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Friday, September 9, 2022

No Precedence for State Republics— One Exception

 By Anna Von Reitz

The exception is Texas. 

Texas has a unique history. 

Texas began as a regional province of Mexico — a very sparsely inhabited domain.  So the Mexican Government offered generous land grants to encourage people to move to Texas, 
640 acres per man, 320 each for his wife and every child, 80 acres per slave. 

All you had to do was behave yourself under Mexican Law and convert to Roman Catholicism and you were given all this land. For people who were already Roman Catholics it was a no-brainer, and no big obstacle for those without strong religious conviction, either. 

Soon would-be colonists from the United States began petitioning the Mexican Government to let them into Texas and the Mexicans agreed.  300 families affiliated with Mr. Austin, a lawyer and politician from Missouri,  crossed the border and settled in what is now Texas.  

They flourished.  More colonists from the Caribbean and Louisiana and foreign countries joined them.  Soon, the Mexican Government started treating Texas like a foreign country and imposing special tariffs and taxes on Texans.  Resentment festered. 

Fights broke out along the border and at seaports and soon, Texans were in open rebellion against Mexico. The rest of the story? The Texans won their independence from Mexico and formed their own independent country which they operated under a separate government modeled after the Roman Republic. 

It was several  years later that Texas became one of the Several States of the Union, so alone among the American States, Texas has a history of being a separate country with its own form of government— a Republic of Texas. 

There is no history of any other “State Republics” prior to Statehood, so all these people chasing around and claiming that they are restoring “state republics” are talking wind.  There were never any such state republics other than Texas.  Hawaii was a separate Kingdom, but not a republic — a monarchy. 

So.  Once again, Americans are proving that they know nothing about their own history and that they are prey to all sorts of incorrect assumptions as a result. 

Our state governments in the rest of the country begin and end as states having a “republican form of government” — which is to say, they were never Roman-style Republics, but were instead community-based governments operated by the common people themselves — not by a group of elite Senators. 

Texas was the only state to ever adopt a Roman-style Republic and therefore the only State that could, in theory, be “restored” to being a Republic, and functioning as a completely separate country with its own language, coinage, laws, etc. 

There are some Texans who cling to that idea and who aspire to rule over Texas as oligarchs—- which is the end result of Roman Republics —-but the fact is that they would lose the support of all the other States of the Union and be viewed as foreign insurrectionists and traitors. 

Most Texans are not insurrectionists and are not traitors to this country as a whole, nor do they cherish dreams of being “Senators” and lording it over other Texans. 

Most Texans just want what we all desire— to have the Hired Help back in order  and leaving them, the Texans, alone to live their lives without subjection to arbitrary foreign “laws” and coercion imposed by run amok public employees. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Without being branded as an insurrectionist? Or a Tin Hat?  Or a “Sovereign Citizen”? 

We believe that all the ignorant talk about “state republics” is being promoted by enemies of this country and that they and their agenda should be avoided — first, because the Roman Republic failed disastrously and oligarchy is always despotic, and second, if these yahoos don’t know enough history and law to decry the idea of “restoring” state republics that never existed, they certainly aren’t competent to restore the actual government we are owed.


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  1. So Texans can be proud of their history as a Republic but it no longer does or should exist as such- because if it is actively “restored”!it would mean the “state” would have to secede?

    1. good question. logical.

    2. A Republican Form of Government goes back to Samuel and his dishonest sons bringing on the Kings. Prior to the people insisting on a King Judges and the people were in charge. Arminius to the North also represented a Republican Form of Government where the people decided what was best. It can be an odious form of government where you are responsible but as they say " if man will not be ruled by god he will be ruled by tyrants."

  2. On a seperate note check out the protect and serve tyrants in this stop

    The gravy train and their extortion racket - their golden globe of robbing all people of the world blind and calling it 'law'
    Bid bond
    Performance bond
    Payment bond
    These bonds were confirmed to me by an ex sheriff from Arizona that I talked to face to face
    He is now serving as a mayor in Arizona
    Good ole boys club member I'm pretty sure

    Every ticket they write equals cash


      Fraudulent Federal Reserve Central Bank. Which as everyone surely knows is not “federal” and is not a “bank”. It is an organization conceived by, owned and run by, mega-rich private individuals.
      The counterfeiters of all currency, the mega rich bastards of the earth that set this

      And no I would not trust anyone who proposes they can issue me a prepaid vendor card of any sort
      It falls directly in line with the SHETAR


      Two witnesses

      Because of the severe obligations imposed by the shetar, the contents of the instrument followed a standard form designed to ensure authenticity and precision.
      Each shetar recited standard clauses of obligation, the creditor's right to customary modes of execution, and a final phrase stating that the document was not merely a form but a statement of an express contract.
      Inserted into the form language were the names of the parties, the sum and the currency of the debt, and the date of the obligation, thereby indicating the creation of the lien.
      To prevent fraud, the document was signed by two witnesses who knew the parties.

