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Friday, January 27, 2017

Is this what President Trump is up against in the Intelligence Community?

Found Here:
Published on Jan 17, 2017

Meet the man who knew the secrets of the CIA’s Dark Alliance. From the jungles of Nicaragua to the mean streets of south-central LA, Gary Webb’s groundbreaking journalism uncovered a scandal so huge that the story could not be allowed to continue. Help us honour the memory of this intrepid reporter by exploring the suspicious death and passing on the life’s work of Gary Webb.


THE QUESTION:  Where in the US Constitution is this organization authorized?

Who owns this organization?  Who gives these orders? Who pays the salaries of these people?

Where is this organization registered?  Is it a Corporation? How many  more questions have been left unanswered?


  1. Joining you in remembrance and honor of Mr. Webb

  2. Joining you in remembrance and honor of Mr. Webb

  3. January 27, 2017

    In rememberence and honor of Gary Webb and his work to expose the truth of this corrupt organization of government know as the CIA.

    William Gary Langendoen
    Original Jurisdiction Governer
    Oklahoma State

  4. In memory and honor of Gary Webb. Condolences to his friends and loved ones.

    Keith Pierson

  5. It is a Globalist contruct of America's shadow gubmint as written in- "The UNSEEN HAND" ....

  6. It is a Globalist contruct of America's shadow gubmint as written in- "The UNSEEN HAND" ....

  7. lets see what is left after the swamp is drained

  8. If I may ask here, what is gubmint and 'The UNSEEN HAND'?

  9. Jon or John Dees who signed his name 007 first organization for the Queen centuries ago. He lived along a river and had more books than anyone alleged a magician, perhaps looking more around there would produce the seed, think its called MI5 today Mossad, CIA....


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