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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Commercial Feudalism

By Anna Von Reitz

Some time ago I used the term “Commercial Feudalism” to describe the new face of the old evil in our midst.  It’s very simple.  We have allowed corporations to act as kings, and they are now doing what kings do to subjects.  They are doing this in the name of profits instead of bloodlines, but it is the same system and has the same results.


A fan recently sent me an article about Karen Hudes and 188 national leaders all getting together and making more agreements for us.  A new “Treaty of Versailles”---or so they call it.
I felt a grim and evil wave of sarcasm wash over me: as if we hadn’t had more than enough Treaties of Versailles already?  As if any of them were ever honored?

The words of crooks are never worth the paper they are printed on, not two hundred years ago, not now, not ever.  And calling it a “treaty” doesn’t make it one.  In case Karen forgot, actual sovereign governments make treaties.  Corporations do not.

Now ask yourselves what does “national leader” mean?

It turns out that all these “national leaders” are representing corporations--- not nations of people and not countries.  They are deciding the future of CANADA (INC.) and CHINA (INC.), for example, not Canada and China--- but they will willingly pretend that they have granted authority to make decisions for the people and the sovereign governments---when in fact they do not.
Picture the situation: you have a 188 Robber Barons all getting together with the Pirate Queen and foisting off their activities as the lawful process of actual sovereign governments --- and the victims are too dumbed down and complacent to realize that they are being cheated out of everything by these corporate suits and charlatans.
The UNITED STATES (INC.) is not our government, and neither is the USA (INC.) and neither is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.) and neither is THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT (INC.) and so on and on.  Our actual government is not and has never been and can never be incorporated. Period.

So how can this be happening?

Pretend that you are an alien from outer space and you are confused.  You look around and you see all these huge American corporations so you assume that they represent America, right?
In a sense, they do, but in the sense of being our rightful government, they do not.  Therein lies the rub.

In a feudal system there is a King who extracts labor and money from his subjects to run the kingdom.  In the realm of commercial feudalism, the parent corporation extracts money and labor from its franchisees to run the operation.  There is no practical difference.

The various presidents and CEOs are elected instead of inheriting their office, but so what?  Once in office they act as kings and queens: name their nobles as senior vice-presidents, secretaries of this and that, district managers, and partners; establish corporate “policies” as laws; form alliances with some companies; declare “war” on others --- and most importantly for this discussion --- tax; traffic; obligate; and parasitize their employees to gain their objectives.

This may somewhat be condoned as it applies to actual employees, as the actual employees have knowingly and voluntarily agreed to exchange their rights for benefits and have sold their time on Earth for a price. But what about the serfs?  ---people who don’t get a paycheck from the corporation and who are simply bullied into giving time and money to the corporation as a result of racketeering and extortion by bands of paid thugs?

IRS Agents or Inquisitors.  Flip a coin.

It’s the same system.  It functions in exactly the same way.

The same unbridled, lawless, uncontrolled lusts for power and money that drove the European Monarchies have been carried forward globally by corporations today, to create their own form of feudalism.

And we, the people and actual governments that charter these organizations are being enslaved, just as the serfs were enslaved--- only worse.

The most abused serfs in Europe during the Middle Ages gave up 25% of the value of their labor and time to the King.  Today, it is not uncommon for people to be taxed over 60% of their labor and time to support various levels and layers of incorporated government--- and the perpetrators who benefit from this system tell us that this is “voluntary” while they put their boots to our throats, press-gang us into military service, steal our identities and traffic our children as industrial products of sweat labor contracts.
They have even gone so far as to proclaim that we have no rights at all.  And no ability to own property. And that we are incompetent.  Behind our backs, they call us “livestock” and treat us as such--- all while taking their sustenance from our pockets and reducing the quality of our lives for their own enrichment.

By any rational standard, these people are criminals.  Al Capone would blush.

But hey, if you are content to be a mindless serf in a feudal system, the modern corporations are well on their way to creating a seamless program of indoctrination and “life-cycle harvesting” ---their exact words---  designed to make false commercial claims against you and your natural assets from the moment of your conception.

