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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Canadian Man Proves in Court That COVID Doesn't Exist


  1. New Cuomo Variant......Lol
    The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee

    Experts Warn Of New 'Cuomo' Variant That Is Dangerous To Young Women, Fatal To Elderly

    U.S.—Epidemiologists are sounding the alarm about a new COVID variant that is leading to increased hospitalization rates across the country. According to scientists, this new mutation—dubbed the "CUOMO" variant, is particularly dangerous to young, attractive women, and 100% fatal to the elderly.

    "This is the most infectious—and also the grossest—variant yet," said Dr. Maria Bellagamba to reporters. "It seriously creeps me out just thinking about it. If this variant doesn't make you want to isolate yourself in a locked home immediately, I don't know what will."

    According to virologists, young attractive women should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, as the CUOMO variant seems to gravitate toward women who it deems are provocatively dressed.

    "If you find yourself smelling nothing but the scent of garlic and marinara sauce combined with profuse amounts of cheap cologne, this is a sure sign you've been infected," said Bellagamba before barfing into a nearby trash can from sheer disgust.

    In addition to being a very pervy virus, experts say it is 100% guaranteed to murder everyone over 65.

    "Sorry, there's nothing we can do at this point. The virus donated to Biden's election campaign," said Bellagamba.

    1. Love it brother. Your sarcasm says it all.
      Basically, we're dealing with idiots who don't know we're coming to incarcerate them all

  2. The Covid Lie Was Just Proven In Court. See within...
    From Mark Hermary (edited for language)

    I am sending this to as many people, businesses and media as I have on my email list from both sides of the isle; for, and against vaccines; belief of, or disbelief of "an actual isolated virus" and "provable Covid Pandemic", et al.

    For all who still believe the pandemic is real, ask yourselves one question.
    If the masks helped, if the hand sanitizer helped, if the social distancing helped, if the isolation helped... wouldn't the homeless be wiped out by now?

    The homeless are not wiped out and are as abundant as ever, yet they live in tent cities or camp out right beside each other, seldom wash or wear masks, are always seen sharing food, drinks, cigarettes, and cannabis, and they're shaking hands and hugging just as they always have.

    If there was a pandemic, they would be dropping like flies!
    In fact, if there was a pandemic, shouldn't we see people dropping in the streets?

    But regardless of my simple eye opener, or what the media wishes to tell us, it's now proven in court.

    This amazing man from Red Deer has proven that the virus hasn't even been isolated.
    (There's been FOIA reports saying the exact same thing of course.)

    Without an isolated virus, there is no test for the virus that could ever work, as you do not have a virus to test. Get it?
    There never was a test, as the inventor of the PCR said his invention was "not to test for viruses".
    It is impossible to test for something that you do not know what it even is.
    No one can say the mask will work against the virus, as the virus is an unknown.

    Without a known isolated virus, there is no pandemic.

    Governments, medical professionals, media, big pharma, courts, et al, are stuck in the middle of their own big ass lie, and all the Premier of Alberta could even possibly do once this case proved what it proved, is to say "it's over, time to get back to what we were doing before this whole thing began".

    Well excuse my French, but f that. There's gotta be repercussions for this massive lie against all of mankind, and I can only suggest to the media contacted today, you make that happen sooner, rather than later.
    That is if you hope to save face at all.

    1. I would think that those who tampered with a virus had samples but did not make them available to be found by FOIA requests.
      As to part of your argument...
      For all who still believe the pandemic is real, ask yourselves one question.
      If the masks helped, if the hand sanitizer helped, if the social distancing helped, if the isolation helped... wouldn't the homeless be wiped out by now?
      ...I had it tossed back in my teeth on Saturday, August 13th by a man who identified as a Democrat & a Progressive. He said that the homeless tended to be Democrats who in turn got the shot which was gratis.
      If that is so, then that the homeless were not dropping like flies does not help our case against the "vaccine",
      but thank you for the rest of your argument.

  3. The good people of our land (who fund everything by the way) have had enough of the lies from our employees: the administrators in the hospitals, the doctors, big pharma, the media, the lawyers for them all, the courts, Health Canada, WHO, FDA, CDC, the govern-mind... er government... and the billionaires and trillionaires behind the scenes.
    The Deep State and their puppet masters.

    To be clear about the masks, Fraudci has already said on camera that they do not work (although the mainstream media / tv does not play that video do they?), so media personnel... find that video and speak about that to start with.

    Second, the vaccines and masks have been said to "not work" by the CDC itself.
    Dr Malone and others have covered this now several times.

    Media personnel, if you are capable, please search Bitchute, Rumble, Brighteon etc., to find the videos on this material I mention... YouTube is in cahoots with the criminals, so much has been wiped clean from there.
    I'm not doing your media work for you, so get off your asses, find the truth and tell then the damn truth to the people!
    That is your actual job description after all... not to mention your public duty.

