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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Public Defender Letter for Municipal COURTS

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people have written or called me in recent days because they are being harassed by foreign quasi-military courts under a variety of false charges ranging from tax evasion to domestic abuse and so on.  I thought I would take a little time this morning to draft a representative template of a Letter which anyone might send to the Office of the Public Defender in their community as a query regarding any action appearing to be taken against them in a Municipal COURT or addressed to a Municipal PERSON at their mailing address or delivered by Process Server.  

The body of this Letter is provided in template form, ready for people to edit in their own specific information, and can be addressed to the Public Defender's Office at any time after a case number has been assigned, whether or not you have already entered a plea, whether or not you have already unintentionally granted jurisdiction to the COURT, and whether or not you have accepted the services of a Public Defender. Simply read the text closely and edit it as necessary to fit your exact circumstance. 

Please note that this letter is only for Municipal COURTS that are addressing Municipal PERSONS and will not serve in cases where a British Territorial Person is being addressed by a Court appearing to be named in Upper and Lower Case and a Defendant named in Upper and Lower Case.  This circumstance will require a different Letter to the Public Defender addressing different issues. I shall hope to have a templated response letter prepared for that situation soon, but have started with a Letter regarding the Municipal COURTS first, as the vast majority of cases start in Municipal COURT and begin by addressing Municipal PERSONS. 

It is our objective to "fully inform" the Office of the Public Defender and put them on the spot for failure to make the appropriate inquiries and failure to take logical action. Although this is not framed for the purpose of establishing liability and is presented as a formal but friendly  "question and answer" session with the Public Defender, it will not be lost on them that if they fail to answer and fail to make proper efforts, they can later be held personally and commercially liable for any harm that comes to you. 

Also please note that there is a not-so veiled contractual aspect to this Letter, which presents a conditional offer to the Public Defender, leaving it to him or her to accept or counter-offer your proposal at the end of the Letter --- in effect, if the Public Defender is competent and able to defend a member of the General Public, and if they guarantee to represent you with no conflict of interest as an Officer of the COURT, they may take the pre-accepted action to have the charges dropped, which is the only action you have offered.  

They may come back with "plea deals" attempting to force you to accept at least some kind of charge.  This serves two purposes--- first, accepting any kind of plea deal allows them to charge the court's fees and expenses for their time and effort seeking to entrap you, and second, it relieves them from any admission of wrong-doing.  

Your response to plea deal offers should again be short and simple: "Either I am the DEFENDANT or I am not. If I am the DEFENDANT, it's up to those bringing the charges to prove it with proper evidence on the public record of the COURT. If I am not the DEFENDANT and these charges have been brought to me in error, it is the COURT'S responsibility  to self-correct." 

Keep your communications business-like and in so far as possible, friendly. 

If upon your own volition you use this Letter, you assume responsibility for all editing and any additions or deletions and are responsible for closely and thoroughly reading the content so that you understand it and are competent to respond in a reasonable manner to any questions the Public Defender's Office might have.  You are posing questions that the Public Defender is actually responsible for asking and investigating --- basically, doing his job for him or her, and briefly running through the attendant issues.  

If the Public Defender responds by asking for more citations about anything in this letter, you can refer to abundant information available in the searchable database on my website, using search words like "Named Entities" and "Municipal PERSON" and "NAME".

Some documents presented there, including the "Notice Regarding Named Entities/Notice of Liability" which might be adapted to your needs and sent to the Public Defender's Office as a Next Step if they don't reply and don't take action--- offer a compendium of appropriate citations of case law and court findings spanning jurisprudence for the last two hundred years on these subjects.  

Remember that the Public Defender's Office is always underfunded and understaffed and usually populated by attorneys who have good hearts but are not the sharpest tools in the shed.  They may ask you for more information because they truly need more information. Don't be afraid or take offense if they want more back-up information.  You are asking them to undertake a job that they don't normally do --- actually defending a member of the General Public. 

This one is editable if you have word or open office:  


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  8. Must we have changed our political status (i.e. site “The American States Assemblies”) to use this template? Or can those with the typical or old affiliation use it? Thank you!