Let’s give you just one simple and old (circa 1700) example of this organized criminality and the reason they want to kill billions of people now.

Once they have glommed onto your Given Name and created a franchise for themselves named after you, they issue bonds based on the estimated value of your lifetime labor and estate.  Let’s just say that this amount is $600,000.00 USD per baby.  They deposit these bonds with the Depository Trust Corporation which then issues the credit to the perpetrators.  At the same time, they take out million-dollar life insurance policies on their new chattel.

See the schtick now?

They just pledged your lifetime earnings and the value of whatever assets you might own to investors--- $600,000.00 worth---and got paid for selling an interest in “YOU”.  Then they turned around and set up a life insurance policy on “YOU” worth $1,000,000.00.
Talk about a safe bet, no?

When you die, they are guaranteed to make back the bond amount plus a tidy profit.

And if you die sooner, they turn their profit sooner.  That’s why the emphasis on infanticide and baby killing.

Not only that, if they kill their Priority Creditors they don’t have to pay back what they already owe to them, get to claim all the “abandoned” assets left behind by the victims of whatever Holocaust they unleash, and, they get to charge all their expenses off onto the survivors---as payment owed for the service of killing everyone.

Of course, according to them, there is always some noble purpose involved in this filthy business, and just as predictably, there never is. 

Now the criminals responsible for these vile practices and evil circumstances are throwing fits and making threats, as their plans have failed and all their aims have gone astray.  They are going to destroy the world, they brag, as if this were something notable and good---or even anything different from all that they’ve ever done.

No matter what they say, the horrors of Corporate Feudalism will not be allowed: the Lion of Judah stands in their way and the Kingdom of Heaven has come, so they must flee like empty shadows and soon they will be gone.

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  1. Where is the force and effect in all this work .I see no direct correlation to any cases that Anna your work is prevailing in any ones lives ? Any one have any luck with the last Gas?

    1. p,p&a, it's been working for me. Wiped out my tax bill and they set the balance to zero.

    2. 1FreeMan, yes, however you went through pure hell to get that done. Thats the problem. Its got to be made a lot simpler, since none of us ever agreed for these tyrannical hogs to steal our Rights from us to begin with. Total fraud. Anytime there is not full disclosure before Agreements are made, it is called Fraud, as you already know. And since Fraud makes any 'agreement' null and void, we should not have to 'walk thru fire' to undo what we never knew happened.
      Thats just how I feel about it.

    3. Abby, correction. I went through hell before using Anna's methods. Her remedies resolved in 3 months a battle I had been fighting for 12 years.

    4. Agreed 1freeman, ditto. Just thankfully not 12 years😎

  2. What does... "Soon they will be gone" mean? How soon is soon and what exactly is the force that will cause them to flee like empty shadows? Up till now they have had their way and NOTHING has stopped their evil scourge on this planet?

    1. The imaginary unicorn in the sky will make them leave. I had a vision about it, so I know it's true.

  3. My grandfather sold insurance. He got tired of it and went in to the new "real-estate game" that was starting up. He did not like the insurance and my dad told me it was in part due to him having a long paper list of social security numbers for each policy that had to be dutifully kept correct and up to date. I did not know him personally that well, I did see him once hook up a drill to his Buick to turn off miles on the speedometer so he could sell it for more.

  4. Thanks again, Anna Von Reitz. Just a note, "they" never cease, never truly go away, slink into the shadows defeated, never decide to change their course for the good, but are only self-serving - "they" never cease their harvesting & terror campaigns upon us, never have, never will.
    So, what we must recognize is that we must must must call them out, specifically, reveal their histrionic psychopathy, insanity, insuring we all are acutely aware how extremely dangerous they have always been, are today & will be unless we call them out, take them out, remove them from their perch within our local communities, reveal their modus operendi under its innumerable con's. We must right our history, replace our books, prevent 'them' from changing it ever again.
    'They' have absolutely no intention of co-operating, tho give the impression thats what they're about & 'they' always make themselves the victims in their concocted narratives. No More!
    Expose them, name them, peel their onion-layered false identities away forever, as they are born of the lie & tho they have a 'will', they've never changed, only became worse, worse, worse & by their will, shall only continue to worsen.
    Take no prisoners. Do not engage in their ultimate con of 'forgiveness', for this & their crimes have nothing to do w forgiveness at all whatsoever. We have 'given' them our everything, including our children, & fore-giving is giving them an open-ended contract to continue on their spiral of unimaginable evil. We must be iron clad warriors & tell them their forgiveness-con is over. We've awakened & grown the hell up & are putting them in their place, which they have well earned.
    Thanks & Merry Christmas to all.

