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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Shills, Shillings, and the King's Shillings

By Anna Von Reitz

Ever wonder where the slang use of the word "Shill" came from, as in, "He's a shill." --meaning that someone was acting in a dishonest capacity? 
A couple hundred years ago, disguised King's Officers haunted the pubs of England, Ireland and Scotland. They would offer to buy rounds as people still sometimes do, only they would slip coins -- British Shillings -- into the bottom of the tankards. And when the victims got to the bottom of the glass they would find "the King's Shilling".

Immediately, they would be clapped in irons by waiting Marines and press-ganged into the King's Navy using this excuse.

Well, obviously, this is insane, dishonest, and pseudo-legal chicanery. The acceptance of what was advertised as free beer does not logically add up to a pledge to serve without pay in the King's Navy for a period of years. Nonetheless, this is what this horrendous government did to its own people.

And despite worldwide sanctions against slavery and involuntary servitude and the outlawing of press-ganging, they are still doing it and they aren't even content with preying upon their own people. Oh, no, they had to export it worldwide. 
In America, they have conscripted our doctors using a false licensing process and forced them to act as "shills" -- just like the purveyors of "free beer". They are forced to register "berths" in the King's Merchant Marine Service and "Social Security Accounts" for each new American baby born -- giving rise to the thoroughly false legal presumption that they are "volunteering" to be and act in the capacity of British Subjects.

The same sneaky, dishonest, fraudulent claims have been made against Aussies and Canadians, Germans and Japanese -- people all around the world have suffered from the criminality. You've been press-ganged, and nothing substantive has changed except that they don't offer as much as a shilling in return.

Please address your comments to:
British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

Secretary General
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017

and, last, but not least ---
The above link is the Interpol address to report crime, especially international crime.

What we wish to report is essentially Human Trafficking on paper, designed to create an opportunity for unlawful conversion of assets and falsification of public records so as to deprive people of their natural political status and national affiliations-- which is a war crime under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, and results in involuntary public servitude under color of law and process of undisclosed adhesion contracts.

This has been going on for 150 years right under their noses. So we would all like an explanation of this circumstance and some accountability for the deplorable incompetence that the politicians, police, military, and members of the Bar Associations have displayed. 
And if they start making any "shifty" noises, smile and inform them that you are discharging your duty to report and combat crime by bringing it to the attention of the proper authorities.

Thank you, very much, etc., etc., etc....

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  1. No need to, C. Just state: "On and for the record, I am not a US citizen. To my knowledge I have never elected to be a US citizen. There is no evidence that I am a US citizen and I do not believe that any such evidence exists." Then shut up or keep repeating the same thing at least 3 times until they surrender first. If they continue anyway and start asking about your address or residency, just state: "I am not a citizen so therefor I am not a resident and do not have an address." and repeat that at least 3 times. At some point they have to give in or give up because they only have jurisdiction over US citizens and no one else. You have shifted the burden of proof on to them to prove that you are a US citizen as they have presumed you were when they started. And they simply cannot. You are challenging jurisdiction and once challenged, the court must come to a screeching halt and prove that is has jurisdiction on the record and may not continue until it does or must dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction. It has no other choice.

    1. 1FreeMan, this is true. A good number of years ago I read a SC ruling which said that once Proof Of Jurisdiction is requested, the court must stop and settle the matter before proceeding....words to that effect. I wish I could recall the Case # and Names.
      Put in simple language, a Defendant can always request the Court show they even have jurisdiction over the case/person which is about to be heard. (this was my point back when I had mentioned in here, that the fed. gov. had no jurisdiction to even try McVey in the OKC bombing case, because the gov. did not own the property, so it was the OKC police/city who had jurisdiction to try him.) We should all brush up on the Jurisdiction aspect.

    2. So 1Freeman! You say your not a US Citizen and have never elected to being one. So you don't have a drivers license, a marriage license, a car registration or said the pledge of the legion to their war flag. And so on. It all belongs to them. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Have you ever filed a 1040 tax return. That are for government employees or filled out a w-5 irs for for your ss# and tax status. Do you have a 401-K or are you eligible to collect social security when you reach 62, which is a retirement program for their employees. I'm just saying. Everything we do which our parents did first then our schools, churches neighbors and friends taught us to do which we thought was the proper way. It all was a way to snare us. And snare us they did. You have to resend all contracts and then stop acting as a citizen does and acting as we should. God as sovereign King and us a self governed. You can't just click your heals three times like Dorothy saying there's no place like home. Though I wish we could.

