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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear Lucretia --- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story

By Anna Von Reitz

This was written to an actual Federal Dependent, not someone who is asserting their American State National or State Citizen political status, and also at a point in time when the door was closing on claims against the UNITED STATES, INC., so this does not apply now nor does it apply for non-Federal people.

Dear Lucretia, 

The federal government has claimed that you were a federal government employee throughout your working life, but once you retire, you retire----and you are owed your pension and your freedom from any further presumption of federal obligation or employment.  

You simply send a letter to the State Secretary of State and inform him or her that you have retired and have returned to your birth right political status as an American state national.  They owe you your retirement just like any other big corporation owes its employee pensions. 

If you are like my Mother and offended that she was ever considered to be---or tricked into serving as---- a federal citizen at all, you can express your ire, too. It's time these "public servants" got a wake up call.  

If you have children, this is a good time to repent of the mistakes that so many of us where misled or forced to make when we misidentified our children as "US citizens" and unwittingly "enrolled" them as such at the hospital when they were born.  My Mother provided a sworn testament that she recorded in the public record, stating that she had been confused by the similar jargon and that the only "United States" we ever were part of was the fifty states of the Union.  I recommend that all Mothers do this for their children.  I have done it for my son.

If you actually worked for the federal government the portion of your pension that is based on federal employment is taxable, but if like so many of us, you never actually worked for the federal government or only served in the military for a couple years, etc., so that the amount of pension money from actual federal employment is negligible, you are eligible to claim your exemption from federal income taxes.  You send a Letter of Revocation of Election to the Commissioners of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and tell them that you revoke your election to pay federal income taxes beginning with October the first of last year or any prior year you choose.  

Internal Revenue
Office of the Commissioner
Room 3000
1111 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20204- 0002

Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service
Department of the Treasury
P.O. Box 480 
Holtsville, New York 11742-0480

If you follow the process I set out for everyone last month in the article called "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" you are also eligible to claim your exemption from the mortgage that has been placed on your home.  I know this will be hard to grasp, but you the living woman, have never had a mortgage in your life. You have never owed any property taxes, either.  Why? Because you are, as a natural born American, the actual landlord.  

The mortgage is owed by a Municipal United States STATE franchise corporation that is merely named after you or your husband or both.  You have been tricked into paying off ITS mortgage.  If you are now elderly and unable to pay the mortgage because your income is fixed and hasn't kept pace with inflation, or because of medical bills or other issues, you can force those responsible for entrapping you and misinforming you to pay for both the mortgage and the court case costs. 

Now I want you to follow along very carefully.  You are going to send your IRS Form 56 appointing Mr. Mnuchin your Fiduciary and the copy of your Birth Certificate properly endorsed and "surrendered" to the U.S. Treasury and a letter to Mr. Mnuchin telling him that you are waiving any benefit of the Public Charitable Trust or Limited Liability insurance  and that you are instead operating under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 for your state of the union.  You are going to send this to him via Registered Mail. All this is covered in the article "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" published April 2017 on my website,

Go to the Post Office and get a red and white Registered Mail Label and the white service receipt and the instructions you will need to send a letter using Registered Mail.  

Each red and white Registered Mail Label has a unique nine digit number associated with it.  Typically, the whole number will read something like this:  RA 123 456 789 US.   You are going to tell Mr. Mnuchin that you need him to do two things: (1) discharge and settle all debts related to  Social Security Masterfile Account #123-45-6789 (whatever SSN you have) and (2) set up a new Treasury Account using the number of your Registered Mail packet as the account number.  

Now go to a print shop and order yourself a self-inking red ink stamp. 