      NOTES: In the first one referred to as an instrument
      A standard form to INSURE not ensure authenticity and precision

      Clauses of obligation
      Creditors right to customary modes of EXECUTION
      Final phase stating the document (not an instrument now) and not merely a form but an EXPRESS CONTRACT

      The United States or USA or whatever the hell you want to call it is The Greater Israel Project

    2. yes, they keep scribbling their own madeup "laws" over the top of creator/Gods laws as if that could ever justify what they have done.... it wont.
      they are guilty of merrderring people.
      that cannot be changed now.

    3. Shelby,
      this cluster of your comments is a REALLY great summary!
      your best yet, imo.

    4. Thats an older version of their coat
      Should see the blue and gold one with an eagle riding it
      I love being able to read Ol Englaesh

    5. Thanks janmarie

      It is amazing how many times they try to get that guy to identify himself

      I was thinking about this in depth
      Born on date: the actual day you were born, not birthed
      Birth date: is the date they registered the strawman
      Unequally yoked, your twin

      What if you only give them the first name and the actual registration date and not the born on date?
      My registration date on their state issued certificate is 12 days after the actual born on date

      They get you to state the name (surname) and the born on date and they have now captured the strawman through the information you yourself provided them with
      Slight of hand

      They are very very insistant on you stating that name and birthdate for just about everything

      I watched a video just a few days ago where in the Texas code just the act of the cops turning those lights on is a felony unless a crime has been committed
      At 4:20 in to the video

      It's as if they put this shit out there in hopes of filling up those for profit prisons

      And then the UCC well check it out
      This document used to come up where you could read the entire thing now it's behind a PAY WALL
      And this one
      ZIONCREDITGROUP, really as in Mt Zion
      And hell it's not like scribd is not a dead give away to the scribes

      And as I have always said that reCAPTCHA as in recapture your ass based on your IP ADDRESS is a dead giveaway

      I think miles even wrote something about their reCAPTCHA shit as they so slyly place at the bottom with their Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

      Now I don't log in to google to comment on here but they still track those ICANN IP addresses folks which link right back to the end users
      Think there are any hidden 'CONtracts' in using these applications?
      AIR/SPACE to go where no man has gone before
      Law of the Airwaves

      Ever heard of a no contact law
      Sending electronic messages is part of this so called 'law'
      You send an electronic message to someone who has filed a no contact order against you, you can be criminally charged

      I've said it before and I will say it again these electronic spying devices are NOT our friends

  3. What about "the California Republic" - even "though it lasted a total of just 25 days"?:

    1. florida too?
      if true, then it seems especially interesting that so much political emphasis is put on Kaliph-ornia, Florida, and Taxes... i mean Texas (along with NewAmsterdam,...oops, i mean YORK, New York).


  4. my comment (this time about BONDS AND OATHS and such) got wiped out again.
    look at the pattern this blog has started following since Paul's bout with "coe vi d"...
    i do not believe paul stramer is preventing comments; i believe it is more probably BAR Attorneys who are perhaps posing as NOT BAR-connected... then it might be true that perhaps they:
    1. do not allow comments because we are "putting the pieces" of the wrong-doings the BAR members and other Legal Society Members/Affiliates have been involved in doing together that has created great harm upon the people/man...
    2. we are willing and able to share same with each other right here on pauls blog
    3. they are scared of us sharing what we believe is true with one another for our own respective consideration
    4. but they kinds sorta hafta allow comments every couple weeks or so because if they don't
    a. almost nobody comes to the blog
    b. they dont have a clue which way to Run The Narrative they are Constructing.

    too late.


    1. too many people werent brain-daed enough to fall for the "Narratives" once the Facts were released even tho it seems they were released along with all kinds of mis-and dis-information.
      its our connection with our beloved creator that keeps us from falling to our utter destruction and oblivion into the False "Narrations"/Stories created by those, if any, who have already purposely cut their own connection to the creater.
      but we still have ours and so we still live in a "FreeWill Universe".
      they may have chosen to leave that state-of-being for themselves, but the rest of us didnt... and they dont get to choose for us, me, i, you, we, they, them, the people, People, PEOPLE, man, Man, MAN, men, Men, MEN, anyone, another, and so on and so forth... :):):)


    2. LLF:


      woman:janmarie :).

