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Thursday, March 28, 2024

International Public Notice: Thoughts to Keep Uppermost

 By Anna Von Reitz

The American military isn't the American military.  It's the U.S. military.  

What Americans (and the rest of the world) thought of as "our" military was unlawfully converted into a Mercenary Force during the Administration of Abraham Lincoln and it has been kept busy fighting in Mercenary Conflicts ever since. 

There has never been an actual war since the War of 1812.  No Congress competent to declare war ever declared the Civil War nor any "War" since.  

The Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, and countless other "wars" and skirmishes have all been Mercenary Conflicts fought by corporations and corporation "Presidents".  

As a result, the Law of War does not apply, no War Powers Act applies, no Trading With the Enemy Act applies.  All that goes out the window. 

And through the haze, you can begin to see reality. 

The so-called "military" has been caught charging the expenses of its mercenary campaigns against the credit of the American people, and delivering the profits from this activity to foreign interests in exchange for a cut of the action.    

To summarize in simple terms: we got the blame and the bill; the Brits and the Popes got the profits. 

The U.S. and US and USA and UNITED STATES and now, the "AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, INC." have also been caught illegally converting the political status of Americans to that of British Territorial U.S. Citizens in order to denigrate our political standing and illegally confiscate our assets ----and also to evade their own obligations owed to us under the Constitutions that create their entire giddy-up.  

So, anyone who is expecting "our" military to act as our saviors is sadly mistaken; "our" military has been the Number One Problem for us and the rest of the world since 1863 and it still is. 

"Our" military still willingly obeys a "Congress" sitting as a corporate Board of Directors of a specious foreign commercial corporation operating "as" the "American Government, Inc." 

They obey even though they know that this is a foreign corporation merely in the business of providing "essential government services" -- and that it isn't our actual government at all. 

They somehow can't quite get that part about domestic enemies --  "all enemies both foreign and domestic".  

With respect to the U.S. Military, the members of "Congress" and the "President" impersonating the "American Government" as a foreign corporation, are their "domestic" problem, and these are run amok corporations acting as enemies of the American People and our country.  

The Generals have cause to know that they are plundering and pillaging the people that they were hired to protect and doing so under color of law. 

They obey the Boards of Directors sitting "as" Congressional bodies, even though they know that they are supposed to be obeying our actual civilian government, instead.  

They obey, and they scheme against the good of this country, which their organizations were literally created and hired to protect.

Their most recent move is to get in bed with Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan.  

This is because in the 2009 bankruptcy of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, JPMorgan and Chase Banks got control of the Municipal "Federal Reserve" brand names. 

JPMorgan and Chase can now operate "as" the FEDERAL RESERVE and the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS, because they received these trademarks as part of the spoils from the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM bankruptcy.  

So "our" Generals continue their long-held practice of defrauding and deceiving the American Public.

They've set up a new con game and racket in Ohio based on false claims by some guy who is a descendent of the traitors involved in the Ulysses S. Grant treason --- and it is all considerably more phony than a three-dollar bill, but who is watching?  

Now, you are. Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

We object to the actions of these Generals trying to "save" the Federal Reserve System of peonage and the IMF version of enslavement, either one. 

We object to the idea that we are "missing, presumed dead" or that we individually suffered amnesia concerning our actual political status and individual identity; we are perfectly certain that we were born on the land and soil of our American States of the Union and that any "Territorial Statehood" ended and was backdated as of October 1st 2020, when our State Assemblies officially enrolled all Territorial "States" as States of the Union.     

We object to the continued misrepresentation and registration of American babies as U.S. Citizens using undisclosed and unconscionable contracts to denigrate their political status to that of foreign indentured servants. 

We also object to the further political denigration of the victims of this vicious treasonous scheme to that of "United States citizens" as defined by 42 USC 9102 (18) (c) --- mere corporation franchises defined as THINGS.  

We object to the continued use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as a form of legal tender based on the peonage of these ersatz "U.S. Citizens" and the use of UNITED STATES DOLLARS which are based in part on the enslavement of the above-referenced "United States citizens".  

We object to the conspiratorial evasion of the Territorial and Municipal Military's obligations owed to us under both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. 

We object to the use of The Law of War and all Pretenses of War and all Congressional Acts pertaining to War since 1814.  

We object to any claim of War Powers, War Emergency, Trading With the Enemy Act --- any and all of that claptrap; and we also object to all their attempts to "redefine" their Employers in any way so as to evade their contractual obligations owed to us. 

We object to their attempts to impersonate us and foist their bills including their taxes off onto us. 

There are only two (2) ways to look at this situation. Either "our" military stands guilty as charged of unlawful conversion, treason, inland piracy, kidnapping, fraud, racketeering, and conspiracy against the Constitutions, or, they and their Municipal counterparts, acted as Public Usufructs when they seized upon and copyrighted our names and created look-alike, sound-alike corporation franchises for their own benefit.  

In the first case, they are all guilty of international capital crimes of inland piracy and other dire offenses.  

In the second case, the only way they get away with claiming to be Public Usufructs, is if they hold their American employers completely harmless and unharmed as a result of their action creating all these incorporated franchises named after us.  

That includes paying all debts, including taxes, mortgages, utility bills, medical bills, etc., that these foreign franchise corporations owe, without even trying to foist these expenses off onto us.   

We object to all and any property seizures or impoundments of American assets under the pretense of war and associated color of law activities pursued by the U.S. military and their Municipal counterparts and their quasi-military District Courts improperly operating within the boundaries of our States of the Union.  

We object to their use of our Good Names to promote securities fraud and strong-arm racketeering of our assets to serve as collateral for them to borrow against. 

We did not authorize them to do anything but defend this country, the one thing that they seem unwilling or unable to do; therefore, all bills and expenses that have been charged to us for their foreign adventures must be back-charged to their corporations and to the Principals who have promoted and created this situation and the banks that have knowingly allowed these illegal securitization schemes and false claims in commerce to occur. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 28th 2024


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