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Monday, September 6, 2021



  1. One thing Kate needs to realize, is that there is no virus. She said herself it's never been proven to exist, but talks about taking poisonous drugs to combat it?? Her comments on protocols and Patient Bill of Rights are excellent!

    1. yes, excellent catch glog.

      what you brought to the peoples attention is definitely one of the signs, imo, of a shill, someone who is comprised, or someone who is working under threat, duress, or coersion, that is:

      1. they start out by actually telling the truth.

      2. then, from then on after that, they speak and act and COOPERATE as if the false narrative was true... even though they know (re: things like this) that people will lose their lives.
      they DO NOTHING to stop it. rather, they go on and carry it out.
      without their participation, this could not even be accomplished.
      they are complicit and they are also guilty of the harm done.

      soo many examples:
      1. this "woman"
      2. trump saying the virus is a hoax.
      3. pompeo saying its a live exercise.

      its sickening.

      anyone who has participated in KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY harming others is responsible.

      no exceptions.

    2. So, what would be the “Tell”/“Litmus Test” of—“anyone who has participated in KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY harming others is responsible. no exceptions.”? Would someone who also had knowledge of, but sat idly by, and turned their head, rubbed their palms, threw their hands up in the air, and proclaimed “that’s the way it is, and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it, so ewe might as well accept it”— all the while knowing the devastation that has taken it toll on their forefathers/mothers, and the plight that their progeny will also endure. Should these ones also be held liable? Are they as culpable as well?

  2. well, "legally" and "lawfully" it doesnt really matter, because there is no consistent definition of "alive" or "dead"

    new testament was alive in christ, dead to the world.

    what the state assemblies and anna did, is pretend to be under christ, then "i am not a christian" switched back to "directly from adam, no sin for us". tomorrow, who knows which "god" they will claim to be a "descendent" of.

    all the benefits, none of the liabilities. not a valid contract. no consideration. "christ" does not save if you turn around and deny him, and then claim, like "illuminism" to be "perfect" from the get-go, no christ needed. there is a bare minimum "have to confess christ" for new testament, bare minimum "consideration" involved.

    "once saved, always saved" is illuminism. no need for christ, everyone is already "saved". take christ's "salvation" then switch back to devil worship forever and ever. that just makes people "dead" again.

    the ever-shifting definitions of "alive" or "dead" noone knows which definition anna or the state assemblies will use today or tomorrow.

    one day it is alive to christ. next day it is deny christ, alive to adam kadmon. next day it is secular.

    it is endless mixing of religion and "law" and now "alive" or "dead" no longer means anything, has been completely destroyed and compromised.

    paul suffers this same problem. does christ make people "alive" or is it anna and the state assemblies ever-shifting definition?

    stand for nothing, bind nothing, fall for anything. as above, so below. nothing bound, hell on earth.

    And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
    can't make up our minds. is christ god, or are we denying new testament today?

    new testament even says not to worry about such things. are we doing new testament christ, or denying him today? decisions, decisions.

  3. the "churches" always do some schizophrenic mason game, where they cant decide if they are "alive to christ, dead to the world" or not, or will they go by "secular" "illuminist" definitions today?

    america will remain "completely dead" as they cannot make up their minds.

    many of the problems with america are self-inflicted by fake "churches" who can't decide if "the world" is god or not, so they oscillate back and furth, luciferian-wise, never accepting christ, never denying the world, always idolatrous and earthly.

    always, like worldly israel, worshipping man-made government as "infallible" never accepting christ, never entering.

    But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.

    what is "america's" definition of "alive" or "dead" today? noone knows. they won't enter. they won't leave. they do worldly earthly masonic/luciferian/illuminati "christ" can't decide if he saves or not, can't decide if he is worldly or not, can't decide if he is flesh or blood or spirit or not, can't decide if water is earthly or if water+fire is needed, can't decide virgo or pisces, can't decide if john is decreasing and christ increasing or not.

    at some point, america's problems are almost all direct results due to fake religion and fake counterfeit christ.

