can continue to do the necessary research and continue to make the necessary international claims.

It costs me thousands every month to keep this operation running.  I know many of you are suffering and facing a long winter ahead.  But as you can observe, the Banksters and their political pawns are still stalling and caterwauling, trying to hang on to money and power even after their crimes are exposed for the whole world to see, still choking and sputtering and scheming---- and their new favorite buzzword:  "resisting".

I'll take care of their continued "resistance".

With enough thrust, believe me, pigs really can fly.

This is going to be the permanent end of the banker's constipation problems.  No more "Doctrine of Scarcity" applied to everyone but them and their cronies.

Help us knock this whole situation over the Goal Poles and past the Tipping Point.  Send us whatever help you can.  Send us prayers.  Send us information. Send us donations-- we still need them.  Send to my PayPal account:  or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 


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  1. Honestly, as I read this Article, I must say it just sounds like a story out of some Novel because I have never ever seen any of this with my own eyes or anywhere in this world.
    For instance, ''we are finally rid of all three layers of federal government''. Really?? How so? All 3 layers seem to be up and running the same as they ever were. Not one thing has changed in that, they are still getting paid to do whatever crap they do, and The People are still stagnated in the same old boat as any past decade or century.
    So where is there a lick of evidence for any of this?

    Then as another example, our country has experienced several bankruptcies. Really? And we are even told we are in one at the moment? How is that? How is it that a bankrupt country is building roads, hotels, all kinds of expansions? How is it that we are having a booming building of hospitals left and right?

    Sorry, but this is all just a story, and the only 'evidence' of it is Anna's words on paper or the Net. ALL of it is just a bunch of Words. In reality, the beat just keeps going right on.

    When The People get right down to it, all we know is what we are told. In fact we don't really know if there is a 'national debt' at all, do we, really? All we know is that we are TOLD we have one.

    Sorry but there is not one bit of proof of what is said in this Article, any more than there is any real proof of our 'national debt'.

    1. They just keep printing counterfeit money, that's how they are doing it! Just because the media isn't telling the truth, doesn't mean it isn't there!

    2. Could it be Abby the reason we don’t hear about this is because they don’t want us to hear about it?
      I’m just sayin....

      I am sure you know that there’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that nobody ever knows about.

      I guess this would be along the same lines as not having to pay taxes. There is no law that says you must pay taxes. The people in charge hide it and make it seem like everybody must pay, yet there is no law in any books that say as much. It’s all about intimidation and harassment.

      Look what they’ve been doing all this time that you can find out about. They have printed so much paper that did dol look what they’ve been doing all this time that you can find out about. They have printed so much paper that the US dollar has lost almost every bit of its former value.

      It’s possible she is one of those people that has being paid from the people that are running the show from behind the scenes, so that she will keep quiet. But she gives the rest of us just enough information to think we know what we are doing.

      I really don’t know at this point, there are a lot of people in this movement that seem to know a lot about doing specific things in it, but it is as if they are afraid to give out that information. Or at least if they do have the information they want you to pay a hefty sum for it. Which really brings into question why are they doing it, and if they are in so much better shape from doing it themselves, why do they need the money!

      This one thing I do know for sure; if you correct your birthright political status and are no longer a US citizen, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a job in the United States of America without the United States.

      I spent over 1 1/2 hours this morning looking at different job sites. Almost all of them want one of two things; you must be a US citizen or have a green card. Everybody uses E-Verify. So a non-resident alien it’s going to have a hard time finding a job.

    3. Abby, it is NOT our "country" that has been subjected to the bankruptcies. It is the various corporations that usurped the original federal government, empowered by the original, organic constitution with enumerated powers. Until you know who you are (NOT a US citizen), you will continue to conflate the issues.

    4. I looked up the UNITED STATES INC out of SCOTLAND. Found it and Printed it out. It is owned and operated by Great Britain Inc. If you look hard enough you can find all this stuff. Scotland was very easy.

      I breathe the air on Delaware the easiest STATE to incorporate a business. I looked up all the Court's here and found their DUNS numbers. How much evidence do you need? How can any private corporation and it's private rules have any authority over a man? Only if YOU work for them. STATE OF NEW JERSEY holds my franchise, well they did!!!

      I did not blindly follow Anna or anyone else. I researched all the documents and actions. I didn't understand the expatriation but one day after digging and reading it all made sence.

      About 2 years ago I changed the signature card at the bank. They finally caught up with it as I don't have much. Told me I had to sign as the US CITIZEN or they could no longer do business with me. It has to be signed under penalty of perjury, so I no longer do business with them. If you sign without full disclosure then it's one thing but if you are aware and have already removed your signature by way of notice you can't continue to sign.

