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Saturday, July 2, 2022

How the Scots Made Sure that No Filipino Claims Could Succeed

 By Anna Von Reitz

In 1898 the Scottish Interloper doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated” fought a war known as The Spanish American War “for” us. 

Using our money, our soldiers, and our resources, they won.

The war was settled in the normal way with a series of peace treaties – a Treaty of Versailles to settle land claims, a Treaty of Paris to settle sea claims, and various Treaties of Westminster and Ghent to settle commercial claims.  They acted as our “representatives”.

This is all well-known and well-documented in the public records here in America, in Spain, and yes, also in the Philippines. 

As part of the settlement the land mass of the Philippine Islands was granted by Spain to The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States --- as it had to be under international law.

The Scottish Interloper additionally paid Spain --- again, in our behalf --- $20 million of our gold, for the physical infrastructure on the Islands, including the government buildings.

If the massive gold deposits had been in the Philippines at that time, and if that gold belonged to the family of the King of Spain, do you think he would have granted away the land to the Philippine Islands and sold off all infrastructure on the Islands for only $20 million in gold? 

The whole idea is ludicrous.

You can read the Treaties for yourselves, you can use your own common sense, and you can believe the present King of Spain, who has also told everyone the same truth about this as we are.

The massive amounts of gold began to arrive in the Philippines from The United States (note—not “the” United States) the following year and shipments via U.S. Navy ships continued for decades thereafter.  We have the deposit receipts and ship’s manifests. 

So, we know for sure where a very substantial amount of the gold came from. 

And it wasn’t anything to do with Queen Isabella, her family, or her fortune --- which remain in the care and custody of Spain.

We also have the records of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration and their issuance of the 1934A Series Bearer Bonds against our gold reserves in the Philippines --- used as payola to other governments and government officials by “the” United States, Inc., Municipal Government without our knowledge or agreement.

Now the new Central Bank of the Philippines and the Philippine Government itself has gone completely mad and claiming that Ferdinand Marcos owned all this gold --- again, a ludicrous claim.  Marcos himself fully admitted that he was only an attorney working for The D’Avila Family Trust, and a Trustee with respect to the American gold stored in the Philippines.

We have Tiburcio Villamore Marcos (the third one) claiming that he is a relative of Queen Isabella and that this is her gold that he is inheriting. Based on these claims, the Philippines is trying to transform itself into a monarchy and all sorts of crazy stuff is transpiring.

For all we know, this new version of “TVM” may be related to Queen Isabella.  He may even have a claim on her fortunes in Spain.  We are not any judge of that and leave it for him to present his case, properly, in Spain. 

But the point is, that Queen Isabella’s fortunes are under a completely different account system – Code LEO, not Code FLAT, and are warehoused out of Spain, not the Philippines.

Okay, so let’s review --- we know that the gold was not in the Philippines in 1898. 

We know that vast quantities of gold were exported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy beginning the following year.

We know that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration of the foreign Municipal United States Government operating as “the” United States, Incorporated, issued Bearer Bonds against our gold reserves in 1934 and used them as payola to buy off various other governments and government officials to participate in his New (Enslavement) Deal. 

We also know that most of those Bearer Bonds were later destroyed or recovered and re-warehoused in the Philippines. 

We have the Spanish King agreeing with us and telling you that no, Queen Isabella’s gold was never in the Philippines.

So, Queen Isabella’s fortune isn’t in the Philippines, but our gold and the D’Avila Family Trust assets are.

This disqualifies the latest version TVM’s claims about the gold in the Philippines belonging to Queen Isabella and to him as one of her heirs.

Now we come to the final factor that disqualifies all Filipino claims on the gold stored in the Philippines.

The Scottish Interlopers weren’t stupid.  They set things up so that no Filipino could ever bring a valid claim against the gold they rat-holed in the Philippines.

By obtaining the Spanish Land Grant “for” us and in our names, the Scots disinherited all Filipino Kingdom claims.  The Filipino people have no land of their own, hence, no Kingdom. The land treaties of the Versailles series stand unaltered, and unless we come to a deal, are unalterable.

Nobody has come to us to ask for the land grant back and nobody has paid us the $20 million in gold (updated to modern figures) to buy back the infrastructure, so, we, our unincorporated Federation of States, still owns the Philippine Islands.

It is a fundamental tenet of international law and the far older Law of Kinds, that only physical entities inherit physical assets.  Only unincorporated entities can possess and hold land and soil and other physical assets, so you may be sure that our Federation of States is “The United States of America” in possession of the Spanish Land Grant.  

You may also be sure that our possession of the Spanish Land Grant is not changed or altered by the Queen of England’s attempts to set up a Territorial District Government in the Philippines and issue “land titles” related to property interests there.

The so-called Treaty of Manila Bay and transfer of “land titles” related to it and ever since, are only “sea treaties” among incorporated British Crown franchises and their personnel. 

The land remains in our possession and keeping.

We are not averse to working something out with the Filipino People, to return their homeland to their actual ownership, but the facts are facts.

Vast amounts of American blood and money have been expended in defense of the Philippines and many Filipinos have direct cause to remember that. 

The least that we are owed is the return of what is ours, and that means both the gold that was transported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy and The D’Avila Family Trust assets. 

Why, you may ask, are The D’Avila Family Trust Code FLAT assets American, when they are a Spanish family?

Because the heir of the Code FLAT assets already long confirmed by the Spanish Supreme Court and the Central Bank of the Philippines moved to our country decades ago and lives in one of our unincorporated States of the Union.   He is one of our people now and we have the responsibility and granted right to protect his assets. 

We don’t wish TVM or any of the Marcos family any ill-will.  We don’t bear any ill-will toward the Filipino people. At the same time, we are not going to stand here and fail our own honor and fiduciary duty to rebut the irrational claims that are being made.

If TVM is an heir of Queen Isabella of Spain, he needs to do what we have already done regarding the Code FLAT Accounts ----and address the Spanish Supreme Court with his claim to her LEO accounts, together with his lineage, and his DNA. 

As you can see, the gold and other assets stored in the Philippines are a separate and already determined issue. 


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