That stamp needs to read like this: 

     all rights reserved, Without Recourse
Exemption ID: [ fill in your SSN without dashes]
Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to
YOUR NAME [ written FIRST MIDDLE LAST] and YOUR SSN with dashes
Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 (your birth state like Colorado)
Registered Treasury Acct. #  (your Registered Mail Number)

In the end, it's going to look like this, only with you own numbers and information filled in: 

     all rights reserved, Without Recourse
Exemption ID: 123456789
Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to
JOHN MICHAEL DOE 123-45-6789
Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Idaho
Registered Treasury Acct. # RE 123 453 673 US

You put this stamp on the front and the back of a copy of the docket sheet -- the first sheet of every pleading in your foreclosure case that shows the name of the court and the PLAINTIFF and the DEFENDANT and the Court Case Number.  Just put it right in the middle of a copy of the first filing you received. 

Now you are going to sign this stamp block by: Last Name, First Name Middle Name.   Like this: Doe, John Michael on the line above the words "all rights reserved, Without Recourse". 

Do it both front and back of that first page and send that page back to the Clerk of Court Registered Mail.  

This gives that Clerk all the information that he or she needs to discharge the Bid Bond in that Foreclosure Case and return the property to you and release the case.  Request re-conveyance of the property in a letter addressed to the Clerk at the same time.  They should reply with a one-page Deed of Re-Conveyance that you then take to the Land Recording Office and record. In most cases you will need to wait 30 days and then file a Corrected Deed on the Deed of Re-Conveyance changing the NAME to your Upper and Lower Case Name and making the address an "in care of" address or changing it to a different mailing address entirely.  This will complete the change over of the records. 

If you are African American they may try to challenge this, but you hang tight and claim your Equal Civil Rights guaranteed under Title 42 and the Brother's Keeper Clause of Title 18 USC 241 and 242 if they do.  

If they continue to give you any trouble, you are going to go to the IRS website at and you are going to order a Form 1096 and a Form 1099A and a Form 1040 V. 

Form 1096 is a cover letter that just tells the IRS what kind(s) of other forms you are enclosing with it. 
Form 1099A is a triplicate form with three copies each of three little coupon-like forms all attached together. 
Form 1040 V is a single Voucher form and again, it is just a little slip of paper about the size of a check that comes printed on the bottom of its instruction sheet.  You have to cut it free with a pair of scissors. 

Okay, you check off the kinds of forms you are sending on the 1096 cover letter:  1096, 1099, 1040V. 

The 1099A is called "Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property". 

Now the first piece of property you want to claim is your own trust account. 

The first box on the 1099A asks the LENDER's name and address.  The LENDER is YOUR NAME, sent in care of your normal mailing address.  LENDER's ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes.  The BORROWER's NAME is the Department of the Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220.  The Account Number box is going to be your SSN Without Dashes/Your Registered Treasury Account Number (the Registered Mail Number you used).  Box Number 1 is going to be the File Date (not your actual birthday) found on your Birth Certificate.  The Balance and Fair Market Value are going to be "Unknown".  Box 5 you leave blank.  Box 6 you write: Assumed Names Related to Trust Account at 31 USC 1321, being claimed per 31 USC 1322 by Beneficiary.   

The second Form 1099A on that sheet of three is where you claim your house back. 

At the top of the form it asks for the name of the LENDER and their address.  The LENDER is YOUR NAME sent in care of your normal mailing address.  LENDER's ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes.  The BORROWER's NAME is the name of the bank or mortgage servicing company that is foreclosing on you and their business address.  Under that you will see an "Account Number--- write YOUR SSN without any dashes/Your new Registered Treasury Account : RE 123 345 598 US (whatever it turns out to be) and the Borrower's Account Number--- whatever they use to mark the mortgage account in their system when they send bills to you. 

 The date of the lender's acquisition will be the first year of the mortgage.  The balance of principal outstanding will be: "unknown" and so will the "fair market value" .  You will leave Item 5 blank because you don't know the arrangements made in YOUR behalf.  Item 6 will be the description of the property you are claiming--- Lot and Block or Street address, however it appears in the mortgage and foreclosure paperwork.  

