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Monday, December 12, 2016

More Bogus Claims from Keith Livingway and "The United States of America"

By Anna Von Reitz

Today more bogus claims from Keith Livingway and "The United States of America" organization (being run out of Post Office boxes in Costa Rica) have surfaced.  In addition to the counterfeit legal tender being issued by these hucksters and other outrageous acts aimed at attempted constructive fraud against us, they have issued a commercial claim alleging that birthright citizenship exists only in the District of Columbia and not the actual sovereign states.

And guess what?   They are actually right about that---- "birthright citizenship" equals "hereditary serfdom" --- and what would the free and sovereign states of America be doing practicing hereditary serfdom?

Here's the "trick" folks---- look up the legal definition of "citizen".   Citizenship implies obligation to serve the government, instead of having the government serve you.  So if you are a "Citizen" (territorial jurisdiction) or a "citizen of the United States" (municipal jurisdiction) you are either an employee of the federal corporation (territorial Citizen) or a dependent of the federal corporation (municipal citizen) and in either case, you are subservient to the "federal government" which has never been a sovereign government in the entirety of its existence. 

They are trying to deceive you into enslaving yourself, trying to make you think that you are missing out on something, that you are supposed to be a "birthright citizen"---- when you aren't.

As proof of their crock o' you-know-what, they offer the case of Minneapolis v. Reum.  Mr. Reum, an immigrant to Minnesota, retained his European citizenship and did not undertake the steps necessary to complete becoming a Minnesotan.  He merely intended to do so. 

As a result he couldn't claim state national status as a Minnesotan nor federated state citizenship in the "State of Minnesota" either one, and had to be considered a foreigner even under federal "dual citizenship" provisions.

La-dee-dah.  That's like an apple claiming to be either an orange or a kumquat and having the judge declare that it is neither.  Whoopee.   Minneapolis v. Reium has no bearing at all on the argument that the bogus "office of the Secretary of State" of the equally bogus organization merely calling itself "The United States of America" is trying to make. 

It's true that the sovereign nation states have no "birthright citizens"----- nobody in a free country or estate is "born" into a condition of servitude to the government. 

Only those unfortunate enough to be born in the District of Columbia to parents who are not "natural born citizens" of one of the sovereign states are actually "birthright citizens"----meaning that they are born into a condition of serfdom to the federal corporation and its directors, the members of the United States Congress, because they are otherwise "stateless". 

Instead, in the sovereign states, we are born as "natural people" on the land jurisdiction of our country, which is the state.   We are born as "state nationals" of Wisconsin, California, Texas, Vermont, etc., and we are known as "Wisconsinites" and "Californians" and "Texans" and "Vermonters".....   That is our "natural estate".  we only become "citizens" of any of the states when we accept employment as a public official or public employee of one of the states, at which point we become a "Citizen of Vermont", etc., for the duration of our service, which can include being a member of a Jural Assembly. 

The Keith Livingway version of "The United States of America" ---- the business name of a defunct religious non-profit corporation formed in the middle of the Civil War and bankrupted in 1907---- and now suffering an attempted zombie-like resurrection --- was never our lawful government and still isn't.

The government owed to us, "the free, sovereign, and independent people  of the United States", is not a government of serfs all serving the interests of a commercial corporation.  The government owed to us serves us.  Period.

And therein lies the rub for Keith Livingway and all the other wannabe federal despots.  The records concerning all of this are painfully clear and those who have been administering our property "for" us have been found extremely wanting. 

This organization merely calling itself "The United States of America" is based on deceptions and half-truths and the misuse and abuse of an old business name that has entered the Public Domain, so as to work a constructive fraud and serve as a means to make false claims against the people and the states.

We don't believe in feudalism, monarchs, or hereditary serfdom in this country, so as a result, we don't practice "birthright citizenship".  The federal organization does because it is and has always been a British operation since Day One.   It and its "federated states of states" which are nothing but local franchises of the federal corporation, have nothing to do with us and our actual political status and government.

They are under contract to provide us with certain enumerated governmental services and as a result, they exercise some of our delegated powers-----nothing more or else.

Wake up, America, wake up!   The Brits and the French Central Bank are both trying to pull another Fast One and saddle us with their debts and leave us at the mercy of their creditors. 

