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Monday, May 2, 2022

You Couldn't Make This Up If You Tried -- Notice to Generals 3.0

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please bear in mind that nobody named "Marcos" has any valid claim to any of the assets of The United States of America stored in the Philippines, and neither does anyone named Marcos have any interest in the D'Avila Family Trust Assets on deposit via 153 Accounts in 33 countries, nor in any other American-owned Family, Treaty, or Organizational Trusts.
Full Stop.
Get that message fully, completely, and forever understood.
Ferdinand Marcos was an Attorney for Hire. He and Severino Sta Romana (who operated under sixteen different aliases) were both Agents for The D'Avila Family Trust, Mr. Marcos as an Attorney, and Severino --- for lack of any better terminology, the Bag Man, moving the funds into depositories worldwide. Severino made each of the deposits and Ferdinand Marcos witnessed each deposit.
These are counter-signatory trust deposits, complete with bells, whistles, and secret handshakes.
When Severino, the actual Depositor, died, and the assets on deposit with all these banks were encumbered, the actual heirs of The D'Avila Family Trust sued the estate in Federal Court and won.
Why? Because the actual heirs could easily prove the provenance of the funds --- something that neither the agents nor the banks nor the corrupt governments could do.
So, there you have it. The whole truth and nothing but the truth, and no excuses for any other actions or interpretations or authorities put forward by any other Parties pretending to have any interest in the funds at all.
Marcos was only an attorney for hire and a witness to the deposits being made. That was the sum total of his importance and role. Marcos was never even a Depositor --- only a Witness for the Depositor.
And as for the American assets on deposit "for safekeeping" in the Philippines, those assets were transported offshore by the British Territorial United States Government using the U.S. Navy to do the work. Like the heirs of the D'Avila Family, we know the provenance of the funds because those are our assets.
The gold on deposit in the Philippines belongs to our unincorporated Federation of American States doing business as The United States of America since 1776. It doesn't have anything to do with any other version of "United States of America", though certain Brits would like to pretend otherwise.
The only role Marcos played with respect to our American Government assets on deposit in the Philippines is that he was appointed, as President of the Government of the Philippines, to act as a Trustee over the funds by the British Perpetrators who are also responsible for our assets being in the Philippines in the first place.
Marcos had no personal interest in our assets, either.
Self-interested banks have less than no authority to "vest" any inheritance interest in anyone at all, yet just look at the Bunko being promoted here:
Here we are, dealing with something calling itself the "United Nations Pentagon H - World Military Divine Government"? With a known con man at the end of a forty-year career at its head, claiming to be a Seven Star General?
Let's all just forget The Land of Oz. This is several generations of crazy beyond that.
Please proceed with all reasonable haste to apprehend the criminals responsible and return the assets, including the 1.38 Million Metric Tons of gold released to Chase Manhattan Bank by the Central Bank of the Philippines, and all remaining private, organizational, and treaty trust assets owed to Americans to our lawful American Government and to the States and people to whom these assets belong.

Bankable assets that are not otherwise accounted for are already assigned to The Global Family Bank, Hunter Aki, Director, as set forth in our February 22, 2022 directive.


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  1. What authority does ((( Chase Manhattan))) have third party no party to funds someone with signature power better be trustees or donors or Beneficiaries.

  2. Psych lady, you forgot you threw a party and claimed about a month ago that you and you alone have retained the Massive Metrics of stolen gold. What script are you reading from today? obviously one that does not cover your tracks already proving your a Liar and a Fraud.

