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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Euphemisms, Labeling, and Deceit--- More Tricks from Satan's Closet

By Anna Von Reitz

Today I sucked down my first cup of black coffee in an equally black mood. I hadn't slept well, my eyes were bleary. And here was my cheerful, chirpy husband already hard at work, with Sean Hannity's voice blaring on the radio. I don't have a whole lot of respect for Talk Radio personalities, because frankly, if a Great-Grandma in Big Lake, Alaska, has been able to learn what I have learned about the actual history of this country----how is it that Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Mark Levine don't know?
(A) They didn't ask. (B) They don't give a rat's pattutee.
In the first case, (A), if they didn't ask--- why not? I did. Seems obvious enough. Were they afraid to ask? Not intending to ask? Didn't know how to ask?
In the second case, (B), if you don't care about this country and its history and condition, how we got here and what it all means-- what are you doing on the radio spouting off about things that you don't understand and can't shed light on because you don't understand?
Logs in our eyes, indeed. Still, my husband listens faithfully to all sorts of news sources, including the aforesaid, so that's how I came to be hunched over my steaming cup of java sorta-kinda listening to Sean Hannity.
He was ranting about something important, albeit, failing to put it into context. He was talking about how the FBI goons deliberately changed the language they used to let Hillary off the hook with their pre-investigation exoneration letter.
Instead of describing her actions leaving Top Secret State Department documents on a private unsecured server as "gross negligence" --- which is the standard of the law allowing her to be prosecuted, the FBI sycophants deliberately described her actions as "extreme carelessness".
Please tell me the difference between "gross negligence" and "extreme carelessness"? The only difference, it turns out, is that one is actionable under the law and the other isn't.
So what if we call "murder" -- as in the case of LaVoy Finicum-- a "civilian casualty"? And we recast "ambush resulting in death" as "a failed arrest"?
It's the same difference as between "gross negligence" and "extreme carelessness". They amount to the same thing, but one is subject to prosecution under the law and the other is swept under the rug. Just based on words. Semantics. Lies. Half-truths. Spin. We are rummaging around in Satan's closet again.
After once reading the entire Internal Revenue Code and deciphering it, I have developed a honed ability to recognize deceptive language at a hundred paces--- and by far, the use of euphemisms to cloud or obscure the truth ranks first and foremost on the list of common sins. Dishonest language has become a plague.
We don't die anymore. We "pass on". We don't get pregnant. We are in "the family way". We don't lie. We "fib". We don't make war, we "defend"---unless of course, it is a euphemistic war like "the war on drugs". The weather isn't changeable, it's "partly cloudy". Dogs and cats aren't castrated. They are "neutered". We aren't grossly negligent. We are "extremely careless".
The dark side of this dishonest misuse of language becomes obvious when you consider the impact that deliberate mislabeling can have on us and our country---and not just its misuse in letting criminals escape justice.
You aren't an American. According to the Internal Revenue Code (written from the standpoint of the Federales) you are a "non-resident alien" (in the District of Columbia, that is). You aren't an American. You are a "U.S. Citizen" or a "US CITIZEN" or a "United States citizen" --- (and, nyah-nyah-nee-nyah-yah! -- we don't have to tell you which "US" or "U.S." or "United States" we are talking about at any given moment.) You aren't living here. You are "residing" here (according to THEM). You aren't an American. You are a "taxpayer" which equals "Withholding Agent" which equals a "Warrant Officer" in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service.
Who knew?
Do I look like a Warrant Officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service to you? Would I, in my right mind, ever claim to be a Warrant Officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service?
So I and millions of other Americans must be crazy and incompetent and need a lawyer to go to court and plead for us, because at one time or another we made the "mistake" of swearing under penalty of perjury that we were in fact Warrant Officers in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service.
We thought we knew what the words "Withholding Agent" meant, but in fact, the definition was carefully kept hidden, and we were left to assume our way to perdition.
Who knew that for "federal purposes" the word "person" has meant "corporation" for a hundred and fifty years?
That for "federal purposes" the words "state", "State", and "United States" have meant "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation" for nearly as long?
Let's try this out to find the real meaning: "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT" actually translates as "DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION DISTRICT COURT". Ah, so.
Kinda puts an entirely different interpretation on things, doesn't it? How about "State of New Jersey"?
That translates as "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation of New Jersey".
I smelleth a rat, verily, a vermin of scaly tail and yellowed-teeth, a snot-gobbered foul brigand and cod-piece without merit. Or, to be more precise, I smell over 400 of them, all milling around and sweating under the Capitol Dome while their deceits pile up against them like so many piles of cow manure.
Sean Hannity was right to bring forward and comment on the deceit and ill-effect on justice that deliberately mislabeling "gross negligence" as "extreme carelessness" has, but he didn't go far enough. That's just one example, irking as it is---and the fact is that the same deliberate Satanic misuse of language has been employed to mis-characterize, defraud, disinherit, and prey upon this entire country and everyone in it.
If you want to look for examples of "Satanic Ritual Abuse" look no further than the most recent Webster's Dictionary or try reading any part of the Federal Code. They have murdered our language and ground it up and ate it like cannibals, drank its blood and meaning, all while smiling at you and criticizing you for not being "politically correct".

