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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Forty Aces and a Mule -- Swissindo and Bondage in America

By Anna Von Reitz

First, I want a "Red Alert" to everyone that Cindy Kay Currier has a bunko record as long as my arm and many different aliases.  One of my readers (a retired private investigator) got interested enough to delve into her background and boy, what an eye-opener that was!  She's an honest-to-goodness professional crook. 

Buyer beware!  

Very unscrupulous parties are at work in America, trying to do to us what they did to the freed plantations slaves after the Civil War.  

They are trying to re-enslave us almost at the moment that we break free. 

Look carefully at the UN-SWISSINDO paperwork.  What do you see?  Do the words "Human Obligation Bonds" jump out at you?
  They should.  

A bond is a promise.  There are many, many kinds of bonds.  A "human obligation bond" means that you are agreeing that you are a "human" --- legally meaning: "monster, animal, color of a man" --- basically, that you are not a man or woman, but "something like"--- and that you are being obligated.  

In this case, if you sign up for the Swissindo "giveaway",  you are in fact being obligated to donate your estate -- name, copyrights, labor, land, estate in sum total--- for the benefit of UN--SWISSINDO in exchange for the pittance $1200 a month they agree to provide. 

Not really "free money" is it?  Especially since they never inform you about what you are giving up "in exchange".   No, they don't come out and tell you that your estate is worth millions, if not billions, and that you are giving it to them for a bowl of porridge.  

The Dutch East India slave traders were the ancestors of the Swissindo bankers today.  They made their money on slavery then and they are still making their money off of slavery now, even though it has been outlawed since 1926.  How do they do that?  By getting you to sign paperwork you don't understand. 

After the Civil War there was a similar program.  Freed plantation slaves were offered "forty acres of good land and a mule" which sounded pretty good to most of them.  So they signed up and they started farming their little plots and building small homes and barns and little communities.  All was well until the "obligation" part of the unseen bond kicked in.  The new landowners couldn't pay all the taxes they were obligated to pay.  The government came back in and took everything, but the bond didn't change.   

Most of the former slaves were re-enslaved within three years, only this time the new owner was The United States of America, Inc. 

If you sign up for the UN-SWISSINDO bonds, you and everything that is rightfully yours will be owned by two foreign corporations, and you will be stuck with a "lifetime residual lease income" of $1200 a month on an estate that is worth anywhere from a few million to a few billion.  

Wake up, America.  

Start demanding your due--- your real due.  

Start complaining about these foreign corporations operating on your shores to bilk the unsuspecting public.  This is an international law enforcement issue.  The UN-SWISSINDO operation needs to be recognized for what it is, and it and all similar scams promoting slavery and undisclosed "donation" of assets need to be shut down as organized crime syndicates.  

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  1. I ban not agree more. Thank You Anna.X

  2. Anna von Reitz told, she's never seen a M1 Voucher!! are you Cabal??? here is not standing: Person, but human!! that is all we need!!!

  3. We are at war it's in our FBI. under director Webster 1985 like state dept , academia , media,myers lansky.took over the FBI today the CIA is two rival gangs jews vs. WASP
    ZOG is in controld .treasonous congressman and senators are all bought the sign a pledge to Israel . If they resist like Cynthia McKenna they get run out with huge money .congress don't care they just want a sweetheart deal.
    Have to prepare to ween our self off the gov teet.

  4. I know there is major link also with the States and the freed slave, these slaves were papered property and had registries I believe the States traded all the registered Slave Titles for Federal Bond/Credits.
    Also they had time limits on developing the land if they meet deadlines they lost the land also, SO essentially go slave and clear the land then we will be back in a few years to take it back without dropping a dime on labour then resell it at a premium already improved.

    Anna you need to try to contact Angella Stark "My Private Audio", she has been told of your work and has mentioned a couple times wanting to get you on her show. Unfortunately she has a guest that has recently dropped the SwissIndo bomb and Angella was just like ?@#$%? trying to read all the B.S. posted online.

  5. Should she be in jail,with the rest of the crooks. I never did trust her. She wants to be the Queen of her people. If their that stupid there's not much any one can do!!!!

  6. The FBI is looking for her. See the following video: Profit with Cindy is a SCAM exposed by Anonymous This is an offer that was already exposed and is confirmed to be a scam. Do not believe any of the positive reviews you are watching or reading about, endorsing Profit with Cindy. The actual name of the person behind "Cindy" is Katie Harvey as exposed by other websites in the industry. For more information on scams and warnings, visit we will help you fight scams and get your money back. We are here to expose the truth and the truth will go viral. Please share your feedback if you have an experience trading with and you can also reach out to us at:

    1. From Anna:

      Good on you! Sometimes I get so frustrated because there are so many irons in the fire -- thanks for tending to this one!!!

