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Thursday, May 27, 2021

A Terrifying Thought

 By Anna Von Reitz

I learned early that all my observations are not positive or helpful, and not welcome, either. Still, I persisted in my honesty well into my life, and only somewhere after the age of thirty learned some part of discretion and the value of silence when nothing can be changed by speaking.
Yes, I have considered not saying this and not releasing and sharing the link that I am making available on my website,, because it is so unbearably graphic and so irrefutable for those who have been vaccinated already.
We are presented with photos of healthy blood cells reduced to misshapen, distorted things and damage that cannot be denied.
The nightmare is real. And we are left to consider the Bogey Men, who failed their Public Trust and Duty to protect the American people---- condemning millions of trusting innocents to death via a loathsome and wasting and man-made plague.
You will remember that the British Territorial Government responsible for the U.S. Military conscripted our health professionals as "Uniformed Officers" and required them to be licensed to practice medicine on U.S. Citizens. What if they are using these "officers" to wreck death and havoc, like any other military force?
Who betrayed us at the "dock" and set up the whole Birth Certificate scam?
Medical doctors.
Who promoted the use of Smallpox infected blankets to decimate Native American tribes?
Medical doctors.
Who covered up the terrible effects of electromagnetic radiation sickness?
Medical doctors.
Who among us continued to use treatments for chronic diseases that don't work long after any sane analyst would stop and look for other answers?
Medical doctors.
Who lives in such fear of losing their license to treat U.S. Citizens that they can be easily leveraged and coerced?
Medical doctors.
Who has to pass "boards" and meet continuing education goals and submit their every action to scrutiny?
Medical doctors.
Who could be fooled into harming their patients simply by being told by the purported government that --- "You have to do this." Or worse, "Do this, and we will pay you $50,000 per case."
Medical doctors.
This Culture of Coercion, of Carrots in the form of payoffs, and Sticks in the form of malpractice claims, has turned medicine into a snakepit, where most medical doctors face repeated nasty political and legal challenges to their conscience and their livelihood and professional reputation.
Remember George McGovern? Democratic Presidential candidate in 1972? He was two bricks short of a load and otherwise a hulluva nice guy, unlike Joe Biden, who is two bricks short --- full stop.
George McGovern, who knew nothing about anything, decided that certain foods were bad, and armed with nothing more than his own hare-brained opinion, he rewrote the American Diet and made it the endlessly confusing and politicized morass of fads and lies that represent nutrition science today.
Eggs are bad; no, they are good. Butter is bad, but, no, well, butter is good. A lot better than hydrogenated vegetable oil.... oh, well...... Wheat is bad; no, wheat is good--- a vital source of fiber and B vitamins. Milk is bad, cholesterol is bad, bacon is bad, avocados are bad, coconut oil is bad, yoghurt is bad, bananas are bad, apples are bad ---- but no, wait, they are all actually good.
Just like the mandate that many cities adopted prior to the recent madness, requiring people to use their own cloth or plastic shopping bags to carry home groceries. Remember that?
Remember how funny it was when you showed up carrying your nice sturdy fabric shopping bag, and having those same dimwit clerks tell you that, no, you couldn't possibly use your own shopping bag! It was dirty! Unhealthy! It might have germs!
But the nasty fabric mask on your face didn't?
Do we need any more proof that these people setting themselves up as petty gods are ignorant nutcases incapable of a reasoned or logical or original opinion?
There are a great many issues that politicians should never be allowed to touch. Health and medicine are two of them. Science, more generally, is another arena which should be sacrosanct and outside the grasp of politicians and corporate moguls alike.
There is no mention of public health or private health in any Federal Constitution and this is not an oversight.
What if the clueless and controlled Medical Establishment was given half a billion doses of "vaccine", paid $1500.00 per shot, and let loose?
How many of our beleaguered "Uniformed Officers" would question the contents of those syringes?
And how many would have the courage to speak up, much less take a stand? And what business do any politicians or businessmen have making health decisions for the rest of us? Imposing their opinions on us? Or politicizing any aspect of medicine or science?
Those who care about medicine, about health, about actual science, must stand up against the abject craziness that has politicized science ever since the 1960's and all of us need to look at the microscopy photos of red blood cells before and after....

Go to: and look for yourselves. You can literally see what is happening and nobody has to tell you that it is bad beyond belief.


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  1. Magnets sticking to people at shot location and one fellow anywhere on body and ASTRAZENECA Bluetooth Notifications on all devices including Smart TVs...On another note Romana Dudulo is new Sovereign of the Republic of Canada.