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  1. Since "Harry Potter" first came out, the meaning of sorcery was purposely meant to look like wisards, using incantations and waving a wand, to get an instant result...of course they always paint wisards, like Merlin" as good men and woman who only use those words to help .. But that is exactly what sorcery is defined as..." the use of words to confuse and dececeive"..thats what sorcerers do....just like our new ones...."Attorneys "!!! We just have them a new name and lots of money..!! To use the language of a nation who words have already been universally accepted defintions, then to create a legal system which uses a completely different set of definitions for the exact same words is not only reprehesable but intentional deceit in the part of people put in place by the people they thought were solid enough to actually keep and protect the TRUTH have totally betrayed us, and took advantage of our good nature and trust..!! As the bible clearly states..."woo to all you judges and attorneys that have stolen the truth (words) and deceived the entire world with your corruption of it for profit sake..!! You will be judged more harshly than anyone when the time comes...!!

  2. "I'll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office." --George Bush Jr.

  3. They do know. They understand what the new deal is, and what happened historically, Civil war era, Treaty of Paris, etc. I believe they do know, or at least enough... They don't want us to know because it would mean losing what they have earned from this system.

    Oh and Not an FBI plant...

    "If the American public ever find out what we have done they would chase us down the street and lynch us."

    -George Bush

  4. I have a slightly different perspective. Like myself, they are not a 'legal beagle' like you (and probably don't WANT to be), nor did they serve as a private attorney to the Popes. What's been done over a period of 100 years is so twisted and convoluted, it makes my head spin. I, for one, can only take so much of this dark crap before I vomit. The vermin need to be hung.

  5. 7 Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech.
    8 So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city.
    9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.
    N.B the all caps, dog latin, glossa "LORD"
    Love ya Anna :D

  6. We live not by bread alone but every word that come from us. With that in mind we ought all who care try a little harder to know what the words we are using mean. Obviously not knowing it is at the root of lot of trouble and creation of handy crack for Satan to enter and chip away. It has cost many a man and woman life or fortune for not knowing what he or she thought they were sure of. What a surprise one begins to find when actually learning the meaning of words, and how "legal" documents can hide meanings with temporary new ones or words painted over the true words that has the effect of hiding the true meaning

  7. the reason i dont take fox seriously is i remember when the non cable "fox" was "new". (i am not saying cnn, msnbc, et. al. are any better)

    at the time, fox was "trashy" tv.

    think simpsons, married with children, beverly hills 90210, x-files, arsenio hall.

    it was the "bad" channel, relatively speaking, so far as non-cable goes.

    i am not knocking "trashy tv", just when all of a sudden an "entertainment" network decides they all of a sudden want to do "news" it makes you wonder.

    now they get viewed as the "patriotic" "republican" "family" news.

    so no, they dont want to know.

    it has been said glenn back had g. edward griffin and "creature from jekyll island" on, and was gone a week later.

    they are incorporated, commercial endeavors, is all about the money.

    whatever hannity et. al. do know, if anything, will never make the cut.

    if they did report anything too far out of the ordinary, they would be let go.

    likewise, when microsoft one day up and decides to do "news" it is hard to take them seriously too.

    the "news" is about advertising, and modern "discussion" gives a place for hand-picked "experts" to be talking heads.

    they are scripted questions, scripted "debates", and any guest who does not follow the script is cut.

    now, i dont think they necessarily "censor" things...just anyone not already in the right circles will never get on the air.

    "stick around, you'll find out after the break" is how they do things..."truth" is not necessarily gone, but low priority.

    now, such is not can tune in to see what they are pushing this week, and pretty much the other networks will more or less all echo the same thing (perhaps different angles).

    it is also the nature of the format...sound bites rule, long detailed research simply does not fit the format.

    (simpsons paraphrase) "it really is amazing how gradually fox slid into an x-rated channel"

    1. simpsons/married with children would always joke about how low budget "fox" was, and how they would have a better show, but alas, they are not on a "real" network.

      so, i am perhaps a bad example, but that is the "fox" i know. the "fox news" i always thought was just a money grab.

      the alternative, all of a sudden they found values, i find hard to believe.


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