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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Help Concerning the "Income Tax" and the Great Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

As more Americans are being attacked daily in a number of ways and as the "Notice of Levy" is a common trick used to racketeer, it's time to discuss this.  

A Notice of Levy lacking a supporting Court Order is akin to a fishing expedition; the tax enforcement collector (Inquisition) alleges that the Municipal franchise CORPORATION named after you owes a debt and posts a levy against this foreign PERSON in that amount.  

They then send a "Notice of Levy" to you, as if you had anything to do with this, and as if you were under obligation to attend to this. 

Remember -- you are not a corporation and you are not representing nor acting on behalf of any corporation. 

So they are just plain alleging a debt and misaddressing their Notice of Levy and other nonsense to you in hopes of entangling you and your assets in their racketeering scheme. 

As the U.S. Court of Appeals decision, Schulz v IRS, 04-0196, page 4, lines 10-15 make clear, a Notice of Levy cannot be enforced without a court order.  

As no court in its right mind would issue such an order, they endeavor to enforce their assessment without the niceties of Due Process. 

As Due Process and Postal Code makes clear, misaddressing mail to us in this manner in order to promote False Claims in Maritime Commerce and to initiate a process of personage and barratry allowing the IRS to racketeer in the States of the Union, is criminal mischief that must be objected to and if repeated, may be cause for charges of harassment.  

If these practices are exacerbated by creation of additional names and styles of names seeming to be connected to you and your Estate, these activities are additionally punishable by up to ten years in jail and a $250,000 fine under 18 USC 513 (a).   

Make me proud, America.  Don't feed the beast; pay any penny you legitimately owe, but not one cent beyond that. 


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