    3. J.P. not sure if you're new here or not, don't remember seeing your name. 1FreeMan can most certainly defend himself better than I ever could, I'd just like to say a word to his credit. He knows whereof he speaks. He knows his true standing, that when you know in your heart and in your mind that you are Sovereign, YOU ARE. I know he has taken the steps to correct his status so that THEY know that HE KNOWS who he truly is. These adhesion contracts that we all unknowingly were dragged into are void ab initio ab infinitum based on THEIR fraud. 1FreeMan is telling you the stance you have to take to put the burden of proof on them to prove they have jurisdiction over you once you have corrected THEIR records about you, which they can not do.
      Trust me, 1FreeMan is one standing in the gap, he's not acting as a citizen, nor is he thinking he can click his heels and go home, he's already come home just like Anna is constantly telling all to do.

    4. Thanks, ET, but he is just waking up from his red pill, right JP? Pretty shocking isn't it that you cannot remember ever electing to be US citizen. Only always confirming that you are when you sign your passport application, fill out your voter registration and sign your 1040 under POP. First of all, no one can be a citizen of a corporation. You can only be a stockholder or an employee. Anna just posted proof that the U.S. is a corporation here:
      Also a corporation does not have a government but a board of directors. So claiming or believing to be a US citizen is oxymoronic and if you say that you are a US citizen then you are a...well, use your imagination. It's an illusion that we have been spoonfed all our lives. They claim that you are an federal employee, a withholding agent no less, when in reality you are an American state national. But you are asking so I am answering. Yes, I have a non-US citizen state national DL that is ticket proof. I also have a non-US citizen state national passport and 5 star passport card with the highest security clearance, better than a diplomat passport. Just my passport card alone is sufficient to give to any officer to have them profusely apologize right after they run it through NCIC and it pops up WARNING! DO NOT DETAIN. Yes, my wife an I were married in Europe before this nonsense began and have the paper to prove it. Yes, I have registered my car because I do not believe in driving w/o insurance if I injure someone else or someone is uninsured. I have been tricked long enough and will no longer pledge allegiance to a war flag but only to my God. I quit filing 1040s in 2005 and have not filed one since but only 1099-As to CID to make me the Lender and them the Borrower and zero out my tax account after surrendering my fed person and sending them letters that I retired from all presumed federal service and revoking my election to pay income tax. I cashed in my 401k and never paid a penalty. Yes, I am entitled to my full SS. They have a choice, pay me my benefits or refund my investment plus interest. You are 100% correct when you say that we have been snared. Your mother first and then you. She "delivered" you to the state by registering your birth and signing a SS-5 form. Now it is up to you to correct the record.

    5. Thank you 1Freeman for sharing and leading by example your dedication and commitment to setting the record straight and doing ALL the work needed to accomplish this huge task!!
      Question regarding correcting State DL record...did you submit copy of passport ES docs with new DL application to correct the state record? Can you please explain what steps you took to correct the State database records on you and your wife's behalf to accomplish this please?
      Thank you!

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace for All

    6. Hey Kelli, yes, you adapt the ES statement to fit the DL narrative and submit it with your DL application. You also want to type or write in "without prejudice, all rights reserved, non-assumptive." on your application above your signature. Leave the SSN blank and go to DMV and hand them your application and ES. When they will tell you that you need to fill in the SSN, tell them that you are not a federal citizen and you don't have one which is all explained in your ES. When they threaten that they will not renew your DL w/o it, you say: "I will provide you with their number but only if you submit my application together with my ES." Then write "Provided under duress and for informational purposes only." When you sign the signature pad, above your signature write: "without prejudice, all rights reserved." and sign with By: Lname, Fname Lname-Maidenname. Now go home and immediately order a certified copy of your application which will hold up in any court that you have signed w/o prejudice which means that you are not guilty of anything they charge you with. Just send an admin copy of the certified copy with the ticket back to them and tell them to cease and desist. If you get pulled over, point out the w/o prefudice above your signature. "Officer I just to make you aware that I have a qualified DL. Just look above my signature." "Well, I don't know what that means." "Well officer, before you do anything, you may want to call your captain and ask him what it means or you may be responsible to pay your own ticket,". Better yet, only give them your passport card and ask them to run it through NCIC.