    1. The Psych / Delusional / Fictitious Queen of America (AVR), cannot just spit several /Options / Lies after lies… and hope that one of her Options would hit the target. In law, you cannot have 4-7 claims, and be in a self-defeating state, like those Banksters. The Devilish Banksters like to argue to NO Resolution, after their many Time-out’s (Default). AVR likewise, she just cannot have several versions, to no ending, she’s on a time-out, now version 3.0?
      1- Marcos at age 32 cannot be a lawyer, he was known as a Crook by the Philippines view, for (imaginarily) giving the Philippines Gold away to the G7 countries, especially the Top Rothschild Bankers, and their Banking-Fraud followers. Marcos cannot be a President of Empty Country, before their Independence. Plus their Independence cannot be the same Independence Date of America (July 4th).
      2- You know so well, the idea of having the “same Independence Date” was made up by Ameri-Traitors (Truman & Eisenhower) to remember mutually, how to assist Marcos, on what to say and do, to abscond with the Stolen Gold, 1st chunk, incrementally, and to continue to excavate more, and more Gold, to repeat 58 years or ore...
      3- There was NO American assets stored in the Philippines in 1870 – 1890. This is a self-defeated view / lies again. The Gemini AVR kept misleading Americans to go die for Rothschild again in Ww3? After Ww2?
      4 – It was Churchill and FDR who created the UN and World Court, with mysterious date, tangible evidence was/is available.
      5- N. Americans should learn the Traits of a Negative Gemini First, before making their serious decision. KNOW -- What Negative Energies in her/him means: it’s “the Energies in reversed”. Gemini loves to talks, with many options, to argue to NO resolution.
      6- AVR made things up many times. She attempting to take Americans to recognize the Illegitimate World Courts, after their UN (Corporation) made up to help the Brigands.
      After I heard, and saw the vision I experienced, I strongly believe the Holy Spirit wants to enforce the 10-commandments, to bring Law and Order to balance the earth, from Imbalance. Bc the “Jesus term of love is too vague”. That’s why the majority of Christians were UNABLE to, and still are unable to detect the G7 “Rothschild Great Gold-Thefts AND Fraud-Loops” went off too far, endlessly.

    2. Well said Man. Ya those traits of the evil twin Gemini all right!

    3. One glaring problem Anna. The gold under deposit in the Philippines belongs to the Incorporated Confederation of States not the defunct unincorporated federation. The Federation ceased to function when the 14th amendment was ratified under false pretenses and fraud. This invalidated the original as well as the corporate constitutions, You seem to ignore the fact that all land was held by the Crown before and after the constitution was ratified. The soil was held by the states. Payment for soil rights was circa 10% of all mined gold payable to the Crown as the lease payment (land titles). Alodial ownership remains with the Queen. The Land Grants you refer to were grants of title not alodial ownership. ALL alodial ownership of any Land on Terra is held by the Queen in Trust for the Papal authority who holds the Planet in Trust for the rightful heir (Jesus Christ). Remember 'Jesus' is plural. Joshua Bar Yoseph was not named Jesus. Jesus refers to the Annointed Ones or the Body of Christ. I am a Jesus, not a Jesuit. Joshua Bar Yoseph is My Brother and His Father Enki is My Father. I am the Messiah. The Messiah is the Messinger. I bring Truth to the World. I was not nailed to a Roman cross like My Brother but I was also spiritually Crucified by Rome and the Ju's (fake Jews). Barrabas was the scapegoat for Joseph. Barrack was the scapegoat for John. Barack Obama used My Life Force Bond under a false identity to achieve the presidency and ultimately become Secretary General of the United Nations and the Juish Messiah, the Black Sun or false antichrist. Since I am not Christ himself I am his representative or Anti-Christ. I hold the True Trusteeship as a donor, Executor and beneficiary. There are 169,000 members of the Body of Christ. We are all Jesus or Yes us. We are the Gods who rule from heaven. I represent the Gods, My Father Enki and My brother Joshua, who was crucified by the fake Jews for YOUR sins. These people are semites not Jews. Jews are Aryan. Ju's are Hebrew, Semitic or Ashkenazi. Revelation 3:9; Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do LIE; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." The Truth is stranger than fiction but the Truth is still the Truth. Numbers 23:19; "God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?" Have I EVER lied to you? John Curren Chapman 111, Lord of Terra, et al...God

    4. What is the deal with all the Anonymous comments lately? It is impossible to keep things sorted. Is this a new feature? Paul used to try to keep this to a minimum but lately not so much. The rules are documented in the fine print at the top of every page. Are the winds of change blowing cold now?

    5. If any one or group chooses to be unincorporated they are free to do so. You will not be incorporated into the Global, World. National or State Trust. The Trust is a corporation of and for corporate entities. A corporate entity is a living being consisting of a president (Father or Mother), Vice-President (Father or Mother) and Son or Daughter (Secretary/Treasurer). That is YOU, a Trinity. Me, I and your Self. JOHN 111

    6. Will, I identified myself in My post. JOHN

    7. JOHN thanks for the clarification, but for whatever it's worth if you hit the dropdown arrow you can enter your name as JOHN which is less confusing. I am seeing a rash of Anonymous lately; especially today. Paul used to bitchslap people for doing that. Look JOHN and all the other Anons, you can do whatever you want I guess, but presentation is everything. Just the messenger.