You can use the third 1099 A on that sheet to claim back any other property you have a valid interest in.  I'd suggest that you claim the Court Case --- again, the LENDER is YOUR NAME, the BORROWER is the Court name and address, the "account" is the Court Case Number, the year is whenever the foreclosure started, the balance and fair market value are unknown, and the description is: "Foreclosure of Property Case and Bid Bond". 

Basically, any bill that gets sent to LUCRETIA is a bill that you are exempt from having to pay. 

Any bill that you get addressed to LUCRETIA can be discharged using your little stamp and signing it  Last Name, First Middle,---- once you get things straight with the Treasury and reclaim your birthright. 

Now, the IRS is your friend.  They are going to do all the work of researching everything for you and collecting on all that is owed to you.  You are going to pay them for all this service by issuing a 1040 V.  This is the little coupon-like voucher you have to cut off the bottom of the instruction page that comes with it.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  You just use your red stamp on the back of the 1040V and you write: " Use my pass through account to pay any taxes or charges and to  research claims and perform
 collections" above the stamp information and you sign it as you always do for your stamp, Last Name, First Middle.  

You leave the amount blank because neither you nor the IRS has any idea how much this investigation/prosecution/tax payment is going to cost--- and yes, this is like giving them a blank check; however, they are sworn to serve you and your trust and have to account to the Treasury for their charges, so all things considered it is the most expeditious way for everyone to operate right now and in time to save your house if the Court Clerk is either too stubborn or ignorant to do the right thing. 

You fold up your 1096, your three (or more) 1099A Forms, your stamped 1040V, and you send the whole thing in Registered Mail to:  Internal Revenue Service CID  at Post Office Box 192, Covington, Kentucky 41050. 

Now I know it is shocking to think of the IRS as your friend and ally, but that's the way it is.  And I know this LOOKS like a lot of work and complexity, but it really isn't.  The forms are simple and worst part is waiting for the IRS to send them.  It takes a week or two sometimes. 

This process and information --- both that contained in "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" and this information that is the follow-up of it, will profoundly change your relationship with the "federal government" and your life.  Some people go hog wild and try to do crazy things that are not allowed and they get into trouble as a result.  I want to caution you against doing anything extravagant or unreasonable or vindictive. 

This is information provided to do justice and nothing else.  It is provided to you as an elderly woman who has been loyal to this country and worked hard all your life to protect you and to save you from losing your home.  This information and the power to discharge debts addressed to YOUR NAME has to be used in Good Faith or you will end up in federal jail. 

So what do I mean by Good Faith?  The way you would want to be treated.  Let me give you some examples. 

It is fair for you to discharge a mortgage on your principle dwelling when you need to do so: you are elderly and can't keep up, you are sick and can't afford it, your business has failed, you went through an unpleasant divorce.....there are all sorts of valid reasons that you might need to do this, but, you wouldn't do it just for a lark or go out and buy up ten luxury vacation properties and plead necessity for discharging all of them.  That's not reasonable or prudent or fair.  That is not "Good Faith". That is a purposeful manipulation that isn't allowed and you will get in trouble for it. 

It is fair for you to discharge utility bills that you cannot afford.  Again, you are elderly or sick or just starting out and struggling really hard and for whatever good, decent, actual reason need to "let go of the rope" -- use your stamp.  You've been a Good Joe and done your part for 79 years.  Nobody has any right to complain if you kick back now and discharge all your utility bills so long as they are public utilities.  In most places that means electrical, water, waste management, and gas.  

Same thing with your car payments, college debts, medical bills, property taxes.  It doesn't mean that you should run out and buy a Lexus and two Hummers and charge them off against the U.S. Treasury, but if it's hard for you to pay for your 2015 Chevy that you need to get to work, or too much for your family to pay tuition, or you got hit with a medical bill you just can't cope with--- then by all means, six generations of Americans have suffered so that you could not have to worry about that, so that you could get back on your feet after an illness, a divorce, a business failure, or so many other things that can happen. 

