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Saturday, June 10, 2017

What I Think. Really.

By Anna Von Reitz

What I said is that the Muslims have been misled and lied to about their own religious scriptures just as the Jews and the Christians have---- which is verifiable fact well-known to linguists competent to read the words of their Prophet in his original Aramaic language.

We have ALL been lied to and that has caused people to believe things and do things that are heinous.  Does everyone think that the Inquisition was "Christian"?   How about the Crusades?   How about the Pogroms?  Buchenwald?  --- All done by Christians who were misled into committing horrifying crimes against helpless people and all strictly against the teachings of Jesus and against the Ten Commandments. It has all been papered over again and again with sophistry and excuses by people merely pretending to be Christians.

I tell you, I knew the truth, when I saw a priest look up at a life-sized crucifix and smile secretively.  You see, you can look at the Crucifixion two ways.  You can be appalled by the sacrifice and your own sins and be inspired to overcome them, or you can do what that priest did, and side with Lucifer and secretly mock the sacrifice of Jesus as a triumph for Satan.   

In view of the widespread nature of this circumstance impacting all the major western religions what do you think?  That otherwise trustworthy scholars all developed insanity at the same time and in the same way, and just "happened" to misrepresent and prevaricate about their own holy scriptures in exactly the same way---to promote hatred and violence and warfare and bloodshed and grudge-keeping and misery?  

Or is this incredible common lack of honesty and precision of translation and omission of crucial text evidence of Satanists at work in all three western religions--- deliberately subverting them and their scriptures over time, so as to promote hatred and warfare in the name of God?  The same Satanists that profit themselves from selling arms to both sides of every war?  The same Satanists who put on yarmulkas and pretend to be Jews, and who buy prayer rugs and bow to Mecca and pretend to be Muslims, the same ones who put on clerical collars and pretend to be Christian priests while they diddle little children?

Who do all these pundits think that Jesus was talking to and about when he ranted against "those who call themselves Jews but are not" and labeled them a "synagogue of Satan"----- that was literal, people.  He was talking about Satanists pretending to be Jews.  If they would pretend to be Jews, why not Muslims and Christians, too?   Heaven knows, they couldn't come right out and practice their own dreadful child murdering "religion" could they?

I think were are all stupid, is what I think.  I think the evidence of Satanic infiltration and manipulation of all three of the major western religions is beyond question, staring us all right in the face.  And we are too dumb to figure it out.  Just like we have been too stupid to realize that we are not "free" when we are taxed out of more than half our income and terrified of our own "government. 

For the sake of sanity, everyone, globally------ wake up!  Wake up!   Remember Will Rogers--- "Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see"?  Take that to heart.  Look with your own eyes.  Read with your own eyes.  Think with your own mind.  Seek for the Truth like a miner, mining for gold, so that you are not treated as dumb, driven cattle led to slaughter and sacrifice for the sake of some despot's need to control and his greed for material things.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the writings of the Apocrypha and many other ancient fragments and parchments have shown that much of what we took to be the "whole story" about the Old Testament and the New Testament was not so cut and dried and neither were the origins of the Greek texts underlying the New Testament.  Current research more than suggests that the "Paul" of the Bible books was not the Apostle Paul of Tarsus, but Sa'ul also known as Paul, who was a contemporary of Saint Jerome merely writing "in the style" of the Apostle as commentaries and letters to his own congregants circa 330 A.D.

I have been told by linguists who are professional people I have no reason to distrust that the words of the Prophet are often distinctly different and sometimes completely opposite to what is taught in Mosques today, when you read the original text---- but modern Muslims don't read the original text. Just like Catholics who went to Mass for centuries and mumbled Latin phrases without any real knowledge of what was being said.

Wake up!  Fire alarms are going off!  Remember all those burning libraries?  Alexandria, Rome, London, Istanbul, even in America during the War of 1812----- why do you think they always burn the libraries?   To keep you stupid!  To make sure you are ignorant and don't know your own history, much less anyone else's---- which makes you easily misled, so that you can be twisted into following their orders and believing whatever they want you to believe.

My reply to the nonsense -- that I am a "Muslim Apologist"?  The men saying it are stupid. And dishonest. They didn't even bother to read what I wrote before they went off parroting this propaganda, so they are "tools", too, for someone else's agenda.  My further reply is on my website.  I think we all need to apologize to God for our asinine stupidity, cruelty, hypocrisy, and ingratitude.  So I do apologize to God, for myself and for my fellows on this planet.  We are all too dumb to appreciate or enjoy or value life or truth or anything worth having.