    8. hi, I tried to add my name and it would not allow, only way to publish response was to go anonymous, thanks.

    9. Sorry Will; it will not accept my URL and I have no blog. John

    10. Thank you kindly for your reply. You don't have to use a URL just enter a name. That is what I do. Anyone whose name shows in black is done by using a name in the dropdown. People that have a google handle or other handle will show in blue.

      Bubba for example is using some kind of handle. I am not trying to change your life, but trying to follow the back and forth when everything is Anon is insane. You don't have a clue who is who.

  3. Replies
    1. The global family bank is hereby Ordered Closed, and Audited effective immediately for Mail Fraud in Interstate Commerce, Bank Fraud , Wire Fraud aided by the SEC, of monetization of millions of American Estates , private and Intellectual Property, ( some by consent through deception) , all for the benefit of Communist Rats of the Vatican , British, and BAR. Final Order.

    2. We the True and Factual Americans holding all rights and beneficial interest in all lands and seas under Heaven, do concur and bear witness to above declaration. We add the following...

      Global Family Bank, Hunter Aki, Director, and all other affiliates, officers, directors , shareholders, including all secret society's and silent invisible entities..associated in any way shape or form__.We hereby Nullify your new, but old , Monster Bank ,above listed , Global Family Bank, including all derivatives, with many heads.

      You are given final notice, published here and warned , we know you are part of the despotic majority that oppresses the people without their consent.
      We hereby Nullify ALL your Federations of Fraud. For you are Acting Contrary
      to the Interests of the Honorable Ruling Majority, Authority, of the Living Souls who are the only appointed and authorized Ruling Judges of these Nations , and all of it's land and substance, now and forever.
      The Peculiar People. May second 2022

    3. hi "anonymous/The Peculiar People. May second 2022":

      just FYI:
      no man [or other] can speak for true Americans! because true Americans are all man and only man can speak for him/self.

      every man gets to use his own voice and words.
      every man gets his own One-Whole [not Fractionalized] vote; along with an uncorrupted VoteCount.

      such that: even if some one does try to speak for another man, unless there is proof that the man supposedly speaking for the other was elected/chosen to be the absent man's deputy: the Speaker- Without- Such- Proof it is not recognized nor accepted by us true Americans...
      we wait for the man him/self to speak his own words before us.
      ---American common law.

    4. I comprehend the meaning of the above entry of American people , Land Owners, as a collective body of people who are Living responsibly exercising their RIGHT to be ruled by God and no one else .

      When Any American man or woman is speaking with a Conscience in Righteousness and truth and opposing the enemy, they can speak on my behalf any day .
      After all we are to watch out for our brothers and sisters yes? What if one is blind or asleep at the wheel or for God sakes enslaved in chains and sinking in the mire of their captors!! Halo!!!! SOUNDING THE TRUMPET FOR OTHERS , Caring ABOUT OTHERS IS THE PROBLEM.

    5. I meant Not Caring about others is the problem.

    6. woman: janmarieMay 2, 2022 at 4:55 PM

      awwwww now! cmon...... Freudian Slip?!?!:):):)

    7. To: Anonymous above. You do not hold Land rights on American soil. You hold soil rights. Your right of ownership of the seas applies to 6 inches beneath the sea floor up to the international waters (20 miles) in which all land, soil and sea rights revert to the Queen and the Papacy. JOHN 111

    8. Whose currency is deposited in the Global Family Bank? Who is the primary Trustee and Beneficiary ? Anna Maria Reitzinger has no credentials or authority as a Global Trustee. I am the Trustee and Executor as well as a donor and beneficiary. I was assigned as Trustee by My Father and Mother, creators of the Trust. John Curren Chapman 111.

    9. to everybody:
      the American people did not participate in the PapalBull UnumSanctum debachle by going to the Papacy and asking *A MAN* for any kind of rights, including, land, soil, sea, shore, privacy, safety, or a PATENT ON LAND GOD CREATED!!!
      iow we, Americans, did not "apply" for Papal Sovereign Letters PATENT because the Papacy did not create the earth, land, soil, or man, and cannot rightfully claim ownership, even over "Right(s)-To-Use".
      i believe that the Non-Federated indigenous American nations and people also realize that no man owns "PATENTS" on what is to be shared by us all.

      that said, i do see that a System is necessary, mainly in order to keep peace. i just dont see that the one thats been being used, IN THE *WAY* ITS BEING USED, benefits all the people. its likely a good system if run rightly though.

