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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Nature of the Crime

By Anna Von Reitz

When you crank it all down, the nature of the crime that affects most Americans most immediately and deeply is an insurance fraud scheme.

By misidentifying you as Territorial or Municipal United States "citizens" instead of people native to the actual United States we all think of, they avoid their obligation to indemnify you from loss or damage and also avoid their obligation to compensate you when they seize upon your assets as an occupying army.

For a clear statement of the indemnification you are owed as a civilian non-combatant see Army Regulations AR 27-20, which also explains the reason that you have to hold the Court harmless before the Court can act in your favor.

Once you have corrected the falsified registration and exercised your "reversionary trust interest" in your own estate, Good Name, and other assets, and have "removed and re-conveyed" your Good Name and the Derivative NAMES to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of the actual states, everything changes.

Because you repudiate the Reconstruction and the New Deal and blow it all back to Ground Zero. There is no statute of limitation on fraud.

Your lawful standing as an American re-emerges. You can no longer be "presumed" to be acting as a voluntary commercial franchisee of the British Crown. You cannot be mistaken for a bankrupt or derelict "vessel" adrift on the High Seas. You cannot be "presumed" to be acting in any commercial capacity regardless of the jurisdiction, but must instead be recognized as a private American "vessel" engaged in international trade --- a vessel owed all aid and protection---and indemnification from loss or damage.

 And full compensation for any assets lost, plus treble damages if this loss occurred after you claim that a mistake was made and demonstrate that you have corrected the public records.

They are acting as predators and denying you insurance and compensation you are owed. They have perpetrated acts of gross human trafficking, kidnapping, press-ganging, and inland piracy. 

These people are pirates in every sense of the word, but the base motive for it, is avoidance of insurance claims.

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  1. this may not be the correct place to ask about this but.... regarding IRS form 56 and article 560, i printed the form today and there is no 7(c) there is 6 (c) total revocation or termination, any information is appreciated.

    1. That is because the form 56 referenced in Anna's article was updated by the irs omb to confuse those of us waking up.

    2. All govt agencies have a habit of doing this when we discover loopholes in their own laws...despicable..!!

    3. I sent that form in recently .I c you look you'll see that 6c is asking the same questions that 7c used to ask. and i answered appropriately.

    4. It is important to recognize when one is civilized & has a domicile, one is domesticated & is a slave, subject, idiot, fool, moron, a legal fiction, fiction in law, a person, a trustee, et al. Come out from the beast, STAND as a yourself - copyright your Trade Name, the legal fiction & control it w/ your proper, true given & family name - anything less you are a human being, a DEAD THING, a resident, inhabitant.

      Don't trust anyone other than G-d, look it up for yourself in Black's Law Dictionary - that's what I do.

  2. Another meaningless article, full of innuendos, a few little crumbs for the birds. Please make sure you do not tell us what it means. We do not want to know.

    1. Abby , what kind of health insurance do they give you for the government job you have ?

    2. patriot, I don't have a job. I have been retired for quite awhile now, and not from any gov job. I have medicare and I pay for it every month. Medicare is not a free-bee, in case some didn't know that.
      I don't know why you asked that Q.

  3. So, ...put in the redacted 7c by hand?

  4. I have been saying that all of this fraud is perpetuated through insurance scams, or rather their complicit involment in it...all roads lead to "liability" and therefore insurance...!!!

  5. this is unrelated to above but i thought i would ask. where should I go to change or modify my 'comment as' name? My current 'comment as' name is no longer a valid email address. thanks for any help.

  6. Reminds me of Eisenhower death camps 1.5 million held in a field of mud and human waste no rights because he re classified them from POW'S to enemy combatants same thing just skirt Geneva convention .


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