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Friday, September 21, 2018

But Which "God"?

By Anna Von Reitz

I don't know how this is possible, but it is very clear that a great many people have remained ignorant about their professed religion as well as their government.

The Bible tells us explicitly and by inference that there are multiple "gods" out there plying their wares.  Why say, "have no other gods before me" if there aren't other "gods" being offered to you for you to worship? 

"God" is a title, not a name. 

So when someone (especially the vermin) start talking about "God" you have to inquire, "Which God?" the same way you have to ask, "Which United States?"

The True and Living God we know as the Creator, whose name and title in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic is: "Yahavah",  means, "Yah, the Creator"--- or some "other" God?

Yahavah's Son is "Yashuah" sometimes transliterated as "Yeshuah"--- which means "Yah's Anointed One". 

There is only one Living God.

All other gods are dead. 

They are little idols, like carved wooden statues, or the coins in your pockets --- "representations" of reality, not reality itself.

"Christ" means "Anointed One" --- but again, whose anointed one?  The Anointed One of Yah?  Or the Anointed One of Sam Spade?

Likewise, "Christians" translates as "Followers of the Anointed One" -- but which Anointed One? 

The Satanists have built a whole "parallel" religion to mirror the faith of the Apostles---which was never a "religion" and never a "church".

They have taught us to use the name "Jesus" instead of "Yahshuah" and they have taught us to worship "God" and "Jehovah" instead of "Yahavah" and they have taught us to say "Amen" --- the name of an Egyptian deity at the end of every prayer, to make sure our prayers get dropped in the "Dead Letter Box" the moment they leave our lips.

Then we wonder why prayers go unanswered?

Instead, worship "in spirit" and "in truth" --- with your living heart and soul, not with twisted words.  Just try.  You will discover that you know how to pray without words.  And then you will discover that "double-mindedness" vanishes and that in union with Yahavah, all things are possible.

Make good things manifest according to the ultimate and unfathomable goodness of our Creator.  Bypass all the fear and ugliness and go straight home to your Father, and let the sons of the Devil go home to theirs, too. 

Yah, the One, lives in you and makes you part of All.  There is only one "God" --- one Creator, one Life, one Ordering Principle. 

All else is deception and idolatry and just plain old hot air.

If these vermin would deceive you about "which" United States of America they are talking about, would they hesitate a moment to deceive you about which "God" they are serving? 

Or which "law" they are observing? 

Do you think it is amusing that cannibals want you to drink blood from your communion cup?  Instead of remembering "as often as you drink (wine)" --- Yah's Anointed One?

What would happen if every time wine touched your lips, you remembered Him? And every time you had a piece of bread?  

Do you think it is a coincidence that churches have converted the faith of living men into the doctrine and rules of dead institutions? 

That they have also mis-represented their laws as "God's Laws"?

Or that the leaders of these institutions have set themselves above you and sought to place themselves between you and Yah as middlemen and arbiters?

Do you think it is funny that they have sought to keep you from communion and placed a price on it and also sold forgiveness which they have never earned? 

That they have turned your body, the House of Yah, into a bonded slave for them and called a business Joint Venture a "marriage"?

Where is your common sense? 

How could you believe in, much less consent to this?

There is no end to their blasphemy and evil, their recklessness and greed--- but if you would save yourselves and save your country, you must wake up.

You must repent of all this error and discern the gaping Pit prepared for them. 
You must come out of Babylon and know which "God" you serve.


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  1. Anna, I would like to compile a database for reference materials that support your writings. The only reason I am not 100% on board with every word from your pen (or keyboard, I guess) is because around 30% of it I can not locate good reference sources. This is how I saw Google's shit before most people. . .the sources behind your writings and a few others began to disappear from the front page of search results. Now it is almost as if the "debunkers" of Truth automatically get higher search ratings so that if the have mere 100 bots and a few sheeple, the truth is so deep and obscured. This is the basic problem before us as I see it. . .the educational system broke the grey matter long before anyone was old enough to seriously consider these issues.

  2. I am the lord thy god, thou shalt not have any strange gods before me. Let US create them in OUR image???? Who are the US ?

  3. "Beyond words and thoughts" Duh....