So in view of this idiocy and the hatred that it breeds, perhaps we do deserve to die.  Perhaps the "elite" are correct that 80% of us should be wiped out in some dreadful war concocted out of lies and superstitions and ignorance just like the last two World Wars.  Maybe they are right.  Maybe we are in fact "too stupid to live", but while I breathe, I will stand like a lioness in the doorway and defend mankind and keep the faith that somehow, someday we will wake up out of our stupor, realize that we are all being conned and undermined by Satanists in our midst--- and do something practical about it.  Like learning to recognize the problem for what it is.  Like blaming those responsible, instead of blaming the victims.

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  1. Bravo! This really needed to be said, peoples actions are stupid for the majority/democracy/idiocy etc........ The problem is choice which is confusion as to the nature of reality. When about to be struck by a moving object, one acts, they don't think about it. Enlightened leadership does not keep people down all the while calling them stupid sheep. Such actions violate nature and will be dealt with to balance action and reaction. I think almost everyone rises to the title of stupid, very few exceptions. The illusion of free will is hard to overcome, if one chooses to jump off the bridge, your beliefs won't save you!

  2. Religions are Political groups period and the Bible has never been anything but a political weapon of mass control.
    The 2 pillars of Masonry are church and state or mind and body, a system of total control, funny they care not what religion you belong to but your absolute allegiance to the brotherhood is priority.
    Mohamed and the Muslim religion was nothing but another political subdivision of Rome created by the Roman Cult, another political party to further subdivide the masses.
    One of the best lines was in the movie "Passion of the Christ" when Pilot simply said to Jesus the system hates 'Change'. so all Jesus represented was a political movement that threatened the power structure.
    God is within and all around you, one does not need religion other then one needs a political social group for security as an infant, all religions act as a government to administer God to helplessly poor in spirit(infant),that can not find God in themselves and in all of his creation but requires men to delegate how when and where to receive the creator.

  3. I listen to the words of a wise teacher named Krishnamurti on youtube. He says that all thoughts of division including religion, country, race is what brings much of the misery and suffering in the world.
    Man has been taught to be tribal, like animals. They think in terms of division and want to belong to a group. Man has become so dangerous in his desire to be apart of a group, that he/she will turn against other innocent people so that they can apart of the group they were born into. I listened to a woman speak of her so called loving parents in Saudia Arabia, come home with people who proceeded to do genital mutilation on her, without any pain killers. All because they are born into a group and they need to follow what they are told to do by their groups authority. This is the dangerous thinking in this world.
    As someone that is decedents of holocaust survivors on both my mom and dad's side. I cannot peruse the alt news forums or youtube videos without hate for "jews" or mention of the german holocaust being a hoax. I grew up in jewish towns and I can firmly state that none of the people i have known my entire life, deserves this abuse. And they are not the illuminati, and know nothing about them, and are just innocent people like everyone's family. Yet, I see hate everyday of my life now when perusing the internet, and it has shocked me because I never heard any jewish people speak of other races in a negative light or want to harm others, they are just innocent people. Yet, I see hate everyday from people who are wrongly thinking are awake.
    Eight years ago I thought we were all on the same team working together to wake everyone up and thought we need to save the world, every living being. But now I see that these people who think they are rightous peope, would most likely be just as dangerous towards me and the people I know are innocent, and would turn on me just as easily today, as they did in Germany. I never knew that man kind was so dangerous. I do not believe the illuminati satanists are the only problem in the world. The problem is the dangerous humans that live on this planet unconsciously that are dangerously barbaric, primitive and will easily turn on others.
    When people call the German holocaust a hoax, I have told them story of my family, my grandma and how her babies were taken from her and killed and her parents were also taken and killed. So were her other family members. My dad's side also has similar stories. The result is no compassion and people posting comments how they want to kill me and i'm a liar, and the problem in the world.
    I now believe that this world is a very dangerous place. The satanic forces are not the only problem. It's the human race that is the problem. And the consciousness or lack thereoff, the primitive satanic influence that is in many humans on this planet is the problem. The human race is programmed into hate and division. And therefore, the depopulation agenda that is in effect, may be the humans fault for acting in a way that is anti-spiritual, anti-God. And whenever the humans on the planet act in a way that is too dangerous for the planet, the civilization gets wiped out. And I think we are at that point right now. And it's the fault of humans, not just the illuminati satanists.