    This has all been a massive lie from day one, yes, a big ole lie, just like the rest of the illusion we thought was reality... which is why I've not worn a mask since day one, I have not social distanced, I have not isolated, I have not used hand sanitizer, etc, and I will fight to my dying breath to stop the criminals from trying to jab my wife, family and friends or myself with their poisons.

    I don't say this often, but "this is a must watch", not just by all who are happy with their two shots so they can hug mom or grandma in the old folks home again, or go on vacation, but also for those who are tired of the lockdowns, lies, propaganda, fear porn the mainstream media fills everyone's minds with 24/7, the talk of forced vaccination... which is against all common sense, your individual rights to not accept the system, your employees, 'offers' of quite possibly 'deadly medicine'.

    Mention that in your media outlets.
    We the people can handle the truth, in fact we demand it!

    For some of us, it is probably already too late, but I do not give up hope of the possibilities of what we can do to mitigate the health damages done against mankind.

    This is not about "who" is right and "who" is wrong. No, it is not that.

    This is about, "what" is right and "what" is wrong.

    This is about good and evil.

    And it is time evil f...s off forever!

    And we now have the proof in court of who is evil!

    And the media can "and must" begin telling the real story.

    To all my good friends I've passed this to, please pass this to every newspaper or tv station you can get emails for, and spread this everywhere... it's time this evil s..t ends.

    Be well all, and good luck!


    1. the message that mark brings up about the covidmaskvakkseen issue does carry over to all of the other categories of "LIARS" he names: they are all doing exactly the same damm thing:
      This is really bad.
      i mean, this is badbadbadbad stuff theyre doing to others... almost incomprehensible.

      mark quote:
      "...the lies from our employees:
      the administrators in the hospitals, the doctors, big pharma, the media, the lawyers for them all, the courts, Health Canada, WHO, FDA, CDC, the govern-mind... er government... and the billionaires and trillionaires behind the scenes.
      The Deep State and their puppet masters."

      the covidmaskvakkseene is the present lightning rod /focus/example, but the FALSIFICATION OF RECORDS by "THE AUTHORITIES WHO ARE NO AUTHORITY" is the mechanism.

      when you think about man and woman who get up every morning with the intent to receive payments for looking other man and woman in the face and, KNOWING that they are going to lie about them, and lie TO them, and HURT THEM and their families ON PURPOSE when they KNOW that that man or woman standing in front of them did nothing wrong; and KNOW that someone is just making something up; and that that man or woman or their family could go hungry or homeless or without medicine, and then STILL SIT THERE, PROFESSING TO SOMEHOW BE ENTITLED TO LIE; AND THEN GO AHEAD AND CARRY LIES OUT UPON KNOWN INNOCENT MAN AND WOMAN FOR THE COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL AND AGREED UPON PURPOSE OF STEALING THE BLESSINGS THE CREATOR OF ALL HAS GIFTED TO THEM IN EXCHANGE FOR A CUT OF THOSE STOLEN BLESSINGS......*seriously*, is that forgivable??????
      1. by what authority:
      2. using what law:
      3. how does forgiveness apply to harm done intentionally, premeditatedly, and by collaboratively- agreed- upon design to an innocent man or woman?
      i cant find any way because, tor one thing, if its true that a man is enlived by the breath of creator in him: " him we live and move and have our being...": wouldnt doing such untruthful acts to the innocent be an abomination? blasphemy? blaspheming the holy ghost/breath/ spirit within that man?
      the creators life being in that innocent man or woman, theyre actually cursing the life of our creator.
      it seems that there is no forgiveness for that in this world or in the ages to come either.

    2. blasphemy against holy ghost is if you deny holy ghost can save them.

      denying people are god is fine.

      breath of creator put into people doesnt exist. there are no innocent men or women. baptism solves both these problems.

      america was always millenialism, so that "age" already supposedly came, and its mostly devils versus other devils, same as always.

      anna already pushed some 2nd coming. so did mormons. so did many others. endless "milleniums' throughout history. always has been heresy -- see saint jerome "your fable of the millenium". see also cerinthus heresy, catholic encyclopedia. very related. "unknown god" variant of gnosticism. "angels made the world" kabbalistic. although true -- see maimonedes re: elohim, yezidi peacock angel, alchemy, etc.

      the law is all cursed. "using what law" is cursed even if they had authority.

      see galatians. this is why 10 commandments damns people too (besides "the lord" -- obsolete). christ transfigured them and broke a few. and had a new commandment. again, see galatians!!!

      there are no innocent men or women. baptism puts the creator in someone.

