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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Breaking: Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won't Back Down


  1. Dont be fooled you guys!
    "Put on your Thinking Caps!" (1950s) :)
    remember, in our American common law: our actual "de jure"(Fr.) law, meaning: rightful/ from right:
    there are no sovereigns, Sovereign, or SOVEREIGNS over other men. all men are created equal in standing in our law; there is no BIG"I" little"u", and:
    there is only one who *is* "sovereign", that is the self-existent one who created us.

    Corporations, Royals, EL-ites, Kings, Queens, Popes, Titles, Bonds, Credits/Debits, Debts, blahblahblah are ALL IMAGINARY.
    They are not over Americans or our creator.
    we are over them and our creator is over us.

    if you dont care for that particular setup, then you're in the wrong group, because thats what our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE declares and that is our choice to agree or not agree to live peacefully under its authority WE gave it!
    welcome though to ALL who agree!!! :):):)

    1. following along that line of our, Americans, facts in our law, American common law:
      no one who claims/other any of those or other Titles, Positions, Chairs, Orders, Thrones, Crowns blahblahblah:
      have ANY authority to make ANY kind of claim on ANY **GOD-MADE MATERIAL SUBSTANCE SUCH AS LAND, GOLD, OR MAN and so forth**!!

      USE YOUR NOGGIN :) .
      This is a KEY point in our rightful American 421776 law system: Again: write it down, put it on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, above your workbench:


      only man can.
      in American common law, only man can make a claim for God-made substance AND FOR THEIR SHARE ONLY, NEVER FOR ANY OTHER MANS!

      gold, land, water, air, food, animals, trees, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, buildings, cities, boats, cargo, ideas, thoughts, heartbeats, fingerprints footprints, paper, ink, printers, cables, iris scans, reports, voice prints, facial images, facial imaging equipment, phones, broadband networks, jets, runways, lead, nickel, sanitary systems, trucks, oil, grain, tractors, bacteria, newspapers, internet systems, your teeth, all bluhh'd, fluids, tissues, all tests, readings, evaluations, where youre located, and on and on -- it ALL belongs ONLY to man. and all that belongs to man came from mans creator.

      REPEAT joke:
      satan told God: "I can make a man.".
      God said, "Go ahead.".
      satan bent down and scooped up a handful of clay and God said, "Go get your own dirt.".

    2. does anyone know FOR SURE if American Truckers are blocking the Ambassador Bridge now from the American side?
      "RUPTLY" has a video up saying its showing American Truckers now blocking the Bridge from the South. trustworthy? Since the Canadian SWAT-type Teams? Can. Active Military? other FORCE ENTITIES??? have taken over on the Canadian side?

      i dont know if thats true.

      it seems like maybe theyve taken this into a news mini-blackout.

      nothing from COUTTS for days.

      im trying to find out *IF* anyone has two or three RELIABLE confirmations on what is going on at Coutts and at the Ambassador Bridge, northbound lanes.

      people doing livestreams say theyve been moved out of the way, but NO TRAFFIC IS ROLLING.
      AND Police moved them back so far they cant tell what is going on on the American side.
      thank you.

    3. hey there are some really impulsive people out there getting all pushy about doing a GENERAL STRIKE. they, imo, are 70-point IQ Morons because a general strike in america right now is like using a cannon to kill a housefly.

      imo these people spreading this around are most likely to be, ONLINE AGENT PROVOCATEURS/ FOREIGN AGENTS attempting to further harm the American people.

      • it will not the EL-ites one bit
      • they have already presumably bankrupted the Corporations and been paid insurance type payments, so theyre just fine.
      • they dont care if people strike. theyd probably laugh and say "WELL, STARVE YOURSELVES TO DETH THEN YOU IGNORANT FOOLS!" because the people who would suffer the most are
      • the older people or
      • single moms and dads or
      • people who have been put out of a job and so forth.
      if you were trained to either
      1. go into groups and cause division or, if that didnt work, then
      2. infiltrate, and pretend like you were "one of the group" and work destruction from the inside:
      it seems reasonable to me to suspect that since divide and conquer isnt working on people who are coming together in peace and unity, then Plan B might be to try to lead large swaths of people over the edge and into disaster.

      thats what i think a General Strike would do, presently.

      so From now on when i see a comment urging people to do a General Strike, im going to call it out as ineffective, unnecessary, harmful, not well-thought-out, irresponsible, and TOTAL OVERKILL. ...i hope you might consider doing something similar.