They are deliberately trying to "switch identities" and pretend to be us, pretending to be our government, pretending that we are their "citizens"-----subject to their whims and responsible for paying their debts. 

It's time we all said a Big, Fat ---- "Hell, no!"  --- and said it loud enough and with enough knowledge and authority to make it stick and convince these con men that the jig is really, truly, finally up.  We know what they are, who they are, what they are trying to pull off and we aren't putting up with it anymore.

"The United States of America" like "The New Republic" (which I call "Le Neu Republique") and The Republic for the united States of America and the Unity States of America----- are all organizations trying to claim that they are the federal government owed to our nation states.  And none of them are.

The federal government we are owed is composed of elected State Citizens (Minnesotans choosing to serve the Minnesota State and therefore at least temporarily considered a "Citizen" and servant of the Minnesota State government, for example) serving as Fiduciary Deputies in a properly seated Continental Congress representing the lawful land jurisdiction governments of the sovereign states "in congress assembled". 

Not a "federal government" composed of Territorial Citizens (Federal State of Minnesotans born to be serfs serving the State of Minnesota corporation) and serving as "Representatives" in a "United States Congress" --- which rightfully only conducts the internal business of the governmental services corporation and whatever tasks are necessary to deliver the nineteen enumerated services we contracted to receive.

They are all nothing but fakes of one stripe or another making false claims against us and against our assets ----and at best, by implied contract for services being rendered.

It's time to pull the plug on all this nonsense.  The Brits have bungled things and lied to us and to the rest of the world about us for the last time.  Ditto the French. 

The government of the people, by the people, and for the people has to be organized and exerted from the bottom up, not the top down. 

The actual pecking order is from the people to the township to the county and from the county to the state and then---- dead last in the pecking order---- a small portion of the power delegated to the actual state government is further delegated to the federal government.

According to Texas v. White the sovereign state is indicated by a small "s"----- Wisconsin state, for example.  The fully empowered state government of Wisconsin is the Wisconsin State government.  That's why Madison is called the "Wisconsin State Capitol" and not the "State of Wisconsin Capitol". 

The "State of Wisconsin" is the name of a federal corporation franchise operated by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation in territorial jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor).

The STATE OF WISCONSIN is the name of a foreign municipal corporation franchise operated by the UNITED STATES, INC., by the IMF.

And neither one of these "state of" organizations are anything but foreign  corporations like Sears or GM in the business of providing governmental services to the actual states and people as subcontractors to the actual State government.

Wisconsin state > Wisconsin State > State of Wisconsin > STATE OF WISCONSIN

Sovereign jurisdiction > National jurisdiction > Territorial jurisdiction > Municipal jurisdiction.

Everyone got that? 

And these things calling themselves deceptive names---- "The United States of America" and "The New Republic" and "The united States of America" and "The Unity States of America" and so on?  What are they?  

Nothing but foreign corporations trying to seize control of what?  The foreign (British) federal government corporation and foreign (French) municipal government corporation operating the territorial and municipal jurisdictions of the United States of America (Minor).

It's nothing but a big fight over who gets to provide the enumerated governmental services to the actual states and its a fight because we, the people, haven't been doing our part and riding herd on how these foreign corporations are doing business "in our behalf".

We haven't required an accounting and proper functioning from them for generations. We have stood by and let them steal our identity via deceptively similar names fraud. We've let them "assume" contracts we never agreed to, charge us for services we never ordered. and bill things against our credit that we never authorized. 

They've had a field day at our expense.  Waged war for profit "in our names".  Gotten away with every kind of graft, greed, and corruption----- and blamed it all on us, because we have been asleep at the wheel, just trusting what we (wrongly) believed was our lawful government instead of a bunch of weasel-like foreign contractors merely providing governmental services under contract.

Well, people, it's Christmas time.  Wake up. Hear the bells ring.

And if anyone calls you a "birthright citizen"---- that is, accuses you of being a hereditary serf owned by the government---- shove his nose back into his eye sockets.

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  1. The radicals have corperation s out of our states and every office is listed with Thair Dunn &Bradstreet corperate regestration. They hide behind Thair immunity limited liability . We're all socialist now bull call em on it .your a foreign corperation using corperate law (statutes ) the city just wipps.up at will. And the law of the constitution be no no justice scillia wason our side and said our common llaw courtcan not be qquestioned not even by the supreme Court . End of story.


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