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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Urgent Explanation --- Money and Executive Order #14067

 By Anna Von Reitz

All roads lead to the month of March and to the American Civil War. 

Read that again --- we just bypassed Rome for the moment. 

Why March?  Because that is when the Northern Allies calling themselves "the Union" so as to confuse their "Union" with the actual Union of States --- defaulted on their debt owed to their foreign investors. 

They were already organized as British Crown Corporations, so they had access to and sought public bankruptcy protection.  That's how they "hooked" their own citizens to absorb and pay for their debt -- but who were their "citizens"?   

(1) Those born in the Territories of the United States --- Puerto Rico, Guam, etc., and (2) those who "voluntarily" adopted Territorial U.S. Citizenship by "enlisting" to serve as Territorial Mercenaries --- all unaware.  

The men who fought in the Civil War on the Northern side of it, were all enrolled under the auspices of State-of-State organizations, not the actual States.  Whether they grasped the implications or not, when they signed up to fight for "the Union", they actually signed up to fight for The State of New York,  The State of Vermont,  The State of Maine --- and so on.  They weren't fighting for New York, Vermont, or Maine.  

They were agreeing to be employed as mercenaries by British Crown Corporations. They were agreeing to adopt British Territorial U.S. Citizenship by doing so.  

They were not told this in so many words and I am sure that our Great-Great Grandfathers would turn over in their graves if they knew this, but it is nonetheless true.

On March 6th, 1863, Lincoln's British Crown Corporation doing business as "the" United States of American, Incorporated, defaulted on its debts.  Three days later, on March 9, 1863, this default became official.  

More due process required by debt collection procedures followed, but finally, by April 1863, Lincoln had to pull the plug and seek bankruptcy protection.  

On the day before he declared bankruptcy of "the" United States of America, (Incorporated, that is) Lincoln issued the very first "Executive Order".  It was called "General Order 100" even though it was the first of its kind. 

General Order 100 is also known as the Lieber Code and it has since been transformed into the Hague Conventions.  It directs the Union Army to take possession of and hold the assets of the nation (which "nation"?) and sets forth how they are supposed to do this and the rules they have to observe during this ersatz occupation of our country by the U.S. Army acting as a foreign mercenary force. 

The only nation that Lincoln or his British Crown Corporation had, were the natural Territorials born in U.S. Territories, and whoever "adopted" U.S. Citizenship by enlisting in the corporation's private military service.  

Lincoln issued General Order 100 as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Inc. on April 24th, 1863, and one April 25th, 1863, he bankrupted the first British Crown Corporation doing business as "the United States of America, Incorporated".  The assets of the first incorporated version of "the United States of America, Incorporated" were seized in receivership by foreign banks, who sent their Trustees in to act as "the US Trustees".  

Clearly, this was all fraudulent, first to last, but they got away with it by deceit and Breach of Trust.  The Perpetrators impersonated the actual Union of States and the actual Federation of States using similar names, stole our identity just like a modern day Credit Card Hacker, and accessed our assets and credit under conditions of misrepresentation and color of law. 

Just as clearly, Lincoln needed to boot up a new corporation and find some new investors to keep his "war" effort going.  Enter his own Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase---yes, the one that Chase Bank is named after.  

Chase suggested basically two things --- getting a loan from the Federal Reserve, a consortium of old family banks that had been in operation for some years prior to the so-called Civil War, and issuing Greenbacks based on that loan, and, then, to pay back the initial loan, issue "10/40 Bonds" as investment instruments backing the Greenbacks, which would eventually pay back the debt to the Federal Reserve and resolve the bankruptcy.

1040 Bonds were called that because they could be redeemed after ten years or after forty years, depending on how long the investor wanted to wait and how much interest they wanted to make.  

There was just one small (and very crooked) part of the whole scheme that appeared up front.  If you wanted to invest in the 1040 Bonds, and reap those very favorable rates of interest return, you had to pay for the 1040 Bonds in Greenbacks --- and to get Greenbacks, you had to pay for them in gold or silver.  

It's not a mistake that "Taxpayers" still fill out "1040" Forms and "invest" in these "bonds" to pay back this generation's form of "Federal Reserve".  

