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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Fat is now in the Fire - The Cabal is on the run, and can't answer!

by Paul Stramer

Are you wondering if the battle for freedom can be won, short of a second American Revolution or civil war?   The cabal is on a timeline now they can't avoid!

An Affidavit and Commercial Lien has been filed in Mesa County Colorado against the cabal that will change everything.  It CAN NOT BE ANSWERED because it is 100% true.  It is a true bill or affidavit of facts.

This lien has an S.E.C. trace number of  2640220.

It MUST be answered by January 15th 2016, or the Lien Debtors must pay 279 Trillion dollars to the Lien Claimants, the American people.  This document can NOT be reviewed by any "court" as it is a commercial affidavit operating in the land jurisdiction, and under commercial law.

Over 50 claimants have spoken on behalf of the entire people or living American nationals who live on the land of the united States of America, claiming what has been stolen under the color of law by pirates operating in the jurisdiction of the sea, or Admiralty/Maritime law, who have conspired to trick the American living people into their 'courts' and jails with Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, Intimidation and outright lies, and lack of full disclosure. These are all fraudulent contracts. They are null and void for fraud.
There is NO statute of limitations on fraud. Fraud vitiates and cancels all contracts that it touches.

The stench that rises from this dung heap of lies screams to high heaven for vengeance, but the Lord says vengeance is His, not ours, so we will have to be satisfied by REMEDY AND RECOMPENSE, thereby keeping the peace, and offering forgiveness after the repentance demanded by God Himself before he forgives our sins.  This forgiveness will be forthcoming for the cabal only after they confess their sins and pay the damages they have pirated from Americans.

This might be the very last chance we have to solve the problems of out of control "government" in America by peaceful means. The claimants of this affidavit are real peacemakers, giving their opponents a real chance to repent and make their restitution without the use of physical force if their lien debtors show good faith and answer their allegations in the affidavit/lien/indictment.

Here is the actual lien document that was filed on October 15th, 2015 in Colorado.

See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website here:


  1. When one of the bankers in the subprime meltdown of 2005 was confronted with the fact that the whole economic mess was crated because the bankers were doing business unethically, the reply was: yes, what we did was unethical, but we won't stop until we are FORCED to stop, tells you everything you need to know about this situation. Better keep the powder dry cause these turds only respond to FORCE. Anything else is a license to steal.

    1. Mao Zhe Dong famously said 'Power comes out of the barrel of a gun'

    2. Neutrality-Nonduality-Sovereignty is an option.

      Notice that it is always possible to transcend the system rather than to fight it. In the world of duality, humans are taught that taking sides is the only option.
      No matter which labels, candidate, camp or division you adopt, you perpetuate separation, inequality, and conflict every moment you believe in self and other.
      Tuning into universal connection offers another point of view.
      This requires one be brutally honest about the beliefs one holds in order to see through the extent of manipulation of human consciousness.
      Only when one is willing to change one's own behavior can one move beyond the fear-based paradigm.
      Recognize no matter what events appear to be unfolding your midst, playing the game of duality is not the only option.
      Illuminate and empower yourself.

  2. Holding a lien over unaccountable elected or appointed officials creates an environment where these tyrants can and should be held accountable.

    Tim Ravndal
    Townsend Montana

    1. You are absolutely right Tim.
      And there is that lien.

    2. Thanks for the lien S.E.C. trace number of 2640220.

      Paul, is there a 'signed' copy of the AFFIDAVIT OF OBLIGATION INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL LIEN you can post here for everyone? Thank you.

  3. Where do I make a claim? BTW true to the first statement. War is inevitable. I'll keep my fingers crossed and load my gun at the same time

    1. Read the lien for your answer. The sheriffs are charged by the defacto courts to eject people from their homes to protect the banks in their land grabs. The federal branch of this, the US Marshals, are charged with collecting this wealth, and per the lien they will receive 20% of whatever they collect, so talk to your state Marshal. On page 41 of the lien it says this "The US Marshals, having been given the preponderance of
      evidence, and probable causes stated, herein, that crimes have
      been committed, and that, crimes are being committed, shall
      under their own authority, jurisdiction, and powers, as dejure
      Marshals & Sheriffs, commence, IMMEDIATELY, with serving
      Notice of this Writ of Injunction & Restraint/Cease & Desist,
      without the need of a court order, or warrant, as is their
      privilege, duty, and obligation, under Law.
      4. On the NINETY-FIRST (91st) DAY after receipt of this Lien, the
      US Marshals & Interpol, are to commence, at once, with the
      freezing, forfeiture, and seizing, of all corporate, personal,
      public, private, and individual properties, accounts, and
      assets, known to be in the possession of, or under control of,
      the A.B.A., I.B.A., D.O.J., and/or any & all of their
      corporate contractors, however related.
      5. Fair compensation shall be made for the anticipated expenses &
      services rendered by these agents, and for their abiding by
      their own Oaths of Office (
      text/28/563). The US Marshal Service & Interpol will receive
      TWENTY(20%) of the recovered assets, and these funds will be
      divided equally. A Promissory Note shall be tendered to the
      dejure United States Treasury, and earmarked to the US Marshal
      Service & Interpol in this amount. The full face amount of
      the Promissory Note will be made payable to the US Marshal
      Service & Interpol immediately upon the successful recovery,
      reclamation, and return, of the Lien Claimant’s “Accounts
      6. Should it ever be miscontrued, or misrepresented, that this
      Promissory Note, and/or payments made to the US Marshal
      Service & Interpol, is some form of bribery, the Lien
      Claimants shall argue & deny same, and declare these funds
      lawful & appropriate compensation for the tasks & expenses the
      US Marshals & Interpol are tasked & charged with. These funds
      constitute stolen & pirated properties & assets of the
      American people, and these compensations are to be considered
      “bounties,” “prizes,” and “rewards” for honest service by the
      people’s law enforcement agencies & agents."

