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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Reply to "One Who Knows"---- And Apparently Knows Nothing

By Anna Von Reitz

I have been contacted by over a hundred people who are being presented with huge out of the blue "tax" bills after they have already paid their property taxes for the year.  These bills typically come with "Notices" --- either "Notices of Power to Sell" or "Notices of Intent to Sell".   These Notices can be hand-delivered by process servers or they can come in the mail addressed to whatever name the victim has on their property deed.  The gist of the message is always the same.  Pay this humongous amount by such and such a date, or the county or the state is going to sell your home out from under you and evict you.
Does this sound logical?  No, it doesn't.  The only way it makes sense is if you know that the UNITED STATES is a corporation with all sorts of supposed "franchises" and that it is being liquidated along with its franchises to pay off $20 trillion in debt.   It still doesn't make any sense until you also realize that you have been "enfranchised" in a way you never expected, and that YOUR NAME is a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC. just like a Dairy Queen franchise.
Are you so clueless and behind the times that you don't believe that the UNITED STATES is a corporation like any other corporation? 

Look this up for yourselves in Corpus Juris Secondum Volume 20, subsection 1785--- "UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation (NY RE:Merrian, 36 NE 505, 1441 S. CT. 1973, 41 L.ED.287."
I have been told that the bankruptcy proceedings are in The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and that the lead judge is William Lambreth.  I haven't checked that out yet, because frankly, I have been too busy taking practical action to provide American homeowners with a simple and practical defense against this outrageous fraud.
I don't know who these people are--- this guy or "Katie Courier"--- but I know that nothing they have said so far is true about me or much of anything else and none of it has happened so far as I know, so while they continue to make idiotic accusations against me with no proof for any of the spin-crap at all, I just plug along and get things done. Sooner or later it has to come home to people that actual hard work and knowledge walks and bull crap TALKS. 
Let's see all those millions--- or was it billions? --- people were supposed to get from SWISSINDO? I wasn't born yesterday, nor was I born in Missouri, but I know when I have been told a whopper and I remember who told it, too. 
When the revenuers come to your door and post a "Notice of Power to Sell" on it, I hope and pray to God for your sake that you have been listening to me and know what you need to know to defend yourselves instead of listening to all this senseless propaganda. 
NESARA?  GESARA?  Show me where?   You can go on the website or onto and search all you like and you will see that not a damn word has been spoken about either one of these things in Congress for YEARS.   But you can go to the same search engines or even on the web generally and search for "US BANKRUPT"  and "UNITED STATES Insolvent" and other similar topic searches and find out quickly enough that the UNITED STATES was declared insolvent in 2015.  Hello?  

These gold-plated know-it-all pundits don't want you to be scared or upset.  They want you to believe that the nice kind bankers are planning a birthday party for you with cake and balloons.  Tell that to the people who are getting these Notices and calling me in a panic, wondering what to do?  And thank your God that my team saw it coming and took action in time to put the pieces in place to save your homes.

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  1. I have vehicles and personal property and my body. How do I put those items in this indemnity policy?

  2. Anna, and seem unsuitable for the search terms "UNITED STATES Insolvent" and "US bankruptcy". I don't think I'm dumb, but I need help in a lot of things. :) I just want to be able to fish on my own.

    As a student of sorts I've learned many things about Islam, and am convinced that underestimating and lacking in understanding is very dangerous. It is an ideology that seeks dominion by any means. Islam is a political system, not a religion; the system incorporates religion, it is not a religion as we think of it. Although many people might desire to have the freedom to separate the religion and throw away the totalitarian aspects, this is deemed rank apostasy and punishable by death. Islam is indivisible, you can't just keep the parts you like and be accepted by the world of Islam. This is the edge of the sword with which "moderate" Muslims contend. Nevertheless, it's become obvious how Islam has been militarized and politicized for dialectic purposes, and the ignorant masses (I say this in compassion) are manipulated by those in power. Mark these words, please: knowing all of this, I can confidently conclude you are no Muslim apologist, Anna. (I could appreciate a more healthy skepticism, though. But it seems a majority of us have that angle covered, and yours is a balancing voice.)

    Similar things can be said about any people. Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientists, Theosophists, etc. Any people can be subverted if they do not possess the truth, and practice it, and teach it, and make it their way. Truth is the purview of the Living God, Creator and Redeemer of His people: whose name is Jesus; though I grant many people will disagree. If one rejects the truth, a lie will take its place.