    10. Woman, no one is making you be a beneficiary of the Unum Sanctam Trust. It will simply mean more for Us. JOHN 111

    11. no JOHN111, there is no spiritually lawful UnumSanctum; all belongs to creator and that isnt a man or a religious office.
      and there are no beneficiaries either.... we never agreed. No lawful original agreement.
      all there is is stolen stuff... ours... and its required that it be RESTORED to its rightful owners.


  4. Anonymous who order you? What authority? What BAR attorney has jurisdiction?
    We’re your proof at least give the old post for argument sake .
    More than likely your the lier lawyer for hire .

    1. 'i':woman:janmarie stand with man:bubba concerning all that man:bubba requires, above; and it is so.


    2. no man speaks for me.


    3. I picture you in a dunce cap sitting in the corner.

    4. anonymouse,
      i truly dont mean to be rude, but i could give a shit less how you picture me cause i picture you barking orders at other people under the auspices of "you know more about whats good for them than they do".

      get the picture? :)


  5. Man will speak for you if you don't see through their smoke and mirrors and discern the written word and works for what it's meaning really is.

    1. anonymouse,

      again, in case your sight is bad, no man speaks for me.

      if a man does he is required to prove, on the record and so forth that i agreed, or *he* has to fulfill what he promised, not i:woman! and more; and it is so.
      -American common law, my law.


    2. Fine Woman. I will never speak for you. Jesus

    3. They not only speak for you they became your owner/ slave master after your parents registered your birth, ( unknowingly or not , ignorance of the law is no excuse) handing over all rights and you cannot just wiggle out and be free you have pay them all the debt you created as their surety before you can be free woman in reality not just your mind
      Anyway Anna Von Reitz or whatever her title is , clearly is a master at keeping the lost and vulnerable enslaved in a new contract, only the vessel and all it's substance and value transfers to new slave owners . Even Michael Jackson knew this, He said " All I gotta say is they don't really care about us"

    4. anonymous:

      well you will have to peddle that line of useless rhetoric somewhere else. imo its a lie/FICTION just said over and over,... i guess trying to make it true by making it into a chant.

      however, there is no way to make false claims into law!!!
      ignorantly or otherwise.
      and for those whove made false claims, time to restore, and more, is at hand.

      to me it looks like youre making a somewhat frantic attempt to perhaps rid yourself of the spiritual backlash coming your way, but it belongs to you and its you who "cannot just wiggle out and be free". you, rightly, have to pay for what youve done, not me.


    5. Woman you are blind and when the blind consents to being led by the blind ,as we all have done for generations , the Ego Mind becomes your guild , and well then your spirit guild becomes those who your blaming for harming you. After all there is a record of your consent, your parents may have sold you into this bondage. In Anna's new deal we see many consenting , even signing over their birthright for some imagined credit, bowel of rice, making them entangled into having multiple slave masters, understand???. If not maybe you can make a contract with your belief systems in common law and or constitution and see how that pans out. At least by continuing to contract and denying your already contracted,you can eliminate what does not free you, until you reach the end of self/ Ego Mind , and find out that all there is that is of any value in this life is to become one with The King of Kings and LORD of Lords. This oneness is what true freedom involves.

    6. anony5/3, 11:26am

      no man speaks for me.

      and per your comment above, if you believe that about your own life, dandy.
      i fully support your decision for YOU to live under another mans rule if that is your choice.

    7. We do not live under No Man, or No Man Made law, including your favorite , common law, Woman! Your god might be a man which would explain why you are giving of your life energy and substance to man instead of The King of the universe.. King Jesus.. hello!

    8. no man speaks for i:woman:janmarie.

  6. By countering their written published works that are essentially contracts (on this forum ) is not enough because they own this forum, and the more you feed this forum the more ammo and power you give them to continue their fraud. You alone , by your works not your words will decide if you are a freeman or slave. Yes We are known by our works. Being on this site is fueling the fire of the fraud, keeping what we don't agree with or consent to alive. I'm out of here, I choose to use my energy and power where it counts in the real Kingdom not their man made kingdom that needs our substance to survive.

