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Monday, May 9, 2016

"Naturalized Citizenship" -- Unanswered Letters 14 --- For Mors

by Anna Von Reitz

Every day I get letters from people who have come to America seeking peace and freedom. These immigrants have come -- in many cases --- from war-torn places, out of situations of poverty, threat, and fear.  They have come as all our forefathers did in search of freedom and it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell them that they have been cheated.  

They have not been granted State Citizen status, because the lawful state governments were disrupted and never acted officially to grant it.  Instead, these immigrants and all  have only inherited "US citizenship"---- that is, they have been "claimed" as "citizens of the United States" merely "residing" here. 

The same profoundly limited status has been conferred on Native Americans, African Americans; and all those "corporate personas" created under the 14th Amendment of the Corporate Constitution and merely named after American State Nationals are considered "citizens of the United States".  So are federal employees and military personnel. 

What can I say? 
This is what the rats in Washington, DC have done.  We have not yet organized ourselves to right the course of our ship of state sufficiently to make the correction needed. That will take action by actual continental state legislatures and the convening of a "Continental Congress" ---- as opposed to a "United States Congress"--- for the first time in 150 years. 

Meantime, everyone who is considered "a citizen of the United States" and who cannot directly escape that political status, needs to support the efforts of the birthright American State Nationals to assert and maintain their "Natural and Unalienable Rights" because the "Equal Civil Rights" you are guaranteed depend on us retaining our birthright political status and our guaranteed Natural and Unalienable Rights.

In the days to come you will all have choices to make--- and the most fundamental choice will be how you choose to live your life and what you dedicate your life to.  That choice will determine your fate and the fate of the world.  Will you dedicate your lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the proposition that all men are created equal?  Will you set your sights on freedom, not merely "liberty"?  Will you make care-taking of your land and your families and your neighbors and your planet your priority---and your responsibility? 

You were given all your Natural and Unalienable Rights by your Creator the moment you were conceived and nobody and nothing has any right to ignore that fact, nor any claim upon you nor your assets---which includes your Natural and Unalienable Rights. 

It's not given to the "government" of the United States to "recognize" or "not recognize" your Natural and Unalienable Rights, nor to maintain your "Equal Civil Rights" either.  In the final analysis, it is up to each one of us to stand our ground against the common evils of oppression and say with Daniel Webster and Patrick Henry in paraphrase --- "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." 

This is a key concept for all people everywhere to grasp and hold on to: we must respect and defend the rights of all others in order to retain and enjoy those same rights ourselves. The moment we trespass upon the natural rights of others, we sow the seeds of the destruction of our own rights.  

Thus I call on every "Naturalized Citizen" to assert their "Equal Civil Rights" and to support our claim to our "Natural and Unalienable Rights" so that in days to come we may all stand together and fully and freely and finally admit that there are not classes of men based on color or creed or political associations, but one family of Mankind first and foremost and forevermore, all endowed by our Nature and our Creator with all the gifts that are uniquely ours. 
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  1. You said that the American Indian, African American, and Corporate Personas have limited status under the 14th Amendment. Does that mean that we in this class are not citizens? Does this mean that we our US Citizenship as we know it to be is invalid?

    1. No, it means that your "citizenship" is limited to that of a U.S. person, and not recognized as a flesh and blood man or woman. I believe the American Indian could shed this presumption easily by expatriation from the system, but the others, whose ancestors weren't born on the soil here before 1863, would not be able to.


  2. It is our right to choose the corporate or the unincorporated constitution ("of" or "for"). We choose by the judicial actions we accept or protest.

    We choose, from the beginning, by disclosing our name, or not, to the judicial system trying to contract with us. Our name gives permission for a default system unless we assert our sovereignty and protest. What about the ignorant or weak? The default system prevails for them. Who sets the default system, anyway? Why should we accept it?

    We can only claim "equality" when these choices are freely and informatively made.

    Today America is in a 'twilight zone" of justice, an apartheid justice. Try to explain this to a recent immigrant. It simply looks like the apartheid systems they are fleeing.

    Americans are not informed of their choices. Most Americans don't even know to ask. The default system results in pure apartheid between the informed and the uninformed.

    Tracer number 2640220 requires disclosures. Support and find support for tracer number 2640220.

    Do we really want to shop in a supermarket with no ingredient labels? Do we really want to live under legal systems without full disclosures? Both situations are unhealthy.

    Double the law is not double the fun for anyone but lawyers.



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