    1. OK and I respect your POV. But is it true that in regards to banking monies lent to members of Hebrew 'Religion' are treated through transactions with a higher regard of no interest loans? And will cater to only they of like? Also as we are in agreement that the 2 major factors of enslavement in the US are the BAR and the fed. The fed diversified with Hebrew money right alongside House of Rothschild/Bank of England?

  4. i follow the golden rule. not sure about all the other stuff.

    1. Agreed and my Dad's favorite words to me growing up: Treat other people as you treat yourself. 'Lawful' as do as you desire hurting no one or their property

  5. Remember what the Messiah said about the end times... 'because of iniquity(G458-anomia) the love of many will wax cold. It means 'without Torah'. Look it up. It has been mistranslated as 'law' but simply means the instructions. Are you following his instructions? Sadly many are not

    Before I found Anna and/or this site I was attempting to write a book so I could put the overall subject matter in order for myself. This seems apropos:

    This seemingly simple traffic ticket that I started to research ultimately had me questioning who and what I am. So let’s start there. Introductions. First and foremost I am a human being. Simple enough to understand right? Let me define what I mean by this simple statement.
    I= THE SPIRT, THE SOUL, THE SPARK OF LIFE. THE THING THAT ANIMATES THIS BODY. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1-27)
    AM= MANIFEST, here “in” the flesh and blood.
    HUMAN BEING= SOUL COMBINED WITH THE BODY THAT WAS FASHIONED FROM THE EARTH AFTER THE 7 DAYS OF CREATION. And the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living soul. (Genesis 2-7)
    What I believe to be true is “I” am connected, paired, intertwined and locked into this body. I am not the body and the body is not me. This/my body is strictly my domain. It is an extraordinary multi functioning biological machine used as a 5-6 sense interface device to experience life and/or to serve a function or purpose here on earth. When I perceive myself in the mirror, I do not see me, I see the body. I don’t know what I look like or if I am even visible at all. My earthly experience will end when “the body” ceases to function/death. A separation will occur. Where I came from or where I am going I do not know. But I sure do enjoy the ride!!
    Am I eternal? Yes I think so, and here is why: “Déjà vu” I assume most have experienced this at one time or another. Or it would not be Déjà vu. On multiple occasions I have re-experienced an exact fragment or chain of events of something I have experienced or dreamt day, weeks, months or even years in past. Since these events I have experienced transcend time and space, some part of me must also, or I would not be able to experience them at all.
    So to put it into a nut shell; I am a soul lock stepped within a meat suit that must be maintained whilst being constrained by time and space for no longer than 120 years. My only problem with my theory is ALTERED STATES. Why would drugs or alcohol seem to affect how the “I” perceives or operates? I could be wrong about the whole thing and when the body ceases to function, there is nothing. But then what would be the point.

  7. Now if I do not go with the religious narrative I would have to use my own moral compass to navigate thru life. I would be 100% responsible for my actions to any party that I have caused loss or damage to.
    Occam’s razor: is a principle from philosophy. Suppose there exist two explanations for an occurrence. In this case the simpler one is usually better. Another way of saying it is that the more assumptions you have to make, the more unlikely an explanation is.
    Now while I “feel” that there is a God or some kind of higher power but I have no first hand conscious knowledge of such and faith in my interpretation is an assumption, I have chosen to use my own moral compass. If I am judged for it, so be it, but the key point I’m trying to make is that I have the authority and freedom to make the choice, and nothing that I know of can take it away.
    “Human being” not so simple once you break it all down.
    The fact of the matter is I live in a world of almost unlimited choices. What to eat, how to dress, what to say. So my question was how did that cop acquire any kind of authority over what I do or to treat me in the fashion that he did? In fact how does anyone one man or men acquire the right to over rule another?

    Now that I am older and wiser, I can take full responsibility for the part I played in my ignorance. Fool me once.


  8. We are ALL Children of the ONE LIVING CREATOR; and in this Truth lies
    all questions and all answers. Man, as the image of his creator, is conscious energy; yet, he is in the process of developing that consciousness. As a new arrival into this slowly vibrating world, each of us 'forgets' who we really are, and generation after generation, we adopt a false idea of who we are...that idea is called "ego" or "personality". That ego is lied to by our 5 senses,
    which tell us stories of insufficiency and limitation, and teach us fear, hatred, and hostility. Then, as we convince ourselves of the truth of those 5 senses, we have to deal with a sixth and final liar, our perceptions. None of these liars or their stories are actually us...we are ALL Children of the ONE LIVING CREATOR, and as such do not have a single lie in us. Still, we have gone so long believing that we are something less than divine, and we have judged ourselves and others by our behaviors, so that we cannot recognize the Truth readily. "Jesus was the first to have awakened..." How long do the rest of us wish to wait?