    7. OK, just so I'm understanding correctly, we are adapting our ES paperwork, newly certified and submitting wet ink originals with DL application to correct the state data base vs relinquishing a copy of certified copies rcvd from US DOS of ES and passport Ds11 ?
      many thanks!!

    8. Yes, you may also want to look up your state's requirements for providing a SSN to DMV which my state says you don't need to if are exempt from applying for a SSN. So I added this language:
      I am exempt from applying for a Social Security number pursuant to Section 6039E(e) and therefore no authority exists to demand that I provide one within section 13:21-1.3 (c) of the New Jersey Administrative Code, which specifically states “This section shall not apply to persons who are exempt from applying for a Social Security number.”

    9. 1FreeMan: Thank you so much for all your advice and assistance, you and Anna both are a Godsend!
      Recently I got a ticket for expired license plates. My current political status is as follows: I have recorded my expatriation documents, etc. with the local county recorders office. I have not yet recorded the Mandatory FSIA notice with the public record, still have a state issued US Citizen Driver License and US SOS passport. I have to respond to the traffic citation by the first week of June and was looking for advice on how to proceed. I'm not sure if I should pay the fine or contest the ticket. By the way, when the sheriff's deputy stopped me and gave me a ticket, it was a printout and not a hand written ticket and my signature was not required or asked for so I couldn't sign it "without prejudice, UCC 1-308" over my signature.

    10. 1FreeMan: What does CID stand for?

    11. What are the "passport ES docs" mentioned in the conversation above? I searched the internet and the AVR website but couldn't find a description.

    12. Hey FM, you have several options. My son's friend simply walked into the prosecutor's office and demanded a trial by jury, which they cannot accommodate, and the P dismissed it right then and there. You can file a motion demanding trial by jury and serve it on the P and send a copy to the court. You can send your ticket to the prosecutor and tell him to send you the original because you cannot pay on a copy. You really should do this within 3 days and be sure to cc the court. You can show up on the court date and tell the P that you are here as the Exector and ask him "Where is your permission from the Office of the Execuotr to administer this Estate?" and watch him jump. If the P wont talk to you any further, just walk into court and when they call your NAME stand up and say "I am here for that matter as the Executor." If the judge or bailiff tells you that it is not not the calendar, leave. They just dismissed your case.

    13. CID = Criminal Investigation Division
      ES = Explanatory Statement

    14. Thank you 1FM! I'll be going to the prosecutor's office this Wednesday and will post a follow-up afterward.

      Thanks again!!

  2. 100 % correct 1FreeMan. Been there, done that and so has a buddy of mine. The judge will ask three times for your consent. In my case he threatened the person with arrest if he did not respond when he asked 3 times. I did not respond. I am not the person

  3. J P Fleming....have you ever asked a judge if he will acknowledge your right of "Subrogation" and post in on the record under oath and under penalties of pergery and see what they say....appearantly, they haven't figured out a way around this yet because their immediate response is that they have never heard of it...RIGHT...!! Then way are you sitting on the bench. It's not my duty to inform you of the law.. I suggest you hire an attorney if you don't understand simple legal words, because by law I cant...!! It's been working now for a lot of people, so it's only a matter of time before they try and pass some law that destroy that Remedy that for now, they are afraid of...!! Can you explain why..??

  4. 'US citizens / citizens of the United States' are not true citizens of any state. They are not sovereigns / pre-14th citizens and as the courts have clearly stated, they have very few rights secured by any constitution.

    To impose that status on true state-only citizens required the gov come under full military occupation by a foreign power.

    With the unPatriot Act and NDAA, congress openly admitted the gov is under full communist occupation because that is what is required to enforce those laws since they completely suspend the concept of any form of due process. It is so bad that if you make the mistake of bringing up your state or the fed constitution in your defense in court, the judge will generally run the jury out of the room and threaten you with contempt if you bring it up again.


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