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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Government That Isn't, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 29

By Anna Von Reitz

What we call "the federal government" isn't a government.  It is not and it never has been. It is a governmental services corporation, which is a different matter entirely. 

Please take this outrageous but true statement into your mind and let it rattle around a bit. Savor the fact.  Consider the consequences.

The so-called "United States Government" is not a sovereign government of any kind. It is at best an association of sovereign states entered into a mutual services contract with the United States (Trading Company) and its Successors by default.

From the very beginning, the states have been the sovereign units of government. Any power of the "federal government" has been delegated to it by the states, not the other way around.

Nineteen very important powers including production of our money, control of our commerce and trade policies, control of our armed forces (except the militia) and control of our foreign policy were delegated to the British Monarch and the United States (Trading Company) in a quid pro quo in which the British Monarch agreed to act as our Trustee and protector on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways in exchange for these concessions.

That agreement was initially brokered and conceptualized as The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, and particularized as The Constitution for the united States of America several years later.

So from the start, there was the "united States of America"--- an association of states subscribing to the service to be provided by the United States (Trading Company) and there was the British Servicer doing business as the United States. This has been the cause of a great deal of mostly deliberate confusion.

When the states "assembled" in "Congress" it meant that they elected fiduciary deputies accountable to the states ---- people known as "Senators" and "Congressmen" -- and sent them to a meeting called a "Congress" of the states to discuss and decide matters of mutual interest and establish a body of law applicable in all states known as the "United States Statutes at Large".

Things went along well enough for several decades, but the British Monarch and the Pope conspired in secret Breach of Trust to undermine the American Government via the Treaty of Verona (1822). 

What then commenced can only be called a gigantic fraud scheme.

The Constitution agreed to by the states has always prohibited anyone holding a foreign title of nobility from holding public elected office in the government at any level.  In 1819, this provision was strengthened and ratified by the states as the Titles of Nobility Amendment. As a result no member of the Bar Association bearing the title "Esquire" could serve in the American government in any public elected office.

When Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Member, was elected President of the United States in 1860, he was not eligible to serve as President of the United States of America --- the association of sovereign states participating in the Congress.  

Do you see the trick now?

It was then and is now permitted for members of the Bar to hold any private corporate office, even elected corporate offices, of the United States (Trading Company) or any other such governmental services corporation that followed.

They were only prohibited from holding public elected office in our government.

Lincoln used his private corporate office, President of the United States, to overthrow the public elected government of the United States of America, and he did it by fraud and similar names deceits.

The so-called "federal government" has operated under conditions of Breach of Trust, fraud, deceit, non-disclosure, and inland piracy ever since, shamelessly substituting its private corporate offices for the public offices we are owed.

Each President since Lincoln has functioned as "President of the United States" and the vast majority of them have been Bar Members ineligible to function as "President of the United States of America" even if they had been properly elected and empowered.

As a result of this egregious and carefully concealed fraud upon the American people, there has been no lawfully elected government since 1860---- merely what appears to be one.  Even the great conflict giving rise to this circumstance has been misrepresented as "The American Civil War" when in fact no such "war" can be shown to exist: there was never a valid declaration of war and never a peace treaty ending it.  It is simply an illegal mercenary conflict that the perpetrators of all this rot have kept simmering on our shores for 150 years.

Lincoln, like Barack Obama, was a British Crown agent and an attorney who did not meet the requirements to be President of the united States of America, nor even President of the United States of America----but who was eligible to serve as President of the United States, and in that foreign, private, corporate office--- they have wrecked havoc and misery upon the innocent American people.

It is well past the hour in which we must wake up and realize that our supposed friends and allies have been closer to fiends and allegories.  The so-called "federal government" is merely a storefront for competing international banking cartels. 

The so-called FEDERAL RESERVE cartel claims to have purchased the name and copyrights and trademarks to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the IMF cartel claims the same about THE UNITED STATES.  They are both commercial crime syndicates that deserve nothing but a prompt liquidation of assets and claims and the return of all property to their Priority Creditors, the American states and people.

It's time that we all rose up with one voice and accused the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch of the crimes of their predecessors and addressed the Gross Breach of Trust that their predecessors have been guilty of and the equally Gross Fraud that has been practiced against us, together with the crimes of identity theft, press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion of assets, enslavement and kidnapping that have been the daily fare of their regimes for the past 150 years.

The good names of the States of America and United States of America belong to us as the lawful heirs and Holders in Due Course without respect to any claims made by the banks of the FEDERAL RESERVE.   THE UNITED STATES deserves nothing but a swift kick to the curb. 

