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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Donald Trump is Telling You

By Anna Von Reitz

The past few days have been rife with controversy about Donald Trump, and particularly, Donald Trump’s supposed feud with the CIA, which the Mainstream Media is busily promoting as a Big Deal.
What is Trump actually saying, from his own mouth?
1. The CIA doesn’t really know that Russia hacked anything about Hillary Clinton.
2. That he doesn’t need to be told the same things day after day as a briefing. 
3. The information he is receiving has become politicized – tweaked and groomed to serve political agendas rather than being served up straight.
Okay, well, let’s just take Donald Trump at his word.  He has heard what the CIA had as proof that the Russians did anything wrong, and in his opinion, the proof was lacking.  So he has asked for further investigation into the matter to get to the bottom of it and find out where the proverbial Bear went --- or did not go – through the buckwheat.
That’s just common sense.  That’s nothing controversial.
Then, more interestingly, he let you know what all those Presidential briefings really consist of--- repetitious pap: “North Korea bad. Iran bad.  Iraq unstable… oil prices up.”
The CIA briefing he gets every morning is a waste of his time is what he is telling you, and for several reasons, that should be alarming. 
First, it should be alarming because you are footing the bill to the tune of billions of dollars invested in CIA operations worldwide to keep the government tuned in to what is going on behind the scenes.  If all the President gets in return is information that any fool can get from a news reader service, it’s time to pull the plug.
Second, it should be alarming because there is actually a need for more intensive and directed news gathering activity than what is available through CNN.  If that isn’t happening and the CIA isn’t doing it, then the real job of keeping our ears to the ground isn’t getting done---and that is worse than simply being ineffective.
Third, the boring sameness of the reports indicates that no real data analysis is going on.  Proper data analysis always yields useful results.  The results of any real data gathering would be interesting and leading to new questions--- but that isn’t happening.
I can take the five year averages of pork belly futures traded on the commodity exchanges of the world and turn that into a truly interesting analysis of world economic and political changes over the same time period.  If the CIA isn’t doing as much, we are in a heap of trouble.
Finally, and most damning, the information Donald Trump is receiving from the CIA has been laundered and tailored to fit a political agenda instead of presenting facts. 
Donald Trump is telling you that the CIA alters the facts to suit political agendas – to get desired results out of the President and manipulate his office and his decision making process – rather than being a trustworthy source of factual information the President can rely on.
Of all the problems presented by what Donald Trump has told you, the American people, this last one should really leave your ears burning. 
If the CIA is serving up politicized information, who or what is driving the political agenda behind the CIA’s editing process? 
Political parties?  Members of Congress?  Lobbyists?  Or some Guru of the George Soros kind?
If the President isn’t getting the straight skinny from the CIA, we need to scrap the whole operation and start over.
When the President is being fed doctored information, he’s playing blind in a game where billions of lives are at stake.

We don’t even know who is doing the stacking of his deck or why, but two things are certain: (1) Donald Trump is President-Elect and he has no reason to lie about what he is directly experiencing; (2) we are paying for it.  
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  1. Here's my opinion - #1) I trust Donald Trump because he did not take that job because he needs the money! He already has more than enough money! #2) Simply because of his name, he is known world-wide to be a scrupulous intelligent business-man who is not in the habit of acting foolishly with others money's or lives and the last thing he wants is for the entire world to view him as arrogant, pompous and foolish (well, drop the first two) and not to do what he said he will do and that is to CLEAN UP THIS MESS OF SO-CALLED GOVERNMENT HE STEPPED INTO! I think, that when he's completed however long of a term he decides to stay for - he will leave a very positive legacy in his wake, probably the first one since Jack Kennedy. (I was in 9th grade when he was assassinated by the Bush's, Rothschild's, Rockefeller's etc. The B.S. about Lee Harvey Oswald doing that was simply that - B.S. in the world in the "days before computers" and instant world-wide communications)

    1. I don't just trust anyone! Trust must be earned and money alone is not the only possible motive for seeking political office. What about ego, power and one's legacy? I reserve judgment however, it's been true for many decades that NOTHING really changes no matter who's residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC. My belief is that they're all corrupt and further power acquisition alone is stimulus to seek office. Government and Religion are both designed to control people and many politicians and religious leaders have noble intentions and then become corrupted by the respective system.Always has been this way and always will be IMHO

  2. Bush & his secretary of state rice fired porter Goss because he tried to clean out the the CIA. The left wing creeps and Thair cheerleading in the media will ware on your nerves.time to see them for how they are .
    leftist of all kinds and dangerious .

  3. The United Nations along with the CFR and the bankers are the ones running things, and a few other globalist organizations are enforcing the goals of this psychotic, delusional group. Hope Trump can see through this evil net and end it.

  4. I am so glad you posted this, Anna. I have been trying to tell people much the same.

  5. This article and the comments clearly show a lack of consistency, and highlight the fact that this is not a real government but a corporation that the people are still mesmerized by. Forget Donald and all he does and stands for because he is not running a legitimate government. Concentrate on expatriating from the corporation and start building a non incorporated local government if you want a constitutional Republic. The goal is to starve the state corporation and eventually replace it with a legitimate government. Stay focused on our real objective of forming Nation States from the ground up.

    1. Not a bad idea! As local governments and the people have more authority than our Federal government'

  6. CIA should have been scraped a long time ago.

  7. With the CIA you have to winnow the chaf from the wheat.
    The CIA has been behind every major conflict and war and problem WE have ever had, They have no problem telling we American people any damned thing they want, if it will acomplish the agenda of the run-its of this world.

  8. Trump has been purposely ignoring these so called "intelligece" meetings, because he already knows they cant wait to tell him outright lies or at best, half truths. And he doesnt want to hear it. He is going to show everyone how a business is suppossed to be run. After all it is a Corp. and he knows it. Dont you just love how he blew off Bowing because they wanted to build a new presidencial "Air Force One" for only $5 billion,as if it was just that easy. That was a message to everyone dealing in govt. contracts that the party is over. The spirit of THE FREE MARGET through commpetative bidding is back and in full force. This president isnt afraid of anyone or anything. In the 1960's when Kennedy took office the American people didnt have access to the internet or so much info through alternative media at the touch of a button. They have wised up. And if anything out of the ordinary hapoebs to Trump now, it will take the entire military to stop the people from the ensueing mayham they will cause.Inside the white house, he is quickly gaining respect and bringing a cohesivness that only the best coaches in the NFL could do....Go Trump!!! Ra, ra, ra...!!!

  9. I'm all for dumping the CIA. Seems to me they are the presidential hitmen/women. Fake reports from them have been used to start wars. Not good. We should dump a lot of those three letter agencies.

  10. Trump has enough money and power now to start his own alternative news channel within the mainstream media channels(between 2 and 13), that will challenge all the retoric they produce with the "TRUTH" and make tons of money at the same time. I guarantee everyone will check into that channel just to make sure the American people are receiving the "truth" about events in question that the mainstream media is trying to "push". We have been waiting for a news channel we can trust when it comes to international politics and crimes committed by our elected officials, especially in congress. "Tell it Like it is" the real news....Tonights news....CIA found to be the actual culprits behind "DNCgate, not Russia. Then later on our news Iraq was found to have weapons of mass destruction....except they didnt go "boom". The real weapon they found was "commercial instraments" challanging the UNITED STATES paper debt notes(commonly called dollars). Dont miss this special. You know how fast that channel could bring the rest of the American people who still remain ignorant , suddenly up to speed with the rest of us...


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