  4. What a relief that black hole of negativity " Abby" has'nt tainted the comments yet.

    I look forward to reading Anna . I can hear her voice as I read her words. There is a fundamental truth to all of tjis. Some things at times are confusing and seemingly way out, however it is all part of a big picture so foriegn to our comfortable ( and nevoming unbearable ) lie that we have all loved thst I actually am doing was never promised to be easy, on the contrary, its the toughest thing I have had to do .

    1. Amen, the first thing I did was look for Abby's intolerant and know-it-all comment.

    2. It just keeps getting better...

  5. oh yes! the casual link = the Truth.

    How is the practice of satanism protected when in it's practices, the people and animals are harmed or murdered?

    hint: the Truth is "Someone" and not "something" and Anna just got through talking about Him.

  6. Anna, It Seems to me, You are playing it all ways. No wonder it is confusing. And yes i see why you and so many are confused.
    Anna- "The Satanists have built a whole "parallel" religion to mirror the faith of the Apostles---which was never a "religion" and never a "church".
    And yes you are correct and this deception begins in Rome and has spread like a spiders web.
    Please look at some of the dates and recorded quotes from history: Pre and post 1964. We have been warned! Some of the quotes and ideology sound strangely like that of the political religion of Islam. And yes there is a good reason for that upon further examination.
    Come out of Her My people!
    Catholic World (August 1871): 735:

    We do not accept it [i.e., the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America], or hold it to be any government at all…If the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved at all, it must be by the rejection of the principle of the [Protestant] Reformation, and the acceptance of the Catholic principle...

    The English Roman Catholic newspaper The Rambler (September 1852):

    Shall I hold out hopes to the Protestant that I will not meddle with his creed, if he will not meddle with mine? Shall I lead him to think that religion is a matter for private opinion, and tempt him to forget that he has no more right to his religious views than he has to my purse, or my house, or my life blood? No! Catholicism is the most intolerant of creeds. It is intolerance itself, for it is the truth itself. We might as rationally maintain that two and two does not make four as the theory of Religious Liberty. Its impiety is only equaled by its absurdity.”

    Catholic World (August 1871): 735:

    We do not accept it [i.e., the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America], or hold it to be any government at all…If the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved at all, it must be by the rejection of the principle of the [Protestant] Reformation, and the acceptance of the Catholic principle...

  7. ...and which:
    .....political status you have:
    American state national or
    U.S. citizen

    1. He was carried off to Babylon in 605 B.C. by Nebuchadnezzar, the Assyrian, but was still living when Assyria was overthrown by the Medes and Persians. In spite of the "captivity" of the Jews, Daniel enjoyed the highest offices of state at Babylon, but he was ever true to Jerusalem.
      So how did he do it? How did Daniel live and survive and stay true to the Master he served?

    2. UCADIA; you're so far out of the loop that it's hard to believe! Did it occur to you that Anna is NOT looking for any type of recognition from the federal government? You didn't mention which federal government or which state government either, further proof of ignorance about that which Anna writes!

  8. YAHUAH ALAHIM fully translated means "I WAS, I AM, I WILL BE (your) MIGHTY ONE."

  9. There is a youtuber named Doreen Dotan from Israel and is from the tribe Judah and not a Khazar and she says the Torah as it is written in the first five books of the Old Testament also called the Pentateuch is four translations from the original Hebrew Torah that it has been tainted. She is adamant that the Jewish Talmud is a rancid work and she is 100 % correct and Anna mentioned the Talmud here on a recent post. Use logic and common sense people, your own deep thinking ( if you have a spiritual essence ) will reveal much to you. It is said that most people only use ten percent of their brain capacity. Secularists for sure would fit that category.All books are someones opinion. Think outside the box and draw your own conclusions.

    1. NOTE: Dr. Michael Brown (a Jewish believer in Messiah Yeshua) has a Ph.D in Semitic languages – which of course include Hebrew and Aramaic – the original languages of Yeshua and His people. He is a recognized authority on this topic.

      for the record, once again, THERE IS NO SUCH NAME AS YAHSHUA / YAHSHUAH. It didn’t exist in biblical times and it has not existed as a genuine Hebrew name in history — until people who really didn’t understand Hebrew made it up, thinking that it somehow restored the “Yah” element (from “Yahweh”) into the Savior’s name. If you want more details on this, you can read my article here. (While I’m at it, there’s no such either as Yahushua — Joshua was pronounced ye-ho-shu-ah — and God’s name was NEVER pronounced Yahua or the like.