All these fraudulent claims and operations must be exposed and these conditions must be completely reformed.  We must work hard to fully restore our lawful government on the land, call together our jural assemblies to operate our actual counties and states, and regain our senses. 

For a hundred and fifty years Americans have been asleep at the wheel, being deliberately misled to believe that a governmental services corporation is the same thing as their own lawful government.  That gullibility has cost us millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and sullied our name throughout the world as we have been blamed for the lawlessness, treachery, bigotry, and immorality of the pirates that have claimed to represent us and done terrible and oppressive things in our names.

The Bad News is that we have been clueless and trusting enough to allow this.  The Good News is that we don't have to allow it anymore. 

If you love your country and value your lives, it is time to sit ---hard--- on the Archbishops and Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.  Make them all fully aware of the absolutely immoral and duplicitous actions of generations of Popes with regard to this country----Popes who have waved olive branches and preached love out of one side of their mouths and then, as the Roman Pontiffs, have secretly pursued war and profit and committed all manner of crimes under cover of the Church's skirts.

If  FRANCISCUS thinks he is going to continue these practices unobserved, let's give him a good salvo and inform him that no, he is not.  Let him know that the entire world is watching and that the Church is not going to be able to play duplicitous games in Breach of Trust without paying the full and awful price for its hypocrisy and criminality and double-mindedness.  It is, indeed, time for confession and the making of amends, and if not, it is time for the Roman Cult to be recognized as a Satanic festering cancerous sore in the Body of the Church--- a disease that needs to be eradicated both from within and without, or it will most certainly kill its host.

The same basic message needs to be carried to the Lords of the Admiralty, the Lord Mayor of London, and the British Monarch.  They have not escaped detection.  Their hideous mismanagement of their American concession in Washington, DC, has been duly noted by the Americans as well as the rest of the world---which places them squarely between a rock and a very hard place.  All these years that they have been wheedling and cheating and dealing in fraud and pretending to "represent" us ---they have misused and abused American Servicemen and women who now know the truth of the matter----that they have been slaughtered and become unwitting murderers in wars for profit, lied to, and then left abandoned as human flotsam, without jobs, without health care, without educations, without a future. 

Our veterans have little to lose and good reason to hate everything that the Admiralty, the Lord Mayor, the Queen, and the Bar Associations have stood for.

The rest of the world that has suffered --- seemingly at the hands of the Americans ---now knows who the actual culprits are. 

And it is high time that we told the Federales where to get off our soil and our backs.
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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Universal Martial Law PUBLIC ORDER #1—Dissolution of Corporations

    1. She ("daughter of earth) is a Weirdo! But that's just my opinion.

  2. Treaty of peace set this all down on paper.the constitution just gives the hired help( British )who was to protect our water ways. And provide services.

  3. Lincoln the homosexual (yes we have the love letters)and railroad attorney who spoke so crude his speach had to be sanitized . Conspired with the Navy to spark a confirm by bringing in a war ship into Charleston harbor after being asked not to by the sovereign state of SC.
    The admiral and Lincoln congratulated. Each other on the out come.

    1. hmmm no wonder obama was all about him in the beginning

  4. Unknown, can you prove what you say about Lincoln. It wouldnt suprise me with all the other lies we have been told, but ive never heard that before. How come no one else has ever brought this up, including judge Anna....the best when it comes to history lessons...!!! If it is true, than we need to scrap all history text books in public school systems once and for all...immediately. We need to do that anyway. I cant believe we have been deceived that much....!!!

    1. I can let me go back into my sources I do that.

    2. Off the top of my head check judge Andrew Napolitano probably a top contender for supreme Court called Lincoln a tyrant.

    3. Dr Thomas woods politically incorrect guide to the civil war.
      Thomas DiLorenzo.unmasking Lincoln .

  5. QE2 is currently under house arrest after going live on TV last Christmas, apologizing to everyone about her actions and for Princess Dianna's death, and the "Dark Forces" at work behind it. But she goes on to say she was simply doing what she had to to protect her family. And she ended saying that this will be the last christmas for us...??? Whatever that means..??? But before the live feed could be cut and edited, some countries already got the live feed, like Australia.

  6. One more thing. I know people have been having trouble with foreclosures and other problems, because we have never properly secured our status as "Holders in Due Course" providing evidence of our superior CLAIM over everyone else, and giving us the right (Standing) to counterclaim suites brought by the State or Banks using the remedy of "failure to state a claim,upon which relief can be granted". These people have figured out why are filings have been ignored and corrected them to finally secure our superior "claim" in court over anyones "presumed" claim(title) over us......heres the site. They make it very easy and will actually do all the paperwork correctly for you once you answer their questionaire so they can properly fill out the 8 pages they will fax you back so you can properly file all three documents, and therefore serving as evidence of our "highest claim" and defeating all them..

