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Sunday, June 13, 2021

End the Mad Cow Confusion About "We, the People"

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's end the confusion about who "We, the People" are--- once and for all?
There have always been "people" and "People" in this country.
The "people" refers to the General Populace, meaning everyone who lives here; the "People" refers to State Citizens, those who act as Deputies of the "people" in each State to conduct the business affairs of each State, and who are charged to act as Fiduciary Deputies for their State of the Union.
In a free country we all have a choice to make. We can live our lives as one of the people with a small "p", in what we call a State National status, and owe no duty to the State Government beyond keeping the peace, or, we can step up and shoulder the responsibilities of self-governance at the State level and serve as State Citizens and make decisions as Fiduciary Deputies of the State Government.
This is why it says "We, the People" are setting up the constitutional agreements and committing the State Governments to perform their part, and not "We, the people".
The People are the State-level Fiduciary Deputies of the States of the Union, the Principals enabled to commit the States to a course of action, and there are no others lawfully empowered to do so.
So, the People, the Fiduciary Deputies of the States, operating as State Citizens, are the only ones who are Parties to the Federal Constitutions and they, operating via their instrumentality, our unincorporated Federation of States, doing business as The United States of America, are the only ones with the lawful and legal capacity to enforce the Federal Constitutions.
It's precisely because our States of the Union have not been in Session for decades and our State Citizens have not been identified and active, that the Federal Constitutions have been disrespected and evaded by the other Principals--- the British Monarch, the Popes, and the Lord Mayor of London.
They openly claimed that we were "absent", "in interregnum", "missing, lost at sea" and so on.
To be fair, we gave them some cause to think this, because we did not qualify our people as Americans after the Second World War, didn't summon our State Assemblies into Session, and let most of our court functions lapse.
Encouraged to think that they could get away with it by our inaction, the other Principals scurried around behind our backs, registered each one of us as bastard children abandoned on a "battlefield", and also as wards of their respective foreign governments---- attempting to claim us as property belonging to their commercial enterprises and using us and our assets as collateral for their debts.
THAT, my friends, is what has gone on here. They have preyed upon the ignorant for so long and with such success, that they have grown arrogant and ignorant themselves. At the lowest levels of their administration the drudges responsible can no longer tell who is an employee and who is an employer.
So it is up to us to tell them in no uncertain terms.
It's also up to us to know who we are.
As things stand, we have millions of Americans who have been deliberately misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal CITIZENS of the United States.
This has been done without their knowledge or consent, so of course, they assume that they are Americans and act as Americans----without, however, being legally "recognizable" as Americans.
If we don't come forward and identify ourselves and declare our political status -----and record it and publish it---- and organize our own State Assemblies, our employees reserve the right to abuse us and make legal presumptions about us at their "discretion".
This is the schtick that has allowed these foreign "Special Admiralty" Carpetbagger Courts to prey upon our people with such devastating success. This is why District ---as in District of Columbia-- Court Judges will sneer at you and tell you that the Constitutions don't apply in their courts.
The citizenry of the District of Columbia has never had access to any of the constitutional guarantees--- only constitutional obligations. If you are not an American, you have no constitutional guarantees, either.
So they have endeavored to take by deceit and legal mechanism what they could never win by open warfare, in the same way that they are now attempting to quietly murder millions of Americans via unaccountable medical malpractice.
This situation must come to an end, both by bringing international condemnation and law to bear upon the Perpetrators, and by "manning up" our own American Government. The sooner, the better.
The first Order of Business is to identify yourself as an American and record your proper birthright political status --- that is, identify yourself as someone owed every jot of the Federal Constitutions.
The second step is to join your State Assembly and engage the responsibilities and rights of self-governance.
Yes, you have to DIY --- Do It Yourselves ---- but you are Americans, after all.
You can do anything that has to be done, as you have proven many times before.


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  1. Wow, are you confused on this p-P issue and fiduciary crap to say the least.

  2. Grammar lesson - which the American foundational writers did not require by the way since they were far better educated then most modern day 'people'...

    appositive - The definition of an appositive is a word or word group that defines or further identifies the noun or noun phrase preceding it.

    Rule: When an appositive is essential to the meaning of the noun it belongs to, don’t use commas. When the noun preceding the appositive provides sufficient identification on its own, use commas around the appositive.



    "We the people of this country want to get rid of corruption.

    The people of this country is the appositive phrase here that’s identifying the pronoun we. It tells us who we are. Without it, the sentence gives a different meaning. And since it is essential to make the meaning of the pronoun we particular, it is not offset using commas."


    Using the comma in "We, the People", as it relates to the Constitution, is simply not grammatically correct. It does NOT, however, connote a different meaning to the phrase altogether.