    3. so anyway, in a nutshell, people know we have the God-given right to choose for ourselves.
      their attempts to get most of us to willingly give up our God-given rights is FAILNG MISERABLY!

    4. oaths and bonds are both from their CYST-em that will dueharm to man.
      Refs: the book commonly known as The Holy Bible says:
      1. dont swear an oath. youre not in control over you life, your creator is.
      2. do not make men slaves.
      JUDAH, fourth born of Jacob, cooked-up the conspiracy, then sold the idea to his brothers, to throw their fathers favored son, Joseph, a "brother from another mother", into a well and tell their Daddy Joseph died when a wild beast attacked him. But when "Egyptians" went by, they fished him out and sold him for less than the price of a slave, i.e., twenty pieces of silver, or $2 apiece. This is just one part of the reason that neither Jacob nor Moses could pronounce their blessings upon JUDAH.
      Joseph actually received the double portion blessing that goes to the first born son. he actually received a double, double double-portion blessing since both of his sons, Mannasah and Ephraim also received the Blessing. (like: exceeding. abundantly. above. all. we can ask. or think -type of blessings)

    5. it also says:
      refs: Do not set up kings.... they will harm you.
      just have Judges. (Deborah, Judges 4 and 5.)
      Torah means TEACH, not Law.
      SOMEbody was supposed to be teaching Gods people all this and they FAILED in their due-ty.

      its shaping up to look more and more like maybe they somebodies took what God created for good for all man, and changed/ "converted" it into "instruments, instrumentalities" to bring harm to man instead, in order to take and keep all Gods gifts for themselves. [georgia guidestones?]
      what would one have to do? ..throw their brother into a black hole of nothingness with no way to get out? a drywell, devoid of life or light, water, air, where no one can hear them calling?? knock 'em off???
      or... on second thought, how about making a little scratch: sell the SOB for whatever price you can get? below regular price?
      Hypo:below; cate:delicacies? = hypo-the-cate: below the best?
      so, maybe hypothecated debt = below the best grade of surety for debts created by peoplesellers/ slave traders??
      Ref: Revelation 18:9 .....and the Kings of the earth who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, .....10 for in one hour is thy judgment come..... 11 for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore.... 12 the merchandise of gold.... and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, AND SLAVES, AND *SOULS OF MEN*.
      who are we dealing with? who did that? is somebody doing that same-type of thing again? buying and selling mankind? making slaves of other men who our creator also created? "capturing" the souls of men on a papyrus-- "Baptismal Certificate"? Certificate= Debt?
      .... dunked underWATER into WATER DEATH, rising again from a watery grave, a new creature? no longer a land creation, but now coming from the sea, a sea asset? ...attached to the Baptismal Certificate/Debt, owed to the Holder/ Certificate/ Debt/ Chain/ BondBearer... is that something like how they are looking at it? and the Papa claims to own your soul?

  5. Replies
    1. the comment i was working on got wiped out at the same minute as the comment you made was posting.
      ive heard that people who are trying to get parole have to have a job so alot of them take jobs as internet trolls to fulfill that requirement.
      you never say anything besides "yes:dear". will they pay you for that? or you just get on pauls blog and post that? did you graduate HS? i bet not.... and i wont bother asking about if you graduated college or not! :)

    2. the anony September 10, 2022, 4:41 AM is me, woman:janmarie.

  6. Oh you gotta read this


    Balls of steel folks

    1. Balls of steel or Scott Baio in costume

      In the comments section Ron Walker congratulating Scott Baio

      They rolled out this Kabbalah and this gematria shit too?
      It was not an accident it was part of the overall plan and they sent their agents to the internet to spawn the craze?

  8. More deceptives from VON REICH over there
    The natives had an already established CONFEDERACY, or a republic as we'd know it
    THE UNITED KINGDOM wanted the land but made treatises (theres was a UK (known as the UK) before Britain, looooong before, Saul to (ESHEBAAL) to (DAVID) to (SAUL-OMAN)
    Somethin rings about ehsebaal BEING DAVID

    1. Hi TRUTH,
      most heartily DISagree about a CONFEDERACY and a REPUBLIC being similar... they are both an Accord/League, but thats about all that they have in common as far as i know in present. what are you referencing?
      my Ref: Plato's THE REPUBLIC: a Republic is a tiered caste system, like India, theyre trying to work on us. here. now. again. ...
      proofs: 1. get rid of the middle class.... 2.. the two- or three-tered "Justice Cyst-em"; 2. Titles, Nobles, (Esquires), Misters, Knighted men, Estates, Landed Gentrification and the Serfs who get no meaningful ballot, Electors picked by the Legislators who in turn vote to pick the Legislators who picked them in the first place , Privileges, Immunities, Benefits, Usufruct, Offices, As-sign-ments so on..."

      its a Circke Jerk. men on men& it seems is the pattern? no women required?