  4. Worth a listen

    1. The Pusher

    2. I found this one of great interest

  5. all these problems are because the state assemblies cant decide grace or law.

    so, does christ save? no, lets go back to fleshly worldly parents, even though new testament says call no man father, and to be "perfect" you must leave your flesh and blood family. lets ignore that "father in heaven" and "our lady" are your new parents for new testament, let's go back to flesh and blood and deny christ.

    the 10 commandments are what "kill" everyone. galatians says all those ppl are cursed.

    what the state assemblies and anna have wrought, is a cursed damned earth full of spiritual zombies, who never accepted christ or grace, so they remain in half-dead comatose non-existent "judeo-christian god" and non-existent "not an actual testament"
    limbo, waiting for actual christ to "save" them

    the 10 commandments "killed" everyone. christ no longer saves, there is no longer any grace, instead go back to flesh and blood "parents" and the cursed/damned "law", reject your "father in heaven" and your new "mother", go back to flesh and blood instead, christ doesn ot save.

    whoever says the mosaic law is needed, and without it there is no salvation, sins mortally.

    the state assemblies are all "dead" for the time being. law is dead. grace is alive. those are new testament rules.

    all of the state assemblies misunderstanding of "dead" or "alive" is because they don't follow galatians; the dead and bound try to lead everyone else into death and bondage.

  6. And remember the Armen Condo letter

    Page 327 1960's - hidden 'treasures' buried off the east coast as directed by nelson rockefeller

    Don't forget who funded that their u n building sitting in that harbor
    Same folks who preplanned the destruction of the t w i n s

    And as we all should know by now the obective is to launch their new and improved u n in tandum to their covid conversion of banking, healthcare, surveillance

    Maybe you should read this one twice

    1. And follow up with this

    2. Gettting rid of any evidence and clearing off the land

      Lake Tahoe and the Ponderosa Ranch and the filming of BONANZA took place here
      Also read that the committee of 300 ELites who helped create this entire end times production did a whole lot of meeting and planning out of Lake Tahoe
      Colorado also central to the coordination and planning of these end times production as well as in the business on the back end of the World Parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth and the Earth Constitution
      All the talking heads at this 3rd continental congress, well you should know by now they are all operatives

      Goodman, Steele, Stone and many more

  7. What better way to sell the consumers a 'virus' when all they have done from the launch of computers is shout 'bugs' 'virus' as it relates to their applications and software and then they have the 'fixes' in the pipeline

    The real 'virus' unleashed on mankind are these very devices and machines
    Lots of name drops in this one
    Make note of the rags to riches story of DelBigtrees father in Boulder Colorado a Preacher at Unity of Boulder church

    And what do ya know the 3rd continental congress 'show' in Philadelphia and the gangs all there
    And this colorado connection is very very significant
    On page 19 it says the following
    Isely and others joined the Campaign for World Government at its Chicago offices, at that time under the direction of Mary Georgia Lloyd. Along with Thane Reed, Guy Marchand, Marie Philips Scot, Margaret Isely, and others, a “World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention” was formed which, by 1961, established its headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The public call for a World Constitutional Convention was issued by the committee that same year with
    committed delegates from 50 countries and endorsements from several heads of state.

    An Isley pro golfer?

    The technological covid conversion

  8. Yanking everyones chains to roll out the agenda
    Scroll 1/2 way down the page to BlackJack reference

    All this being said, remember that Trump is a reality TV actor, and he was put into office as part of the script. His job was to capture the people who want to “return America to the way it was” and lead them to a big fall.
    Below this statement see the
    Leadership Marketing, the OPPT and Progressive Disengagement

    Hmm Leadership Marketing - Anna as your leader? Many others in the 'role' of leadership, marketing progressive disengagement and selling you the cock and bull story of self government

    And all this con science bullshit is just that

    And plastering another layer of bullshit on top of the already existing bullshit will not, I REPEAT, WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM
    Throw leaders out there to guide the blind sheep in to our new and improved 'LOVE' banks and re charter those now reformed and rehabilitated 'bad' corporations MY ASS