  5. Neither do I see any difference in our real lives, so all these things are still behind the curtain IMO. As often as I have requested what is actually progressing, there has been no response given in here.
    As for the Kingdom of Heaven, no it is not here in any way; This Kingdom will only arrive when Jesus Returns and He brings it with him and He rules as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is impossible for Man to Reconstruct this ball of dirt. When He arrives, literally, there will not be one speck of evil or unrighteousness anywhere. All evildoers will be done away with and satan will be locked up. That is Scripture.

    1. But Abby, if thats true, why does the bible talk about 1000 years of peace in paradice, only to be released back one more time onto the same planet with all these good and decent and wholly people, only to revert right back into their evil selfs again.....after 1000 years of peace..if that isnt a testimony to the fact that part of the human spirit in some people can never change, i dont know what is...Without Jesus always in charge, this world will always be ruled by people who desire nothing but power and control because on their cunning and intellicual superiority...appearantly, God didnt make everyone equal that way..!! He made pleanty of sheep, but hardley any foxes. Why even bother giving us 1000 years of peace, when he wants to put us all back under man again...He certainly knowns ahead of time who they are. Why does our faith constantly have to be tested....what kind of game is this...!!!!!

    2. James, all that I said is true. I have been trying to avoid giving the entire end time scenario, because, like you said, we are not all equal and 99% of the people are not gonna like the 'whole counsel of God'. Thats why it is not preached and why the majority of the masses has no idea.

      Maybe it would be a good idea if we discussed all this by email, if you like. PAUL has my permission to give you my email address.

    3. "As often as I have requested what is actually progressing, there has been no response given in here." Your words. Once again not true. Anna did answer you on your last request dec 14th, since for the first time you asked respectfully vs. Rude, demanding and entitled in the past. I found anna's response to be very informative. It was kind of her to take time from all the 1000's of hours of "hell" in research and paperwork to be able to offer for free to help us untangle our involuntary servitude of this beast system. Many are beyond grateful. Im sorry your never satisfied. Thats unfortunate


  7. I’ve asked these questions before here and never got any replies so, I’ll ask again but, before I do, first let me thank you Anna and your team for all your hard work and efforts to help us, American state nationals, to grasp the scope of the fraud.

    My questions are: (1) If these scum have placed life insurance policies, especially at a face amount of $1MM per each of us, who are the insurance companies issuing the polices? The amount of death benefit in total would be HUGE and I can’t imagine there being enough companies, including re-insurers, to carry these liabilities on their financials. (2) By law (theirs) a contract for life insurance has certain requirements, one of which is that at the time of application, there must exist an “insurable interest”. This is uniform among the STATES so, where is the insurable interest that is needed to make these policies legal? If there’s no insurable interest, the insurance carriers simply will not pay the death benefit but will, rather, only return the sum of the premiums paid by the owner of the policies. I can’t imagine how they’ve managed to pull this off although; I never imagined the depth and breadth of the fraud before a couple years ago. Please give us all the benefit of your reply, thanks.

    1. Jack, that is a most excellent question. They have no insurable interest whatsoever. There also must be a death certificate to go along with claim forms to ins. companies. The only way they could obtain a DC is for our own local doctor who signs the DC, to forward one to ''them''. So that brings us to the question, are our local officials 'aiding and abetting' such a scheme?
      And if that is so, then exactly where are they sending a copy of 'our' DC's? Which insurance company, what address, etc.
      If so, then this is some can of worms to open up.

