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Friday, March 3, 2023

No More Cheap Junk from China

Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#12

March 1, 2023


"空集装箱地" (kōng jízhuāngxiāng dì).

No More EV’s!

It’s true! It’s fact! It’s happening RIGHT NOW!

Your supply chains are toast!

China is in upheaval internally. A Stalin style purge is going on this minute! Xi is having his political opposition rounded up!

China ‘opening back up’ is a psyop! The Chinese internal economy is reeling from the effects of Central Bank failures! Companies are dying 4 times faster in China than in the West! Covid lockdowns destroyed their work force, and social cohesion! Now they are pivoting to War against Ukraine! You are on the side of Ukraine, their Enemy! The actual site of the Biolab that spawned covid was in Donbass! Do you see now?! If it was really Wuhan, why are Putin and Xi both intent on destroying the entire officialdom of Khazaria (Ukraine)?

As the title says, China has become “Empty Container Land” as the factories close and business dies. Vast numbers of Chinese workers are now unemployed! It will get worse! The social upheaval will magnify the ripples of Xi’s Purge into a Tsunami of Social Change.

Your supply chains are now broken. They will NOT be coming back in your Lifetime.

Think about our Journey together in these pages over these last years. Have we accurately described this world today? Have we discussed developments that HAVE manifested? Watch as your reality rises to match these words!

To repeat: Your supply chains are now broken. They will NOT be coming back in your Lifetime.

Pause. Let this sink in. No more cheap shit from China. Ever.

Also no more raw materials from China for our limited production here. In mere months, a very visible sign of this will be the collapsing of the EV industry here in the Western Republics.

The Dying Dollar that is powering Xi’s purge now, and Putin/Xi War against Khazarian Mafia, will reach deep(er) into USA by this Summer. We will have the effects of the Dead Federal No Reserves Non Bank laying at our feet.

Your immediate politically dependent constituents will also be laying at your feet, desperately grasping for More Free Money. It won’t be available. At all. No matter your entreaties, no matter your anger, your wailing, your recriminations. The Bank will be a Dead Fed. All your social engineering plans will be bereft of funds, and sucking wind like a fentanyal addict’s last dying gasp.

Do you know that there is a GIANT housing crisis now in Washington? One that has nothing to do with EDI? It has to do with the entirety of the middle class, which typically has their generational wealth locked into real estate, being wiped out by the death of the RE market across the state. Look now. You have the data. Where are home sales now? At a 45 year LOW! Where are new home sales? At a 65 year low! These new home sales ARE the engine that keeps Washington state banking system running!

The State Govt will go bankrupt. Any ‘reserves’ of capital are entirely an illusion when the currency dies, removing all the spending power from those digits. How will you fund anything? Let alone expansions in social engineering? You will be thinking about this while hiding from mobs of desperate people seeking relief you can not provide.

These Advisories paint YOUR future. We informed you of how covid would end. We told you where it arose, a Biolab, not Wuhan, that is a feint to distract the normies, your constituents, from seeing the real threat arising from Ukraine (Donbass). We told you about the coming national changes, economic, and political, and social (“trans is a mental disorder”) ahead of their manifestation into YOUR reality.

You will NOT want to hear any of this! It disturbs you greatly! It goes against your Narradigm. (Narrative that controls/forms your operational paradigm.) BUT it is a warning of the conditions that are developing, right now, all around you!

The Social Backwash Wave is here now! The social engineering of the [KM] that included ‘woke’ and ‘CRT’, has passed its peak, and is being resisted by We, The People. These social ‘activism anchors’ are ported from Mao’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). The ‘port’ over to the USA by the [KM] has failed. In China it was only able to be done as the CCP had taken all the weapons in the 1930s. The [KM] can only twist reality so far in an armed society. It has reached its limits of penetration and now the Big Blowback is beginning. By Fall you will be absolutely SHOCKED!

“Trans is mental disorder” is going to continue to grow. More professionals will pile on. It will progress from ‘disorder’ to full on ‘disease’ with its own ICD-9 codes. There is nothing that will stop this. We, the People have rejected these social disruptive engineering projects by the mother WEFfers.