  2. This weekend mobster mom will turn 89 and since she received her 2nd dose - wow her body is just giving way.
    I feel bad for her because now she has Congestive Heart Failure, bloody stools, cannot sleep, edima and lots of inflammation. Prior to all of this she had been pretty healthy.
    There was no way of talking gvher out of the Jan. She only listens to MSM.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ever drug company in the world is controld by Goldman Sachs,,Rockefeller all sit on top bird of directors.
    1910 Rockefeller took ove medicine AMA , Insurance, drug companies.
    Before homeopathy (herbs) common .
    Do Jerry Day is right need cold turkey big tech, chemical companies,and learn how to be self sufficient..

    “Money is not power knowledge is power”
    Eustace Mullins.

  5. Ok then, what do you propose we do? I propose Goodboots, Shelby, myself and you start our own blog to educate in truth instead of wasting time on this horseshit no good for nothing but lies forum. What say you? send a link how you guys can be contacted.

  6. So there's one JOKER word in there; that doesn't nullify the truth. Alaska indigenous people were given death blankets too so I know that is true. This was done to carry out a Religious Decree - 1493 Papal Bull Enter Cetera which caused the greatest holocaust the world has ever seen in order to Christianize and assimilate, or wipe out all non-religious indigenous Americans. Actually, it was Catholic Priests who gave out these death blankets that were taken by ship up the rivers to villages in Alaska. And back in the early 90s some Dena'ina ladies researched why so many Alaska indigenous people were dying and suffering injuries after vaccination. They wouldn't let the nurses take the same vaccine. If I remember right, they found the vaccines contained radioactive iodine. I read the military and WHO reports, and they said - "Alaska is the the perfect testing ground to benefit other populations", and in one of their reports they used the same words used in the Tuskegee Institute experimentation on African Americans sharecroppers. After these discoveries the military started going through the medical files, so doctors had to be involved in that one.

  7. The administrative entities that issue business permits, like incorporated cities and license bureaus, are pretty frank about what they're permitting in issuing the business license. From a business license I read Monday in a Physical Therapy office, the permit said something to the effect "this business is authorized to provide services according to what is permitted by law, but is not authorized to provide services not permitted by law". That sounds like such businesses are hard wired into what the legislators have defined as "permitted" by law.

    So to have the coveted license, practitioners must self monitor what the licensing bureau or medical specialty is defining as authorized by law, and avoid doing all else. No free enterprise or providing of custom medical services in that picture, the business licenses are only for conformists who will obey what they are told to do per the "permitted by law" controlling statement. Like recommend vaccine jabs, urge wearing masks, and toe the corporate administrative line. Or, lose the license and lose the "professional" opportunity to collect high fees.

    What happened to the doctor who would bring his bag and visit you at home when your were sick? And where are the medical service providers who just know their stuff and bring on the healing without looking first at what is "permitted by law"?

  8. Without “rank-and-file” Medical Doctors willing obedience and participation, the agenda and criminality of the “seated authorities” cannot occur or continue.

    Without “rank-and-file” LEOs willing obedience and participation, the agenda and criminality of the “seated authorities” cannot occur or continue.

    Without “rank-and-file” Military members willing obedience and participation, the agenda and criminality of the “seated authorities” cannot occur or continue.

    Without “rank-and-file” Teachers willing obedience and participation, the agenda and criminality of the “seated authorities” cannot occur or continue.

    Without “rank-and-file” Journalist willing obedience and participation, the agenda and criminality of the “seated authorities” cannot occur or continue.

    The “seated authorities” have ZERO power once the rank-and-file cease obeying and participating in the agenda and criminality conjured up from behind the scenes.
    The “rank-and-file” have ALL the power since they do ALL the work and carry out ALL the “orders” from the “seated authorities”.
    As I have said before, there needs to be widespread awakening among ALL the “rank-and-file” members of ALL these institutions whereby the loyalty, service and work rendered switches from benefiting the “seated authorities” to benefiting the living and free people on this land.
    Until then, any “paperwork” or process is merely a recorded and true memorial of your will, testimony and declaration of standing and rights which still lacks the required enforcement arm to protect and secure them.
    That is why the Lawful Assemblies are so important; the more “rank-and-file” members turn away from serving the “seated authorities”, the more people end up on the right side of the law who are skilled and trained to protect and serve. Only now, they will do it in truth and honor for the living people of America who are guaranteed, and are rightfully due, said service and protection – in our own right.

