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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Which "Original" Jurisdiction?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Discussing "original jurisdiction" with people is difficult, because that phrase can mean different things to different people, depending on their political status.
For Americans who derive their political status from The Declaration of Independence, original jurisdiction is held by the States of the Union and their Federation of States. That's our "original jurisdiction".
For U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States --- all denizens of the District of Columbia, the phrase "original jurisdiction" refers to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic spelled out in The Constitution for the united States of America (1787). That is their "original jurisdiction".
As a result of this conundrum it's always necessary to ask yourself --- which original jurisdiction are we talking about? Just as it is necessary to ask -- which United States? And, are you talking about a Federation State or a Confederate "State"?
One of the interesting facets of our original jurisdiction as Americans is that we have our own separate court system, and that is where our "one supreme court" ---- a jury of our peers --- is established.
The Federale's original jurisdiction referring to the first "federal jurisdiction" granted to the American Federal Republic in 1787, is a completely different thing. The Federal District Government operates entirely in foreign jurisdiction and their original jurisdiction (one of three) is no different in that respect.
We can reach and invoke our original jurisdiction as Americans easily enough, but, until we finish Reconstruction of both the American Confederation and the Federal Republic, the inhabitants of the District of Columbia are left without access to theirs.
Like everything else that got bungled up and left hanging after the so-called Civil War, the Federal Republic authorized by The Constitution for the united States of America --- that is, the "original jurisdiction" of the District Government --- has been inoperable for 160 years.
Read that --- the American "original jurisdiction" is still alive and well and in operation today, but the "original jurisdiction" of the District of Columbia Government is defunct, waiting for the States of the Union to reconstruct the Confederation and then waiting some more for the Confederation to reconstruct the Federal Republic.
The only lawful short-cut around this time consuming process of reconstruction would be for the Federation of States to reboot and operate the Federal Republic, an action which would restore the "original jurisdiction" of the District Government and help get things back on track.

In this as in all other areas where the same word or phrase is used to describe radically dissimilar things we have to test the context and know whether we are talking about American original jurisdiction, or Federal original jurisdiction.


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