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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump

From Anna Von Reitz

Dear President Trump,

We listened with interest to your State of the Union Address, but note that the flag you are flying is telling a tragic tale of its own, in plain view of the Congress and everyone else.  The flag hung in the vertical stripe position means that the federal corporation is unable to contract.  It's in bankruptcy.  Again.

This apparent bankruptcy is caused by dishonest bookkeeping and the lack of standing of the federal corporations to access our sovereign bond assets to pay debts.

You and the Secret Service and the Generals are blissfully ignorant about how to proceed, how to capture and release the $475 trillion-worth of our assets found in France--- and even if you were free to act and not merely overseeing a corporate bankruptcy, you would still not have the standing to release and recoup those bonds. 

We do. 

Please contact me at your earliest possible convenience to resolve this mess ---get the federal corporations released from bankruptcy and begin the process of repatriating our sovereign bonds. 

Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Box 520994
Big Lake, Alask 99652


  1. boy, i sure hope trump listens and does what you say.

    1. He's just as con troled as all d other corporate ceo's of USA inc. by d Hesitic jews

  2. Not that I doubt that ɥɐʞᴉɹǝɯ∀ is and has been in dire straits for a very LONG time however, I question WHY Anna chose to wait until now to allegedly send this letter to Heir Cheeto the CEO of the U.S. LLC?

    Under OblahBlah, the stripes of the flag hung vertically.
    Under Der Furor Bush, the stripes hung vertically.


    Pres. Carter's State of the Union messages to Congress, 1978-1980

    And so on and so forth ... I know not to expect a response from Anna, she is far too busy and all, but I am curious none the less.

    1. I can't speak for Anna but, I suspect she waited only because she felt that trying to get the attention of any previous President was futile as they were all professional politicians, i.e., crooks who didn't give a damn about our Republic.

  3. Speaking of the $475 Trillion. Well that was reported by Stew Webb + Tom Heneghan last month, 1/24/2018. Video below:
    France Bringing $475 Trillion to Trump! Tom Heneghan (1-24-18) ...
    Video for Stew Webb on France and $475 Trillion video▶ 23:28

    Jan 24, 2018 - Uploaded by Glenn Canady
    france-bringing-475-trillion-to-trump-wall-paid-for-3590559 ...

  4. It seems to me that trump is playing in center field; trying to please both sides, which is compromise. And when you compromise nothing of any real significance appears to be happening. Maybe a tax cut has occurred, but for the unemployed or retired on small income, what good is that? It amounts to peanuts any way you look at it, anyhow. So I see a few crumbs being tossed for 'the pigeons' to eat and that is suppose to pacify them?
    In reality, he could cut out taxes altogether; and he could help to release many of the stolen funds that belong to the People. But instead he shows he is trying to also please the Elites. I would be very hesitant to allow any of these Funds to be placed in their hands. Anna should be in control. Never never trust a snake, and never take their word as being trustworthy. Really, they should be left to go totally bankrupt; why pay their bills for them or bail them out.

  5. When the dust settles on this FISA memo, and nothing happens, like arresting everyone involved in it from the FBI , to the corrupt judge who eventually approved of it , and exposing Hillary Clinton's foundation as nothing but a money laundering device for which all of these people have to go to jail for or the people will really know that the "courts" are our real problem.....that memo absolutely exposes and confirms what we already knew...that the Russian dossia was totally made up to hedge the bet for fact the only one that the dossia exonerates is Trump..!! So it's clear that after this, there is going to be some major diversions until the Dems are cornered .....thats when the real drama starts....!!! GET READY!! Trump is trying to help us , but from our viewpoint it looks like he is selling out, because he knows one thing. This people he is dealing with play for good. Just look how easy it was to leave a package on the doorstep of Trumps Son. A package containing just white powder!! That was definitely a warning how easy it can be to wipe your family out..!! So in my opinion he has done more than any other President to expose the "swamp", but in the end, I don't think he will put his family in all this jeopardy for much longer..!!

  6. I'm with Anna. We live in different times! Our Government has to be broken down to be re-structured. To avoid Chaos, it takes time. What is being done behind the scene, 99.9% of the people have no Idea. I believe in our President to do the right thing. The Swamp is being drained. 100+ years cannot realisticly being fixed in 1 year. Give the guy a chance and pray for positive results! I do hope that Anna will make a difference with her writings to our President!

    1. Ingrid, trump just gave his 'state of the union' message, which is supposed to bring us up to date on.....THE STATE of the union. I did not hear anything at all that indicated any progress at all, so from that, I must assume there has been little to zero progress. If there has been, then he should have revealed it to 'we the people'. This is why 99.9% of the people have no idea.
      Ingrid, I have lived thru about 20 presidential elections, and I've heard this same thing all my life, with not a lick of improvement; in fact, I've only seen more tyranny with each year. Facts are just facts; we could try to cover it up with flowers, but it still would not change the facts.
      I would be interested in hearing what progress y'all think trump has made in this long past first year because I cannot think of any...........other than just keeping hilwitch out of the oval office with her hands on the button.