    Take note of the use of the 'virus' known as digital devices of all kinds and how they use this data to evaluate and tweek their operations
    Funny CMAP out of Chicago is already well on their way to UN Agenda 2050 implementation
    Chicago is where this outfit here devised the plan for the FEDERATION in 1960
    They then moved their operations to Colorado my guess is this is Iron Mountain
    When you read about the so called committee of 300 meeting and planning all of this out in Lake Tahoe
    Ponderosa Ranch and the shew BONANZA and the Cartrights
    Funny in this video, Cartright is referenced and how they planned all this out from Lake Tahoe
    Lake Tahoe is currently being destroyed by 'wildfires'
    'manufactured climate change'

    They're all working in tandem

  9. Like these two experts presented to us here

    Who are they really?
    We don't know these characters

    And what in the hell is a climate REALITY Program Director?

    I haven't watched the damn thing but you can bet that educational studies and geo engineering the climate is now taken in college courses will not be covered in their dire warning

    Nor do I think they will cover the Chicago Climate Stock Exchange of weather derivitives - ENRON was involved in this set up

    And have a listen at this one

    So psychopathy is on the menu with the psychopaths defining what one is?
    And remember they put all kinds of shit on the books under Bush to have every American mentally evaluated
    Wonder why they talking about mental health?

    Forget their bullshit of this plandemic but use all the data we can gather to ensure that those who can see and object to their plan can be detained by other means like say your HELLth and not getting the jab because we know but now we are painted as psychopaths for not going along.
    Civil Obediance is REQUIRED in the new earth CONstitution contract they have waiting for all those who go along


    And right now they are also holding internet governance summits

  10. General McInerney, [09.09.21 09:02]
    "ALERT: Biden will announce all federal workers must be vaccinated with no option for testing.

    General McInerney, [09.09.21 09:06]
    Why are the White House employees not mandated to take the vaccine?"

  11. Don't worry General, I'm sure the White House employees will be given the photo opp political theater saline vaccine.....

  12. shelby is more correct than he knows.

    germaine is 2nd coming christ replacement, for "rosicrucians" "illuminists" alice bailey et. al. considered an "ascended master" of the "7th ray" new age kaballah. aka yezidi peacock angel.

    same old u.n. people.

    (paraphrase) anyone without a luciferian baptism will not enter the NWO.

    yes, it is occult theocracy, rule by secret societies, same as 200 years ago. it will masquerade as "secular" and "tolerant" same as always.

    the real kicker, christian rosenkratz aka francis bacon aka saint germaine aka elijah aka many others...and also aka christian rakovsky of "red symphony" fame too lol, from romania (transylvania)

    "rest". romania. treaty of st. germaine.

    same ppl who brought you WW I and II and the league of nations and the UN.

    the spirit of soviet founder christian rakovsky is the new 2nd coming christ lol. doesn't get much funnier than that.

    full blown "perestroika deception" with the religious deceptions. not a surprise, just amazing hwo many warnings people get, and still they go along with it. he even tells ppl not to worry about what uniform they wear, etc. yet ppl still fall for it.

    people have been warned for over a century, maybe much more, about secret socities trying to create a "brotherhood of man" without god. stanley monteith warned people.

    so did germaine warn france, and rakovsky made sure to leave a transcript, golitsyn left warnings. the warnings are always ignored and "the plan" (occult theocracy by secret societies) rolls on and on.

    yes, it is "illuminism" meet the new antichrist, same as the old antichrist.

    1. the good news is, you get u.n. new age of antichrist either way.

      you either get the "patriotic" "land law' version of antichrist, or the vatican II corporate version of antichrist.

      shelby is correct. at the top, christ is being crushed by both "sides" of the antichrist one-eyed cyclops "the lord".

      even says they purposely did cerinthus heresy. why? because you have to break a trinity, to get a 2nd coming.

      all these things, people were warned about.


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