As these words are being typed, yet another aid car rushes north to try to save yet another vaxx afflicted person. The people are seeing. Many, many, are in denial about what is causing their health problems, and the deaths of their relatives. But the awakening to the reality is happening. Soon grief will evolve into anger, then rage.

Is your face associated with pushing these death shots? Hmmm…...that may not be good.

Do you understand that the Media is keeping this from you? Do you realize that now, already, there are vaxx injured people waking up to their condition, and taking revenge on the people that did this to them? Do you hear the reports of this? No! Of course not! The [KM] can NOT have you made aware of this, or your loyalty to all their plans, the Ukraine war, the Trans-fest into Trans-humanism gets flushed down the shitter. From their POV, better you should be a ‘victim’ of a dying vaxx person’s revenge. In fact, it is FAR better for the [KM] that you be assassinated as then you would be a martyr for their cause(s).

This is how the [KM] is treating the media as well. They too are being information deprived. The [KM] can use a few good media martyrs too.

Remember, if it comes from China, and you need it, you had better buy it now. Seriously.

Would not be buying an EV, though. Not only is it not good for your head & ‘nads to be sitting in those EMF’s at those microwave oven levels, but also, charging costs are going to be huge. And no new parts for them….just saying.

Legislator, be advised. Your world changed under your feet while you were asleep.

Join the Waking Population. #Getwise to reality.

Prophets are supposed to be disturbing.
If you are not constantly offended, they are not doing it correctly.

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  1. dont forget "They":
    • only have authority to deal in Fictions -- They need *mans'* consent before they do something. **DONT GIVE IT TO THEM**.
    • are controlling what you *dont* get to hear
    • Script the Narrative for the Leaders-in- Fiction of both sides of the "Wars" they Fabricate so They stay in "Control", no matter which side "PretendWins".

  2. Is Stramer branching out and finally sharing those Other perspectives instead of only Annas?

    If ones been paying attention there is nothing Shocking about where its headed. It is the result of suspending any and all accountability while Allowing any and all narratives to exist simultaneously pretending they're all valid at the same time. Nothing produces Chaos like allowing disunifying narratives to compete with each other in peoples HEADS.

  3. Nice click bait.

  4. Thanks Paul, its always been the Khazarian Mafia.
    China imploding ...good
    Putin and Xi against he Criminal Pope, Queen and criminal bastards in DC..Better
    Think of this as our oppurtunity to bring the errant plublic servants under heel as in boot on neck.
    Also campers...get whats needed now and do not wait...ammo, spare parts, fuel, medixines...never to late to establish allies and alternate plans of comm.

  5. Two sides of the same coin with actwhores playing their parts

    Putin and Xi were in the same movie together

  6. Monopoly intersting read about the flow of dates and when this board game was introduced to the masses

    Now they have a VERTICLE MONOPOLY game out
    Ever see it


    And from things I have read New York used to be called New Amsterdam

  8. Alert!
    Not a good info!
    "If Attorney General Bob Ferguson has his way, any resident of Washington perceived to be “anti-government” may be arrested, fined, imprisoned, or sent to a psychiatric ward as a “domestic terrorist.”

    DearAlmightySpiritualIntelligence, TrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingPeopleDNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. Well, technically this is proof Bob Ferguson is actively engaged in personage. A simple letter deluge might slap some sense into him. There are no "residents". Only people. Misconstruing living people as anything but is engaging in personage. And taking advantage of people's ignorance is most certainly not consent. It's fraud.

    2. I should have said serve him notice. Witnessed and recorded. He'll have no choice but to respond or the facts become truth in Law. He doesn't have any Public bond. No immunity from Public Law. We have to remind these asswipes that. And if it's done as a large group and not just one lone patriot. Make it as visible, public and messy as you possibly can. We need to start going after these scumbags in groups. Not as scattered individuals. And you do not need an assembly to do this. I am not attacking the assemblies. Just giving those who have not joined their assembly some ideas on what they can do to start combating these criminals.

    3. anonymous343,405:
      will you please mark your posts, like m does in his closing, or something?
      dont want to miss any of your posts.... often skip "anonymous's".


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