Lincoln issued the Greenbacks and the 1040 Investment Bonds as Chase suggested, and they were very popular products.  Investors acting as "the Federal Reserve" extended gold to back the Greenbacks, then other smaller investors from America and all around the globe piled on and paid with gold or silver to buy Greenbacks (giving the currency more support) and Lincoln's problem was solved --- or at least, put off for a decade or four.  

When it came time to pay off the 1040 Bonds, General William Tecumseh Sherman was in charge and when the 1040 Bond Investors came looking to redeem their bonds in gold plus interest, he told them --- infamously, "Why, you paid for those bonds in Greenbacks. Why should you ask for anything different in return?" 

So, the Swindlers successfully exchanged paper for gold, and not even "gold certificates" --- for bonds.  And what were those bonds actually issued against?  A loan from the Federal Reserve banks and the families running those banks.  And what was the collateral offered to those banks to guarantee the loan?  The assets and labor of the "citizenry" attached to the bankrupted British Crown Corporation.  

Right. Fast forward 140 years. 

Things didn't improve with age.  The criminality with which all this started continued and worsened and gradually seeped into every corner of the the government structure including the military, which has continued to follow "Executive Orders" issued by a foreign corporation's "President" ever since. 

So, all and any "Executive Orders" issued by any such "President" are just internal "orders" that apply only to actual Officers and Employees and their Dependents and do not apply to the General Public at all.  

Read that --- Joe can surveil and lockdown and do whatever he wants to do to himself and his employees and fellow officers of the good ship HMS Blarney Buckets, but he can't enforce any "Executive Orders" on the rest of us, and furthermore, because all the "employment contracts" ---for the military, especially-- were not properly disclosed, nobody who works for him has to continue working for him.  Just like any other corporate job, the members of our military can quit and they can sue for any abuses of their human, civil, or natural rights by the offenders responsible, no matter what the contract for their induction may say.  

The Scoundrels have gone to some lengths to make it appear that Americans have "voluntarily" conscripted themselves as British Crown Property by instituting a system of birth registration in this country and operating it under conditions of non-disclosure.  This has created a situation in which Medical Doctors (physicians licensed to provide services to British Crown Corporation employees and officials) have been secretively employed as Undeclared Foreign Agents and Uniformed Officers (Title 37) have been fraudulently registering Americans as British Territorial Citizens and/or Dependents since the 1920s. 

What does this all add up to?  Fraudulent confiscation of private property assets and intellectual property assets  belonging to this country and the people of this country, and the accumulation of vast amounts of Odious Debt being held against the victims of this scheme and their "future generations". 

Odious Debt is debt established by means of some kind of fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which the victims don't benefit.  

The trillions-worth of FRNs have to be destroyed in order to destroy this Odious Debt, quite apart from the illegal counterfeiting and fraudulent debt collecting and all the helicopter money bribes that have paid in FRNs. 

This is complicated by the fact that the military and all other components of the corporate governmental services operations have to be paid using credit, as mandated by the Constitutions.  Lincoln's protegees had to find a way of accessing our credit and issue either credit notes or debt notes to pay for their operations.  

That's why the proposed replacement for the Federal Reserve Notes is also a "Note" ---the so-called "US Notes" or "USN" currency,  albeit, a "Note" like the Greenbacks, that is once again being backed by gold from some unstated private investor group.  

If we left the situation at that we would be back at Square One, where Lincoln was when he declared bankruptcy and needed new investors.  Whether it was the Federal Reserve extending the gold to back the new "USN" currency or the Bank of China, the same exact situation would merely repeat itself.  

For the sake of ourselves and our country and the entire world, we cannot let this fraud and illegal occupation of our country by foreign "service" corporations go on like this.  Even if we hire these same corporations and allow them to continue as Successors to our original Constitutions, we have to step up and take control of the helm, so that these corporations and their foreign investors are no longer able to spend our assets and credit "for" us. 

What does all this have to do with the actual country here and with us, the living people populating our States of the Union?   Nothing. 

This was all a big fraud game promoted by foreign interests, having nothing to do with us at all.  