      British Feudal Lord Cyst-em is what theyre trying to enclose upon us anyway they can imo.... THATS that pattern for a Republic, according to Plato. we already said no.
      i think it was YAKIR XERCES who knew the details about THE REPUBLIC so well.

    2. and yes, the more i look into it, the more it looks like EVERY SINGLE ATTACK UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by the BritVatic and Affiliates before 1860 was to CONSTRUCT AN EXCUSE TO BREAK THE TREATIES THEY HAD MADE WITH THE INDIGENOUS NATIONS.
      they have absolutely no conscience whatsoever at all.... and thinking theyre going to "get away" with "it"? ...nope. ...running over the land God created merrderring anyone who gets in their way for CENTURIES! Greedy-Grabbers gobbling up everything they put their eyes on, shedding blood onto the earth for the purpose of Taking creator's gifts he gave to other men!!
      theyre as stupid as hell is deep.
      [i have to ref.: back to the Book they say theyre using, because its curses are on them (zech 5:2-4 and john 3:18 and the Book of Jude and more) and especially important, imo, is genesis 4:10, 11:
      the VOICE of your brothers blood crieth to me from the ground
      which hath opened her mouth
      to receive your brothers blood

      i could go on and on, there are so many of "their" Scriptures that tell what is happening to them right now, i believe; and i say before man and my creator, true:that:
      as creator sets it up, i intend to HELP Gods judgment on them come about, because they had no business ever doing such gruesome, horrific, abominable things to people who were just living life in peace, let alone carry it on for generation after generation without reason in law.
      and it is so.

    3. good starting point to find out more about eshebaal?? tks.

    4. Well starting point is the bible, eshebaal is also known as Ish-bosheth
      after that it was looking through lineages of kings of the age

    5. Jan, any other sources for roman republic structure other than PLATO?

      I payed attention to the times, and the republic started declining after his time, I strongly believe him to be ONE of THEM

    6. TRUTH:
      great, will start there. ty!
      oh, absolutely, agree.., he, i believe, was helping *them* blueprint the structure upon which to construct the three-tiered caste system that Republics actually are: philosophers kings, their servants, and the serfs whose labor and land is used to fund the two upper tiers.
      i dont have any other reliable sources i can think of because as far as i know, Republics started with him (that could be wrong though), and
      since what i see going on around me looks like what he described, i just havent looked any farther... would you let me know if you find something prior to Plato?

    7. I could definitely see that, though I'm still of mind they created nothing of their own, and rather ripped off already working ideas as they knew they worked, and wouldn't have to do any REAL WORK (based in reality, building things rather than just managing them) of their own.
      I mean it just hits me weird, rome goes for like 300 years, does well, then plato, and suddenly, they're on this ultimate warpath

    8. interesting. not familiar with the history of plato socrates OR rome... just the basics about Republics, so, glad to get info you have found.
      yes, i agree that they (men who live their lives to harm others) never build anything. everything they acquire is the fruit of another mans labor. besides being evil, greedy, stupid, lazy, and worthless, they also have no connection to the creator of all that is.
      and he despises them.
      (refs: book of psalms, proverbs, others)

  9. And let us not forget that there is a
    Prince William County they mapped out in Virginia many many moons ago

    You think that shit is a coincidence?

    I posted some interesting things a while back about these 'charters' and what was defined in them
    I'm looking for them now and will come back and post it
    Sorry I have so much information (trying to combine it all) that I just cannot locate that info at the moment
    Especially with the friggin vid 19 BULLSHIT
    Not that they haven't been breaking any and all moral code from the word go

    I'd say charles will retire to his golden age soon so that the inbred kids from the hollywood magic kingdom shew can carry their work forward

  10. havent had a chance to really ever look at this yet but want to mention that something important must have gone on that caused PrWmCo. to break up, and a portion of it to become Facquier(sp?)Co, W.V.

  11. The script

    They're all in it together

    1. And if they playing cards

      Then the
      Then comes their ACE card

    2. yep.
      they keep yammmering about "The Big Event". Sun flare. Corona. Open the Pineal..... hey! mines always been open.....looks like theyre trying to make themselves seem relevant.
      now that TheQ is supposedly gone, its supposed to "Be A Marker" for something.... the "LondonBridge has Fallen" "big event".
      (siiiiiiiiiiiiigh)... these *people* and their shriveled brains and nuts..... blech.