      The original Hebrew-Aramaic name of Jesus is yeshu‘a, which is short for yehoshu‘a (Joshua), just as Mike is short for Michael. The name yeshu‘a occurs 27 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, primarily referring to the high priest after the Babylonian exile, called both yehoshu‘a (see, e.g., Zechariah 3:3) and, more frequently, yeshu‘a (see, e.g., Ezra 3:2). So, Yeshua’s name was not unusual; in fact, as many as five different men had that name in the Old Testament. And this is how that name came to be “Jesus” in English: Simply stated, this is the etymological history of the name Jesus: Hebrew/Aramaic yeshu‘a became Greek Iesous,
      then Latin Iesus, passing into German and then, ultimately, into English, as Jesus.

      Why then do some people refer to Jesus as Yahshua? There is absolutely no support for this pronunciation—none at all—and I say this as someone holding a Ph.D. in Semitic languages (which of course include Hebrew and Aramaic – the original languages of Yeshua and His people). My educated guess is that some zealous but linguistically ignorant people thought that Yahweh’s name must have been a more overt part of our Savior’s name, hence YAHshua rather than Yeshua— but again, there is no support of any kind for this theory.

      The Hebrew Bible has yeshu‘a; when the Septuagint authors rendered this name in Greek, they rendered it as “iesous” (I....esous, with no hint of yah at the beginning of the name); and the same can be said of the Peshitta translators when they rendered Yeshua’s name into Syriac (part of the Aramaic language family). All this is consistent and clear: The original form of the name Jesus is yeshu‘a, and there is no such name as yahshu‘a (or, yahushua or the like).

    2. Since no one in America or for that matter, any country is fluid in Greek or Arabic, we all have to rely on those who are able to translate the sciptures for us. With that kind of power, there are some who will purposely misinterpret some of the words or put their own twist on it. As far as I'm concerned, Jesus is a much easier to refer to our Savior than Yeshu'a or Yahshua or any other name you want to refer to him by. I hear a lot of so-called scholars say, the bible never mentions the word Trinity, so where did Christians get this idea from. The bible never mentions a lot of things directly, but if you take it in it's entirety, you have to come to the conclusion that God has three persons in one: God, the father, God, the son, and God, the holy spirit.
      The trinity makes perfect sense, since he is God.

  10. AMEN ---> COME JESUS COME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 1 Cor. 8:6 But to us there is but one God, the Father....and one Lord Jesus Christ

    John 14:6 Jesus said unto him, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.

    So for all the big shots who think they can go 'directly to God', think again.

    John 9:31 Now we know that God heareth not sinners; but IF a man be a worshipper of God AND doeth His Will, him he heareth

    (Hmm, that might attribute to all those prayers that get dropped into the 'deal letter box'.)

  12. Anna

    You finally said a sense of truth.

    Yes there are many gods cause “god” is only a title. The Talmud is a compilation of commentaries of “Jewish” Rabbi. i had the entire books. These so called wise ones, about ten of them, get together and decide what the words mean. So if they decide everyone else is a “goy” less then a cattle then it becomes truths. They, the bankers, the conquerers can then plunder the rest of us without sinning and call us Chattels.

    Columbus came here with the conquistadores “conquerers” and conquered all the lands and brought with them the pagan god Jesus with blue eyes and brown hair. They came in the ships the “Nina” the “Pinta” and the “Santa Maria” translated, “little Mary dressed in pink”. First thing they did is built a Church, bank and a courthouse. When the Pope gets off the Plane and kisses the ground he is claiming the Church own it all!

    So you have this Jesus picture we all grew up with, with his right hand showing the peace sign, a Masonic sign. If you google the movie Dr. Strange you will see the semblance of the this Jesus with the peace sign raised also.

    This is the false god that has been served on a silver platter by the Catholic Church and all the subsidiaries Churches with a 501 Charter who are required to preach this Jesu and certain dogma doctrines or they will be booted out and have their 501 taken away.

