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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Here You Go, Again, Republicans

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have exposed Alaska's US Senator Lisa Murkowski's nature as a RINO for going on a dozen years now, and still, the numbnutz in the Alaska Republican Party aren't listening and won't do their duty by their platform and purported "values".  

Oh, Lisa is so cute.  I remember her when she was a little girl....

Hanging onto her Mother, Nancy GORE-Murkowski's hand---- GORE as in Al GORE.....GORE as in Chicago Daley Clan..... what does it take?  TWO brick walls to fall on their heads AND a complete recitation of her voting record?  

Alaska Republicans couldn't find their butts with runway beacons, a lighthouse, two hundred flashlights, a magnifying glass the size of Big Ben, and a thousand hours of Transcendental Meditation. Plus a free roadmap. 

She's such a nice person..... until you look at her voting record. 

Then you find out that she has sold us out and down the river with gusto at absolutely every turn.  She's made a whole generation ashamed of being conservatives.  She's guilted Alaskans for standing up for themselves and God forbid, for unborn babies. 

She has smugly denied her obligation to actually and factually deliver the benefit of our Constitutional Guarantees.  

She has sniffed in her oh-so-very-superior way and left her supporters standing in the slush with their cold feet and confusion, thinking, "but, she's a Republican!" 

Right.  And I am secretly Charlie Brown, struggling with my transgender issues, and afraid the Little Red-Haired Girl will find out. 

What exactly does it take before Alaska's Republicans realize that Lisa Murkowski is a RINO in the same way that POPE FRANCIS is a Catholic--?

Do me the honor of observing the obvious,  and join me in saying--- these people are liars. Actors. 

Their walk isn't matching their talk.  

Or plain old, they speak with forked tongues. 

I am not a Republican.  I don't vote in corporate elections.  Remember?  I was disenfranchised back in 1868 via fraud and Breach of Trust.   

But if I were a Republican, I'd have sense enough to look at Lisa Murkowski with outrage and something more than a jaundiced eye.  

She has betrayed every traditional Republican value there is, except one---- she has protected big banking interests----and done it repeatedly at the expense of all the little unwashed Walmart Shoppers that make up the bulk of the ignorant electorate still voting for this wolf in sheep's clothing.  

Now, get ready, because Grandma is going to serve up a big, heaping helping of Voter Remorse for all those Republican voters who have an IQ above 50: 

Lisa Murkowski was one of the seven Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump based on senseless accusations that he incited insurrection--- and did NOTHING about the filthy BLM and Antifa riots that claimed hundreds of lives and cost billions of dollars in damages this past summer. 

Calling them "hypocrites" doesn't even begin to describe these people and their wrong-headed depravity and reckless lack of accountability.   

Lisa Murkowski is the one who has incited the feelings that people have for "her" government by betraying both their trust and their best interests for decades, by saddling them down with oppressive taxes, allowing false commercial claims and impersonation schemes against them, allowing deprivation of their rights under color of law,"standing by" in the face of armed racketeering, and all the other evils that she has either promoted or left unopposed. 

What do you call a useless Republican?  A Democrat.  

And that is what Lisa Murkowski, "Republican" Senator from Alaska is --- a Democrat in Republican clothing, shown here with her brothers and sisters. 
Let's do the Roll Call of Infamy: 

Senator Richard Burr, North Carolina
Senator "Bill" Cassidy, Louisiana
Senator Susan Collins, Maine
Senator Lisa Murkowski, Alaska (Pleah! Blah! Ugh!)
Senator "Mitt" Romney, Utah
Senator Ben Sasse, Nebraska
Senator Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

These worthless, senseless, disgusting excuses for "Republicans" aren't Republicans. They don't even merit inclusion within the ranks of mankind, based on their betrayal of the American people, to say nothing of their grotesquely deluded electorate. 

Among the other problems that we all have to solve, is busting the entire "Fourteenth Amendment" scam---- and finally holding all our Public Employees accountable.  


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  1. I will do what I can by not voting for Pat Toomey the Pennsylvania Republican TRATOR! A worthless Democratic at heart.

    1. Understand that if you can't primary his lousy butt OUT before the general election, you are stuck with him/her or a demonic rat. Get busy in the primary season and bring on a candidate who believes in the platform.