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Monday, July 18, 2022

Montana Republicans uphold the inviolable right to life begins at conception

MT GOP PLATFORM Convention this weekend


I was blessed to attend the Montana GOP Platform Convention this weekend. Republicans stood firm in upholding protection of innocent life from conceptionArguments by delegates were compelling AGAINST an amendment to include the deception of the life of the mother exception. I could not have done better myself.



Contrary to media reports, Montana is NOT weaker than surrounding states in its protection of life. Tragically, states with laws triggered by the overturn of Roe v Wade have life of the mother exceptions.


Risk of the mother status used to “justify” abortion can include such things as severe anxiety or depression, an abusive domestic partner, or a prior history of pregnancy complications…not true emergencies. In the U.S. most life-threatening emergencies related to being with child occur in the third trimester, when the baby can be safely taken by C-section and will usually survive.


Even in areas of the world where hospital and clinic facilities have less than hygienic conditions, emergency C-section in a life threatening situation is faster and less prone to infectious contamination than abortion. The part of the body invaded through most surgical abortions is the least clean.


Furthermore, to reiterate from mt previous email, abortion is NEVER required to save the life of the mother.  For over a decade, I have asked abortion providers and other zealots to give me an example of where this is the case. They have not because they cannot.  Prior to Roe v Wade, if an emergency procedure was done to save the life of the mother, that was NOT considered abortion.


To illustrate: Tubal pregnancies are generally considered life threatening to the mother, and they have not been considered abortion…even prior to Roe v Wade. Why? Because their purpose is to truly save the life of the mother in an acute situation, not to destroy the child. Other examples…Within the last ten years, there were two cases in the Flathead local paper about emergency C sections for the mother’s acute illness…one was a mother with an acute blood dyscrasia with a baby at 20-21 weeks gestation (age where it’s questionable if the baby can survive outside the womb) and the other the mother had a cardiac arrest with a baby at 8 months (where the baby is likely to survive outside the womb)…In both cases, mothers and babies survived. If during those emergency C sections, the babies had died, that would not be considered abortion.


The purpose of abortion is to destroy the child. The purpose of these emergency C sections described was to save the life of the mother… Don’t fall for the emotional appeals of the abortion zealot deceivers that have no rational nor medical basis.


I am not saying women don’t have complications with pregnancies. Obviously, some do. I am saying abortion is NEVER necessary to save these women.


Please dispel this ongoing deception. It is used not only to keep the baby-killing going but to make us look heartless toward women in distress.


I thank God for Montana’s unabashed prolife Republicans.

Annie Bukacek MD

President, Montana ProLife Coalition