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Saturday, December 26, 2015

None of the Post- Civil War Amendments apply to us.- Judge Anna

From Anna Von Reitz:

I've got news for everyone---- NONE of the Post-Civil War Amendments apply to us.  

I used to think (because they reconvened something calling itself The United States in Congress Assembled between April and December of 1865) that the 13th Amendment claiming to "abolish slavery" had been lawfully added to the actual Constitution as well as the "corporate" Constitution----- but I no longer think so. I think it was bogus throughout and that NONE of the "Amendments" from the 13th onward have EVER been properly enabled or ratified.  The 14th certainly wasn't and the 16th certainly wasn't and we have proof. 

You have to be aware that "citizenship" is related to public service of a body politic.  We are not acting as "citizens" when we are acting in our natural capacity as people. The two capacities are mutually exclusive.  "Sovereign Citizen" is an oxymoron --- impossible to be sovereign and citizen at the same time.  So while claiming one's Natural and Unalienable rights and Native sovereignty, we NOT acting as "citizens".  We are acting as one of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States".  

I am too tired to go on at this time, but this is a topic that deserves a lot of discussion --- 

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  1. Is "citizenship" a maritime term? Since we are not on board the citizen ship we are only a collective group. We are acting as one of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States"?. What has become of our "straw man"?


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