We did not suffer and "loan" our resources so that 79 year old women could be kicked out of their homes by foreign banks and attacked by out of control government agencies.  There's a line--- a fine line---- between what is good and what is bad, what is fair and what is unjust.  Somewhere in our own hearts and minds we know where that line is. Pay attention to it and you will find that friendship and decency still abide, that you are free and you are safe, and that the foreclosures and tax debts and so many other things that have been oppressive weights and worries for you, can go away. 

At your age there are often maintenance issues with a house or car that you need to fix, but you are kept so burdened down with light bills and heat bills and mortgages and whatever else, that you can't keep your home safe and in repair.  Use your Treasury Account to pay the things that can be paid with that, and use your private money to take care of the rest.  I know seniors who are facing a choice between paying the mortgage or eating.  Charge back the mortgage and buy that organic grapefruit, Lucretia. 

You and your husband and your parents and grandparents all earned it.  There is no reason to feel bad or ashamed or like you are getting an unearned handout.  You are just flipping a switch and learning to operate your own business in a different way and accessing resources you didn't know you had.

Everyone needs to know that there are those who do have to pay federal taxes and can't --- at this point in their lives --- claim their exemption.  Actual federal employees both civilian and military have to pay income taxes, for example.  Black Americans never received their actual state national political status, so their route to freedom and access to their resources is a bit different. Certain other categories of people can't do this --- foreigners seeking political asylum, actual wards of the government such as people who have been permanently hospitalized for mental illness, and other such actual dependents.  

But for most of us, the time has come to become aware of the history and those reliefs and remedies that are available at this time, while we work toward a systemic end to all mortgages worldwide.

See this article and over 600 others on Anna's website

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  1. any direct evidence of success of people using this hybrid, secure party creditor process yet over the last two or three months?

  2. Can you use this same method if you we naturalized? I was naturalized in California in 1987

  3. Use discretion don't let freeloaders get wind or the abuse could train wreck the ones who need help badly!

  4. Once again Anna's on the ball. Most claim that entry into the estate is in the hands of the STATE when the registration of the birth has been done. Not entirely so. The interest and entry into the estate has taken place prior, before the baby is even born when the mother, (without knowledge and under stress) ENROLLS at the District Health Board (DBH) or Primary Health Care center. Here in NZ it's the cunning Health Sector (Transfers) Act 1993,sec 1-6. Google "New Zealand Legislation" and have a read. Not sure what it is in your part of the world. By the way Health = Wealth according to word etymology.

  5. Hi Anna, would you please clarify something for me? In this article you mention to use Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 with the birth state, but in the "How to Correct Your Political Status and Why" article, you state to use Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US. Could you explain the difference, if there is any?
    Thanks very much!

    1. From Anna:

      There are two nine-digit alphanumeric numbers ---- one that applies to numerous entities that are indemnified under the one bond and one that applies just to me that only I can exercise.

      You would not be able to recognize it by just looking at the bond, but it provides indemnity for you through your land jurisdiction state of the union.
      AMRI00001 indemnifies you and provides a pass through account for you via your actual land jurisdiction birth state, but in order for the records to be properly matched up and accounted for you have to tell the Treasury where you were born --- Colorado, Maine, etc.

      NEVER EVER say you were born in the "State of California" or "State of Florida" unless you want to be mistaken as a Territorial or Municipal "citizen".

    2. dont we all have a bond called the BC?

      why not just give up the estate and be the good little trustee that we are?

    3. penny4yerthoughts, what do you mean give up the estate and be the trustee?

    4. Does anyone know once our treasury account is set up and we get our stamp do we follow the same process as the mortgage using the 1096,1099a,1040v? just wondering what we do with credit card, utility that are not in collection?

    5. Carla, they are all prepaid presentments so yes. Just don't expect them to roll over and give you instant credit since they are bankrupt.