  12. janmarie

    That name reminds me of the movie shrek and lord farquaad

  13. And a revelation hit me last night

    All this talk about these vacs and this MRNa
    How about this
    Medical Record Number Administration
    Everyone jabbed was ASSIGNED and MRN folks
    Hidden in plain sight

    Check out the first link

    USCDI folks and they are already on version 3
    United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI)
    My god go read these things

    I've said it before and I will say it again this technology is so invasive that it boggles the mind

    You will notice that they state right off the bat in the event that a social security number is not included in the record that the MRN is critical to their operations?

    I've been out of the heallth IT field for some time now for a good reason and that is because I came to understand what this electronic data and their motives actually were

    This This USCDI is new and I have not worked with any of these data records before in this format nor do I know how they are implementing them within the overal scheme of things
    Most likely at the patient visit level and this is somehow combined in with the ANSI X12 medical data that is submitted electronically.

    I just found this this morning folks

    1. And just so you know they have a new EMERGENCY waiting in the wings for these brain dead 'healthcare heros' to diagnose

    2. shelby,
      bbb = 666: is also 2+2+2= 6.
      yes, this shit is endless... its what they "DO".... cook this crap up and then "Service"/"Serve-Us" all of us, UNDER FORCE. h, and say we a Volunteered.... patoooey.
      i spit in their EYEayei.
      ... and also agree that the curses our creator has put on them are right and righteous -- creator's people are standing and raising up HIS standard, that includes agreeing that the curses *He*, not *we*, ALREADY pronounced upon them, are RIGHT and should be carried out -- IMO.
      ref.: zechariah 5:1-4 ---
      he uses the flying roll/scroll he wrote on (verse 2)
      its got the curses he wrote, upon liars and theives
      he said **he** will make it enter the houses of the thieves and false swearers,
      He said the curse will consume their house. (im paraphrasing throughout this comment)
      i say, "the gloves are off", i say "yes!", i say, "do it!", i say, "yes, do it Now."
      and it is so.
      ref.: ephesians 6:13, 14, +:
      wherefore, ... that you may be able to withstand in the evil day,
      and having done all,
      to stand.
      stand therefore...
      using the protection for life's wellspring: truth
      [** this is what they fear!!** our life. theyre a Daeth Cult-ure.]
      cover our hearts with righteousness.
      walk in peace.
      shield ourselves from lies, Pro-PAGAN-da, deceit, evil using our faith and experiences with Gods goodness toward us and power over evil.
      stay mentally stable, knowing we are one with him.: created in his image.
      our protection: knowing who he is and that he made us and is with us.
      ref: his promise: "i will never leave you nor forsake you..."
      pray, watch, perservere.

    3. S H E L B Y !!!!!
      look at this one!!!
      SNOMED backwards is D E M O N S!!!! chilling!!!

    4. okay now i see your 'fire judgment we're about to experience' post!!!!
      yep, id bet its somehow tied in with the sun flare/corona "Event" people keep yammmering about.
      ....attempt brought to us by the Ancient and Ugly Shriveled Brain 'n Nuts FruteCaek Sqwad if you ask me....

    5. clarification: .......see how your fire ties things together....

    6. Check out her response to me and read her articles

      A unique, accurate IDentifier for every person in the U.S. was a problem since the first inquiry about a nationalized medical records system in 1990. Think about it – driver’s license number? Nope, doesn’t include children and a lot of people don’t drive. Social Security Number? Nope, the social security records are screwed up because it used to be that illegals would get a number and it would be used by many people. There was never any controls on social security numbers. In the mid 1990’s, a national ID was discussed but because of what happened in Nazi Germany, national ID’s would never fly.

      Solution: Vaccination record – vaccination passport. Everybody can be included if only they will take a vaccine. Children of course are automatically included because of the childhood vaccines they get. They used flu vaccines for senior citizens. They been promoting those vaccines to seniors for decades. They just needed to get all the people in-between.

      Here is the article I wrote about Nationalized Medical Records

      Here is a system for a Health Passport that was a pilot for a regional health information network. Note: it doesn’t matter if it’s regional because they are all connected in the background.

      Did you notice on the first article you found – report provided by Leavitt Partners? Do you know who the Leavitt is? Mike Leavitt was a governor of Utah and he also served as the Secretary of HHS during the Bush Administration (2005-2009). The University of Utah has a medical school and they were probably among the first systems to adopt electronic health records (eHR).

      From the first inquiry, the purpose was for medical research. They changed the purpose after that to be for efficiency, cost reduction, etc. but the real reason is the first reason.