To straighten this mess up, we have to restore the natural order of things, where the Employers tell the Employees what to do, and not the other way around.  

Fortunately for all concerned, we "woke up" in 1998 and began the Notification and Due Process needed to do exactly this, and we completed all the various steps by 2015 and finished all the commercial claims processes by 2019.  

Go to: and get involved in restoring the actual American Government you are owed.  

Everyone else worldwide is invited to do the same.  Reclaim your identity as a livng man or living woman and reclaim your homelands and your national governments.  

Vast amounts of pre-paid credit are owed to the living people of this world, along with land assets, precious metals and so much more.  Nobody anywhere on this planet is "poor".  
It was just fraud and selfishness and lust for power that ever made it seem otherwise.  There is no reason for anyone to fight or to invest in war anymore. 

Don't be afraid.  Dedicated people from all over the world have been working hard to reclaim and recoup the assets and develop a system by which everyone everywhere can be restored.  Our International Land Recording System is totally independent, block-chained, and ready to record people who come back to the land and soil of their countries on a worldwide basis.  Whether you are from Kansas or Sri Lanka, you can find your feet again and stand up as men and women in control of your own countries and your own destinies. 

Americans, go to: and get moving. 

Everyone else, the new International Recording System will launch very soon and enable you to do what we have done.  

Immediately upon recording your correct political status and peaceful intent, you will become Inheritors of your natural and native assets, and war and crying and crime and disease will be no more. 

Because of all the acrimony and false-front corporate wrong-doing, there are still people employed by these corporations resisting change, thinking that they are in a commercial "war" and have something to win or lose.  The Municipal city-states that were illegally established here in our country are refusing to accept the new USN currency of the District of Columbia, and vice-versa, obviously, the District of Columbia is refusing to honor Federal Reserve Notes.  

It's all foreign nonsense that has no place on our shores, being promoted by commercial corporations and foreign governments that have been acting in Breach of Trust as governmental service providers acting under color of law and in violation of the public service contracts.  We have moved to have these offending corporations involuntarily liquidated as a result of the injuries to life that they have caused and their many other lawless acts in pursuit of profit.  

The primary responsibility for such liquidation rests upon those who are by custom, Law, and tradition responsible for the administration of the Air Jurisdiction --- the Roman Curia, the Roman Catholic Church, especially the Pope, and other church leaders and organizations throughout the Ecumenical Community of the Earth.  This includes the leaders of the Eastern and Russian Orthodox Churches, the Coptic Churches, the leaders of Synagogues, the Imans of Islam, the priests of Buddha, the priests of Shinto, the Brahmas of Hindu tradition, and all others of reasonable and peaceful belief, are called to support and initiate action against the Nazi-controlled UN CORP, WHO, Inc., the World Bank, Inc,, WEF, Inc.,  and all the corporations responsible for crimes against humanity including but not limited to the governmental services corporations and their franchises operating as, for example, OTTAWA, INC., or the Province of Alberta, Inc., or the "State of Ohio, Inc.",  NIH, INC., CDC, INC., Government of the United States, Inc., FBI, INC., Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., Astrazeneca, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., CBS, Inc., NBC, Inc, and other broadcast media "news" organizations that have violated guaranteed freed speech and filled the airwaves with subliminal messaging and health-destroying dischordant music and propaganda facilitating crime, and the many foundations that have contributed to and profited from these heinous profit-making activities, including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Clinton Foundation, and others. 

There are also abundant statutory and code provisions for the liquidation of offending corporations and business enterprises involved in criminal activities that result in injury to living people and their actual physical and intellectual assets.  

We are recommending that these corporations and others that have profited from the misery, enslavement, and illness of Mankind be involuntarily dissolved by whatever means is more expedient and that such action should include the following additional measures: (1) removing the privilege of incorporation and prohibiting the officers, board members, and senior executives of these dissolved corporations from ever forming or directing any corporation again; (2) removal of the corporate veil to allow direct prosecution of the officers, board members and senior executives responsible for the criminal misdirection of these corporations, including, if appropriate, criminal prosecution, confiscation of personal assets, and jail time; (3) removal of public bankruptcy protection for these organizations and individuals, who have betrayed the public interest and attacked their Benefactors.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America 


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  1. Yes Anna -Listen wake up America Anna’s right everyone let’s get on this save America !!!!