      Now, the kicker would be that we have never been given the Ins. Policy Number, which is also necessary to make Claim to the proceeds of that Policy. It would be quite interesting to find out just WHERE these Policies are located and their Policy Number.
      Maybe that is of interest to Anna's Team. ?
      (a week ago I became Executor of an Estate of a family member.
      So I am in position to give this a 'test run' just for the hell of it. I started out with a total mess of things, and this ole gal has it nearly all wrapped up, including everything with the funeral home. Thank you, God for all your wonderful help; making it all go like clockwork.)

    2. From Anna:

      I use the term "insurance policy" so that people know what I am talking about-- but more correctly speaking it is an indemnity guarantee posted by the government against the public assets of the same people who are being used as collateral for the government's debts.

      In our case the "insurance debt" has been paid by placing all our land in trusts that have gradually been bled dry from the expense.

      So they stole the value of our labor during our lives and stole the value of our land upon our deaths and kept all the profit for themselves.

      That is why we are demanding the dissolution of the land trusts and the return the consolidated title to the rightful owners.

      Remember that the Territorial "State of State" was acting as the presumed beneficiary of our estate and we were "presumed" to be "lost, missing at sea".

      The STATE OF STATE was administering our estate under these cozy presumptions.

      So the value of our labor was eaten away by the STATE and the value of our land assets was eaten away by the State--- under the false presumption that we declined our natural birthright in exchange for the bowl of porridge they were offering and "voluntarily" chose federal citizenship instead of our natural birthright status.

      And now we know the truth. We know who did it to us. We know how they did it. And the "why" is self-evident.

      The only remaining question is what are we going to do about it?

      These things that have been done to us by our employees are all crimes-- unlawful conversions of political status and nationality and assets, identity theft, press-ganging, inland piracy, insurance fraud, breach of trust, imposition of adhesion contracts, kidnapping, child trafficking, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy against the actual Constitution, racketeering, extortion, trespass, embezzlement, and the list goes on.

    3. Continued from Anna:

      There can be absolutely NO DOUBT that all these crimes have been committed against the American states and people by the British Monarchs, the British Crown, the Bar Associations, and traitors within the federal government administered by these parties.

      These crimes were allowed to continue by the Holy See which was aware of them and allowed them to go on--- and benefitted itself by doing so with a cut of the profits.

      These were our Trustees acting in gross Breach of Trust for 150 years, silently eating out the substance of America to benefit themselves and fund their mad dreams of world domination, imagining that they were so brilliant that nobody would perceive their crimes against the innocent.

      Both the British Government and the Papacy have long been deluded by a belief in their superiority and "Divine Right" to rule over others. They have excused this egoistic Narcissism on many grounds and have striven to maintain their positions of power by fraud, deceit, violence, breach of trust, and numerous other criminal means.

      This is fact, fully borne out by the evidence available on the public records of every nation including our own.

      They have colluded against friend and foe alike. Britain, like the Titan, Cronos, has eaten her children, and the Papacy has indulged itself in every gluttony and betrayal of trust known to Man-- mindlessly amassing stores of wealth beyond imagining while letting the Children of God and Brothers and Sisters of Christ live in ignorance and poverty.

      We maintain that criminals of every rank and style are merely criminals and the only distinction between them is the complexity of their deceptions and the resources they bring to bear in the accomplishment of these venal and grossly self-interested aims.

      The American states and people have welcomed the Roman Catholic Church and protected its religious freedom and allowed it to maintain vast amounts of property tax free.

    4. Continued from Anna:

      The American states and people have likewise maintained their cultural ties and business contracts with Britain and stood beside the United Kingdom through two World Wars and have generously sacrificed our substance and our blood in their defense.

      As thanks, both these entities, the Papacy and the British Monarchy, have mercilessly defrauded, mis-characterized, and betrayed us and most of the rest of the world.

      That is what the records and the actual history prove, and as heart-wrenching and sickening as this may be it is the truth. We must all deal with it with the understanding moreover that the English people and millions of Catholics worldwide have been innocent victims of these most venal and deceptive institutions even as we have been.

      We are calling on Francis and the Roman Curia to make amends and correct the problems they have caused.

      We are likewise holding the British Monarchy and its government accountable.