    The Tetagramaton “YHWH” is the Creator’s name given to Moses on the mountain. We do not have the correct pronunciation of this word which is why you have so many translation of it. Yahweh being the closes to the translation i have so far found. What is the Most High God’s name? Well all you have to do is as the real Jesus, Yahsuah. What name did he called his Father? Go read your Bible and find out.

    The good well meaning Catholic people like Christians, Muslim, Hindus, Buddas are sheeples and have been mislead for ages. These religion come from the same source of lies, Satan. This is why Jesus called them sheep. They believed their parents who believe their parents till the present mass today. When one’s foundational truths spring from erroneous perception and are ingrained into the mind, these beliefs become the nature and character of a people. So you have Catholics burning people are the stake, Muslim blowing themselves up and Christians burning everyone else in fire. A psychopath god has been served to the sheeple on a silver plater. They burn people at the stake because they are being god like since their god will do the same to all his enemies while telling them to love theirs. Christian burning the majority in a hole of fire for eternity they call god’s righteous judgment!! So we can hold an M-16 in one hand and a bible in the other and call it righteous. But did not the real Jesus said “Love they enemies”. What do you do with this mandate then?

    But what will the true God’s righteous judgment do one day?


    Isiah 26:9
    New International Version

    My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the people of the world learn righteousness.

    Be Blessed and be wised

    1. 'the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness' KJV

      The 'hell of it' though is that by that Time, which is after the great tribulation, there will be a small number of inhabitants left on the earth who will then have learned their lesson the hard way. I don't know how many that will be, nor who they will be.

      But there is a lake of fire, and we cannot overlook that. There are also billions of folks who will be killed during that Great Trib period of time.

      Best advice to all the masses: 'Temp not thy God foolishly'.

  13. Thank GOD I wasn't born or raised nutty Christian, Muslim, Judaism ๐Ÿ˜…๐ŸŽถ☇

  14. Here is the harsh truth about the rapture!

    The Rapture A Popular but False Doctrine... The rapture, often called "the blessed hope," is sadly more hoax than hope, even though the man who started it had no intention of deceiving anyone. You need to know what the Bible actually says! see resource link -->

    Is the pre-trib Rapture a fraud by Satan? The “Rapture” is a lie—period. And, yes, it originates from ”the father of lies.” It teaches the false hope that believers are whisked away to heaven to be spared the horrors of the tribulation—which sets people up to not take the proper measures to be accounted worthy to escape the worst that will befall some of God’s people during the worst time in human history. see resource -->

    The origin of Rapture False doctrine: John Darby 1830 AD... see -->

    1. The Rapture Theory... John 17:15 ...'I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.'

      There is a teaching today that is rife within the Christian world, called the rapture. What is the rapture theory? It is believed by those who hold to this theory (and there are MANY who do), that the "church" will be raptured away to heaven and then the earth will continue for a period of seven years (called the tribulation) in which the inhabitants of the earth will be plunged into a time of great trouble and strife (more so than now). So according to this teaching there is a separation to take place between the saved and the lost BEFORE the end of the world.

      In this teaching we are also told that Christ will return in two "phases". The first will be a "quiet" affair with the saints being raptured away. And then the second phase after the seven year tribulation will be the "glorious, triumphant" return, which according to this teaching, will usher in the 1000 year millennial reign on earth (which is also a false teaching).

      If the rapture theory is a true Biblical teaching. Why was it not well known and popularized until the early 20th century? Number 1. "THE RAPTURE IS THE 'BLESSED HOPE' WHILE THE SECOND COMING IS A DAY TO BE GREATLY FEARED" ... They separate the rapture and second coming saying that the rapture is the 'blessed hope' quoting Titus 2:13, and the second coming is the 'FEARED day of the Lord', quoting Amos 5:18. They believe these must be different events, because one is to be hoped for, and the other is to be feared. But they fail to realize the simple truth that the second coming is the 'blessed hope' for the saved in Jesus, and to be 'greatly feared' by those who reject the Lord. Simple, logical truth.