    2. What makes a true Patriot to turn to the "dark side", throwing conscious aside, and commit more fraud on the very people that she once was. She knows how hard we have it....shamful. Unless she was a spy all along. There are things coming out of the woodwork now, all claiming instant wealth. I heard on am radio (coast to coast) from a respected financial advisor that said what I expected, that all these cryptocurrencies now on the market will be taken over by only one, theirs (banks). I just don't know when. China already won't accept them. But Japan is. After fuckashima,they'll take just about anything just to survive...

  7. I am so on it anna, thank you as always..
    these crooks are everywhere.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Everyone is trying to sell us on how to profit from the coming currency collapse. All the vultures are ready to pick the bones of what's left....and we're not even dead yet. And cryptocurrencies are coming out of the least 900 of them now. And all of them claiming unbelievable gains in only a few weeks in some cases. They start out as penny stocks and quickly attain gains of anywhere from 500% to 8000% in just short periods of time. All of a sudden , prosperity abounds. I smell a skunk. What a shame. What are we going to say to the hero's that fought so gallantry for our freedoms when we leave this earthly plane. It was all for nothing.

  10. Thank you Anna for taking Maine Republic Email Alert to task

    I emailed this to Maine Republic Email Alert Jul 19 (4 days ago) because I was frustrated with all the bad information that was being posted on this website along with this particular one about Cindy K. Currier and he has not responded to me to date:

    Dear David Robinson,

    "…That I should bear witness to the truth." – John 18:37 // David E. Robinson, Publisher

    Are you being mindful? Haven't you read any of Anna von Reitz articles? Heirship Bank? Jurisdiction of the Sea (ship) NOT Land. And getting permission from the Fed. Reserve Bank of criminals in business/bed with fraudulent SwissIndo and American SwissIndo. Are you so desperate yourself that you would lead astray innocent people coming to your website? "On July 14, 2017, the Heirship Bank submitted the Court of Ages Armistice & Accord, Letters Patent and Letters of Marque to the Federal Reserve along with a request for a Master Account Routing number. The Heirship Bank now provides a portal by which individuals across the world may access their unlimited inheritance as Heirs of Creation.

    "The Heirship Bank allows funds acquired through the partnership between SwissIndo and American SwissIndo to be delivered to their rightful owners, each human resident of Earth."

    How can you promote Cindy K Currier? Thank you for your consideration and time involved regarding this matter. Please read the following with Anna's Reply:

    This is what I posted at:

    ra stringJuly 18, 2017 at 8:07 PM

    This is a RED FLAG:
    From Cindy K. Currier, July 18, 2017
    Announcing the Heirship Bank:

    AND this:

    On July 14, 2017, the Heirship Bank submitted the Court of Ages Armistice & Accord, Letters Patent and Letters of Marque to the Federal Reserve along with a request for a Master Account Routing number. The Heirship Bank now provides a portal by which individuals across the world may access their unlimited inheritance as Heirs of Creation.

    The Heirship Bank allows funds acquired through the partnership between SwissIndo and American SwissIndo to be delivered to their rightful owners, each human resident of Earth.
    This whole thing reeks.
    In Christ's Consciousness of Light, Love, Law and Peace. Ra

    Paul StramerJuly 19, 2017 at 8:19 AM
    From Anna:
    This is just another "Federal Reserve" bank. Oh, great, you know you can depend on them, right?

    If people are stupid enough to fall for this after all that I have said and done, I can't help them. They are enslaving themselves for pennies and giving up their rights and their birthright estates in ignorance, even after they have been told how these vermin operate via implied contracts.

    If you take anything from these animals, they have a right to claim that they have a contract with you. And they get to stipulate what that contract is.

    How about something like this ---- "In equitable exchange for $1200 a month, we acquired all interest in the name and estate of CINDY KAY CURRIER and Cindy Kay Currier forever and she agrees that all her products (children) and patents and copyrights and trademarks and insurance policies and mortgage escrows and tax shelters (and other property worth billions) is voluntarily surrendered to Swissindo as a bequest and she further agreed to be subject to the Board of Directors and Trustees of Swissindo (whoever they are) and grants them the right to terminate her existence whenever they decide its time for her to leave this Earth in peace and light."

    Yes, right.
    This is the kind of crappola these vermin are peddling.
    Kick them to the curb!

  11. Thanks to Doreen for posting a whole list of Fraudulent TDA enticements that we all need to warn others about:
    Scroll down to "July 23, 2017 ‘another’ notification:" (there are many of them)

    And more here:
    Scroll down to Doreen

    I am thinking that a lot of these people are either planted early or have turned or have just been deceived once again.

    Unconscionable: Not guided or controlled by conscious.
    "Ungenerous as well as unconscionable practices." South

    When you consider yourself as an "Individual" or "human" or "resident" and do not study the consent (unknowingly) with your own free will.

    "Consent ... the Great con of man!" Doreen

    I think we here are all fed up with non disclosure and guard our consent.

    Blessings to all universally.

  12. The United Nations Headquarters is not exactly an entity I wish to place one ounce of confidence nor alignment of my estate. Thank you for getting the word out, Anna. To all, please beware, its a feeding frenzy in every direction and this needs to halt.


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