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Friday, May 10, 2024

International Public Notice: Message to Pascal Najadi

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's not be chumps. 

Let's remember the facts. 

It was the U.S. Army that was entrusted with the responsibility for our money after the so-called Civil War, and it was Hiram Grant, who changed his name to U.S. Grant while at Westpoint, who was in charge of that Army.  

U.S. Grant was a Tory from a long line of Tories. 

And what is the U.S.?  The British Territorial United States.  Not the American United States of America, not our Federation of States, not even our Federal Republic.  

The U.S. is the British Territorial Subcontractor operating under The Constitution of the United States of America as the United States of America, Incorporated--- and "our" military has always been polluted by British authority, especially our Navy. 

This is because in the settlement of The War of Independence, as part of the peace process, the British Monarch secured a position as our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

Give a Moose a Muffin, and they will want blackberry jam to go with it. 

Give a British Monarch a toenail-hold, and he will try to parley it into a majority shareholding. 

We just watched a sanguine and long and emotion-filled video posted by Pascal Najadi, a retired Swiss investment banker and filmmaker, released on May 8th 2024

In this video, Mr. Najadi --- whose Father, Hussain Najadi, started the World Economic Forum along with Klaus Schwab --- reported that all was good and all was well and we were all to stop worrying and let the military "take care of us" and everyone be happy-happy. 

Excuse me, Mr. Najadi, that's how all this started, that's how this horrific mess developed. All of this abuse and theft and "mischief" has been under the auspices of the military, ours, albeit with the skillful misdirection of the Brits. 

We can't help but notice the extreme similarity between the future that Klaus Schwab described, "You will own nothing and be happy!" --- and the future you are describing--- "Just let the military "take care of everything" and be happy".  

How do we know that Klaus Schwab wasn't promoting exactly the same result, to be initiated the same way, by the same players?  

Maybe he wanted to use the Civil Service instead of the Military Service for administrative purposes, but it adds up to the same thing, doesn't it?   

"There, there, dear.... don't worry your little head about it....we'll take care of you; we're the Nanny State.  All you have to do is whatever we tell you, and be happy!" 

Wasn't that George H. W. Bush's campaign theme song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"  --- a song about being happy with nothing, with your life in the crapper, and being happy anyway?  

And when we do a little review, wasn't Poppy Bush Preston Bush's son, the same Preston Bush who was an avid admirer of Adolph Hitler and who bankrolled the Nazi Party?  

Why, yes, yes, it was.  

And, Mr. Najadi, while you seem to be a fine person with proper instincts and sensitivities, how is it that you have spent your whole life as a Swiss Investment Banker and didn't know what was going on?  As a filmmaker with all sorts of connections, and didn't know what was going on? 

And perhaps most disturbing, the part of the conversation where you and  your friend tried to convince everyone that there are "no countries" only "territories"?  

Sorry, but our country --- our land and soil is still here, and we are still standing on it --- and our Territorial Government Subcontractors are still obligated to provide "good faith service".  

This idea that "there are only territories" needs to be nipped in the bud, and all the militaries of the world need to come to grips with the fact that we are not cows or babies.  

Their ranks are filled by our sons and daughters and their equipment is purchased with our credit. That makes us more than just pretty faces. 

Throughout this despicable era of "federal" usurpation and corruption, the Military has been trying to spin Narratives in which they are the heroes in a complex  undeclared "war" (mercenary conflict) and just as with the phony Nazi Death Camps, they are trying to find scapegoats and create Monsters in the Dark using photographs and film clips. 

We want you to know that we don't buy any of it. 

And we won't be "happy" until you all make a clean breast of it and admit that this all happened on your watch and you commandeered our assets without our knowledge or consent, impersonated us, subjected us to these foreign courts, and just sat there for decades sharing in the loot that these other Perpetrators gave to you secondhand.  

Now you are going on a Happy Little Pogrom to kill all the attorneys and judges and medical doctors that you used as "Uniformed Officers" to carry out your dirty work and you think that we aren't going to catch on?  

You say that Queen Elizabeth II hosted hunting parties and chased naked children through the bushes with guns, like so many pheasants or rabbits. 

You say that she was hanged for this offense and that we will see (and believe) that this was all so. 

And in the same breath, you say that Jack Kennedy, with the entire back of his head blown out in Dallas, is alive and well?  And what? 105? 

We will believe all this and more when pigs can fly and the militaries responsible for all this rot start telling the truth and taking their share of the responsibility. 

Return the assets that belong to us -- the actual and rightful civilian owners.  

Don't tell us to just "trust" you. We have been trusting you the last 160-plus years and look where that got us. 

Don't tell us to be "happy" because the evil Deep State has been defeated, when we know that the Deep State was too often working for you. 

Until you come clean, your entire "White Hats Come to Save You" routine has been seen before and was found wanting.  

The creation of The Problem -- the supposed 10,000 underground bases -- like your solution to it, grew up right under your noses, with your full knowledge and permission and participation. 

You embezzled the money for all this "development" and for the Secret Space Force, too, out of our economy and taxed us and mortgaged our private property to do it.  

So don't expect us to be "happy".  

We know that the attorneys and doctors and all the other Fall Guys including the Freemasons who are being lined up as scapegoats were working for you.

It would suit the militaries very well to murder the police (most are Freemasons) and your other civilian Flunkies who could incriminate you. 

You, the Perpetrators ever since 1863, want to stand there pretending to be the heroes, when in fact, you were the Puppeteers. The willing cream-lappers?  The ones selling your own people into indentured servitude and slavery?  

Hey, fellas, aside from those you licensed and hired to do the dirty work, you're the ones left standing in the middle. 

We are not deceived. Not one iota.  

Who fronted the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE? 

Answer: the FRN was military scrip issued by private banks for the U.S. Military and funded on their -- and our -- backs as blood money procured from men and women in indentured servitude. 

Who is going to take the blame for that?  The private banks who colluded with the top Generals and politicians?  The 900 bankers recently arrested?  

Maybe you didn't know.  Maybe you were just innocent people as most of us all were.  Maybe you got highly motivated along the way.  That's understandable.  

But stop lying about this and looking for scapegoats.

Your former business partners aren't here on Earth to provide us with a "show of Justice".  Everyone in the military worldwide needs to take a good look at your own hands and history. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 10th 2024


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