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Monday, December 12, 2016

The Short List

By Anna Von Reitz

There is just so much about it.

A name is NOT the "same as" the man or the thing it labels.

Think about it. You "accept" the idea that your name is yours, like a bicycle or a chest of drawers--- but is it?

What if your name is John Robert Brown. Is it possible and even likely that there are numerous John Robert Browns in the world?

What if your name is The United States of America? It is just a name, folks. Like John Robert Brown.

So now you've got a bunch of whack jobs claiming to be "The United States of America"---- their version of "The United States of America" anyway.

"The United States of America" was the name of an association of states a long time ago. It was created by a charter called The Articles of Confederation. A charter is a contractual agreement.

This particular contract was destroyed when the Southern states left the Union created by that agreement. Why?

Because a contract has to be consensual and it cannot be maintained by force.

This is one of the most fundamental of all laws--- The Law of Free Will.

The Union States attempted to force the Southern states to return by military victory, but the original Southern states never agreed, never succumbed.

There is no peace treaty in existence ending the American Civil War.

I have looked long and hard and so have many, many others. All of you are welcome to look for yourselves.

The North claimed victory. "Peace" was declared--- by President Johnson, at least for the land jurisdiction. But there is no Peace Treaty. Not then. Not now. There is no return on record of the original states ever mending the breach that happened in 1860.

Instead, the bankruptcy trustees in charge of the Union states made up new "states" and pretended that all was well. They created "states of states" corporations named after the original states and drummed up a new corporate constitution and except for the insiders nobody was the wiser.

That same jury-rigged system of using corporations to "represent" our lawful government--- but not be our lawful government-- has carried on to this day.

It was to their financial advantage to do this in 1865 and the perps gain from continuing this practice, but the truth will out.

"The United States of America" fronted in 1868 wasn't our lawful government then at the end of the hostilities and isn't now.

And you don't need to take my word for it. Look for any Peace Treaty ending the American Civil War. Send me a copy when you find such a unicorn, for I am prepared to declare that it does not exist.

Show me any part of Law that condones non-consensual contracts. Or for that matter, assures any contract in perpetuity?

Write to the Congressional Research Service and ask--- "Have the Reconstruction Acts ever been repealed? Are they still in effect?"

Do your own due diligence and see what you shall see all by yourselves. No need to fight over who or what or where I am or anything at all about all the labels certain self-interested groups have tried to use on me. Just look these things up for yourselves and let your own research inform you.
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  1. Southern states had the right to succeed. That was not contested they were set up north was asked not to bring a war ship into Charleston harbor but they did a act of war .deliberately provoking a fight.

  2. Hmm- seemsthose troops in Ft. Sumpter needed to eat,eh?
    Meas egua supplies must be brought- and of course were by any means needed. No American warship shot at those in rebellion.

    You should read Lincoln's first inaugural- March 4th, 1861.
    Quite enlightening. Pretty foolish to open fire on your brother and family to protect the few super wealthy creeps that will use you for cannon fodder to keep their filthy lucre and reprehensible lifestyle by treating people as animals.
    No Lincoln did not fire on them- they were determined to sucede during Buchanan's administration and his Secretary of War Floyd had pilfered all the Norths arms he could secretly send south well before Lincoln's run for the presidency ever started.
    It had been a cold war just like now with the Far-Left Democrats pushing their agenda down OUR throats since the Comprom8se of 1850, Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 and Dred Scott in 1857.
    The slavery issue was pushed back again and again in trying to end it before the War for Independence- but the British refused to allow it and it onoy became more ensconced 5hen in the South whereas eventually banned in most of the North. Jefferson tried repeatedly to cause it to be gradually outlawed and was chastised for that view constantly. He could not legally release his own slaves he inherited from his father. Besides a million slaves freed did not have opportunity to live let alone advance.
    It was an Albatross around Americas neck with no easy way out and all of it very very sad to then come to Americans killing each other in a conflict that dwarfs all others WE have been in since. It was horrendous and sickening to have happened- My knees gave way and I wept at Gettysburg for the awful slaughter there that had occurred all around where I knelt(more than the entire Vietnam conflict police action). How many fine and great peoples never came home or were born since that might have made this world a better place. That War ended just 46yrs before Ronald Reagan was born- Vietnam was ended 41yrs ago= same thing.
    And now the reality of if an unborn child is a person still receives no official declaration of "Yes they are" and covered under the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    A waay bigger deal than enslavement even with 60,000,000 now murdered in the sanctity of their mothers womb like they are a cancer. To be trashed or God forbid sold as body parts like chickens. This nation will pay a fearful price for this atrocity that will soon rival Mao Tse Tong and has already surpassed Stalin and Hitler combined. And this time it won't be brother against brother but a Islamis Jihad that gladly will launch multiple warhead nuclear weapons from a cargo ship off shore.
    Obama just gave the monsters $170 BILLION to do it. Sorry to be a bummer but it needed to be said...

  3. So how about calling all this The Fraud of Free Will.....

  4. Anna, for over a year you have said that the first government service company owned by the Virginia Company, dating back to 1754 or so, was United States. Today you are saying "The United States of America" was the name of an association of states a long time ago. It was created by a charter called The Articles of Confederation. Now my efforts to confirm either one have failed, so, I haven't been able to confirm either and was forced to take your word for this, now, we have a variation from what you first said. Which is it? You really should tell us if new information has been discovered that disproves the first. None of us has the research tools you have, which is why I keep dinging you to tell us WHERE WE can go ourselves. Even the phone number you gave us for someone from your "living law group" was a disappointment. When I called the number, and talked to some guy who answered, he didn't want to discuss how I could work with him. I like what you say on your site and all, but hesitate to jump right in if it can't be confirmed.



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