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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Explanation of Lawful Money versus Legal Tender --- Management of "Personal" Accounts

by Anna Von Reitz

We have the choice to use either "lawful money" or "government script"----- at least in theory, but in fact, they have established a coercive monopoly leading to conditions of "monopoly inducement"----- the only currency made readily available is the "Federal Reserve Note" or checks, etc., all "denominated" in Federal Reserve Notes------ so how to you force the rats to use "lawful money"? 

Well, you can't really force them to literally use lawful money, because they don't have any,  but you can force them to "denominate" whatever currency is being used "as" lawful money.  

In other words, even though they don't have actual United States Silver Dollars, you can force them to pretend that they do and credit your account accordingly "as if" every digit related to your account was representing a United States Silver Dollar.  

The key is to realize that the word "personal" has been redefined for their purposes to mean "corporate" and that the corporation uses "Federal Reserve Notes" as currency, so that when you cluelessly set up a "personal checking account" you are in fact setting up a "corporate checking account" for a government corporation franchise operated "in your NAME"------ and every digit passing through that account is being "presumed" to represent "Federal Reserve Notes".  

Unless you object and inform the bank that yours is a "private account" and that all deposits to and transfers from the accounts associated with your name must be "denominated" as "lawful money"---- your account will be presumed to belong to the federal corporation franchise they are running in your NAME and all deposits and withdrawals will be considered "Federal Reserve Notes" ----- corporate monopoly money as well.  Even worse, the bank will presume that the funds in these corporate franchise accounts belong to the corporation(s) and not to you; this is how they propose to have the ability to seize your bank accounts, 401K's, etc.  

I recommend informing the local banks with a simple letter instructing them to denominate all funds deposited to and transferred between and out of accounts held in your name as lawful money.  By doing this, you put the banks on the griddle if they ever try to "nationalize" your accounts, because you have chosen to operate using lawful money--- which is not their "money".  

Be sure and use US Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested when you send the letter and retain the receipt when you receive it back to give plausible proof of your action. 


  1. Do you know if anyone has done this yet and was successful? How will you know if we are successful? I don't have a bank account for this very reason. They want a street address in DC and an id with a street address or you can't get an account at all.

  2. If I instruct bank to denominate all funds deposited to and transferred between and out of accounts held in my name as lawful money could they in revenge close my account.

  3. This may be a bit off topic...but: bank employees are clueless. A couple of years ago I went around to banks asking bankers if they knew how banks create money. Some people just gave me a puzzled look and others admitted they had no idea. One banker, the 14th I talked with, was a female loan officer. Apparently, she studied money and banking in college as I did; she knew that her bank created "money" when it made a loan. I think this article would be too far over the heads of most bank employees to include the bank officers. They just wouldn't get it. As for me, I'd never swap one of my Silver Eagles for a single federal reserve note.

    1. I agree Capt Kent I'd never swap a silver coin for any of their fiat counterfeit currency and I have never kept any large amount of $ in their banks. I sold a truck last year and demanded cash! So the bankster issued a cashiers check and I autographed it with All my Natural rights reserved without prejudice UCC 1-308 The teller gave me the FRN's and wanted to photocopy my drivers license. I told her no way will she photocopy my license. So I took the funds and went to town and coverted into metals and other tangible supply's. 2 days later I get a call from the kid I sold the truck to and he said his banker was going to call his note if I did not let them photocopy my license. So I asked the kid to give me the Banksters Name and I typed up a note for him to deliver to his banker. In it I told him I would sue him personally and as an agent of and for the bank! citing Title 18 section 242,& 243 the kid said the banker said who is this character artie? He's right we do not need to photo his license. But outside of this case your right most tellers & bankers have no clue about how money is created or what their doing!


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