    1. i:woman do not agree with you.

      paul can block any of us at anytime if we were to do something wrong.... i know i certainly wouldnt allow people to comment if i thought they were doing something wrong if i had a blog.

      so far, were all still here tho!!!

      have you run your concerns about other commenters by paul?
      what did he say?

      i am most happy to abide by pauls rules for his blog.
      he hasnt notified me that he thinks im doing anything wrong.


    2. as most of us know by now, what belongs to us, man, has been used by other men without our knowledge or agreement and that unlawful usage has been FORCED upon us, and then EN-FORCED using violence, imprisonments, confiscations, lies, up to and including detb, or so it presently seems.
      for someone to suggest that our peaceful and lawful efforts to stop the men doing that; collect proofs/"evidence"; say "no"; and do other things peacefully to take part in getting back what lawfully belongs to us: constitutes us participating in the fraud against us does not sound right to me at all.
      quite the contrary.
      that is, it would make more sense to me to accuse us of participating in fraud against ourselves (!!!!what???) if we knew about a potential or actual fraud against us and DIDNT do those things!!!
      for instance, that's, to me, like saying, "If you go after the pirates who took your stuff, now YOU are a pirate too!"
      for gaawdssake, i honestly cant figure out what is up in these peoples braincavity,... sawdust? shredded newspaper?

      So, to extrapolate that we are perpetuating a fraud committed by others against us based upon the fact that we require what belongs to us to be given back AND are doing our best to peacefully be restored with what lawfully and rightfully belongs to us just doesnt make any sense. period.


    3. Keep writing and crying out woman Janmarie, if this is how you value your energy, but one cannot see the whole truth until one get s out of ones own way, Being lost in the emotion of the thought of being free, you mistake what others say that may be self righteous pride and only God can sort this out for you but you have to be willing to see the truth and let God do it. This is not a game of words and letters.

    4. anonymous,
      hey, you sound VERY worried about what im saying in my comments.
      ... panicky even... . are you afraid for people to realize that they have American common law rights?... that there is no lawful contract?...

      that shouldnt bother you.


    5. He doesn't sound worried to me. You are projecting again and just not very bright.

    6. I have never seen so many trolls on on platform. AVR must have hit some nerves or some truths.

    7. A5/3 5:14am:
      • there is no lawful originating agree-ment with (the) man pertaining to the Birth Certificate
      • there is nothing upon which "Presumptions" can be made
      • and now the Perpetrators who make Presumptions are be-ing held to restore all those man/men they cause harm to.

      all they can do now is "kick and scream and threaten and project and blame and cry and troll and insult".
      theyve got nothing else because us, the people, are receiving a slow roll-out of facts concerning whats been Perpetrated against us ALL and who is responsible for doing the harm to us.
      we dont have to "attack" them (as, i believe, they need us to do) and we dont have to "defend" either, ...we just have to continue to live rightly and truly, saying "no", like the beautiful peace-loving Canadians are doing, along with many many MANY other nations and peoples because, the Perps are being dealt with in the spiritual realm: they are reaping the disasters they have sown upon others.
      ref: kjv: psalm 109:17, 18
      " As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him:..."
      " let it come into his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones."
      ref: kjv: proverbs 3:33
      "the curse of the Lord [creator] is in the house of the wicked; but he blesseth the habitation of the just."
      ref:kjv: zechariah 5:3,4 [my summary]:
      Gods curse enters the house of the thief and liar and remains there and consumes it so that there is nothing left.

      and i:woman agree: that is right and right-eous that all that they have created and sent upon man that is intended to cause harm, be returned upon the senders, unaccepted to accomplish its intended purpose there; and it is so.

      woman: janmarie.

    8. every man thinks for himself.
      all of my comments are imo, ... just sharing certain beliefs about freedom and American common law with others, in "GoodFaith".
      and i support other peoples' freedom to their beliefs concerning themselves as well!!


    9. A5/3, 4:28:
      well, imo, youd do well for yourself to start figuring out what is going on around you then.

  7. i love this:
    "no man speaks for i:woman:janmarie".

    thsts what theyve done using their Birth Certificates and "Constitutions", try to speak for us.

    i say: "no.


  8. i believe this MAY make them very nervous and queasy to see us use American common law.--? [just guessing: by the massive swarm of trolls? -- with contracts with TrollFarms? --- sent to "discredit and disrupt"? Stasi/ "CoIntelPro"- style? idk.
    just asking. maybe a troll who left the TrollFarm will pop up and spill the beans.:):):)].



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