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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Did THEY Buy the US, INC.?

 By Anna Von Reitz

A quick review --- what we have mistakenly thought to be "our" Federal government turns out to be two foreign commercial corporation subcontractors in the business of providing "essential government services".  

These two self-interested commercial enterprises, the US, INC. and the USA, Inc., have been run, respectively, by the British Territorial United States Government and the Municipal United States Government, and those have been, respectively, operated by the British Crown and the Holy See. 

All variations of "United States Congress" since the 1860's have merely been acting as either: (1) Boards of Directors or (2) Boards of Trustees for these two huge commercial corporations that have been hawking their wares and coercing sales on our shores for generations. 

They've been doing this using storefronts known as "political parties" which are more accurately described as lobbyist organizations that promote spending public money on private special interests.  

Among the other things we have learned about these organizations and their operations is that the actual power behind these groups is always hidden.  

The Roman Pontiff hides behind the smiling image of the Holy Father. 

The venal fascist UN CORP hides behind the United Nations Organization. 

Lady Somerset and the Lords of the Admiralty hide behind Queen Elizabeth II. 

And whenever things get too hot to handle, they simply change their names, gin up what appears to be a new organization (but really isn't) and keep on skating. 

So the US, INC. also known as the UNITED STATES went bankrupt and its assets have been sold off to various creditors.  Our question today is --- have the actual Priority Creditors been deliberately bypassed and the wreck sold to the Chinese? 

It would appear so.

Evidence is gathering that not only does Joe Biden serve the Chinese bidding because of personal self-interest and family investments in China, but that he is additionally obligated to serve them as the new owners of the corporation he manages as "President of the United States" ---- whichever "United States" that is. 

But, are we really dealing with the Chinese at all?  

Experience and observation would suggest --- not. 

Queen Elizabeth and her entire family is actually German.  Her financial investments are directly handled by her German relatives, aka, the House of Wettin and her Scottish relatives, aka, Glamis Castle "Ghosts".  Not a real Brit in the whole crowd. 

So it should not surprise us that the crux of the real problem begins with the CIA (the Municipal Government version of the "Central Intelligence Agency") in Frankfurt, Germany, and with investments they made in the early 2000's, when they bought a controlling interest in UBS Bank in Switzerland. 

The CIA is not the monolithic organization that most Americans suppose.  There are "CIA" organizations all over the world and they are often at odds with each other, playing endless cat and mouse games to control, manipulate, and remove entire governments.  

A more prudent way to look at "the" CIA is that they are the enforcers for the Central Banks, the muscle that carries the polices --- and commodity controls, including the rigging of gold, silver, and currency markets --- into action. 

Thus, it is not surprising that the Frankfurt, Germany CIA cell was involved in interfering with the US/USA election in 2020.  And it is not surprising that they would buy the Central Bank of China and then use that to buy the Central Bank of the Philippines, if they had the joint support of both the Pope and the Queen's managers.  

What is surprising is that they have caught the rest of the world napping.  

Why do you think Pope Francis hiked up his skirts recently and went all the way to China? 

Here is Grandma's take on the whole picture:  the CIA started going rogue back in the 1960's.  JFK realized this and planned to dismantle them, but with help from MI6 and disgruntled Oil Company Executives and their political party capos, they got rid of him first.  

Over the next fifty years the corruption of the CIA spread to all the other "Intelligence Agencies" and they used their position as the muscle for the Central Banks to work out a plan to take over the Central Banks --- which we are seeing right now.  

Somehow, in collusion with their employers, the Central Banks, the CIA used Giovanni Ricchello's position as Witness to the gold and silver deposits made by The D'Avila Family Trust to assert an ownership interest in the deposits.  

I am speaking of "ownership" in the legal sense of custodial interest, not actual ownership --- and for the next several decades, they used the trading platform's "secured gambling format" to accrue ---at least on paper, immense amounts of credit.  

It was some of this purloined credit that Lord James Blackheath observed being moved by HSBC back in 2012 --- $15 Trillion worth, which is just about what the "US National Debt" was at the time.  Looks like HSBC sold on the "US National Debt" to the Chinese, using credit purloined from the actual Creditors, the People of this country, to do it.  

Please recall that we, the actual Americans, are the Preferential Creditors of the entire "US National Debt" ---- they have the debt, we have the credit, because they have been operating on I.O.U.s all these years, based on credit and goods and labor received from us for free.  The Chinese are distant secondary Creditors by comparison.  

Agents of what I call the "Frankfurters" also placed false claims of "abandonment" on the D'Avila Trust gold and gold belonging to our Federation of States underwriting the Central Banks of the world.  

The only real question is --- who are they working for now?  Have they gone into business for themselves, like the U.S. Army back in 1865?  

The Smart Money says that the corrupt CIA branches and Central Banks involved in this humongous fraud scheme are acting in concert with the corporations that are members of the World Economic Forum, and that they are, in turn, using their interests in the UN CORPORATION to overwhelm whatever actual voice the member governments of the United Nations Organization have.  

My guess is that the governments and their political organizations are being told to sit down and shut up, and that the CIA is manipulating the money to payoff the corporations in the World Economic Forum and the U.S. Military, both, thus clearing the way for a gigantic Putsch.  

Are there any political or economic powers left powerful enough to stop this?

China and Russia combined could do it.  The United States of America combined with Russia could do it.  A Union of African States (the real reason they had to kill Gaddafi) --- all by itself -- could do it, if Africa ever got its act together and started acting as a unified socio-political powerhouse.  The people of the world, outraged and ready to fight, could do it.  

So, Campers, it really, really is time to get up off your couches and stop rating availability of beer as your Number One Concern this week.  


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