      And remembeer that ole papa bush put all kinds of mental health shit on the books too at the same time which is why all this mental health bullshit is rearing it's ugly freakin head now too

    7. More of her comments

      I don’t consider that we have a health care system anymore. Electronic health records violate the Hippocratic Oath. We don’t have doctors. We have information collectors.

      Here is a link to the 2007 National Governors Association meeting. The subject was health care reform. There were two presenters – a doctor from Mayo Clinic and an IBM representative. Listen to what they say about “personalized medicine”.


  14. Do you remember the china lake military base stuff from a few years back

    Watch this video - that base was located directly on a fault line folks
    Bakersfield is also talked about in the above video
    All of these locations are directly in line with exactly what this blogger wrote about many years ago

    Sacrament and bakersfield

    San Jauquin (Jachin) valley as in Boaz and Jachin

    The movie The Croods is all about following the SUN, the LIGHT and in that movie there are huge earthquakes and protruding mountains coming up out of the ground as the man named Guy helps Ebe and her family get to the other side following the SUN and two twin peaks
    I kid you not

  15. As the stage show continues the WHO prepares for a HEALTH SUMMITT

    World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2023
    April 13, 2023
    Washington DC, USA & Digital

    These fucking criminals just got away with genocide and the plan moves forward without a fucking hiccup


      The artificially manufactured “Fire Judgment from God” we’re about to experience is just a scene in the “End Times” stageplay put on by the Kabbalist central banking families and the world’s royals (whom I collectively call “the globalists”). And there are no “good guys” or “bad guys” on the global stage; there are only actors playing opposing roles under the same producers, directors and writers. The Money Power pays for the whole show. So…

      In a remarkable “coincidence,” October 17 marks exactly 735 weeks since Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy on September 15, 2008. And if we look up word number 735 in Strong’s Bible Concordance (Greek), we get “Artemis“…

      > CONCERNING THE OCTOBER 16-17 DANGER DATE: The Chinese have scheduled the roughly week-long 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party to begin on October 16, earlier than expected. October 16 is the 58th anniversary of China’s first successful test of an atom bomb, and it is the day that Shemini Atzeret / Kabbalist “Judgment Day” begins at sunset. Shemini Atzeret runs from sunset of the 16th to sunset of the 18th.

      October 16 is also…

      the first day of the October 16-18 World Health Summit in Berlin being put on by the WHO, and
      Day 2595 (1260 days + 1335 days) of the Obama II-Sanhedrin Timeline — the day that something good is supposed to happen for the world (according to the relevant Bible verse). Day 2595 will fall on October 16 if you count the day of Obama’s trial by the Sanhedrin on September 9, 2015 [1,2] as Day 1. And it will fall on October 17 if you count 2595 days after the trial.


    2. absoutely great work shelby.

      this shows exactly what becomes of people when the fecck their own motherfatherbrothersister for too many generations:
      Kumquat sized brain
      peanut sized gonads
      egg shaped pean. usses (Je fry eps. tein)
      extra appendages
      hapbsberg jaw
      genetic diseases (an additional one for each generation?7
      drinking fluids from..... other


    3. Now is this not an interesting book to uncover

      Pagan Babies at 9:41 in and the book she displays??

      I've heard it referenced on several occasions that the word pagan refers to pay again??
      Thats how they suck the wealth out of all of us as we are made to pay and pay and pay and pay again and again and again and again

    4. Not sure how old the book is in the box and the cover looks a whole lot different than this one

      Whether this has meaning or not I do not know but it sure as hell implies something

    5. AMAZON - Zoo and we're all just an animal species

      So keep right on buying and selling shit on AMAZON by all means they love it

      And be sure to get Anna's book she wrote too
      It's available on, you guessed it AMAZON

      I owe them nothing and I will not claim or sign anything that subjects me to a shetar express contract

    6. prime. primate.
      empire of prime-ates. prime-eats....
      THEIR bray-ns are as teeny as their tes tickles.

  16. oh look everybody! just CHANGED THE STORYLINE about "The CONSTITUTIONS" again!!
    as gomer pyle would say, "Waaaay-elle Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

  17. And for those who still beLIEve her bullshit



    Well what do ya know the Earth FEDERATION


    1. Isn't it funny that this Earth Federation and CONstitution has the following in it

      The Fifth Principle of DEMOCRACY

      5. The fifth principle of democracy is the idea that government only functions legitimately with the consent of the governed and active participation of the governed in formulating the laws under which they live. Governmental authority to legislate and enforce laws is predicated on an unforced consent to these laws by the population. This means that consent must not be “manufactured” or engineered through government propaganda, intimidation, pressure to conformity, a corporate controlled media system, or any other method, but must be the product of free exchange of ideas within a democratic framework. As this is sometimes expressed, ultimate sovereignty belongs to the people, and only their free consent can create legitimate political obligation to respect and obey the laws. The people have the right to withdraw allegiance from any government that seriously violates their consent, dignity, equality, or human rights.