      Last but not least we are raising the alarm for the rest of the world, most especially China, which is apparently the next target of their parasitic appetite.

      Giving either of these unrepentant institutions a foothold is clearly akin to swallowing a tapeworm. The only way they can be re-admitted to the good society of nations is via providing remedy to all those they have harmed.

    5. Anna, thanks for the clarification on Insurance.

      It is truly time for catholics to wake up to the truth about the vatican and all of the 'catholic religion'. It is a farce and catholics have been dangerously misled. Nobody needs the vatican, the pope, or even a pastor. Our business is directly with God and no other person or institutional leadership.
      All our guidance is written right in the bible.
      No man can save anyone, and 'church membership' is a farce.

      The Monarchy is nothing but a worthless bunch of lazy 'royals' who have never contributed anything to this world; but they live off the world; they actually live on glorified Welfare, while folks who worked for 40 years in undue hardship get a pittance of SS.

      Prince William has the audacity to tell the world to limit their childbearing due to overpopulation, while he himself is on baby number 3. So the People will have yet another mouth to feed.
      And what of Princess Anne, Prince Charles' sister. What has she ever done that she is also the benefactor of such Welfare; traveling the world, loafing all her life on a beach somewhere, having shown herself to be worthless.
      And where is Phillip worthy of any recognition ! For doing what?
      The World gives them all accolades, while mocking the poor who live on welfare.

      I absolutely hate this world; Man has turned it into a sick joke.

  8. Your mind is your best weapon, you are shown in according to your dress , shown out according to your mind.
    Same in court you act confident you get respect.
    Talk to a group you make a good argument and your welcome back.
    Talk to organizations explain how everything works .read all this information it's sorely needed .

  9. Commercial Feudalism can be defined in 1 single word..."Federalism"! The plan from its very inception.
    The Civil War was a final battle of Federalism over State sovereignty which began with the Constitution, the civil war was addressing who would be controlling the civil/citizen population and well who's been in control? State corporations are Citizens the 14th amendment gave these new federal citizens the power to slowly dismantle States power through the courts. setting up the foundation for the New Deal which was a transition into global Federalism with a new global federal government installed the United Nations.
    Trade and commerce run EVERYTHING , banking is only a tool to facilitate trade and a weapon to control populations, along with sanctions and military force, its one big commercial slave planet this is the NWO centuries in the making and still being refined.

  10. And the worst thing about it is that NO ONE really knows their true jobs or authority, including but especially the people themselves..!! The marines dont know theirs , and neither does the Army. Someone in the military did know after the "civil war" was over, how it did and was supposed to work because it worked that way for years until the civil what happened..!! Obviously we were betrayed by the people who did know how it worked but betrayed us for money and power...our own military after the "leiber code" instructed the Army to be in charge of the rest of our "booty"..!! And then cut a deal with Great Brittain for anything they wanted or needed for their upcoming, unchanllalangeable "industrial military complex", which Brittian agreed to but only if they could be called on at any time for protection. It sure came in handy during "lend lease" in 1940's when Brittain was fighting the Axis of WW2. IT took them until 2006 to finally pay it back to us...!!

  11. Back in the Renaissance we had a realtively peaceful earth. But only because their was an honest monitary system in place, and very little technology, and no mass militarys, because there was no mass populations anywhere on earth... And that was the real key..People can live in relative harmony as long as there isnt intra or international commererce going on globally and mass intermingleing of cultures, people, and religions...!! Industrilazation of nations was the beginning and end of a once civilized world...!!!

    1. James, a huge part of our problem is the world population is way too big. The other part of it is, basically, that those in power positions have gone mad, obeying nothing, and just doing as they please just because they want to, Law be damned. At the same time they have increasingly tightened the reins on The People, making all sorts of obstacles to do anything.

  12. I wonder how many judges have been fired because of judicial oversite...out of thousands, i bet there isnt more than a few...!! How mant "chiefs" do we need over us, besides all of congress, the military, and law enforcement...!! Now the attorneys and liberals have come up with a new angle...."sexual harrassment" ...a crime that cannot be defended..!! All men should be afraid of even working along woman now..its a death sentence...!! Maybe thats how they plan on taking out all the judges. Its going to get to the point where people can only have kids using artificial insemination.. sex will be outlawed and given harsh penalties for But its not that far fetched. There has been movies on it..!!