  6. I believe she is referring to the bond she created for all of us by showing up to a bankruptcy proceeding, in which the banks were about to apply for another chapter 11, re-organization proceeding, uncontested by any "CREDITOR", Like they have been doing for the last 150 years, in private venues , until somehow, judge Anna, got wind of it and showed up as a "CREDITOR"(and authorized agent for all Americans mischarterized as US CITIZENS) to contest the chap. 11 request and moving the court too only leaving them one choice...Chap. 7 bankruptcy, complete liquidation of all assets too the rightful OWNERS/CREDITORS(All Americans) which she filed under that number giving all Americans the right to use her private administrative remedy as our own by accomodation(as our authorized agent) to claim the same remedy when invoked. Someone had to do it. Did i get it right judge Anna...??

    1. From Anna:

      It's a lot more complex, and I was not the Lone Ranger--- it has taken a lot of good people to challenge this and expose it --- but yes, we have made the proper commercial and administrative and private claims in behalf of the whole country and rear-ended the fraud and the effort is gathering steam. The White Hats in the military and the secret services and even the FBI finally woke up and some of the politicians, too--- but it is the outraged American people who are now driving this going forward.

      It would be a mistake to think, oh, ho-hum, Judge Anna has rescued us, go back to sleep. The grassroots awakening that has begun has to continue. The word has to spread. And the responsibility to self-govern has to be shouldered.

      There is far, far too much at stake for it to be simple or easy. Everyone needs to take action now in their own behalf, politically, economically, in all ways. We all have to reclaim our birthright political status and our property rights and our exemptions and all the rest of it. This is critical for our freedom and our future and that of the whole world.

      But quite beyond getting our own houses in order, we have to restore the lawful government we owed. This is going to require gathering together our County Jural Assemblies and operating our land jurisdiction county governments. Ditto our actual state governments. And all that needs to build up to an actual Continental Congress taking care of a lot of long-overdue business.

  7. Anna,
    Like always you are a Godsend!❤😘
    I'm in a foreclosure situation, where I'm going back & fourth with this attorney,his law firm is fighting for the bank,,I haven't received anything stating the foreclosure, just a summons, and the recenist package I received was 5/27/17 for a motion for judgment of default
    I'm curious to know should I take my red stamp and go back down to the courthouse or wherever my prior documents are,the ones that I've already put into the docket and Stamp Those? or should I actually wait for a foreclosure package or whatever it is that they would send eventually?
    Thank you, cookie and paul again for all your blood & sweat, guiding the blind to recovery..❤

    1. The best thing you can do is simply mark anything concerning these foreclosures is to write across the face of the letter "Refused" for cause. No "person" by that name. Even if you are personally served still say "Refused" for "person" here and improperly stated address, not within the forum state. The less you deal with these guys the better. Dont think they dont know the power of "refusal". Judges, prosecutors, and court clerks all know and have used the same thing on me when they know who its coming from. Even if you hire a process server to personally serve it to them right in court...all three of them refused service of process. The process server said hes never been unable to serve process before i came along. What does that tell you about the power of "Refusal". Your not going to beat these people using law. Especially in foreclosure cases. Been there, done that....!!

    2. From Anna:

      Kimberly, please read Article 560 on my website --- and then re-read what I told Lucretia. This is about a lot more than saving your house. It is about reclaiming your proper political status and your entire inheritance as an American---- your rights, your control, your money---- all of it. And I also gave you specific instructions that should be pretty easy to follow. You or your lawyer must have a copy of the very first Docket Sheet sent to you--- probably as a Summons. Take that and do what I told you to do. If the Clerk won't accept it, waste no time in carrying through on the rest of the instructions. Somehow you are not quite getting the fact that these are slavering wolves at your door, intent on stealing your home and your equity in that home via a "simulated legal process". You are under attack and you are being attacked under false presumptions. It's up to you to take action against all that.