      So you see they showed us the way that we were being fucked over then they are providing the solution
      But through deceit you are being lured in to this new heaven new earth BULLSHIT

      GLOBAL LOVE (evolve) BANK MY ASS

      CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency
      Hmm a digital prepaid vendor card issued by who?
      Who controls the distribution of the funds?
      Where do the funds come from?
      Can they be turned off if you do not comply or do as you're told?
      Who makes the rules?
      What are the rules?

      Reeducation of the public like mad over the last decades to steer the sheep in the exact direction they wanted them to go while lying their asses off and plundering the hell out of them along the way

      Now you be sure and donate those fiat debt notes to the cause

      Be sure and check out the
      The Worldwide Charter supports international businesses showcasing a particular social and environmental sensibility through following a code of conduct and a set of universal principles; reflecting the core values of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, labor conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and other internationally recognized principles.

      I'm telling you it is the next step in the CON and getting you to participate while they lie their asses off

      That ILB you have been assigned is BULLSHIT
      More like you are now a global citizen and participating in this earth constitution and world parliament shenanigans
      Anna is an agent and she renegotiated your debt for you is my take on it without your knowledge
      Oh you consented but you had no clue to what
      The Shetar and the express contract you agreed to by claiming the name and providing the two witnesses

      It could not be more in your face

    2. And how fitting that a jew and his father is of hollywood would write this book but not reveal what the new heaven new earth folks are revealing, right

    3. Slave Shackles from 1852 with the Freemason symbol.....
      "SLAVERY…..proudly sponsored by your friendly local Freemasons Lodge.",quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/115/691/576/original/352eb53c5f61a495.jpeg

    4. Shelby the moment of conception is the reality, Kurtis Kullenbach ? spelling? Sorry

    5. Jasun not Anonymous

    6. They aren't culling me bach to anything they can make up

  18. my guess is the "london bridge has fallen" "marker" has at least something to do with the end of an evac. of their Political Actors of Highest Value, being evac'd off the Continental Confederated Union of States' land; and transported, (probably?), to the Island nations that they claim are so-called "U. S. Inc. Territories".... after the HighValue Actors have "divoc", "di suddenly", take bankruptcy, other.
    dont ever forget that the Hawaiian Kingdom was OVERTHROWN by coup detat in order to ANNEX the beautiful island nation to the U. S. INC. and that Queen Liliokalani was IMPRISONED BY SAME throughout the rest of her life!!! while she was trying to set up a new national charter that gave the Hawaiian poor more rights and a greater voice!!!!!! ....sound familiar? smh.
    i hope the mariana islands, guam, puerto rico, u.s. virgin islands, wake island, and more are not being taken over as retirement areas, complete with the BEST GOLF COURSES that a WorldMaster GolfCourse and HotelBuilder can Construct .... i hope thats NOT whats going on.

    1. London bridge reminds me of the bridge they supposedly moved to arizona

      Remember arizona has PHOENIX the VALLEY OF THE SUN

      Ocean front property in Arizona

      And yes they will get their INBRED KIN folks out of harms way when the time comes
      They'll be riding the storm out on their private yachts and islands
      Under world parliament documents the renegotiating of their debts and shit like that taking place for possibly a decade now
      Entering the new age charter under the new and improved UN

      Arizona one of the four corner cross states

  19. Just saw a truck in my neighborhood laying in the AT & T fiber optic
    The sign on the truck door reads
    A US Infrastructure Company
    Hmmm I wonder if they know what they're wiring up for their masters?

  20. As I have been telling you

    1. Have a read at his warning which of course crickets from the talking heads of main stream media and their fake scientist


  21. this video is especially interesting imo because you can see him [/for *them*?] shifting here to yet ANOTHER Phase of the multi-layered PsyOp, if that is what is going on.

  22. PHASE ONE: BAR ATTORNEYS pretending to be American Judges take an Oath to the Global Elites System/U.N. 1990-1, and no longer swear to support the Constitution!!!
    then for the next 30 years, tell Americans they will be held in Contempt of Court if they talk about the Constitution in "their" Courtroom.