    I am curious who those textual scholars are who claim proof of corrupted or fatally incomplete Bible sources. There are many textual scholars, honorable men who value truth and collaborate and participate in peer review, who put honesty foremost in unearthing these treasures (their reputations depend on honesty), who would be proclaiming new facts if they were indeed so, or even a reasonable alternative. Instead they say what we have is exceptionally complete and well preserved and accurate. We can rely on it. And if you think about it, why wouldn't it be? After all, YHWH is sovereign: Jesus Christ has done it: the nations are no longer deceived about this: He will not give His glory to another.

  3. Take it from me. Ive been rich and ive been poor. I dont care what people say...its better to be poor than constantly struggling to keep up with the joneses. Our govt. actually rewards people for being broke. The whole time we had money, we had nothing but trouble and endless stress on who was going to be next in line to collect from us. Now that we are broke, we get free cell phones(androids) with unlimited talk/text and wifi where available. Then we get food stamps every month for $200, along with both our SS checks. And the iceing on the cake is we were able to get into a special housing project under the "affordable housing" act. A brand new mordern 2 bedroom and 1 bath, complete with all brand new appliances, including a diswasher, micro above the stove(gas), and our own private washer and dryer inside the unit, and a garage. If this was a section 8 housing, like the mgt. said some of them are, this unit goes for $1500/mo. But we qualify under "affordable housing" so this place goes for $500/mo which includes water and trash. And even thoough we have central air conditioning and heating our electric bill is never over $30 with our lights on all the time as well as the TV. And they just installed state of the art solar panals, that will probably wipe out our electric bill to. Oh, did i tell you this place is totally gated and secure. We are living better on SS and govt. assistance, than we ever lived with too much money and stress. And we keep "at arms lenght" from everyone. We dont want or need friends anymore. We are finished with the world and all its inhabitance. I dont care who they are. I got rid of all my loser friends that refuse to learn anything except do drugs and go online dating sites like "plenty of fish" where everyone tries harder to lie than the next person in order to meet someone. Take my advice ...go broke. Its easier.

  4. take the benefits, opportunites and priviledges from the STATE, your daddy, is your solution? sounds like hypocrisy to me brotha james. i think that negates the majority of the things that you expound on. where does that come from? same place where the money comes from to invade syria, afghanistan and iraq? that get people thrown out of their houses? etc etc,.

  5. If its a cop out, then im ok with it. I worked for it , unlike everyone around me who are all around 30 to 40 years old with 4 kids and already given up in life. Most of them have never worked, ever. They get money just for having kids. I worked and went to school my entire life. All my ex roomates never went to school and barely worked, and both brothers are trying for SSDI using their attorney sister to penalize their employers for thousands , even millions of dollars , instead of working. They both already received thousands of dollars already, and the sister is relentless at squeezing every last drop from these employers. She just happens to be in that line of business...but on the other side working for the employer to see that people like her brothers never get SSDI. But for her brothers, who she thinks are both pathetic losers, she still thinks its ok to commit fraud for her brothers, as long as she and her sister dont have to come out of pocket to help them live, when she makes over $300,000 a think that is fair. And between 2003 and 2007, we borrowed and paid back in full $1 million in loans. And you know from this site that we were the ones that created those loans in the first place. And all we have done to be good on our word got us nothing but bad credit, IRS and FTB leins, and not one person ever returned even one penny to us that we gave thousands to. You think what you want. But we deserve what we have because everyome stole from us. When in reality we have always been Creditors. We shouldnt have to even ask for govt. assisstance. Until youve lived in my shoes, you cant judge me. Im honest. Everyone else are lazy, self centered, materialistic , godless, mindless zombies, never serching for any truth, but enduldged totally into Profession Sports. That was the reason they were born for i guess. All takers, no givers. How much money have you given to people....penny4yerthoughts.

    1. i hear you brotha james no judgement, each one has to make the decisions that are best from them, lord knows ive made many poorly thought out decisions in my past that were instrumental in my knowledge base moving forward and i try and mitigate them in the present and future.

      question is does it have to be either extreme? hardest to walk the thin line of balance. it is hard, but keep in mind both extremes fund/legitimaze the very destructive people you are attempting to extricate yourself from and others.

      just my 2 cents.

  6. Handling Affavadits ...
    stop those process servers dead in their tracks ....[know your rights]

    1. Then send there invitations "paperwork back"

      Administrate our estate .... and we will be left alone

    2. Link

  7. another good video of his on debt collection


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