      Number 2. "IN THE RAPTURE, JESUS COMES FOR HIS CHURCH, AT HIS SECOND COMING HE BRINGS THE CHURCH WITH HIM" ... They say that Jesus takes His church way in the rapture, quoting 1 Thess. 4:16-17. And then Jesus comes back with the church at the second coming, quoting Revelation 19:14, which says 'the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses.". But what they fail to realize is that the 'armies' whom Jesus returns with are His angels, as Matthew 25:31 confirms, not the church.

      "But what about 1 Thessalonians 4:14, where it says that those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him? This surely is talking about the church coming back from heaven after the rapture with Jesus at His physical return?" - No it's not. Rapture adherents love this verse, but they completely miss the context of what is being said here. Look at both vs. 13 and 14. Paul is clearly talking about those who are asleep in Christ, ie, those who are in their graves waiting for His return. And what does Paul say to give encouragement concerning those who have died? He says that just as God raised Jesus from the dead, so He will bring with Jesus those who sleep in Him. In other words, those who have died, God will raise them from the dead, just like He rose Jesus from the dead.

      The rest of the so called 'irrefutable proofs' are of the same mold. They are not proofs at all, but just twisting of scripture to suit their wrong belief. It's interesting that they also believe the 'antichrist' will not be revealed until AFTER the rapture. This is a deception of the Roman Church. see resource -->

    2. Tim, lol 'as a man thinketh, so let it be done unto him'. Tim, you are more than welcome to stay and try to dodge the antichrist and his minions. Maybe you will manage to find some caves, or hide behind some trees for 7 years. You should go stock up on some good Nike running shoes and buy some blankets and find some bears to cuddle up to for the 7 long winter months ahead of you.
      Make sure you stash away enough water for 7 years; you will need at least 8 glasses per day just for drinking, and if you're lucky you might get a shower once in awhile....

      Because its not going to rain at all for the first 3 1/2 years, so good luck with that. And who knows what yer gonna do for money, since it will be a cashless society then. Take the number what the heck, lol.
      Plagues. Now lets not forget about all those plagues. I sort of think the ER doors will be closed, cause the Boss, whose called the AntiChrist is not gonna let ya get health care......unless you got 'that Number. Oops, I mean the Mark'

      But you and whatever 'church' teaches you all this....are they prepared with some Remedy for your long long 7 yr. long plight?

    3. AD 1520 Melchior Hoffman (c1498-1543/4) was one of the most influential of the self-appointed prophets. A Swabian furrier by trade, Hoffman had converted to Lutheranism in 1522 and became a wandering preacher. In 1526 Hoffman published a detailed pamphlet on the twelfth chapter of Daniel which proclaimed that the world would end in seven years, at Easter fo 1533. The seven year period was to be divided into two parts. The first part would see the appearance of Elijah and Enoch, who would overthrow the Pope. They would, however, be martyred and all the saints would then be persecuted. After forty-two months of tribulation, Christ would appear. Hoffman referred to himself as Elijah, and embarked on the fulfillment of his vision. He was imprisoned for his views, however, in Strasburg, later dying in the 1540s. --TEOTW pg 160-162


      For the wantabe Abby's of this world still caught up in 7 years of biblical nonsense like..."Because its not going to rain at all for the first 3 1/2 years, so good luck with that"๐Ÿ˜…

    4. Tim, how do you explain 1 Thess. 4:16 and 17?

    5. Tim, who is returning with Jesus at his actual second coming? Look at Zech 14:4 and 5.......''and all the Saints with him''. So no, it is not angels coming with him. Take a look at Zech 14.

  15. Abby, the research resources I shared are not my words but history of the facts and knowledge explaining in detail the fraudulent rapture theory. They were shared for your personal research to find truth in the matter but I see you are so arrogant in being right that you will never bend a knee to seek truth in humility. Here is the truth in the Name of Yeshua, the King that you say you seek, the "Rapture" that you hang your hat on is a lie from Satan. "So let it be unto you". We will leave it at that. Carry on as it appears this blog is your life as I see you postings on every comment may by Anna and anyone else that you don't agree with. You will not receive any further comments from me as it is a waste of my time and energy. Blessings to all

  16. L Tim, what you posted is simply some writer's opinion. I have already studied this over and over for over 40 years. All my thoughts about rapture are directly from the Word of God, but its very difficult to write an entire thesis on it.
    My thoughts on it are based not only on what scripture says,but what it does not say, what is noticeably absent, and then a Take from the entire overall scriptures/scenario and including the very character and mindset of God, overall.
    Tim, might I ask you why you and so many other like you, persist on God treating the saved believers the same as he treats unbelievers by making all endure the great tribulation, regardless of whether they are saved or not?
    May I ask you just what is the purpose of the Great Tribulation? Is it not the wrath of God upon an UNbelieving world for their rejection of Christ who gave his very life so that Man can even be saved?