    3. james that will only get a warrant for her arrest and the sheriff over at her house to throw her out. NOT good for her at this juncture, but you are in a tough situation now as you did not respond before summary judgement.

      go to ASAP then get the below paperwork in and just follow directions should slow them down.



      great templates that should help stop them in their tracks if you move fast get them in yesterday.

      always keep in mind you can claim bankruptcy as last case ditch scenario if its too overwhelming. im not sure how far you are into understanding exactly what you are in.

  8. Good afternoon Anna
    I know you're a busy woman, I just wanted you to know that I followed the process from part 1.. as to how to change your political status. I live in the state of Ohio and I went to the state of states office, in Columbus Ohio to do the prima facie as well as turning my UCC form in
    the form was fine, I got to process it but they turned me away as far as the passport. He old to me that I needed to go to a website for International us passports, and he printed me out some forms which had a number,, so I called and this woman told me I'd have to pay for this international US passport and I kept telling her that's not what I'm after..😡 so anyway I plan on writing you a letter and sending it to your PO box because this is like a delay, but I will never stop because I've gotten so far as it is, but if you're ever able to email me I'd greatly appreciate it but if not I do understand.❤

    1. From Anna:

      Send me a copy of what he gave you related to the "international us passport"---- that would make sense, since you are not claiming or wanting to be considered a "domestic" ---- "citizen".

    2. hmmm maybe something here a non citizen national same passport just delineated differently.

    3. Section 302 of Public Law 94 - 241:

      Any person who becomes a citizen of the United States solely by virtue of the provisions in Section 301 [applying to those born in or residing in the Northern Mariana Islands] may within six months after the effective date of that Section or within six months after reaching the age of 18 years, whichever date is later, become a national but not a citizen of the United States by making a declaration under oath before any court established by the Constitution or laws of the United States or any other court of record in the Commonwealth in the form as follows " I _____ being duly sworn, hereby declare my intention to be a national but not a citizen of the United States."

    4. Good morning Anna
      I've done everything in your blog 560 up to the UCC form and the prema facie
      Which is why I drive to Columbus Ohio yesterday, they the state of states, I reside here in Cleveland
      And since march, I started the process of changing my political status
      Starting with authenticating my BC the mailing it to Mr Mnuchin
      I've sent registered packages to both IRS commissioners and any and all that laid within those lines.
      I'm down to receiving my passport that I'm entitled in which I was side tracked as of yesterday 5/31/17 and also recording my voice stating my citizen reversal
      Everything else I've already done...☺
      That link that penny placed is where he told me to look or take a trip to Washington
      He was a cold quick person, and I didn't want to dispute with him
      So I'll send you copies of the print outs he handed off to me, I was hoping I could just take a picture and then post them
      But I see no option listed here to do so.
      I'm also in the mist of gaining my red ink stamp with the precise information you told Lucretia to do..
      Thank you again for resoong promptly.
      I'll keep up the work for my freedom, future, and my life
      I'll never fall asleep again
      Not ever!☝

    5. Sorry for the typo errors and misspelled words..

    6. From Anna:

      Of all the good news I have heard and things that have been said, I really enjoyed your promise not to fall asleep again.

      You stay awake and keep nudging enough other people and this will all get resolved.

      Good work!

    7. penny4yerthoughts, this is not what you want. Read it carefully: "only a person who is a non-citizen U.S. national (i.e., a U.S. national but not a U.S. citizen) may apply for such a certificate." A U.S. NATIONAL is still a subject of the CORPORATE U.S. and not an American National.

    8. Are you still doing the process,and if not did filing birth cert work for you, Ohio also here.

    9. Yes but before I can answer in any detail, you will need to identify yourself by name or handle to comply with the requirements of this blog.

  9. Thank you James & Penny for your input
    Penny i will also look into the information you've listed for me in all messages.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. From Anna:

      There is a giant overhaul taking place--- new pieces added and old pieces changed around right now. I would wait a couple weeks and just ask.