  4. Yes! Excellent. We are shielded by the Law, have properly challenged these criminals with our sovereign standing in Law and they have no way out, period. Even if they run and hid in their subterranean abodes, they will be hunted down, arrested, and those who survive their death sentence will be shipped off-world confined for life. May justice be firm.

    Thank you Paul for keeping true freedom and remedy exposed.


  5. It can't be answered, so you are probably right that it will not be responded to, but that works in the favor of those who have filed the lien, and I bet you have not read the lien itself.
    If they don't respond to this commercial lien, it can't be reviewed by any "court" because at that point in time, January 15th 2015, it becomes perfected at law and fully collectable.
    You might be right that nobody will have backbone enough to actually go collect it right now, but there is no time limit on the collection once the lien is perfected, so we will see.

    1. We should all work on this together. With 18.5 million empty homes in America and more than half a million homeless we have our own refugee problem to solve right here in America. And check out this link to get an idea of how much land and resources are actually available to us if we disallow the unnatural hoarding by the mentally deranged among us.

  6. Despite your optimism, I am confident that you will not get a single dollar from this "lien". You certainly won't get anything from James Broadhead, who died and was buried in 1898.
    Your affidavit makes statements, supposedly of fact, which are mere supposition and not factual. You jump to wild conclusions (e.g., that the establishment of the ABA was an act of piracy, or that the ABA regulates who can practice law). And most significant, you are trying to extract money for yourself from claims of criminal offenses which, if true, affected everyone (or at least affected multitudes of people) - as if you don't mind the crime continuing as long as you get money from it; this is completely wrong.
    On the other hand, you may yet see this lien responded to in court. The ABA and the IBA (the IBA has only about a thousand American members - lawyers whose work takes them into foreign countries) may sue you for slander of title arising from meritless liens on their property.

    1. They have every opportunity to reply to the accusations. And your cynical insinuation that this is merely a money grab by the creators of it ignores the fact that they have included ALL Americans as the beneficiaries of the stolen wealth of our country. Get a life.

  7. I have read the lien, and it is total BS. It's really hard to believe that someone with a law degree wrote this. Those who wrote it either have a total misunderstanding of the entire premise; or, they are intentionally misleading ignorant followers. Believe what you want, but get your excuses ready for why this did not work.

    1. Please explain yourself. I read the whole thing at it appears to me to be the most rational thing I've read, ever.

  8. Do you have a better idea, or are you just a waste of space?

  9. To Trish: Your assessment that I think this is a money grab is simply incorrect. There is no money to be "grabbed" by this method. What it is is a total waste of time and energy. Nobody is going to answer it because there is no need to. File a Federal lawsuit on it and see how quickly it gets thrown out. It won't survive Summary judgment. Mine is an objection of logic, not morals. This will simply have zero effect.

    Further, it is extremely poorly written from a legal perspective. Do I agree with some of its premises? Yes, but certainly not all of them. To fully explain would take an entire (large) book; but, let's just address the standing of those who brought it. No predicate was laid for the position they took. The ONLY people who could bring this action/lien would be the non-contracted American people i.e. one of the sovereign American people, per the Constitution. No one else would have standing. I guarantee that every one of these signers are contracted to the very people they would "put the lien on" through the social security system. If they have no social security number, it should have certainly been stated in this document as a matter of fact to create standing. As it is written, it is people contracted to a system who are now dissatisfied and want to change the terms of the contract; but, they do not want to give up the benefits they get from the contract. They just don't want to honor the consideration required from them. It simply does not work that way.

    In short, if you don't like the system, get out. Dump your SS#, and if you are, in fact, one of the sovereign American people (see Dred Scott, 60 U.S. 393, for requirements and confirmation), you can then ask for remedy. But you cannot stay in the contract, continue to receive its benefits, and then go and lien the other party because you don't like the consideration from the contract you are in. In essence, that's exactly what is being attempted here.