    1. James, its exactly why I said I hate this world. I can see the way its going, and when you come from the 50's era, its quite noticeable that it has changed toward something in-human.
      It appears that being human is a new dirty word, something to be ashamed of; just like it is beginning to spread around that it is a bad thing to be white.
      Total insanity. Its even obvious that the minds of the masses are already taken over by satan, unbeknownst to them. This is where the transgender craze has come from, and extended to where some don't want to be either gender at all !

      Frankly, this world is in Stage 5 kidney failure, which is incurable. But don't tell world lovers that. As for me they can have this stinking place: I will keep my eyes on the coming Kingdom, after all this shit is wiped up.

      Believe me now, or believe it when you see it.

    2. James, we have no number on the judges yet, but just since the very last of Sept. to date, 45 CEO's have resigned.
      I see too, Trump has issued a new E.O. regarding treasonists, and including drug traffickers and human traffickers. Now civil forfeiture of their 'worldly goods' will be part of their arrests.
      They think its just fine to wipe ordinary people out and bring financial ruin upon them, but when it comes to themselves, they go into panic mode and are transferring funds out and away; this includes the clinton foundation.

      This is why all the guilty Establishment of both parties are saying that 'Trump will destroy America'. Yeah, THEIR version of America. Another 'play on words' that unsuspecting americans fail to realize.

  13. What good? its us learning the truth, the deep truth. Also, others, as White Hats are informed & they see we're learning. Maybe Judge Anna's work will manifest when the whole thing cracks wide open. It seems the cabal isn't able to move so fluidly, being called out, as the Military's stolen trillions (21T) getting audited. We're not experiencing tangible benefits, like access to our wealth & its the one thing that could flip this beast. Like the trillions, when they're found, who gets it? Am sure the corp gov, the same ones doing this to us, will have control of our wealth. Or the military will take it back, control that which is ours. Betcha they haven't found a method to return our funds to us, either. So, we show them the method, like accessing our TDA to pay debts via IRS.
    I wonder who will get those Trillions? Should be refunded to the roughly 250 Million Adult American Nationals right away... otherwise they capture that money and it would be the same as they have done before.

  14. Is there, anywhere, a clear description and guide as to what to do; EXACTLY what to file to whom; templates of the correct wording and/or format to make our filing solid; a source that can be accessed if we have a question re clarity in a personal situation; and a source that can be contacted IF they come after us that do file. This last factor is UUUUUGGEE, as some would say, particularily for me, in that, I did file simular filings that were alledged to be "illegal" and I was arrested by a GANG from SWAT team carrying AK 47s, hand guns drawn; jerked from my home as I answered the door, chained and removed from my home in a rough fashion while refusing to allow me to make any provisions for someone to care for my invalid wife that is blind and has dementia challenges. They took me 90 miles away to jail, confiscated my cell phone, thus leaving me no way to contact anyone. Finally, overnight, I remembered only one single phone number, broke a toothbrush to write the number down on a bar of soap. All because of mailing a document to the State of South Carolina declaring my birth rights as Anna teaches.... BUT, apparently, filed something wrong. To this day, I know NOT what I did wrong. I do know that a I have a "felony" on my record. When I see a Sherriff's vehicle near my home I have "memories" of being physically jerked down my 5 back door steps, barefooted in a t-shirt onto cold concrete in 28 degree temperature, and not allowed back in to comfort my wife, being told, "we will take care of her", which turned out to be a lie. Now, Anna, you know why I want clarity (EXACTLY) how to file, et al. Unfortunately, there seems to be no access to Anna's associated law firm, or to anyone IF anything goes wrong.

  15. Tom, I'm very sorry for your traumatic experience. It appears the lesson that has escaped you is TWO completely different jurisdictions and knowing/understanding the difference between the two. Once you get real clear on this topic, you will see the errors in your thoughts, actions.
    Much love and peace


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