  9. You tell them Anna!!👏👏👏
    Love it!
    Simply the truth!
    I'm with this beautiful being, 🙆
    Everything she said about living and your worth while doing so..❤

  10. Here we go again, back to the religion thing where everybody gets a chance to vent. Well heres my two cents for whats its worth. No one on this planet, deceived or not, really deserves to be foregiven. There are nothing but con artist, theives, rampant fraud, with nothing but false love, or hope, and enough hate to corrupt 3 more planets , maybe even an entire universe if we could get there. Face it, its time for judgement. We have allowed the darkness and lies to exsist way beyond any civilizations before it. Even Rome wasnt this evil. Why the "Creator" allows this nonsense to continue is something i guess i will never understand until i cross over. But thats just another CHOICE right!! Im beyond sick of everyone saying everything comes down to choice. Theres a big difference between choice and a "decision". Do i want the black pair of shoes, or the brown ones. Decision, not a choice. Heres the absolute truth.....there are NO CHOICES. There never has been or ever will be. The ORACLE in the "Matrix" told NEO the same thing. Its not about choice, you already made all your choices before you were even born. Now your here to understand why you made those choices....I thought you would have figured that out by now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You make plenty of choices every day. We all do. Choices between good and evil. God is watching us. Life is a test. Many are called, but few are chosen. Saying you made your choices before you were born is a cop out. Choosing good over evil may not change the world immediately, but it can show God we choose Him over the world. I know for a fact that He blesses us for it in this life, and I believe He will in eternity. The things we should fear the most are not what happens in this life, especially in politics, but offending God, which can have eternal consequences. No excuses, one time around, but with God's grace and Christ's sacrifice on the cross, anyone can find the truth and be saved by cooperating with His redemptive graces. Think about the good thief. Think about Mary Magdalene. Make the right choices every day. We are here to know, love and serve God every day, so we can be happy with Him in heaven for eternity.

  11. If we dont get rid of attorneys, we can never be a republic ever again. Its pure nonsence to think otherwise. Cure the problem dont just treat the symptoms, like doctors do. All attorneys need to be round up, put in FEMA camps, and returned to Great Britton.

  12. Our sins can never stack up to government ("mind-control") sins. Ours (as individuals) are minuscule, microscopic compared to the religio-political kind. While they constantly tell you you're bad for abandoning your "duty to God and country," or calling out their abuses of power, they're busy bombing children, schools, mosques, and marketplaces to bloody rubble to underscore their point -- that "duty" in the armed forces (read: UN death cult) is wise and just, or even acceptable at all. And that "might makes right". (But being a Constitutionally-stipulated militia member is wrong.)

    Reason has left us.

    They tell you shirking school and religion are bad, or "sinful," yet those schools and religions fill your heads with the "divide and conquer" recipe for ethnocentric, narcissistic greed and sociopathic bloodlust.

    It's been obvious to me for decades that Satan overtook the world's main organized religions long ago. It's all about power, control, and obedience.

    They steal trillions of your tax dollars every year to build a weaponized grid to oppress and kill both you and your global neighbors. (Living bonds and "death-bonds" are both equally attractive to them.)

    Their TV shows sell you sex and violence, and yet they tell you sex is bad, guns are bad; then they stamp your ticket you when you fall under their TV spells and react, or "act out" accordingly.

    They sell you beer, wine, Scotch, tobacco, methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin, opioids and dope of every kind, and have entire sectors of their executive-branch tribunals (not judiciary) devoted to putting you in a cage and treating you worse than livestock and babboons should you transgress with these things wherever they can catch you.

    Insanity and barbarity are cottage industries in America (and around the world), and are our number one export. In fact, it could be argued before God and the angels that insanity and barbarity are the main by-products of human life on Earth. American life seems to produce it, ipso facto.

    Is God a schizophrenic?

    It would explain a hell of a lot.

  13. It is important to have the discretion, to know not be a parrot of order follower and blind, narrow is the path, few are those who find it, one clue is what Jesus says "Why call ye me lord lord yet not do the things that I say?" and this was to those who were sure they are doing the right thing, that think they are faultless yet Jesus says " I do not know you" Those who have eyes and ears let them see and hear.


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