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Monday, March 11, 2024

Silver: "It's Time To BUCKLE UP"   It really is Crunch Time Now

You really should be listening carefully to Mike Maloney on this!

Mike Maloney discusses the current state of the silver market and why it’s time to buckle up for what could be one of the most significant crashes in history. Silver production from Mexico and Peru is at a 14-year low, while gold breaks out to record levels, signaling a new bull market for precious metals. Maloney explores the alarming trends in the stock market, billionaire stock sell-offs, and major outflows from Tech funds. Join him on the front porch of his farm as he shares insights on the shrinking M2 currency supply and the potential economic downturn. Are you prepared for what’s coming?

Why Silver instead of Gold?  See the chart below!
 We have two options for you to get Silver. 
 2. Or call to order 500 or more ounces at 406 889 3183 
 Paul Stramer 

1 comment:

  1. ITs bizarre nobody anywhere is talking about the Department of the Treasury issuing Treasury Dollars on a 1:1 equivalence with the federal reserve notes Americans currently call Dollars. You can see this thing on Its not swapping the federal reserve notes for Gold or Silver or Crypto, its swapping federal reserve notes for Dept of the Treasury issued Dollars.

    It will be interesting to see if the treasury dollars are equated to gold and silver like the federal reserve notes have been. Rather doubtful tho, given the bottom right side of the time machine to 2028 that shows 0 dollars to gold and silver on the future 2028 view. Wouldn't that infer those who hold gold and silver will potentially not be getting paid for their holding of it?

    Somethings wonky with this money 3 card monty...

    Read the brief here.


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