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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Situation Update, Dec. 26th – Treasonous Army generals fear Trump’s “militia option” … because the militia option is effective

Highlights of today’s Situation Update:

  • Miles Guo of Gnews says that the intelligence agencies of the world are fully aware Trump will be President for a second term.
  • Guo warns that China’s domestic economy will instantly collapse as certain events unfold. Trump’s second term will make sure this happens.
  • Defense Dept. official Andrew Knaggs lays out the spectrum of action President Trump may invoke, from the least controversial (the courts) to the most controversial (military martial law).
  • Knaggs confirms Trump can appoint a special counsel himself and does not need the AG to do it.
  • Discussion of the explosion in Nashville, and why it may have been a pilot test run to find out how easily telecommunications infrastructure can be taken out with conventional explosives. (Note: New video has since emerged, revealing this attack appears to be a missile strike from an aircraft, not merely an RV vehicle bomb.)
  • Nashville Mayor laughs and smiles when discussing the bombing.
  • The US Army may be plotting a physical coup against President Trump, to remove him from the White House.
  • Militia defenses may soon be needed at the White House and the D.C. area.
  • An analysis of militia structure and effectiveness.
  • What happens when cities begin to fall: Survivors exfil to neighboring communities.
  • The 20th Amendment and how it changed Inauguration Day from March 4th to January 20th.


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