      I run into something evert day now. I get asked a simple question, Do you live in Milton. My question right back is "Do you live in some THING" Myself and my family live on the land state delaware

    5. Yes patriot, No way is Abby the great big ball of positivity and love that you are.
      You are so much more eloquent than that nasty unknown.
      By the way have you threatened any one today? Or wished they would commit suicide?
      i do not suppose you get my point?

    6. C. Johnson, it is so good to see you here posting again. Seems like you haven't been around lately. IMHO you always bring good information backed by solid research. Thanks, and please don't leave this forum. I, for one, always benefit from your knowledge.

    7. E.T. Tishbite: I, for two, always benefit from C. Johnson's input.

      C. Johnson: You responded to a post of mine a couple weeks ago, but I haven't replied because I'm embroiled in a couple issues and, well, it's canning season! So I'd like to say thank you for your input, and if replying still seems relevant/helpful after such a lengthy pause, I will reply (something to look forward to, for sure!).

    8. And I thought I had troubles....

      Bless your heart for diving in to help your friend--lucky guy!

    9. Listen to this and you'll be surprised what's going on with these central bankers. All their bonds are worthless now.They are fighting with one another now.

    10. Fruit Inspecter, Yes,we know much goes on that we are never told, but it wouldn't make any difference anyhow, because 'just being told' is just heresay. What is genuine must be printed and dispersed for all to see. Otherwise its no different than rumors.

      So my major point was that the things I mentioned way back up there, have never been anything but Anna telling us....with giving NO proof at all.
      For instance, ''we are finally rid of the 3 levels of government'?? Where is there any proof of that; it was a very genuine and legitimate question.

      As for not having to pay taxes, I do recall seeing that in writing right on the inside of my yearly tax form booklet they used to send us all each years. It said right on the inside of the front cover page ''taxes are voluntary''.
      So that is true, was true, because it was printed by the ''Collector.....Robber of our money.....the IRS'.

      So that is the difference. But with this ARticle today, not one speck of legitimate evidence; some Anna butt-kissers just get so riled up and don't have enough sense to stop and think.....well, where is the proof, Lol. Nada. But if they want to sit there and live to be a Mocker, thats fine with me.

      The 3 entities if our gov. appear to be up and running the same as always; why should we believe otherwise? Where is the proof or reasoning to believe otherwise?
      Didn't we get into all this tyrannical government BY believing what we have always been told? Yet, some folks in here see fit to rangle on me for not continuing to just take somebody's word for things? Lol.
      Its fine with me if people choose to be gullible and take one woman's word for 'we are finally rid of them', but I choose not to be gullible.

    11. Fruit inspector please go to
      all is well if you do the home work.
      Lots of Work sorry!

    12. C. Johnson, could you please email me Have an issue would like your input about. Thanks

  2. Abby, "Women"s intuition" no got? I am an older man and I can feel it in the air! its there alright maybe you went to college and removed that part of your humanity, or were you trained as an ostrich? Mike

    1. Unknown, we need facts; we can't go by 'feel in the air' and we certainly shouldnt take any one persons word for anything these days. But if you can show me where 'we are finally rid of our 3 levels of government'' I am willing to hear it. But it sure looks to me and most others, like mr. Sessions still thinks he is the AG, and I don't know of anyone else who is speaking for that spot, do you?

  3. Catholic World (August 1871): 735:

    We do not accept it [i.e., the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America], or hold it to be any government at all…If the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved at all, it must be by the rejection of the principle of the [Protestant] Reformation, and the acceptance of the Catholic principle...
    So who are the communist now? How many Catholics and Jesuit schooled individuals do we have in and around washington dc? How about on and in the media? Fox news?

    1. last time I checked there is not one Protestant on the Supreme Court. all catholics and jews.

    2. Not one protestant?
      Well now that too, is very interesting.
      The death of Scalia was also interesting.


    4. tommy, you are absolutely correct,tho Im not sure what Justice Thomas is, do you? But yes, the SC is always loaded up with catholics, which is dangerous for the People, for sure. And now here we see yet another catholic being handed the power, while having no godly virtues.
      Scalia's story is now very out in the open.
      Why should that be a lifetime appointment anyhow?

    5. Leland,
      Thanks for the link.
      All i can think of is the church lady" well isn't that special"
      And then to top it off, it was a catholic who was the deciding vote to "legalize" abortion?

    6. Always another p.o.v. about abortion as well out there, too...♩


  4. AnnaSeptember 9, 2018 at 12:38 PM
    It has always been known that the one to bind Satan would be a woman. Why? Because Eve, like Satan, passed the test and accepted her punishment without blaming anyone else. Only the daughters of Eve have the earthly power to overcome Satan, not the sons of Adam. That is just another proof of the power and the justice of Our Father, that she who was overthrown by Satan and made to suffer, has her moment of honor and is allowed to bind her Enemy in preparation for the Kingdom of Heaven.
    i still would like scriptural proof of this assertion, made by Anna, for if it has always been known, i did not know it.