      denying the holy ghost/christ can save people -- including such rotten people -- is the one unpardonable sin. that is blasphemy. so you dont want to do that.

      all the people pushing 10 commandments are damned. that is denying holy ghost -- pushing old obsolete "law" as if it could save -- plus denying trinity -- now you have an idea how illuminism works -- try to damn as many people as possible.

      again, christ broke a few, and transfigured them. there is no single set of 10 commandments anyways -- because there are multiple "lords" at play -- "our lord" christ and "the lord" old testament "ministry of death" the new testament calls it.

      see galatians.

      you dont have to accept anything i say -- just explaining how the bible model works. vengeance belongs to "the lord". sheep on right, goats on left.

      our lady, full of grace (as opposed to full of cursed/damned law)
      the lord, full of cursed/damned law

      so if that is facing you: our lady, christ, the lord

      then christ and to his right are where grace lives.
      on the left is where the lord and the goats live.

      you can perhaps, like have holy ghost in there. again, just explaining the bible model goats to left, sheep to right. queen would sit on right of king -- this is in psalms for example.

      son of man can mean at least 3-4 things:
      -- person who knows nothing
      -- son of a man that is important person, e.g. royalty, fancy blood, a king
      -- christ, but others say never refers to himself this way
      -- title for the pope

      the last 2 are sort of transfigured/variants of the 2nd. royalty but not by flesh and blood. christ, king of kings. others can partake, or be grafted in, by his blood, but it is not normal blood as it were. this is why "this is body, this is my blood" etc. the jewish law demanded a sacrifice. the whole point was to get people off the law and into grace.

      all law is damned.


      grace -- right by christ
      lawful -- right by humans
      legal -- appearances/formalism

      vengeance belongs to "the lord". leave room for vengeance. he takes care of his own.

    3. lawful can also be seen as the spirit of a/the law, versus legal -- the letter of a/the law.

      but it is still law and not grace. whether someone can rightfully (by humans) do something still doesn't mean right by christ or not.

      it is, at least, still a step above legal.

    4. all law is damned. christ says people must exceed pharisees and scribes.

      so that is another reason 10 commandments damns people. besides being cursed/damned law, and wrong lord, and obsolete and transfigured for new testament, and a new commandment -- ignoring all that, one has to exceed them anyways.

      beware the scribes.

    5. generically, lawful means "in the right"

      but new testament condemns "the law". so it is better to keep far separate from grace. they have to be kept separate -- otherwise there would be grace without christ, or "in the right" without christ.

      so, there may be occasional overlap, but much better to keep them separate. law cannot save anyone. so that noone may boast -- galatians. it would essentially be salvation by works instead of grace.

  4. CASE 2110 00751

    can anyone locate the judge's order?

    Canadian Legal Information Institute

    1. "can anyone locate the judge's order?"

      This question HAS to be answered.

    2. can/will someone please post a copy of this judge's order -- complete with wet-ink autograph, and so forth?
      or disclose where to find it.
      thank you!

  5. Any viral pandemic calls for incinerating trash... I have not seen one, and by that logic, garbage men could be blamed for the "variant". In turn, places the towns/citys responsible. So either it doesn't exist, or they're not taking proper precautions to prevent it, and mainstream won't cover either point.

    One way or another this man has proved boots on the ground (and not in-a-net) are the only viable option. Maybe that should be the topic for Monday's webinar. I mean this guy appeared to open a can of worms almost by accident, and Anna's been at it for how long? I don't mean to be so negative but it sounds like you don't have your apples in the right order. I'm just trying to figure out if its on purpose or not. I really thought the pandemic would have had this tribe prevailing but I guess I'm still missing something.

    1. absolutely. where the hell are those red boxes that are used to collect contaminated medical waste?

      if there was a deadly pandemic caused by organisms, there would have to be medical waste disposal sites set up to safely collect used masks, tissues, cups and so forth.

      there arent any.
      why not?

    2. its not necessarily you missing something, often there is actually a missing link or puzzle piece.

      what is true has no missing links.

  6. In the following cartoon, they informed the public of their plans:
    How to take over the #World, a #must #watch #covidhoax

    1. dont forget everybody:

      there has to be a CLEAR OFFER.
      a CLEAR OFFER.
      it cannot be vague [one of their own concepts is known as: "Void For Vagueness"].
      there also has to be: ACCEPTANCE.
      (This is their own stuff.)

      a cartoon/ movie/other would not be taken by a reasonable man to be an OFFER. a reasonable man considers such to be entertainment, not a Clear Offer; and watching it does not count to be Acceptance!!!

      these *people*... if their gums are flappin' theyre lying. (not you ready007.)

  7. Its all to control people so dont take the shots people have rights


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