    If you don't understand the underlying contract here, you are never going to understand what I just said. You are also never going to find remedy for what you currently see as an injustice. From that perspective, this ridiculous piece of garbage could look real; but, not in the real world governed by contracts.

    1. No, what you call a contract, has been null and void from the beginning for fraud. There IS NO CONTRACT, but only the appearance of one. That is the big lie they have put on us for over 150 years. The so called contract is full of fraud and fraud vitiates everything it touches.
      So stop perpetuating their big lie. Their so called "courts" are nothing but corporate tribunals. Another part of the big lie. The lien will stand if not answered, by default and will be perfected at law, without the review of any court whatsoever. The whole SSN is a fraud. It's nothing but plunder under the color of law. They stole it in the first place under false pretenses and they owe it back to us. We are their victims, and there was never any contract for lack of full disclosure and fraud. There is NO statute of limitations on fraud.

    2. Well, Paul, you've got it figured out; and, surprisingly, you are correct as to the fraud in the SSN. Now the big question - are you and the others who signed the "lien" taking benefits from the fraudulent contract? Do you take social security benefits of any kind, do you have a bank account with the SS# attached, is the SS# attached to your driver license, do you have loans with the SS# on them, did you obtain insurance (or anything else) using the number? If so, you are accepting benefits from that contract that you claim is fraudulent, meaning that constructive fraud has not been declared and the contract is still valid. NOBODY was forced to get into the social security program, and anybody can declare constructive fraud and get out; BUT, you cannot continue to accept the benefits.

      You guys who believe you can accept the benefits from a contract and not be liable for the required consideration just don't understand the system we live in or contracts. Even the Constitution upholds contracts. Fraud must be called and acted upon;thereby voiding the contract in total. Until you do that, you have agreed to everything you complain about in the "lien". You are the equivalent of a slave running around shaking his fist and loudly proclaiming not to be a slave.

      This "lien" is not a lien. It does not have the required elements of a lien, it is not written like a lien, and it will never be enforced as a lien. It will have no effect whatsoever, and you will be making excuses for why it didn't work in a little over a month. You and those who signed it are delusional, and you really hurt the cause of Freedom when you file ridiculous documents like that. I guess time will tell who's right on this one, and time is certainly on my side. But, you believe whatever makes you happy for the next month.

  10. Correction. NOBODY with a law degree wrote this lien. Anyone with a legal education would know that the ABA is very much separate from the Dept of Justice, that the ABA and IBA do not control judges, that courts have the authority to summarily dissolve unjustifiable and fraudulent liens, and that sections of the US Code are not printed with pound signs (#) instead of section signs (§) or the word "sec.". This "lien" won't be answered because it is gibberish; a real lien isn't made up of questions - answer Yes or No. The proof will come when the 91st day rolls around and the federal marshals do nothing that the lien asks for.

  11. This document came to me with the statement that 4 Superior Court Judges had written and filed it. With that as the foundation, I stated that it is hard to believe. Unknown is totally correct in his/her evaluation of the "lien".

  12. Non response is in deed dishonorable and warrants Default Judgment, both legally and lawfully. Very thankful for this ongoing good work of, by and for the people. A claim IS a lien. He who does not deny, admits, via tacit procuration. Same thing ABA has used against the people to rob them for decades, now used FOR the people to set free those who believe and act accordingly.According to your faith, be it unto you. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth, fact & evidence in commerce and does in deed establish a lawful claim totally outside venue of de facto "courts". That's why only a trial by jury decision can defeat a perfected lien. We the people are the only judges that have real standing on the land, per jurisdiction of the air and land given by Creator to us, upon which no one can trespass without consequences. Now is time for ABA participants to reap what they have so fraudulently sown ... :D

  13. Have those unlawfully jailed for this action been released yet?

  14. It MUST be answered by January 15th 2016, or the Lien Debtors must pay 279 Trillion dollars to the Lien Claimants....

    Well, January 15th has come and gone, and I would expect that $278 Trillion in motion would get some attention in the newspapers, but, no, nothing happening. The ABA is still in operation, the US Dept of Justice is still in operation, and I would assume that the IBA is still in operation at its HQ in London. No word about any of those lien creditors - none of them Superior Court judges - buying an island or even a new car (altho with $279T divided 52 ways you'd think one of them would at least buy a Presidential candidate).

    Gee, what happened, that nothing happened? Could it be that this iron-clad lien supposedly written by four Superior Court judges and all is completely bogus?
    I'm just asking ....

  15. The lien is still perfected and no one has attempted to answer or have it dismissed as of today, Feb. 17th, 2017. It still stands as written. But there has not been anyone attempting to collect it either, that I know of.


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