    1. as a point of clarification; if the reference is to the test in the garden, Eve did not pass her test. She was completely, dispite being warned by the Creator, decieved by Satan and when confronted, blamed the snake. Adam, on the other hand, was not decieved, but chose to disobey. when he was confronted he blamed the woman and then Eve blamed the snake.

    2. tommy,
      i see it the same way. Both adam and eve failed to take responsibility in that moment. And satan never passed the test. Never will.

    3. I really am not here to deliberately go after Anna, but I find it necessary to correct her errors, only for the sake of those who read this from anywhere in the world.
      With that said, I must point out that there is NO evidence anywhere that indicates ''it will be a woman who binds satan''.
      In fact the bible tells us that the Lord will lock him up for a 1000 years. No one else can or ever will do that.

      So we have to notice here again, that Anna gives NO credence at all to the Lord Jesus Christ as having such power and control over all that is; but instead she puts herself out there as being 'God". And that is a very dangerous attitude to have. It should be nipped in the bud, pronto.

      As for 'who can bind satan'? I CAN, and I DO. In fact Ive long ago thrown him out of my residence, kicked his ass, and even burned him up in my incinerator. And if he gets any more notions to try his hand with me, I am 'armed, cocked and loaded aimed and ready to fire' lol.

    4. a follower, there is absolutely no scriptural proof of anything in that statement/comment of hers. I would love to be a fly on the wall and learn just where she ever got such an idea?? It is just ''way out there' based on nothing. Geesh, should we expect a ''womens superiority march'' next?

    5. Abby is so lost in bible nonsense usual 🎶

  5. Also you can not have it both ways.
    My Dear Archbishop George,

    I, too, stand with the universal Catholic Church, founded by Christ. My blood seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court in Witness of what I am going to show you tonight. I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the First Holy Roman Empire, Hereditary Grand Marshals of the Holy Roman Empire, Knights of the Holy Sepulcher. I have myself served as an International Services Agent and as a private attorney in service to his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now, Pope Francis.

    1. well, this is very disconcerting. I thought Anna had no ties to the catholic bunch. This needs to be explained. Anna, please.

    2. Please explain this Judge Anna

    3. Even worse than Anna just trying to explain this love and adoration and worship of that wicked pagan 'church', she is helping to continue to mislead the world that it is a true Christian entity. No, it is not: Jesus NEVER founded any such place, so she further lies about the very 'savior and lord which she professes to adhere to'.

      Now if by some slim chance anna does explain this, she will say that she is a 'lutheran since childhood'. Well, the lutheran church dresses like the RCC priests, they baptize babies by sprinkling, and their churches are nothing more than a scaled down replica of the very dead and lifeless RCC. A daughter of the Mother Whore.

    4. The day is coming when "Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord".Every includes Leland Roth.My advice to you sir is do some serious thinking before you pass Christianity off as utter nonsense,because on that day when you bow and confess,and you do so without the saving blood of Christ upon you,it will be too late for you. Not because you were a bad person during your life on this earth,but because you chose to reject the ONLY way the Creator provided for you to escape just payment of your transgressions of His law.

    5. Never ever am I going to lower my higher awareness to accept stupidity to your nonsensical rabble above Tumeless fool...grow up little boy🎶

  6. Anna - Re: "The vermin in 'Congress' and "Democracy" - Does this mean that democracy is the form of government operating in Congress? ......... If so - why do I not see anything in any of the four Organic Laws about that?

    The very best part of this article is the line: "In the words of my cat, 'Pffft-thut!'"

  7. was led to ask this last night.
    He was carried off to Babylon in 605 B.C. by Nebuchadnezzar, the Assyrian, but was still living when Assyria was overthrown by the Medes and Persians. In spite of the "captivity" of the Jews, Daniel enjoyed the highest offices of state at Babylon, but he was ever true to Jerusalem.
    So how did he do it? How did Daniel live and survive and stay true to the Master he served?
    Also goes with this:
    Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work,
    not to slander anyone, not to be quarrelsome, to be gentle, showing all meekness to all men.
    For we ourselves were also once foolish, disobedient, led astray, serving various lusts and pleasures, living in evil and envy, being hated and hating one another.

  8. Fruit, yes, give up citizenship and then you get silence when you ask how are you to get a job or get money to live. Also, tear up your voters registration, and let all the demoComs vote in people like Bernie and hillary and other such lunatics,lol.
    Where does any of this make real sense.

  9. "With enough thrust, believe me, pigs really can fly" 😅 I love that one!

    1. The first thing that crossed my mind was Pink Floyd!?!


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