    The answer to that is Yes, in case you didn't know that. So then, tell me why would any Believer be involved in Gods Wrath. What does Light have to do with darkness? What would be the logical purpose in God doing that?

    And now you close your statement here with ''blessings to all''? Where is there any 'blessing' in being involved IN the Wrath of God to come?

    It may well be that you are not fully aware of just how horrific the Great Trib period of time is actually going to be? What kind of future is that for the Believers to look forward to? What then do you actually bother living for?

    Of course you are free to think and believe as you wish, but can you answer my question as to why you are so adamant against Christ catching his Bride Up prior to the SHTF? I ask because I really want to know.

  17. At the beginning of the book of revelation we are told John is our brother and companion in tribulation. Rev. 1:9
    Notice it does not say He is our companion in the rapture?
    A look at Amos 5:18 is also an eye opener for those who will listen and those who will see.
    i have always known there was deception surrounding the pre trib rapture doctrine.
    Louisiana Tim is right on the mark with the posting of John 17:15
    Do we think Yahusha's prayer is not heard and is not answered?
    Also in Rev. we are told of a seal that protects those on earth during this upheaval. Does this mean we will not die or ever parish? No of course not.
    A few years ago, i had searched and found who started and approximately when the rapture doctrine started. And no the word rapture does not exist in scripture.

    1. a follower, as Rev. begins it is made clear that John's job was to show/tell us of things that were going to come to pass; ultimately the overall picture of the Great Tribulation period of Time.
      It was not focused on the Rapture; that is left for another story.

      So you and Tim can hang out together and then, since you both insist on staying. But let me ask you a question: Since you brought up the book of Rev. and you insist that the church body of Believers is still on earth during that Great Trib. which is depicted in that entire book, then tell me.....Why is the church body of Believers not mentioned one single time?

      Here we have the entire NT which consists of all the Teachings and Instructions to the Brethren; all of the Epistles start out with 'to the church, or to the Brethren''. But then we get to the last Book, which is Rev. and we see the final warnings to all the various kinds of churches.......then suddenly starting at Chapter 4 the Brethren are no longer addressed, and no longer even mentioned at all.
      Why would there be an entire NT Instructions to Believers and then all of a sudden they just seem to vanish. Why do you think that is? What? Nothing of their whereabouts? No Instructions for them during the most significant and horrific time in all the history of the Earth, and No Instruction of what they are to do? Big secret?
      Do you mean to tell me that throughout all the Epistles we are instruction on who to not even hang out with, who not to even eat with - - and when it comes to the big boom booms and blood running as high as a horses bridle, and mens hearts failing them for what they see coming down upon them.........and No Instructions and not even mentioned?
      Well folks, its obvious; its because ''we (the brethren) aint here anymore'' lol.
      (Now how hard is that to figure out, lol)

    2. The rapture doctrine started when 1 Thess. was written, cause its right in there clear as day. So its been there for about 2000 years. It cannot just be left out. It is actually satan himself that hates the idea that anyone is going to escape his grimey little clutches. Therefore, it makes sense that it would be satan who tries to influence folks with his ''ahh, you aint getting outta here as easy as that''.

      (ya wanna bet?)

    3. Since Soul is an eternal spark of GOD....rapture can occur at any moment๐ŸŽถ☇

    4. Abby,-
      "May I ask you just what is the purpose of the Great Tribulation? Is it not the wrath of God upon an UNbelieving world for their rejection of Christ who gave his very life so that Man can even be saved?"
      Do you not recognise there is tribulation and then a day of wrath? There is a separation of these events.
      Once you know this you begin to see the Purpose of Tribulation. Rev7:14
      He is not sadistic, He is a Father, He offers correction before the day of wrath. Rev. 6:16


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