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Thursday, January 9, 2014

9/11 "Hijackers" were CIA agents - Insider blows the whistle

Alexandra Bruce
January 1, 2014

Great News!

The moment has arrived, that every American - and indeed, every person with half a brain cell has been waiting for, over these past 12 years!

The only way for America to be what it was intended to be and for us to return ourselves is for the truth to be known. This will do the rest of the world a load of good, as well.

"The truth shall set you free." - John 8:32

I'm loving 2014, so far!


Veterans Today
by Gordon Duff
December 28, 2013

Recent revelations published on the Press TV website, the New York Post and Veterans Today have changed history.

The story was simple, two American Congressional Representatives were allowed to read the Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, this time including the areas President Bush had ordered removed. 

Both Congressmen clearly state that the redacted pages of the report place full responsibility for the planning and execution of 9/11 on one or more foreign intelligence agencies, not "terrorists."

What is also clear is that President Bush's personal role in covering this up protected the real perpetrators of 9/11 and pushed the US into - not just two insane wars - but draconian moves against America's government.

The NSA and the Bush 9/11 Coup

Nine eleven was a coup against the Constitution. Additional reports released this week make clear some of the reasons Bush lied to the American people, to Congress, our military and our allies: - 

See more at:


  1. I live in a world of High Strangeness. Paul Stramer sent this short video to me and the subject caught my attention so I opened it. That the 9/11 hijackers were CIA agents planted a seed in my brain that my friend, Alexandra Bruce, who puts out the Forbidden Knowledge TV newsletter might like to see this for inclusion in her twice daily newsletter. Next thing I know I see under the video box Ms. Bruce writing, "Great News!" Then I'm directed to See more at:

    And so goes the circle. Capt. Kent

  2. Kudos on this excellent red herring! Surely the intelligence community has a acronym for limited hangout disinfo like this. By "revealing" who the "real" hijackers were, the official story is thus discredited and confirmed at the same time! When the focus is ON hijackers it is OFF DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS that actually dustified 2 WTC buildings and cored out another. The real unrefuted story has been written for years in the book by Judy Woods: "Where Did The Towers Go?" Until that question is answered this type of article is little more than a form of intellectual self abuse.

    1. yeah because that would account for the angular cut beams seen in normal demolition, what a moron.

  3. In that Gordon Duff article, he goes on to say that Dimitri Khalezov met the Mossad agents after 9/11 for a celebratory party. You can read what Khalezov has to say about 9/11 in the book he has just released on the internet.
    More info at


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