    2. Progress: replacing HRC was in deed HUUGE- much more than U may now perceive; the dark is being mitigated and disempowered in HUUGE ways, mostly behind scenes, but starting to come out now; Trump's recent EOs are SOO significant in empowering dark removal/ reform of, by and FOR the People. Our part can be intending/ praying Highest Good of ALL and Knowing Creator IS in deed at work in & through the people aligning with heavenly principals & Acting thereupon, Anna & team BEing outstanding examples for us - Halleluyah & thanksgiving to each participating in manifesting "on Earth as it is in heaven" in thought , word and deed, each according to Spirit's provision & empowerment.

      Blessings & Love 2 all BEing & DOing 4 Highest Good of ALL! Tricia :D

    3. You didn't see the Urgent Public Message for President Trump from Judge Anna.
      Trusts do not become law for a year and a day.

      His Office, his Trust, would have become law on January 21st of this year— but that didn’t happen, because Chuck Schumer contrived to shut down the
      government for three days at precisely the critical time.

      This is called “breaking the continuity of the evidence”.

      As a result, nothing that President Trump did during his entire first year in Office, all the laws and Executive Orders and Directives he signed—-
      technically didn’t cure.

      The American Dream.....because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    4. Tricia, a good example of what I mean is our Justice Dept., AG Sessions has not prosecuting one single case. Another example is that the lives of the People over all, has not changed one bit. Yes, a lot of people have now gone, but many of them were not there until trump brought them aboard.
      We just now got rid of Yellen; the IRS is still just as strong as it always was. Yes, trump loosened up the oil pipe line to get done, but our gasoline for cars is still not as cheap as it ought to be. We still don't have the Wall, still just talk, but no wall and no start date even. Soros is still left to be free to cause havoc, along with many others who are known to be at the root of evil that goes on in our country.
      So I look at things as real activity and change; there hasn't been enough to even worth mentioning; and we don't really know what is going on behind the scenes, because everybody acts like its just none of our damned business what our employees are or are not doing.
      Sorry, but IMO we have not gotten our money's worth. Trump may be on the right track, but its got snails on it and I don't see it going anywhere.

    5. Tricia, I'm afraid you have more wishful thinking and positive thinking, than realism. Honestly though, we are still where we were a yr. ago, a decade ago. Even the best of economists have said that wages are stagnated; when you take into consideration the cost to wages ratio, we are actually further behind. Surveys show a huge majority of the people do not have access to $400 for an unexpected car repair; a majority are one pay day away from broke, if they should lose their job. Foreclosures continue as before, and repo car lots are constantly overflowing.
      Compare: Back in the mid 60's my bro-in-law made $5 an hour and they bought a new 3 BR ranch in the country on a large lot for $15,000. They had a $5000 down payment only because my sister had company savings plan with company matching funds. The monthly payment then was just $70/mo.
      Tell me who could do that today; tell me things are working toward the better. Point is the ratio of wages to costs have gotten way out of hand. Check the avg. price of a house to wages: 250,000 to 43,000. You cannot afford that avg. house on that avg. wage.
      Reality must be faced; otherwise you find yourself in your older years with a dilemma you will not want. I have not seen Trump address the housing problem, the rental cost problem, the homeless problem, not even the working homelessness that is growing all the time. This has to do with the first basic need, which is shelter.
      IMO, it is easier to deal with excessive outlandish costs, than it is to deal with trying to elevate wages.

  7. Viagra for the flag hung in vertical stripe position and the incompetents.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Highly recommend tonight's show of the Truth Honor & Integrity Show by Thomas Williams. He calls out people we thought we could trust who are NOT on our side. Shocking and painful to hear.

  10. Thanks Anna, I was wondering what that vertical flag was all about. Has anyone else noticed as I have that every time I see Trump making a speech, the flag or flags behind him seem to have the sides folded in so that the yellow fringe cannot be seen. For those who aren't aware, the US flag with the yellow fringe border is the Maritime/Admiralty flag of the United States,and is the flag displayed in every courtroom,and govt. buildings and the most blaring fact of the truth that this body politic we refer to as our Govt. is indeed operating in a jurisdiction that should be recognized as foreign to true American nationals. Obummer used to love having those flags all over the place when he was on TV, almost as if taunting us. I wonder if Trump is having those flags folded in on the sides so the yellow fringe is not visible in an attempt to send a message to any who are aware enough to notice. Watch next time and notice the flag.

    1. ET, I have looked and not been able to see the yellow fringe next to Trump, and I wondered if the flag had been changed out. I could not tell it had been folded back. He ought to change the flag entirely.
      I have not been in any court rooms, but I bet they are the same ones as before. My guess is, they are saying they are going to remain, and we the people will have to squirm all through the cracks and try to find 'remedy' and good luck with that and 'they' are having a good time laughing at us.

  11. Good Eye and great catch ET!! Thank you for pointing this very significant "message" to our awareness!! This IS wonderful to see as we have had only Attorneys "ACTING" as "PUBLIC Capacity PRESIDENTS" but truly ONLY in appearances due to their First and only OATH and OBLIGATION to the BAR, hence ONLY "ACTING" in public capacity and NEVER factually and only as Private Corporate "BAR Attorney" period.
    Donald IS NOT a "ATTORNEY" therefore CAN speak and act in BOTH capacity's and THAT IS what the Flag's is telling us in the background as he speaks and the parties he is intentionally "Addressing" and speaking to and on behalf of or for.
    It's great to SEE and Hear for a Nice change indeed!!!


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