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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Where Are the Koch Brothers and T-Boone Pickens When You Need Them?

By Anna Von Reitz

Where Are the Koch Brothers and T-Boone Pickens When You Need Them?

We do indeed need some well-heeled Patriots but, unfortunately, this information is complex enough so that it doesn't lend itself to 30-second executive summaries and for some reason conservatives like the legendary Koch Brothers don't seem aware of or interested in why, exactly, this country is so messed up.  Not knowing exactly what's wrong leads to all sorts of useless solutions to problems that are only assumed to exist.  It also means billions of dollars wasted to not-fix anything, when it would take only a few million dollars of investment to prime our pump and get freedom flowing again.

Don't look at me.  I have no answers for why someone, somewhere, doesn't make the proper connections.  You know without thinking too hard about it that there has to be a gazillion businesses limping along at half-throttle or going under because of "government" manipulation and unfair competition and one-sided or punitive regulatory enforcement and monopolies and every other business evil and bogus competitive hurdle and securities fraud you can think of.  So why aren't the businessmen and businesswomen of America smelling the java and doing something about this?  All this corruption and abuse of power by the "government" is tanking their growth and their bottom lines. 

Instead of analyzing how we got into this mess (and therefore how we get out of it), people mistakenly concentrate on "what the other guy is doing" and how to counteract the "opposing party"---- instead of focusing on their own business and what they need to do to restore and operate their own lawful government.  That is how a lot of patriots get into trouble with law enforcement officials--- tampering with the territorial or municipal "United States" governments instead of restoring and operating their own. 

Somehow, at least at the outset, restoring our actual government isn't as sexy as all the flag-waving, bunting draping, cute elephant-and donkey-cartoons Flimflam eating up the commercial media airwaves---though there is far more at stake and far more actual power involved.

Americans love a circus and the foreign political parties provide that, and you can just stay home and watch it on TV in the comfort of your living room, sacked out on your favorite Laz-Y-Boy recliner.  No wonder Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey was forced out of business. With them, you had to put up with rainy days and travel and parking lots and ticket stubs.  

Americans also like power and get-rich-quick schemes, and where else but in politics can a talentless nobody rise to power and get a fat lifetime guaranteed job with fantastic benefits?  Just think about Nancy Pelosi for five minutes.  Maxine Waters?  All these "State of State" Legislatures and the "US" Congressional seats are akin to "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars" opportunities.  And then, too, Americans love a horse race--- and all these political parties and all these various levels of elections provide endless opportunities for horse races.  Just choose your colors--- red or blue? 

All these foreign corporate media conglomerates are strictly interested in what is "sexy" and "colorful" and "attention grabbing" and whatever makes money by the boat loads for them every election cycle. 

One happy exception is "One America News" aka  "OAN" on your cable or Wi-Fi grid connections, it's traditional and conservative and highly recommended as an antidote to 24/7 Glitz, Tits, and Politics.

The rats have us hoodwinked, bamboozled, fooled and forgetful---- we've never been taught our own history in THEIR public schools, so we are ignorant--- and that gives THEM opportunity to endlessly plunder and profit for the mere cost of keeping us entertained and distracted, just as they did in Rome, 2000 years ago.  Same thing. 

They give us political circuses while they steal the meat from our tables.  They give us gossip to swill down and churn over while they raid the treasury.  They gin up another false flag sideshow event to keep our attention diverted and jangle our emotions whenever they need an excuse to make war for profit or sneak some evil thing through the backdoor in Congress.  Nothing has changed in 2000 years and nothing will change until we all grow up and learn to as my Mother put it---- "look around the corners". 

Step back far enough to see what these goons are doing to you and to your family and your country and how they are doing it---- and you won't need to see it a second time.  A good, clear look, just once, will be enough. 

And as for those wealthy patriots, well, they are busy being wealthy, though they may also be worried about when the cows (Republicans) come home and the chickens (Democrats), too.  Somewhere in the backs of their minds they know just like the rest of us that something is wrong with this whole picture, though they may not be able to put their finger on it.   By all means, those of you who have direct connections, clue them in.  "Hey, pssst!  Marty..... did you know?"  "Hey, T-Boone, did you hear what these rats did just after the Civil War? You know that's still going on?"  "Hey, Donald--- that trouble you had with the Ninth Circuit Court?  I can explain that....and we can fix it, too."  "Hey, Koch Brothers!  Stop wasting your money! We have real bang for your buck on offer....."

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  1. Thank you for telling me about OAN!I do not have cable but I can stream OAN onto my TV through my ROKU device. This is terrific! Thanks Anna! Gloria

  2. Yep- about sums it up fair and square.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. The end of "Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey" included their removal of the elephants from the show as of the year before and they say there were a number of other reasons:

  5. I really do not mean to throw cold water - people should do what they want to do, individually - but standing back and looking at reality -
    its too little, too late IMV. There is a very nefarious Agenda going on and 'they' have never published the playbook, so we are all seeing it after the fact.
    Its almost funny, if it wasn't so sad, but why do people rally and work to get some idiot a gravy job? when they never but never do us a bit of good? Even if he or she really is one of ''the good guys' they will drowned them out of doing any real good. Look at how they made sure Ron Paul never got to accomplish anything in his 25 yrs. or so.
    Look how they treat Trump. And what is Pao doing at the FCC? Why does he allow the lying Media to keep their licenses?? Why is he so silent; what does he do all day? And where is Soros these days; is he in shackles or not?
    Its well known who all the bad guys are; why are they still 'at it'?
    If some poor guy robs a 711 store, the cops are out trying to round him up pronto; so why are these guys and gals still not in prison when they are doing mass destruction??


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