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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

To Oregon's "Independent" Jural Assembly and All Others

 By Anna Von Reitz

By definition, there is one (1) Oregon Assembly, made up of all the people who live inside the State borders.  [It's the same way in all other States.]

The only way you are NOT part of The Oregon Assembly is by "voluntarily" adopting a different political status as a Federal U.S. Citizen or citizen of the United States --- unfortunately, these foreign political statuses, both, have been "conferred upon" you since a few days or weeks after your birth--- and unless and until you object to that and reclaim your birthright political status as an Oregonian, you are legally presumed to be a foreigner in your own country. 

Reclaiming your birthright requires you to make specific "declarations" about who you are and where you come from, etc. --- and record all that properly with a land recording office.  We used to do it (and people still can) by recording via a State of State Land Recording Office, but we have also opened up our own new block-chained Land Recording System.

Doing the paperwork is easy now.  Learning who you are and how your actual government works is a harder task.  Once you and your fellows figure out where the "Jural Assembly" fits in the whole process and function of a State Assembly, you'll be able to plug your puzzle piece into the whole and everyone concerned will be happier and more effective.

You are right that the civilian courts are a key component, necessary for Americans to be free and safe again, and right that the Oregon Jural Assembly has a crucial job to do.  What you are not seeing is that the Jural Assembly is, again, by definition, part of the larger framework of The Oregon Assembly. 

Each State Assembly has four principal jobs or functions --- (1) As a General Assembly, it addresses issues within the State Borders; (2) As a Business Assembly (sometimes called an International Assembly) the State Citizens who are members of the State Assembly decide international/interstate issues; (3) the Jural Assembly which is composed of Assembly Members sets up and oversees the civilian courts, organizes and oversees elections, etc., and (4) the State Assembly Militia is the "well-regulated" militia that each State is guaranteed --- and it is the peacekeeping and emergency response force responsible for protecting the people of your State from foreign invasion and natural disasters.

Our entire country is supposed to "self-govern" and it is a lot of work, but if we want to be free, and if we value our birthright as Americans, we have to do it.


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  1. Human trafficking ,your bout and sold on market .
    And your CQV trust is the sugar for the predators.
    Fraud conviction net court 2mill.judge 75,000,prosecutor 50,g’s.
    And the prosecutor pay the court cost if fails the defense attorney tell the prosecutor your strategy to avoid the embarrassment.
    Never hire an attorney they immediately accept charges and any verdict and jurisdiction of judge.
    So what to do ? You have right to council not BAR attorney a shit hot counselor in common law like president Andrew Jackson or David Straight who got a woman off she shows up for reading of sentence 30 years in prison but because she followed David’s advice and refused attorney she walked out free .
    Appears they née that third signature on the bond usually your attorney will sign on your behalf .

    1. Not even a controversy clerks of court go to dept of Human Resources under treasury depth trains clerks of court how to do bid bond performance bond payment bond..
      You ever heard of accessing your treasury direct account? Dam Shelby we’re you been?

    2. Frankly have argued with na sayers too dam long waist of time .
      Multiple sources produce same conclusions.
      That is evidence .
      Actual retired Federal Judge explains the corruption ,lived it practiced it on bench for years.
      Please don’t think I’ll loose any sleep over your name saying.
      We live this practice it in our Texas common law jural Assembly.

  2. Similar to when a studying doctoral student becomes a doctor, he or she then enters a given hospital to become a resident (a thing identified), when a legal person enters a given state he or she becomes a resident (a thing identified) (res=thing ident=identified) and when things identified enter a home in the state to live they begin to regard their home as a domestic residence. This situation needs to change for those who become declared state citizen national and stop allowing yourself to be identified as a resident and stop living domestic by declaring the land and soil of your state ___________ (Minnesota).

    1. domestic just means home. nothing wrong with that. in fact is higher than a mere resident. domicile. domain. probably same as kingdom fiefdom serfdom as well.

      the q is, is your home the federal united states or within a state? what type of law? who are the citizens/natives/naturalized people/any other members of that place?

      american jurisprudence explains domicile.

      briefly: everyone has a domicile, even homeless people, even refugees from somewhere that no longer exists/has no gov. this i believe may also be same as primary residence. See the IRS-related document Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966" about how they changed things so they could serve people wherever they "reside" because presumably "domicile" (home) was too much work -- since intent matters, anyone can declare "domicile" anywhere -- even before moving there, even before owning a house or land or renting even. read that 1967 act and american jurisprudence on this too.

      likewise, anyone can have multiple secondary/tertiary/etc. residences.

      resident just means someone or something happens to be somewhere. does not prove citizenship or nationality or they have a right to be somewhere either. these assumptions might be presumed in lack of any other evidence though.

      see also emigrant versus immigrant. emigrant -- left somewhere. immigrant -- entered somewhere. one could illegally leave and be an "illegal emigrant" or illegally enter and be an "illegal immigrant" or they could be both.

      a legal emigrant (someone who left somewhere legally) might enter somewhere else illegally. then they are resident (within an area) but still an "illegal immigrant".