    1. If a burgular breaks into your home and ransacks it, you dont burn your house down, you fix it.
      likewise, dont bring down the Businesses youre actually using and ACTUALLY OWN THE BENEFITS TO, bring the men who it looks like have done wrongs to trials.

      keep it simple:
      1. leave the corporations up and running so the people dont starve and freeze to death AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME recognize them to be the man:people:state-owned Businesses they are set up to be under authority of our Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, our UnanDeclarJuly2,1776, and the laws of nature and natures God.
      2. make it known that our people will continue to receive benefits from all that belongs to us (by virtue of it all being funded by non-consensually using our labor and land) but without any "Attachments" to any Phony CorporateFICTION LEGENDS that cause harm to man.
      3. SELECT the Corporations, SELECTIVELY, by CONSCIOUSLY, INTENTIONALLY, WITH PURPOSE AND PROOFS, SELECTING which Businesses need to be shut all the way down immediately. SELECTIVELY.
      4. bring those * people * who it looks like harm us into our own courts using our own common law for fair trials on our own land before our own people and God to see whether actual proofs of wrong-doing actually exist or not.
      judge accordingly.


  2. Please please please properly reference and give proper credit for your information! Correctly placed documentation and footnotes, etc. Otherwise, no matter how potentially valuable the information, it’s nothing more than easily dismissible statements and heresay.

    1. Agree

    2. AGREE I tell others all the time and of course they want proof and without references I loose those conversations. We do love the work that you all do - Anna, Teri, the Pauls, the legal law group of awesome researchers and writers and all those at all levels that are waking up and putting your shoulder to the wheel and helping to bear the load. But we need more to wake up and more to put a shoulder to the wheel. We will win.

    3. All good writers footnote references. Otherwise, it's just opinion or wishful thinking on the authors part.

    4. When I mention these letters the response is 'okay, so what is being done about it?' We don't hear of any written or verbal responses or replies. Does anyone respond to these letters? We don't get any follow-up as to what is actually happening as a result of these letters. I'm on the team but it's hard to wake up others if they see no results of our efforts. Yes, we lose those conversations and frankly, I don't blame them. We do our best Anna but you have to help us with some feedback on these letters.

    5. There probably aren’t any responses to her letters to share. And all our ‘noticing’ the defacto doesn’t work either.

    6. They've gone rogue is why. Nothing short of a bullet will stop them now. The only other thing that could stop them is mass awareness of the people on a grand scale. Painfully obvious the latter is just not going to happen anytime soon. It's a zombie wasteland of mask wearing idiots out there.

  3. Courts in the public domain can trial the whole CORPORATE concept and perhaps the jury will decide that corporations NEVER benefit the whole so we will abolish all corporations.

    Abolish corporations!!

    Get rid of the Scum and parasites and make a better world!!

    free and work for the highest good of all.

  4. Please explain how this paragraph. "
    Immediately upon recording your correct political status and peaceful intent, you will become Inheritors of your natural and native assets, and war and crying and crime and disease will be no more."

    1. Maine was not one of the original 13!

    2. Dave Penna. AssemblyFebruary 8, 2023 at 6:45 AM


  5. Fake everywhere and everything!!
    Fake money fake food
    Fake leaders fake elections
    Fake vaccines fake psychology
    Fake news fake music
    Fake "Hamilton" and fake "Disney"
    Fake history fake education
    Fake teachers fake genders
    Fake happiness fake stories
    Fake protest fake riots
    Fake everything
    I am real
    And I demand change
    I demand truth
    I demand freedom
    I demand self governance
    I take charge of my life and I
    deserve to have my unalienable birth rights in tact.
    We rise up together and take back
    What is ours


  6. Dave Penna. AssemblyFebruary 8, 2023 at 6:50 AM

    Ah yes "the Ides of March": So what are you inferring here Anna?