    1. bigger problem is we own no land and depending on which state you live it could be private or public owned land. secondly, you gave your house up to be in a trust which is why it is even tougher. lastly their registered organization i.e, the name your mother had registered on your BC, is theirs. But sounds interesting. i will check it out.

  7. I Need Links w/o PDF'S SO my Followers can Read W/o Fear For PDF's Taking Up Room On Their Phone #Help Me 2 Help You Educate These Generation X to come up for Breathe Of Reality - Instead of Meme'ing Ignorant Catch Grazes *UMP Is A N*Zi Help Me Help You Explain 2 The Children Under 30 - They Only "Lap Up" What's Trending Or Twitter - We Need 2 Fight Fire W/ Fire aka Internet

  8. If you think Trump is a Natzi then you still need more help yourself before you try teaching others. How did you find this site...?? He is only doing what we should have been doing 200 years ago so it didnt get to this point. After 200 years of lies, added with public apathy intensified by profession sports, we had a dictatorship way before Trump arrived on the seen. Why dont you go after the real enemy, and the underlying cause of all our misdirected attention...."PROFESSION SPORTS". Good luck...!!! But if you pick on Trump again, you can be sure, i will stop you everytime. Thats a promise....

  9. One more thing. This generation is already brainwashed. No one is going to change that. The only way to change this is to implement the "true" history of this country going all thr way back to Rome, into our public school system at an early age and throughtout the entire school system on up and including high school. And along with it an education about the difference between "Real Money" and Currency(fiat script). Until they know that, they simply cant be taught anything. Ive tried. They simply dont want to hear it because its foreign to their beliefs which are firmly in place by the time they are 10 years old...

  10. looks like you were right about Lincoln. And the lies just keep coming. When this fight is over, we are going to force hollywood to make movies depicting our true history and the people involved, just like they shoved the "holocost" down our throats ever since WW2. Its time for our side to be memorialized and never forgotten......."Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.." from the movie " V for Vendetta" starring Natalily Portman and Hugo Weaving(Smith from the "Matrix") and one of the greatest movies of all time for liberty.

  11. One thing that you, judge Anna, have never addressed is "WHY US". Why did the Bankers pick this country to set up shop, instead of Russia or China, or India, Malyasia, or anyone except us. Did they just figure that any country that could stand up to the crown and win had to be taken over by any means and use our courage and determination for freedom as a means of taking over other countries using that same Nationalism to their own ends....all in the name of spreading Democracy throughout the world....They have successfully created the "Great Illusion" so powerful that even the most elite of Christians will be deceived like it says in Revelations in the Bible. 99.9% of America is actually helping the globalist agenda , not fighting against it. How in the hell did Trump get elected. He is despied by just about everyone including all of congress. He is actually doing what he said he was going to do, and isnt wasting any time in doing it. And yet the entire media has malaigned against him, all of congress, other countries, and the "people" themselves who stand to gain the most by his tough decisions all for their own good. He is the perfect example of why "Jesus" was never recoginized by the people of his day as the "Savior" God had promised us. America will not recoginize our Savior this time either, until he comes in all his glory from above with his army of angels right with him. Only then will they realize that they have been deceived...we have to get rid of the concept of money and find other ways to deal with each other that is fair and equitable to everyone, so we are free to create instead of destroy each other.

    1. Simple James. The Banksters knew that America would be the best engine of wealth the world had ever seen. They wanted a covert takeover so they could siphon off the wealth and get our military to unwittingly do their evil deeds the world over, for the benefit of the elite and their own wealth and power.

    2. Guess what. I am Australian and we have this same system here. Our so-called Government is Corporate and is registered in Washington D.C. All our Government Depts. are corporations registered in Washington D.C

  12. For anyone missing this: video comment section open.

    Lars Larson "Skype Seat" question at White House Briefing:

    Allegedly owns 2/3 of united states of America- Land stolen from the people, raise the property tax to high owner unable to pay, bingo, bye bye land then foreign gov from the sea serving the bizzy queen- taking ownership. First hand experience 1000's of acres stolen from ancestors. Folks this is one way people[priority creditors] become homeless. Best to know the history of the great fifty-nations of the united states of America.

  13. For anyone missing this: video comment section open.

    Lars Larson "Skype Seat" question at White House Briefing:

    Allegedly owns 2/3 of united states of America- Land stolen from the people, raise the property tax to high owner unable to pay, bingo, bye bye land then foreign gov from the sea serving the bizzy queen- taking ownership. First hand experience 1000's of acres stolen from ancestors. Folks this is one way people[priority creditors] become homeless. Best to know the history of the great fifty-nations of the united states of America.


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