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Friday, May 27, 2016

Reply for Tony --- Unanswered Letters 16 -- No, Not Like Karen Hudes in Any Respect

by Anna Von Reitz

On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 7:06 PM, Tony wrote:

Dear Mr Stramer,
I have read a letter (linked to your site) concerning a debt transmittal letter as written by Anna Von Reitz.

Near the end, she writes "I am also.....authorizing the transfer of credit from our trust accounts to cover all debts of UNITED STATES, INC. This...."

I have tried to listen to her debates with karen hudes with much frustration. It seems both women want the same thing but each wants to be the boss who lets the world banking cartel off the hooks free and clear. Neither will concede it is not their money to give to anybody. However, both seem to be the self-appointed spokespersons for their cause.

Years ago, I first read the words re-told recently on a video about a story concerning Davy Crockett giving some money away that was not his to give (and he did it without permission & on his own accord). It seems that both these women need to sit side-by-side and mutually work out their ego differences and Get 'er done! A thought crosses my mind wondering who died and left them in charge. It sure was not Davy Crockett or he would have left notes on how not to spend other people's money.

I have been actively involved in this same movement since 1999. Never spent a penny of someone else's money without their consent and encouragement. Yes, I am a free man and do not need a woman to tell me so, but am willing to listen to thoughtful suggestions -- never edicts.

No need for name calling. No need for fights. State your rightful claim. Stand your ground.


And here is Anna's answer:

If Tony had bothered to read and use his head instead of his mouth, he would have seen the next sentence, requiring them to put the arbitration process in motion which will allow us to unload all odious debt for things we didn't order and didn't benefit from.  

What Tony and many others don't quite grasp is that in a debt-credit system a credit is created at the same time as any debt, so if there is a "National Debt" there is also already an answering "National Credit".  The IMF dba UNITED STATES, INC. didn't pay its creditors and used us as the excuse.  They said we hadn't paid our bills and settled our accounts---that is, we hadn't done our part and applied our National Credit to the National Debt so as to bring the account balances back to zero.  The excuse for this is that nobody having the right political status to order the accounting correction had authorized it. 

So I did. 

If I hadn't, it would have been used as an excuse to claim that we are NOT the Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and that we are merely the sureties for their debts, and that would have allowed Secondary Creditors like the IMF and the FEDERAL RESERVE and the GOVERNMENT OF FRANCE to come in here and start mass evictions and police actions and seizures of our land, homes, and businesses. 

Any idea that I "let them off the hook" is a completely backward misreading of what actually happened.  I forced them to correct an "accounting error" that would have provided them an excuse for using all the commercial mercenary organizations that they have in place on our soil operating under color of law. 

If Tony would rather see mass starvation, murder, crematoriums, internment camps, and the destruction of the American people --- who are in fact the Priority Creditors of these rats---- for lack of accounting savvy, let him be the first to go to a FEMA Camp.  

My actions forestalled that outcome and at the same time held the appropriate feet to the fire for all the odious debt they charged off against our accounts.  

And no, I do not want the same thing as Karen Hudes.  Karen Hudes wants immunity for her Bosses and she wants profit for their banks at our expense.  I have had quite enough of both.  I believe that criminals who defraud innocent people should go to jail.  And I believe that the accounting should be made right. 

These banks know what they've done, and they are scared.  So do various governments feel the need to hide their faces.  Coming out of World War II they had to borrow huge amounts of money and resources and credit from the Americans.  This is a fact that everyone knows.  But the amount plus interest due back to us is insurmountable.  It would have crushed the European and Commonwealth and Japanese economies for generations.  So they hit upon the fraud scheme as a means to "off load" their own debt onto us.  It almost succeeded.  

The plain fact of the matter is that Americans are filthy rich, yet have lived as drudges and slaves working for these European crooks for the past six generations and serving as cannon fodder in their wars for profit.  

