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Monday, May 29, 2017

Get Your Bearings -- in One Paragraph

Robinson Crusoe gets stuck on a desert island.  The courts presume he is "dead" and turn over his estate to his local government because he died intestate with no next of kin.  The local government goes hog wild and spends against his estate until they can borrow no more.  At the last minute. Robinson comes home and says, "What the ____???"  That is where we are, folks. 

Anna Von Reitz


  1. They wouldn't do that , yes they would.the real history will floor you assinations of presidents in public by multiple shooters, falce flags on top of falce flags.
    Letting loose carpet baggers (lawyers) to rape this country for profit.the importing of foreigners to destroy voting , so the pilfering can really get into high gear.

  2. Anna's on the ball. I'm so glad she said LOCAL Government as I have recently spoken to a good friend whom is light years ahead of me on this. Two weeks ago he went to the local district council here in NZ, and spoke with the chief accounting officer. After he was finished educating this officer, (info he probably already knew) the officer ask him "OK how much do you want". My friend almost fell off his chair. These council's are all Trust Boards milking the estate. I would guess on the surface that the funds you give to the council do pay for roads etc... but the charge back against using the BS currency is loaded against the estate privately , hence they are double dipping. As a corporation that's their profit. You need to make your interest in the estate known. I'm seeing him in a few weeks for process. This process will work in tandem with Anna's work. Good on ya Anna and co.

    1. Explain more in detail about the...OK, how much do you want? If you can. You talking money or info? I didn't really understand the comment. Thanks

  3. All these criminals should hang and it's the people's time to get paid. Let's help each other and protect each other from the corpses and their fellow officers/agents. We all know who the real enemy is, never allow ourselves to be a party again

  4. One more thing yes the British bar and crown first got thair hooks in us but it morphed queen Victoria and prime minister Benjamin Disralie brainstormed this entrapment worldwide . Morphed again as zionists sieze.power bribery , monopolies , assinations now they want total power by elimitating thair biggest threat WASP's.


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