    4. EVERYTHING SHELBY BRINGS IS MADE UP. (not by shelby).


      I dont mean to be being repetitive, but I intend to be reminding everyone of that from now on, we are in American common law, not in their made-up FANTASY WORLD THAT SHELBY BRINGS TO US TO BE AWARE OF!!!

    6. remember:


  2. Nothing to see here folks.....

    "Nothing to see here. The CEO of Moderna Stephane Bancel just deleted his Twitter account. Then he dumped 400M of Moderna stock and the co-founder of Moderna dumped over 1B Dollars of it too. This means some big shit is about to come out. Maybe finally the truth will prevail ! "

    The article tries to attribute the massive increase in deaths to drugs, guns, coughs, colds, sore holes and dirty ditty boxes - everything but the kill shot. But people with two brain cells to rub together get it. Look at the comment section of this article - it's hilarious.

    The city of Baltimore is converting parking garages into makeshift morgues in a bid to cope with the rapidly escalating numbers of COVID vaccine deaths. Similar covert precautions are taking place in every major city.

    From The Hague. International Trials Day One -Crimes Against Humanity
    What they have done. This is just the first few minutes. The whole thing is hard to watch but this lays out what was done to the people. All you can do is drag them out into the street and......

    1. the trial vid is important imo;

      • the Hague, is a man-made construct and has NO AUTHORITY OVER ANY MAN. JUST LIKE WHAT SHELBY BRINGS, ALL OF THESE PROCEEDINGS APPLY ONLY TO THEIR *OWN* LEGAL FICTIONS!! Not to *man*! I repeat: not to man!!
      • and, well as, International Jurisdiction is man-made, and does not apply to man, only to their own Legal Fictions.
      • and further, both are INHERENTLY INFERIOR TO:
      • our/the national common law systems in place that are
      • authorized by the people
      • who do live upon those lands
      • upon which these wrong DOINGS *by man*, were DONE to other *man*!!

      you guys, GET THIS!!! :):):):):)
      this is one of the KEYS!

      we are man.
      we are not Legal Fictions nor did most of us knowingly agree to be responsible for the "Legal Fiction Persons" they created to use to "attach"/"latch" to what
      belong to us only!

      once we understand this in our heart and soul, they are SUNK.

    2. *******
      American common law:
      • its mans right to require proof before accepting something to be true.
      and so it is.

      im suspicious of all their "info releases" now. COULD be their Plan B or even Plan C???: that is:
      • 1. having experienced the failure of "herding"/ intimidating the people through their "Influencers" to get the clotshit -- i mean 'shot' :):):)
      • 2. and also having failed to cause serious divisions where enough people are willing to "Cancel" their Countrymen over a difference of opinion and choice, then
      • 3. sending in THE CROWN CORPORATION/ ATTORN-ERS AND ITS DOCK-TORS, WHO, PRESUMABLY, HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH CREATING THE THE MESS TO "SAVE THE DAY" seems like a logical next step/ MopUp Operation. im not saying thats what they are doing... i hope its *not*.
      people are tired of the Gaslighting thats gone on.
      • we require proof now. period. or at least i do.
      from what ive seen so far, they always control both sides of the NARRATIVES THEY MAKE UP. so, im going to be skeptical for now and treat this, for now, as the roll out of their Plan C until required proof is entered onto the record.
      Amer comm law. and so it is.

    3. got a 404 on the zerohedge article ready007.

    4. ********************
      American common law:
      • anything taken without man's INTENT still belongs to the man from whom it was taken.
      • he has the right to REQUIRE: RESTORATION.
      • the actual local common people have the authority and the responsibility to make sure their neighbor is restored, if they fairly and true-ly judge he has been so-harmed as he claims!

    5. ************************
      CLUE in the "DISCLOSURE" video of potential GASLIGHTING:

      One of the speakers, about midway, names a couple of globalists and says something like:



      not buyin it!!