  7. Dave Penna. AssemblyFebruary 8, 2023 at 7:05 AM

    The Ides of March (/aɪdz/; Latin: Idus Martiae, Late Latin: Idus Martii)[1] is the 74th day in the Roman calendar, corresponding to 15 March. It was marked by several religious observances and was notable in Rome as a deadline for settling debts.[2] In 44 BC, it became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar, which made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history.
    Is This what you mean here ?
    Quote "All roads lead to the month of March and to the American Civil War.
    Read that again --- we just bypassed Rome for the moment. " The Ides of March are you referring too?

    1. Did you see China updated their reservists requirements which go into effect as of March 1st 2023 this year?

      Almost as bad as the fact the scamdemic was kicked off in march 2020. March seems to be a target month for various activities. Wasn't the ukraine war also kicked off in March? close, 2/24/2022 evidently.

  8. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... Writing the same story over and over and still no references.

    1. Until you get it.

    2. We got it a loooong time ago.

    3. Mr/ MS, Yadda Yadda Yadda, Go find find your own "References", who died and left you boss?

    4. Anna does repeat herself a lot. But it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere. What's that saying - 'repeating identical behavior and expecting a different result' or was it 'insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results'.

    5. She is speaking to a wide audience, not just a few people....

  9. She'd like to recruit more people. However, she only has a very small percentage of Americans following her. And many early ASNs have become disillusioned and left the organization.

    1. Hmm, all 50 states are up and running, what channel are you watching?

    2. According to Anna, all 50 states are 'up and running'. However, they have no courts operating, no funding, and very few people.

  10. Most often repeated is best remembered. At least thats what I learned flying airplanes. Many want to change the simple methods or never learn em correct in the first place. Some make it but others not knowing what they thought they were sure of. If you want to help people learn and remember basics about some particular subject, changing terms, making stuff up, replacing with new opinions and chasing ego often winds up off course and with flying planes its often death so why not get the simple basics that are offered over and over again and move along on a stable platform to actually over time get something accomplished, and learn it well enough to actually understand and explain it.

  11. Anna write beautifully and always full of information. I have been following Anna and corrected my status a year ago, became involved to rebuild our lawful government as she speaks of doing. She always states their executive orders, statues, laws blah blah blah do not pertain to Americans only citizens. Well Anna many have lost their homes to the fraud and their homes and land taken away from them. Many of us have lost so much because you see the reality is that even though you are correct the corrupt corporations do NOT care! Yes the courts don’t care will always side with the corrupt corporate debt collectors and steal your home and make you homeless! Unfortunately you and the federation have left Americans with no tools to reclaim and protect what is rightfully ours. Your living law firm have nothing of a process to fight corrupt courts. Yes beautiful words with no substance. Many men and women have volunteered their time and money to stand up their assemblies and now you state you have a new land recording system developed and not a single Assemby have been involved with its development or aware of it? Interesting

  12. As for the money situation.... some time ago a room full of men decided to make gold and silver coin to be regulated as money.... We all see where that has found most of us.... almost no money! Ever!

    But we still have our lives and we can still give and receive gratitude from those around us. Okay. Now we are getting somewhere.

    Since our Assembly of Americans did it once, we need to do it again. We need to rediscover and settle it as to what on earth is more valuable than horded, greeded after lousy money of gold or silver. People are worth more than money. Therefore we need a people-centered value store ----- our "Gratitude as money" is what is going to be proposed by Jim Homyak on Minnesota.

    The technology exists to devlop an app for all platforms to begin using 'gratitude' as money. Now with the flip of a switch, we can start everyone with enough gratitude on hand to make us all equally valuable to one another. Under 'g' based money, you also could then be paid g19.230.76 per week (million a year) just for going in to the workforce. No soft-quitting allowed anymore. No workie? No gratitude flow.

    Imagine paying 7 gallon or imagine everything doubles in price. No worries. You could budget your household for 100 trillion in food and fuel and still leave over 500 trillion to your next of kin.

    Imagine those convicted of crimes, they could instantly depleat their g balance to make restitution. Crabby evil people would see their g run low and seem to get attitude ajustment, or so we could hope.

  13. Gratitude


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