Neither I nor anyone I know favors a Nazi-style "killing of the creditors"as an answer to this ridiculous situation and nobody cares about imaginary debts and imaginary money, either. We must all come to realize that we have been utterly snookered by the bankers who could care less if we trade in gold, paper, or wampum beads, so long as they can control the production and supply of whatever it is we are using as "money".  

In this case, what the rest of the world owes us is nothing more than digits on a ledger and we certainly don't owe anything at all.  We can't--- why?  Because every debt in a debt-credit system creates an equal and answering credit. They held the debt side of the ledger and we held the positive side of the ledger, so all that "controversy" was nothing but a political device aimed at excusing acts of criminal violence against the innocent American People and seizure of our property under conditions of deceit and color of law. 

We are the Priority Creditors of every nation on this planet except for Russia and China, North Korea, and a very small handful of other smaller countries.  They owe us more than they can pay us back.  So the first step is to balance the National Debt against the National Credit and get rid of that Red Herring created by fraud and dishonest accounting. And the next is to look at the actual accounting. 

When we do, it will be clear that instead of being trillions of dollars in debt, we are trillions upon trillions of dollars in the black, and in a position to: (1) end the corrupt banking system once and for all; (2) make sure that everyone on this planet has a chance to live a decent life; (3) bring forward the suppressed technologies that can save us and our planet. 

So, Tony, what do you want?  World War III and a Nazi-style purging of America?  Or the settlement of debts that are petty in comparison with our credits and the chance for the whole world to make a new start?
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  2. THERE IS NO DEBT WE OWE!!! All we have to do is claim an offsetting credit...why don't people get it?


  3. What also needs to happen is a fair distribution of our natural resources so that every American has security for their whole lives. So a free share of land and enough resources to make oneself self sustaining must be the priority if we want a peaceful transition from the old system to the new.

    The same people who created the money also created the idea that we must pay for the use of land in order to deserve it - otherwise we are degraded bums who deserve to live homeless in the streets along with our children. It is time to honor what is magnificent in each one of us by insisting that it is a human right to live in dignity as our basic principle of our society/s.

    The crime of theft from the rest of us by the predator class is so egregious that despite 400 years of our ancestors and ourselves working ceaselessly for generations only 10.4% of adult Americans own their own homes outright. And even they are subject to taxes which if unpaid can steal the home, or an extreme medical event which insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies have made so violently expensive that it is almost a certainty that they will take those homes from us too.

    So, if we don't want to experience what the Venezuelans are suffering we need to get hold of this situation, like cowboys lassoing a bull, and brand the whole things as OURs. Then take active steps to ensure that each and every one of us has the means to be secure and we will have created a safe & peaceful environment.

    1. Well put. The source of my frustration and contempt for the aystem has shown its ugly evil head, now to take aim.

  4. OMG, it is so sad that Tony has to have such a small mind concerning humanity. I for one, am very grateful to Anna and any and all that are helping free us. <3

  5. WOW. . .Anna I nominate you for our Supreme Court! As the gangsters get exposed you can lock them up! What an abomination! I STAND WITH YOU AND ALL PATRIOTS "LOCKED AND LOADED!"

  6. anna i know if it wasnt for you we would be screwed i read your first letter years ago and everything you wrote since i do believe these banksters need to be locked up for there crimes the rest resides with the Father and thank you for what you have done.

  7. How can we help? Are we supposed to take the template and write in to someone? Or is this a wait and see mode were in?

  8. Anna I support you and your efforts wholeheartedly. It is hard to understand how once it's explained in very clear English, that people just don't seem to 'get it'. I applaud your patience and your steadfastness and more so your willingness to keep on keeping on when so many people try to hamper your efforts. There are many of us who are praying for your safety and your strength and who love you for what you are doing for all of us. Thank you so much for your courage to grab this monster by the tail, believing that God is with you, and eject him back to the pit.
    Thank you just doesn't express it all but those are the only words I know to express my appreciation to you so THANK YOU.


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