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Friday, May 3, 2024

The Long Journey of Eduardo Rivera -- The Nature of the Courts and Federal Taxes

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dr. Rivera is a Juris Doctor of Law educated at Cambridge, with many honors and credits, but when he began his career and saw the travesties of the current justice system, he was appalled and confused.  

Over the years I corresponded with him and at first, I am sure he thought I was a nutcase, but, slowly, as he tried one thing after another to end the corruption of the courts, and as nothing worked --- he was forced to pull straws and research things that were admittedly outside the box --- far outside the box --- and outside the policies and procedures he had been taught in Law School. 

This honorable, determined man was confused for a long time, but as of today, I can safely say that his eyes are wide open and yes, he has come to the same conclusions regarding the "federal income tax" and the district courts as the rest of us Tin Hats. 

Imagine that. 

But even more important, read his summations called "notes" about these cases and issues for a bird's eye view -- both the Big Picture and the particulars: 

You won't be sorry, and you will have more valuable insight into the corruption and the ways in which these games are played. 

Bon appetite, and please enjoy!  I did!   Same as 3 but in PDF format


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