      see also e.g. denizen in bouviers 1856. doesnt exist here or at least isnt supposed to.

      point? everyone has a domicile, which you can declare anywhere even before being there. and everyone can have multiple secondary etc. residences too.

      note more potential for fraud exists because "residence" doesnt say primary or secondary etc. note voter registrations for example -- doesnt require domicile, only residence. compare 14th amendment for example. blacks law dictionary "federal citizen". freedom school website has a "patriation.pdf".

      note american jurisprudence re: 14th the birth thing applies to "territories" the "united states" has jurisdiction over. note e.g. bouviers 1856 territory versus state. note "state" has multiple definitions too. one of which is "the people". has old case concurring -- penhallow v. doanes admnistrators. on the misc page. or find it elsewhere. note definition of a "territory" and the root word/cognate it comes from -- terror. bouviers 1856 notes this.

      thats where you dont want to be domiciled -- within united states federal zone/territories, or the federal "state of x" stuff. see also "the federal zone" -- free book from authors website.

    2. typo: 1967 act is the 1966 referred to earlier.

      "when things identified enter a home in the state to live they begin to regard their home as a domestic residence"

      that isnt a problem. the problem is their domain/domicile/home is within a federal zone/area/territory and they are "domestic" to the feds.

      domicile is good. the q is just where. and domicile exists even for homeless refugees from mars after the death star took it over -- there is somewhere they typically hang out, even while they wait for luke to throw off the oppressors.

      domicile is good. domicile is more than just being a "resident" or having a "residence". domicile in a real state is good. having a house in a real state is good.

      if you let them use "domestic" to mean "federal" you are letting them say they own everything and everyone and there are no non-feds and no actual states and everything is effectively federal.

      you need to not accept their definition of "domestic" as anything except from their "side" of things. make sure your domicile/home is outside of their federal territories which are their "domestic" areas and their "domicile" and which are home -- to them.

    3. also note because residence somewhere proves nothing re: legality of why they are somewhere, or whether they are a citizen or not etc. -- 14th had to put this there for their "federal citizens" and clarify when they reside in whatever "states" those are they acquire whatever version of "state citizenship" making them "dual citizens"

      this is not the default. they had to spell it out.

      domicile too, i believe is the same. it does not prove citizenship or any right to be somewhere. but in absence of other evidence, they can presume.

      law of the flag i believe is also similar. if you hang around some flag all the time, people presume you are under it, unless/until they see evidence otherwise.

      this is also why residence somewhere and domicile are not inherently bad. linking them to citizenship is an assumption. the 14th had to go further. by default there is nothing linking domicile or residency to whether someone is a citizen or otherwise legally or lawfully allowed to be somewhere.

    4. note also: note voter registrations for example -- doesnt require domicile, only residence.

      NOTE: doesnt say primary or secondary residence etc.

      "residence" alone means nothing. we cant tell without further context whether they mean "primary residence" and/or domicile.

      its not inherently bad to be domiciled and/or reside somewhere. the question is WHERE. a federal area/territory? or a real state?

      WHERE is a house located is the question?

      "resident" is so vague, and so meaningless without further info. -- domicile at least you can declare where you intend to call "home" -- that "resident" gets overused and overextended precisely because it is so vague.

      dont let them steal the word "resident". it DOES NOT magically mean anything re: citizenship. they had to explicitly put that in the 14th because the word itself DOES NOT mean anything either way -- just an assumption that without further evidence, you presumably have a legal right to be where you are and presumably are a citizen or otherwise allowed to be somewhere. its just a presumption.

      remember, as american jurisprudence says, 14th amendment applies to federal TERRITORY that the "united states" has jurisdiction over.

      so, just dont reside in such territories and dont have any domicile/home (whether you declared intent, or a physical home either) inside such federal territories.

      then, you can reside in a real state. and/or have domicile in a real state too. nothing wrong with that.

      dont let them steal words only for their own use. "resident" and "domestic" and "domicile" are not dirty words. the q is WHERE do things reside, "domestic" compared to what?

      france is non-domestic to mexico. whoop-de-doo. the states are non-deomestic to the feds. whoop-do-doo. have your domicile in a real state. reside in a real state. not a problem.

    5. my cat can reside somewhere. does not automatically make them a citizen of anywhere. it just means he happens to hang around somewhere most of the time. whether he built a house or not. whether he rents a house or not.

      and he can declare a domicile anywhere and override all these presumptions too. another reason domicile and resident DO NOT automatically mean anything re: citizenship or whether someone is legally supposed to be somewhere or not.

      resident just means someone or something is somewhere. thats it. dont let them presume the word means more -- declare a domicile and/or primary residence in a real state.

      just dont be "domestic" to the feds. be "domestic" to a real state. have a primary residence in a real state. dont "reside" in federal zones/territories.

  3. Why would anyone on this beautiful planet ever vote or join an organization or person who has the power to send you to your suicide missions (false flag self-defense wars, more like a suicide raid on another innocent soul)


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