  9. Not the root the beginning comes from Nimrod Murdurk, founded Babylon and said to be origin of free masons crime inc currently head is the council of 5 of which Rothschild is head.
    The mystery cult Rosecrustans, Roman collegiate,Black Nobility, Esseaneas.Pharisees,scribes,.Phoneceans,Canaanite.Dutch masters .
    Illuminate is a generic term for the whole can of worms .
    Jesus told the Canaanite woman I cannot give to dogs what is for my children paraphrasing.
    But helper her regardless.

  10. The masons in Italy were united by Garrbelli.
    Became the most powerful man in Italy so great Lincoln asked him to become head of his Army .
    That would have been the Iceing on the cake Albert Pike 33 degree General in Arkansas who wrote plan for three world wars teaming up with more masons .
    It was nothing but organize slaughter and Falce Flage .!
    Hideing 800,000. Mercenaries they were told you can keep the property of those you kill .Jewish / Masonic typically blood bath red shield/ red terror,red Army.

  11. Alice-in-Wonderland, I would propose we break the monetary system by only involving our selfs in a barter system. Also ignoring the bad behavior like a bad dog (it goes away, and you dont have to beat the poor thing) every ones indoctrination was vastly different, and for too long, to get everyone one board with monotonous cycles of leaders and followers.

  12. Anonymous, as I previously stated, the monetary system is what keeps tyranny alive. Until people do things to help their neighbors were all just doing it for the money and the rest are forced to participate (all are hirelings). In the end no one trully cares about you but you. How many 9 to 5ers you know love there job?

  13. More deep state plans : Biden appointed worst possible head to ATF using in house unconstitutional judge jury executioner fine penalty criminal created rules out of thin air . The new appointee lied about Waco saying devinians shot down a helicopter (never happened).
    To contrary the viciously attacked the religious sect mechine gunning by aircraft atl night .
    On bright side this is causing a huge swelling of anti government in patriot community.

  14. Research for refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell most cases magnetic stimulation is transformed into either force(magneto-mechanical genetics)or heat(magneto-thermal genetics)which depends on the applied magnetic field..
    It's always the Biden administrations fault..when clearly the left and right are in the Destruction of mankind together..
    In Trumps own words..
    I'm the "FATHER" of the he blasts Biden's speech to Congress..ripping Now Biden apart for not recognizing his accomplishments on his speedy development and distribution of the Covid vaccines..Trump says..I did the vaccine and they like to take credit for the vaccine..we did the vaccine..SAVED millions of lives throughout the coming up with a vaccine in Warp Speed..If I weren't President you wouldn't have a vaccine for 5 years..I got it done in less than 5 months..and that's only b/c of "ME" he went on one of his rants bragging about his Operation Warp Speed..
    What a narrcisist ..when you research this whole covid and vaccine was very long in the making before the world ever heard of covid19..they had this planned..but yet the masses and even Anna..want to pass the blame..onto the the territorial government..when every one of them are and have been in on the Destruction..while you are at it..research The U.N. and UNESCO the New Gold Standard=Carbon Credits and new currency..all of the carbon..lines up with what Daniel speaks about who is the raiser of taxes..the UN..
    anyone who believes one side of government is any better than the other is still in full Deception with blinders on..The Beast System is here folks..and requires full participation from both sides..they have already taken their initiation into the one world Beast System..and no one will enter the new age or the new world order without their making a pledge to worship Lucifer..

    1. Nice report, crisis actor brought in to settle the sheep who got spooked due to innernet ripping the curtain back and exposing the Masonic/Rothschild controld.

  15. Texas is pushing hard on texit leaving and becoming a independent Nation again .
    And our main county AKA Oklahoma will be right behind us. So bring it Bideh make Texans mad !

  16. Texas has its own military consisting of 3 different bodies the army national guard that’s federalize so DC oversight.
    The Air National guard that was stripped of its assets after last clash over TSA searches.
    And the unique & exclusive( Texas state guard ).
    And the General unorganized militia.
    That was castrated in the zionest government 1945 Dick Act . That also forced school integration at bayonet point (((Eisenhower))).
    The Texas state Guard is big on Texit.and DC has zeroed in on them trying to threaten them if you text stop the steal your a extremist.ect etc ect.
    If you give money to NRA or gun club your an extremist.
    They can’t afford to loose thair investment on retirement. Heavy hand of snitches .