    2. Have you received a response yet?

    3. Nope, will review paperwork again since more clarity provided by Anna in article "Step One Complete....Now What?

  11. Thank you Anna, I appreciate that.☺
    I am speaking to every and anyone that will listen,and who's opened to the information..

  12. BTW: the zip code for Covington, KY is not 41050 but 41012. Otherwise the mail clerk will look at you funny and tell you that your zip code does not exist. From experience. PS: Guess why PO Box 192? Hint: Just add HJR. This location also just happens to be the address for tax exempt organizations. Coincidence? I think not.

  13. Here's a good question. Trying to help a friend who lives in NY, was born in India and became a US CITIZEN. What State does he put on the stamp after the Bond number? India because he was born there? But then the US Treasury Bond would not apply internationally. New York because he lives there? Or Washington, DC, because he was "berthed" there to become a US CITIZEN?

  14. Good afternoon Anna
    I did the red stamp process this week, but this foolish USPS agent that works in the post office sent it certified instead of registered.😯 after I told her twice it was going registered, I didn't notice it until I got home, and I called trying to have them pull the package, but I got the runaround 😡 it has been delivered today as certified mail does that make a difference because I understand that I needed those registered numbers?

  15. Question for Anna: In a court case, when sending the stamped docket sheet, would it be OK to add the following text to the bid bond discharge request letter?
    Please be advised that non-compliance will result in the filing of Form 1099-A to IRS-CID, as well as, Form 3949-A and require completed W-9 forms from all parties involved. Be guided accordingly.

  16. Question for Anna: I followed the steps outlined in 560, mailed my authenticated BC along with an instruction letter to Mr. Mnuchin USPS Priority Mail, Signature Confirmation but have never gotten a response from the U.S. Treasury. I got a red self-inking stamp created and stamped both sides of the docket sheet from my foreclosure case (I am the Plaintiff). I haven't mailed it yet because I don't know if the treasury account has been created. What should I do?

    1. FlyingMike, the account is demanded the moment you put your instructions in the mail with the USPO. It may take them a month or 2 to actually set it up. But you can start using it right away. Kind of like the starter checks you get when you open up a new checking account.

  17. Good afternoon Anna,

    I completed and mailed the UCC-1 form to the Illinois Secretary of State - UCC Division office on March 7, 2018. On March 9, 2018. I received a "Cease and Desist" letter from the Office of General Counsel because the UCC-1 form "did not appear to relate to a legitimate secured transaction." I filled it out as described in 560, however I spelled my name in the Secured Parties section in all lower case letters instead of upper/lower. I also added the following in section 4. Collateral - "All property and assets associated with.....(DEBTORS/Debtors)as already extracted via UCC2016-016636-0. [A SECURITY915 USC] - COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT - NOT A POINT OF LAW. Without Prejudice, all rights reserved. UCC 1-308." I found this text in a UCC-1 example I found on your website. Did I shoot myself in the foot adding this text?

    1. I got the same response from Arizona but would like to hear what happens with yours. Thanks.

  18. I emailed Anna (through Paul Stramer), here is her response: "As I have said-- both entities are now in bankruptcy (since October 2017) so that changes everything. Claims can't be directly honored. The Trustees simply log you in as a claimant and hopefully set your ESTATE aside and apart from the bankruptcy proceedings." Hope this helps.

  19. Question: if a mortgage goes into foreclosure and on the 91st day does the Insurance carrier paay the mortgage off?

    1. Fish, the insurance pays off once the house is sold at sheriff sale, hence the push for this.

  20. There is some confusion with the zip code going to Covington Kentucky when sending the 1099A,1040, has the same address but the zip code you have is 41050 and the other is 41012. Which one am I using please.

    1. Fish, here the proper address:
      Internal Revenue Service - CID
      PO Box 192
      Covington, KY 41012-0192

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