  23. PHASE TWO: After further viciously abusing the American people for over thirty years and arrogantly and unapologetically violating our God-gifted natural rights, one of their "Geniuses" (coffcoff) realizes that:
    without the Constitution there are no Constitutionally -created Citizens to CHARGE for the WAR DEBTS AND OTHER DEBTS THEY ARE CREATING, so they try to throw the line out for "Our Constitution" again, but too many of us know by now that its a gigantic hoax just like their Birth Certificating Debt Slave Bonding Scam!! our highly intelligent, highly moral American people also are realizing that our rights do not have, and never have had, anything to do with their
    "CONSTI-DAMN-TUTION"" anyways.

    now try to TAKE OVER,

    as one of *THEIR* Narratives

    what **we**, the actual true State nationals are bringing forward to our American people??? that:
    their Constidamntution does not and never has applied to us, State nationals/"Americans".
    it wasnt ratified, wasnt signed, has no seal, and has more flaws including as TRUTH brought forward, the ones who put it into place DID NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO DO SO.
    and it is so.
    prove me wrong?

    At 22:29 in the video check out the report heading on the left of the page

    Vital Statistics is where you sent in a form, with a fee along with your SIGNATURE to get the ceritified copy of your birth certificate correct?

    It's not the original and never has been.

    I saw some interesting trivia the other day about how many babies in the US have been given this name since whatever year.
    They can tell you how many babies have been given a first name of such and such!

    Vtal statistics where you obtained that 'birth certificate' is also an incorporated service provider are they not?

    1. mans autograph belongs to man. [its his "Property".]
      and man can remove what belongs to him anytime for any reason or for no reason at all, without penalty, unless in law, he gives someone else right to use it and causes them harm when he takes it back.
      The End.

      we were never told any of their crap, so there was not even the chance for agreement and there couldnt be a "Meeting of the Minds".
      so no agreement and no contract was ever formed in the first place for their Birth Certificate, their Constidamnedtution, OR their "Banks".
      those are ALL FOREIGN to us and they ALL KNOW IT. THEYRE JUST A BUNCH OF DAMNED THIEVES AND LIARS, who never quit lying and stealing.

      We never agreed.... dont forget that no matter what they say.
      they have NOTHING to base their presumptions upon and i say: THEYRE IN A HELLOFA LOT OF TROUBLE and its getting worse for them every day.
      and it is so.

    2. Check this out janmarie and others

      I found this little line below in the article linked

      Talmudic Law requires “two witnesses” to report a crime?

      Hmm two witnesses like the two witnesses and the Shetar and the express contracts


    3. As per the article linked above about behind the green mask

      In October of 2021 I wrote this comment

      And look at this one here the woman who wrote Behind the Green Mask the recently dead lying ass bitch was in on the Sandy Hook hoax too
      At 6 minutes 45 seconds

      I took this clip from technocratic tyrannies web page and linked it here today 2/21/2022
      And according to Greg Bradford the woman behind the mask selling this book was also a hollywood insider

      Went to check Gregs video on this and received the error 2/21/2022

      The name Rosa I think is very clear here
      She is a real estate agent for the last 30 years stealing property under the guise of eminent domain for her counterparts in crime

      In this video you will hear him talk about dealings behind closed doors that are NEVER EVER on the books referencing the Talmud
      I'm pretty sure that the reference to the Talmud is in that video

    4. 40 minutes in he talks about the talmudic jews and writing checks to one another with no account numbers
      System you've never seen

      You're not in their league (league of nations comes to mind)

    5. shelby,
      yes, they are coming out of the woodwork right out now and ADMITTING they use: Zohar, Talmud, Kaballah, but still do not want to make known what some believe is their connection to what is called the Book of the Dead (or else the Egyptian Book of the Dead... trying to blame the Egyptian people for what they themselves choose to do????) ...anyway, NOW theyre having to release info on something called the Tree of Death.
      • i guess its their inverted perversion of creators Tree of Life that was in the middle of the Eden. ref.: genesis 2:9.
      • some believe lucifer was already in the garden in a past age: ref.: ezekiel 28:13 "Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering..."
      • also that he was present at the • DAWN • of our presently-known creation, which may be why he knows so much about it...???? ref.: isaiah 14:12 "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, i will ascend into heaven... yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit...."
      • and jesus said he saw lucifer fall as lightning (to the earth) ref.: luke 10:18.
      10:19 (a 9/11) [jesus said to those who loved him] Behold, i give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, ...
      the spirits are subject unto you...
      your names are written in heaven. :):):):):)
      life wins over death just like good over evil and light over darkness:
      death is swallowed up in victory ref: 1 corinth 15:54
      i have set before you life and death...choose life....ref.: deut 30:19.
      much more.... :)

  26. You have to watch everything these sick pricks do from past events to current

  27. The script writers have big plans folks

    Rockets flying, rocks flying, the skies the limits to their antics


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