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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Notice That We Are De-Platforming --- Hail and Farewell to Google, et alia

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most sincere form of compliment is in imitation. 

The most sincere form of condemnation is de-platforming. 

This is otherwise known as "voting with your feet" and if millions of us do it, there will be an end to all the corporate BS that has enslaved us and engorged itself at the expense of innocent people worldwide. 

These corporations-- Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, AIG, the US, Inc, the UN, INC., the USA, Inc, and so on, have been allowed to establish punitive monopolies which they have used for purposes of unjust enrichment and coercion of their customers and employers. 

These criminal organizations together with a great many banks, insurance companies and securities brokerages need to be overthrown via the exercise and enforcement of the already-existing public law and via commercial claim processes enforced to deprive them of their ill-gotten gains, and also, to liquidate these interlocking trust directorates for the benefit of their victims. 

It may seem a small step in the right direction, but we are de-platforming and leaving all the dependencies encouraged by these "service providers" so that in the short term you will not be seeing my posts on "Facebook" (recently renamed "Racebook" in response to their promotion of race as a cause for divisive and violent suppression of rights for all people) and you will be getting threatening messages to the effect that our American States Assembly website is "unsafe" and warning you not to access it. 

This is what Google does when websites choose to take their business to competitors instead of staying in the barn with all the other sheep and continuing to reward Google for its monopolization of the web. 

Our response is to do our bit toward spider squashing in the most direct way possible --- de-platforming so that we are no longer the least little bit dependent on Google for anything.  And yes, you will be just as safe or safer when you visit our websites in days to come.  

Meantime, while we are migrating and taking our business away from Google, Microsoft, and Racebook, be sure that we haven't actually left and nothing else has changed.  We are still alive and kicking and are just temporarily restructuring things to put our money where our mouth is and deprive these monsters of both profit and control over us. 

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  1. I am working on doing the same thing.
    I would like to invite you to and enjoy having free speech and a platform to share your wisdom.
    I know I enjoy your content and look forward to the day I begin taking back full ownership of my identity,
    I actually own the platform so I can assure you it is safe and not owned by Big Tech Tyrants in disguise.

  2. Let us know the steps to do it too! Thanks for your continued service to humanity...the Reitz Team!

  3. It’s about time! The real question is “what took you so long”?

    1. I think Anna was a bit pre-occupied learning howto and then implementing, the actual process to--- save America.. I vote we cut her some slack on being a 'late commer' in the great google escape...

  4. The last time I tried to use this comment board, I wasn't recognized or something like that.

  5. Real recent news from a lawsuit in progress revealed these same silly con draw/valley monopolies plan to declare the pandemic over as a company then sell drugs already in the pipeline and long planned in a digital replacement of the medical system using the bio tracking and personal phone medical tracking already conveniently in your phone tracking you right now, heart beat, steps taken, etc. Once the extra layer grows around the outside of those getting the seeds so to say to grow the stuff, if they live will have adequate transmit receive capability for the interface. The product has been tried on mice and claims made that the Neurolace patented product will not hurt anyone. Time these lunatics are banished to the island for lunatics and kept there